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Jul 08, 2015, 8:43 AM

I have grid panel, on right clicking on any of the data htere is a context menu. On selecting any of the values from the context menu a pop up will be opened. Below is the window am using in pop up:

<ext:Window ID="viewWinTierDetails" runat="server" Icon="ApplicationViewGallery"
Plain="true" Padding="5" ButtonAlign="Center" Modal="true" CloseAction="Hide" Closable="true"
Height="550" MinWidth="1260" MaxWidth="1310" Draggable="false" Layout="FitLayout" Hidden="true" Maximized="true">
<ext:Panel ID="pnlWinTierDetails" runat="server">
<Loader ID="Loader1" runat="server" AutoLoad="false" Mode="Frame"></Loader>

Data will be loaded in the server side like this :

string strTierDetailsUrl = "dummy.aspx";
this.pnlWinTierDetails.AutoScroll = false;
this.pnlWinTierDetails.Loader.Url = strTierDetailsUrl;
this.pnlWinTierDetails.Loader.Mode = LoadMode.Frame;
this.pnlWinTierDetails.Loader.LoadMask.ShowMask = true;
this.pnlWinTierDetails.Loader.LoadMask.Msg = "Loading.....";
this.pnlWinTierDetails.Loader.DisableCaching = true;
this.viewWinTierDetails.Title = "Tier Details : " + title;

Pop up works fine, but the issue is first time the pop up opens and the user closes it, immediately if the user opens the pop again then the pop up opens as expected but there will be a process bar at the bottom which will still be showing as processing. Please check the image below:


Please let me know how can I get rid of the process bar when the pop up is loaded second time.

Jul 09, 2015, 3:51 PM
Hi @arjunrvasisht,

Hmm, maybe a processing bar shows the state of the previous iframe that didn't finish its loading. Well, it is only a guess and I don't quite have any idea how to overcome that.

Providing us with a full test case to reproduce the problem would really helpful for us to help you.