View Full Version : [CLOSED] How to implement Double tap listener for touch device

Apr 27, 2015, 3:54 PM

I need to implement double tab listener in my DataView as like ItemDblClick listener as shown below

<ext:DataView ID="dvABCRep" runat="server" StoreID="strABC" MultiSelect="false" OverItemCls="x-view-over" ItemSelector="div.abc-select" EmptyText="No users to Display">

<Tpl ID="Template4" runat="server">


<tpl for=".">

<div class="{[values.IsSet == false ? "abc-select" : "abc-selected"]} divDoubleTap" id="Div2">
<span class="x-editable">{display}</span>



<div class="x-clear"></div>



<PrepareData Fn="prepareABCData" />


<ItemDblClick Fn="saveABCRep" />



Please help me out to implement double tap listener in the same dataview in ext.net 2.x version. I tried to find out in forums, but no luck.

Thank you.

Apr 27, 2015, 9:20 PM
Hi @iansriley,

Please clarify are you not using Ext.NET 3.x?

I am afraid 2.x doesn't support touch events.