View Full Version : how to back control from one window to previous window in coolite example

Nov 19, 2009, 11:50 AM
I have <ext:Window> with Show&#111;nload="false" property in default page. I am passing the AutoLoad Url = "User.Profile.aspx" at page_load method(). When i click on Menuitem to open this User.Profile.aspx. This is opened but when I apply some CRUD or I click on cancel button.All the textfield will be clear.

Now I again want to open this User.Profile.aspx from clicking the menu item I got the this form in Last stage. For example It is opening with clear value of all control . If suppose last time I was click on clear button.
But I want to open this page with default values which is coming from XML file.

Please help me out.
Thanks In Advnace