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Jan 31, 2015, 7:44 PM
Hi, I'm trying to have a button with menuitems , and for each click of the menuitems, fire a javascript to load an app, like the

Instead of having the treemenu of the examples, I want to have a menu(buttons with menuitems) in the upper side.

this is the javascript, yes it is not working:

var onMenuItemClick = function (mi,e) { /*which parameters are passed to the function?*/
e.stopEvent(); /*?*/
loadApp(mi.get('href'), mi.getId(), mi.get('text'));

var loadApp = function (href, id, title) {
var tab = App.tbApps.getComponent(id),
lObj = lookup[href];

if (id == "-") {
App.direct.GetHashCode(href, {
success: function (result) {
loadApp(href, "e" + result, title);


lookup[href] = id;

and this the .aspx code, here is where I need help for coding the javascript calls for each menuitemclick:

<ext:Toolbar runat="server" Flat="true">
<ext:Button ID="aa" runat="server" Text="Admin" Icon="User" Scale="Medium" Visible="false">
<ext:Menu runat="server">
<Click Handler="onMenuItemClick();" /> /* Where does this javascript call need to be placed? */
<ext:MenuItem runat="server" Text="Users" Icon="GroupAdd" ID="aa000" Href="U.aspx" />
<ext:MenuItem runat="server" Text="Audits" Icon="GroupDelete" ID="aa001" Href="A.aspx"/>
<ext:MenuItem runat="server" Text="AppConfig" Icon="GroupEdit" ID="aa002" Href="S.aspx"/>

Thanks in advance.

Jan 31, 2015, 8:33 PM
Hi @rguardado,

<Click Handler="onMenuItemClick();" />

You don't pass any parameters to a call, so, there is no parameters.

You can find out the parameters here.

Select "Menu" widget and "Click" event you'll see:

function(item, menuItem, e)

It means that you can do:

<Click Handler="onMenuItemClick(item, menuItem, e);" />

You can also use Fn instead of Handler.

So, you can do the following:

<Click Fn="onMenuItemClick" />

When the onMenuItemClick function will be called automatically with all the parameters.

I recommend to read this blog post about event in Ext.NET. As far as I can remember, there is also an explanation of the difference between Fn and Handler.

This is a docs article about a Menu's Click event that is also helpful to read.

Jan 31, 2015, 9:14 PM
Thanks for relplying. It is working right now.

This is the correct javascript:

I changed the javascript call:

var onMenuItemClick = function (item, menuItem, e) {
loadApp(menuItem.href, menuItem.getId(), menuItem.text));