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Dec 16, 2014, 7:55 AM

Ext.NET (http://ext.net/) is growing. New customers come, new products are about to be launched, and we need more help. We are looking for someone to join the team and become a very essential part of our success.


Our current primary goal is to hire full-time a junior software developer to provide Ext.NET development and support. Although, there are other options, please read the "We are open to everyone" section bellow.


Remote only. Currently we have full time team members in Canada, Russia and Turkey.

What you get

Joining us you get professional experience, an interesting position, competitive salary, stability, great prospects and new friends. Yes, each of us is going to be your friend, not just a coworker. We meet in person around the world at least twice per year and always have an interesting adventure together.


We assume that you already have some experience in programming languages and technologies. You don't need to be an Ext.NET or Ext JS guru. You even might not have any experience in that at all. We will help and guide you to start. There is the only critical thing for the position - you should be interested to join us and be eager to learn. Though, if you already have experience in Ext.NET or Ext JS or any other Web-related programming language, technology or framework, it is a great start point. As usual, the more experience you have, the better conditions we will be able to offer.

A good level of English speaking is also quite essential. Expert level English is not required.

We are open to everyone

If you are interested to join us, but you are not happy to be a junior developer because of your greater experience or you prefer to start with a part-time contract for the beginning or something else, there are always options.

If you or someone you know might be interested in working with team Ext.NET, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Contact us

Email a link to your GitHub (http://github.com) and/or StackOverflow (http://stackoverflow.com) and/or Ext.NET forums account to jobs@object.net.