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Dec 03, 2014, 8:02 PM
when the Infite Scrolling (http://examples3.ext.net/#/GridPanel/Locking_Grid/Infinite_Scrolling/) example is opened, it performs the load (separately) of the first three pages, when in my opinion just the first page should be loaded.

Now, scroll to the middle. It's possible to see that several loads were performed instead of loading just the "requested" page.

The example Infinite Scrolling with remote filtering (http://examples3.ext.net/#/GridPanel/Infinite_Scrolling/Remote_Filter/) is worse than Infinite Scrolling, performing dozens of loads at start up and when it's scrolled.

Is there any way to overcome the issues presented above?

Dec 10, 2014, 9:09 AM
Hi Raphael,

There are buffer zones. A Store preloads a few pages to achieve smooth scrolling. Yes, I agree it might be controversial how much pages it should preload. There also might be defects for sure. But it is very similar in ExtJS 4. I don't think we can change something here. We reported quite a bunch of ExtJS 4 issues regarding infinite/buffered scrolling. I think Sencha did as much as they could. Hopefully, the situation will be better with ExtJS 5.1.0. Though, I cannot promise anything, unfortunately.

But. Many things depend on settings. For example, there are these settings in the example that concerns you mostly.


According to the first setting, it should have 1000 of records in the leading buffer. According to the second setting one page is 50 records. It can load only one page per request. So, it is the reason of many request. You can play with the settings.

There is a special example to play with:

Also it might be worth to read the ExtJS API docs for buffered rendering.

Dec 10, 2014, 10:13 AM
Thank you Daniil. I'll take a look on them and keep you posted if i have any question or something to share.

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