View Full Version : Session timeout and direct action

Nov 10, 2014, 10:12 PM
I spot couple of threads about the topic, but all of them are facing session timeout from different way then I would like to

I'm trying to target following:
When session expires, nothing happend with browser till the user execute some direct method.
Direct method would fail, user will be given login dialog and as soon as he login correctly, the original direct method will be executed again, now sucesfully finish
(so user does not loose any data)

Is something like that possible

I'm asking because while ago I did something like that in senchatouch, using overrides on Ext.direct.RemotingProvider.sendRequest method
it does not seems to be called in ext.net. Is there any place where I can start investigations?
Usually extjs documentation is fine, but in this case I would need exact ext.net implementation

Thanks for any hint