View Full Version : Coolite & DotNetNuke

Jun 21, 2009, 5:17 AM
As many people would be aware here, DotNetNuke (DNN) is the most popular & widely used Content Management System (CMS) based on Microsoft's ASP.NET platform.

And certainly, after using various frameworks, I have found Coolite/ExtJs combo to be the most powerful, most comprehensive server-side/client-side framework.

I often use Coolite on DNN installations for custom module development. And I have sometimes faced some errors using Coolite on DNN, the most recent being the Coolite throws an Ajax Instance Method not found exception on an AjaxMethod call, if the user control uses an Alias, or uses None for ProxyID:

<AjaxMethodProxyID(IDMode:=AjaxMethodProxyIDMode.Al ias, Alias:="UC")> _

This only happens if you load UserControl UC1 using LoadControl, &amp; UC registers UC2, where UC2 has AjaxMethods and the above attribute set on it.

I have reported similar problems earlier also on the forums. But, I guess the core team has failed to reproduce these errors independently outside DNN, and hence those forum topics stand neglected.

So, here I am proposing to the core team to present them reproducible cases of what appear to me as bugs, but those only occus inside DNN. This would require me sending a databse &amp; a DNN installation backup to the core team, that they would need to restore to verify the remedy the problems.