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Mar 26, 2009, 9:15 AM
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I have a problem with prober sizing when adding tabs with iframe/gridpanels
If no tab loaded in the tabpanel the object gets resized in height about the size of the tabbutton and the bottom part of the gridpanel moves out of the screen

It can be reproduced by opening the sitemap sample


Goto Desktop -> Introduction -> Overview and login
Notice the statusbar is going out of the screens boundaries (at the bottom)
Resize the explorer and everything is in place even if you close the tabs and open them again
Hit F5 in explorer with an empty tabpanel and you have the problem again

I believe this is a little "nasty" bug of some kind :)


Mar 26, 2009, 9:54 AM

Yes, I reproduced it.

At this moment you can make correction iframe size in update listener

tab = tabPanel.add({
id: node.id,
title: node.text,
closable: true,
autoLoad: {
showMask: true,
url: node.attributes.href,
mode: 'iframe',
maskMsg: 'Loading ' + node.attributes.href + '...'
listeners: {
update: {
fn: function(tab, cfg) {
cfg.iframe.setHeight(cfg.iframe.getSize().height - 20);
scope: this,
single: true