View Full Version : [CLOSED] Getting Selected row values from Codebehind.

May 24, 2013, 7:24 AM
Hi i m using Ext.net V2.0

i m developing a user control using Gridpanel. that user control will be used by all the developers in our application.

i m stuck in fallowing scenario.

GridPanel will show all the records from Databases (already done), for example lets say gridpanel is showing list of all Items in the store. now the user will select any item from the list and there will be few buttons outside the gridpanel/user control (on the page itself and not included in usercontrol as the number and functionality will change) like view, edit, print, delete ect. now after user clicking any of these buttons, i should be able to get row or value of any column (unique key) to the server side (code behind). so that i can again go to the database for editing or deleting that particular record.

i know this can be done using buttons in gridpanel with direct events. but i want it in such a way that, on click of the button i'll call a method/function from usercontrol class which will return me selected row or value of particular cell in the selected row.

Thanks in advance.

i've attached screenshot of my old application, where i do it this way..


May 24, 2013, 10:37 AM
Hi @hemantpatil,

A GridPanel doesn't submit values of selected rows automatically, it submits only its indexes and ids.

So, if you need all the values of selected rows, in any way, you will have to submit it.

I mean that there is no way to get all the values of selected rows if they were not submitted to server.

So, the task is to organize submitting of the selected rows.