View Full Version : [CLOSED] Problems with MajorTickSteps on the y axes

May 08, 2013, 12:55 PM

I'm creating a chart that dynamicly changes the min and max of the y between -100 and 100 with steps of 10.

I tried to set the MayorTickSteps to the difference divided by 10 and minus 1. This should result in equal steps of 10.
When I tried this the max on the axes changes and the results didn't match the axes anymore.
When I set the MayorTickSteps to 1 higher the axes work again but with a different interval ofcourse.

Here is some test code. If the MajorTickSteps is removed or changed to a higher number the axes work again.

min = -70;
max = 100;
axisYDifference = 16;

var axesY = new NumericAxis
Grid = true,
GridConfig = grid,
Fields = fieldList.ToArray(),
Position = Position.Left,
Minimum = min,
Maximum = max,
Decimals = 0,
MajorTickSteps = axisYDifference

Here are some screenshots showing the results.
The code example:
The same example but with MajorTickSteps = 17 instead of 16:

Am I doing this the correct way or is there a different way this should be done?

Looking forward to your response,


May 08, 2013, 2:25 PM
Hi @MWM2Dev,

I guess it can be related to this ExtJS bug.