View Full Version : FeedViewer and Coolite

Bernard Jourdain
Mar 11, 2009, 10:22 PM

am a newbie using Coolite and ExtJS. Can someone give me an example or help me to reproduce the FeedViewer example. I use a Viewport with a TreePanel on the left pane. When I click on the TreeNode, I open a tab in tabpanel object like the TreePanel SiteMap Example. This tab contains a grid to display rows. When I click on the row, I can't display the details of the row in the right panel. To open a grid, I use this code :

<script type="text/javascript">
var loadPage = function(tabPanel, node) {
var tab = tabPanel.getItem(node.id);
if (!tab) {
tab = tabPanel.add({
id: node.id,
title: node.text,
closable: true,
autoLoad: {
showMask: true,
url: node.attributes.href,
mode: 'iframe',
maskMsg: 'Loading ' + node.attributes.href + '...'
and I suppose I cant display the details in the right panel because when I click on the row, I'm in an iframe and I havent access to the right panel object. How can I figure out?

Thx for your resonse.