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Oct 01, 2012, 1:22 AM
I build a gridpanel in code behind and when I add some imagecommand and command columns with gridcommands, some icons are displayed correctly but other doesn't:

Dim colBol As New CommandColumn
colBol.ID = "Boletinar" & solicitud.Trim
colBol.Text = "Boletinar"
colBol.AutoHeight = True
colBol.DataIndex = "Boletinar"
colBol.Align = Alignment.Center

Dim BolCom As New GridCommand
BolCom.CommandName = "Boletinar"
BolCom.Icon = Icon.Rosette 'Does not display this icon
BolCom.Text = "Boletinar"


As an example, Rosette icon is not displayed but Accept icon is displayed correctly, I was testing and most of the icons are not displayed, only a few, wich may be the cause of this behavior??

Oct 01, 2012, 9:08 AM
I am not sure, but you could try this in your page_load

ResourceManager1.RegisterIcon(Icon.Rosette )

Oct 01, 2012, 9:16 AM
Hi @Antonio09,

I am unable to reproduce it with the last sources. Could you update from the 2.1 branch and retest?

Hi @blueworld,

Yes, your suggestion can help. Thank you for your attention!

Oct 01, 2012, 11:43 PM
Thank you! It seems like @blueworld solution works fine

Oct 02, 2012, 4:25 AM
I think it should not be required.

If you have a chance to provide a sample to reproduce, we would investigate.