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Feb 07, 2012, 6:29 PM

I wish for my own means to control the toolbarPaging .. but I'm not finding properties in the control to handle the Total of records, for example.

I'd like to make paging more or less as I do with a JSON webservice, but I am returning to the store property 'data' a datareader and I will need a paginate it (will be thousands of records returned).

Thanks for any help!

Feb 08, 2012, 8:36 AM

Please clarify are you basing on the following example, right?

but I'm not finding properties in the control to handle the Total of records, for example.

It should be in a response. If you would look at a paging response of the example I mentioned you will look:

which is internally used to set up the "total" field of a PagingToolbar.

Generally, "control PagingToolbar" sounds too common, the requirement is not clear. Please provide more details.

The following is also not clear:

I am returning to the store property 'data' a datareader

Please clarify as well.

Feb 08, 2012, 10:34 AM
Hi Daniil...

Sorry for not being clear on my problem. I'll try to describe the best way possible.

1 - I know how to paginate using toolbarPaging JsonWebService. I already have this in some parts of the system.
2 - Im basing in this example https://examples2.ext.net/#/GridPanel/System.Data/DataReader/ and in this https://examples2.ext.net/#/GridPanel/ColumnModel/Reconfigure/.
3 - My goal is to make a reusable grid...
4 - My problem now is related to paging data.

Me.Store1.DataSource = Me.GetDataReader()

GetDataReader (local function) is returning all the records. I want to paginate it as is done in Json WebService. But that must also modefields and columns are created dynamically...

I already have most of it working.

a - I need just manually set the totalRecords property of toolbarPaging.
b - When any action that changes the page or page size is performed in toolbarPaging, I need to trigger the GetDataReader.

If there is any way to return an object directly ext.net.Paging to the store.DataSource, can also be ... but how is the dynamic settings of modelfield and columns?

Probably I'm seeing problems where none exist. But if you can guide me, I'll be very grateful.

Thanks for any help

Feb 08, 2012, 10:42 AM
Well, the PagingToolbar API is here:

Tick the "Hide Inherited" Checkbox.

Really, there are no things in API to achieve your requirement. Though, I think, it's possible. But it might be rather difficult.

I would recommend you to use PageProxy:

Feb 10, 2012, 1:11 PM
Hi... Thanks for your Help...

I solved creating a Json Webservice.

Using this example http://forums.ext.net/showthread.php?8477-CLOSED-1-0-Store-of-WebService-HttpProxy-with-DataTable-Paging, I converted the datatable in ext.net.Paging

Thanks a lot!