View Full Version : How should ext:Window be used?

Jun 26, 2008, 11:06 AM
Hi. I have a question on the purpose of ext:window. Can it be used to replace modal dialogs (launching a new dialog page from parent page) or is it really meant to show/hide content already on the page? All the sample code I have seen so far requires the content of the window to be declared ahead of time on the main page.

For example, I have a button and a textbox on a form. On the button click, I would like to launch a new dialog window for the user to select a folder from a tree of folders. The dialog is a new page and I have to pass the selection back to the parent page. Is this something I can do with ext:Window without having the foldertree on the main page? The foldertree can be huge and I dont want to increase the size of my page if the user never needs to pick a folder.