View Full Version : Partial postback

Apr 12, 2011, 1:53 PM
I have implemented one grid panel with one id column
When i click on any id row it opens up a pop-up,Now the problem is that when i close that pop-up i am calling one functions which contains _dopostback on parent page.
Now what i want is the page should only post back the grid part and not the whole page,like the one in asp:updatepanel
presently the whole page is post back,i want only the grid to get post back ie:all data from the grid is lost and the whole page is flicked
Is there any mechanism in extjs controls like the one in asp:updatepanel

if i do _dopostback("updatepanel1","")
so the above method will only postpack the updatepanel1 and not the whole page

so i want exactly the above mechanism in extjs