View Full Version : Column Names not vissble while exporting

Apr 05, 2011, 4:17 AM

I need to export data from the grid using excel.

I am getting the data but not able to get the column names. I need the column names also so that one can understand what the data is about. I used the same program as mentioned in the demo version.

I am senidng the link... Please help me with a solution..


Thank you..

Apr 05, 2011, 1:51 PM

I see the columns names in the exported excel file when try the example you mentioned.

Apr 06, 2011, 3:48 AM
Sorry its not Excel.. I cant get the column names while exporting to Csv..
Can you check it once..???

Apr 14, 2011, 4:31 PM
Well, we provided a simple example how to export, but we are not experts in this area.

I guess you need to change Csv.xsl file to achieve your requirement.

But, unfortunately, we have no time resources to determine what way you should change Csv.xls.

We'd recommend to ask this question on the ASP.NET forums (http://forums.asp.net/) or StackOverflow (http://www.stackoverflow.com/).