View Full Version : Wrap Around Layout. Is this possible?

Mar 29, 2011, 6:35 AM
Hi All,

This is my first attempt at coding using Ext.Net.

What i'm trying to do seems simple to me.

Create a Panel, add Some components (linkbuttons in this case)

<ext:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server" Width="300" Title="Title">
<ext:LinkButton ID="LinkButton1" runat="server" Text="LinkButton1" Cls="t-value"></ext:LinkButton>
<ext:LinkButton ID="LinkButton2" runat="server" Text="LinkButton2" Cls="t-value"></ext:LinkButton>
<ext:LinkButton ID="LinkButton3" runat="server" Text="LinkButton3" Cls="t-value"></ext:LinkButton>
<ext:LinkButton ID="LinkButton4" runat="server" Text="LinkButton4" Cls="t-value"></ext:LinkButton>
<ext:LinkButton ID="LinkButton5" runat="server" Text="LinkButton5" Cls="t-value"></ext:LinkButton>
<ext:LinkButton ID="LinkButton6" runat="server" Text="LinkButton6" Cls="t-value"></ext:LinkButton>
<ext:LinkButton ID="LinkButton7" runat="server" Text="LinkButton7" Cls="t-value"></ext:LinkButton>
<ext:LinkButton ID="LinkButton8" runat="server" Text="LinkButton8" Cls="t-value"></ext:LinkButton>

I would expect the layout to behave like html.

Fit as many as possible on first line, then move to second line and fill it then third row etc.

If the width of the panel was increased then the linkbuttons would be rearranged and maybe more would fit on first line.

What i get is

It trys to put all onto the first line, which then disappears off the panel.

I have tried all the Layouts and they don't produce the layout i want.

Is what I want to do possible?