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Feb 22, 2008, 5:25 AM
I've downloaded coolite for .Net 3.5 and properly installed without any error.
but in VS there's no component in toolbox bar or even a cool tag in html won't lead to a cool component instead in design view there will be an error :
Error creating control - window1
This control could not be displayed because its TagPrefix is not registered in this web form.

<cool:Window runat="server" id="Window1" />

Feb 22, 2008, 8:04 AM
Hi phpcs,

At the moment we do not automatically install to the components to the Visual Studio ToolBox, for several reasons (listed below), but it's a simple job to do manually.

Instructions are provided in the ReadMe.txt file which is installed to your Start > Program Files > Coolite menu after you run the automatic .exe installation program.

The following is a copy/paste of those instructions.


The following steps are required to manually install the controls into your Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer Express Toolbox.

1. Open Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer

2. Open an existing or create a new web Project.

3. Open or create a new .aspx page.

4. Open the ToolBox panel. Typically located on the left side in a fly-out panel (Ctrl + Alt + x).

5. Create a new "Coolite" Tab, by...
a. Right-Click in the ToolBox area.
b. Select "Add Tab".
c. Enter "Coolite".

6. Inside the "Coolite" tab, Right-Click and select "Choose Items...".

7. Under the ".NET Framework Components" Tab select the "Browse" button.

8. Navigate to and select the Coolite.Web.UI.dll file, choose open.

NOTE: If the automatic installer has been run previously, the Coolite.Web.UI.dll can typically be found in the following location:

C:\Program Files\Coolite\Coolite.Web.UI - Version 0.3\

9. The component items should now be added to the list and pre-checked. You can confirm by sorting the list by "Namespace" and scrolling to "Coolite.Web.UI"

10. Click "OK". The icons should be added to your ToolBox. You should now be able to drag/drop a Coolite component onto your WebForm.

11. Enjoy.

Another option is to add a Reference to the .dll. Adding the Reference will not add the controls to the ToolBox, but it will make the Assembly available to the Project, at which point you would not get the "Error creating control" exception.

Automatic installation to the ToolBox may be included at a future date, but for now the process is buggy.

1. To the best of our knowledge automatic installation to the Visual Web Developer Toolbox is not possible. We've never been able to get it work.

2. Installation to Visual Studio is buggy.

3. For the moment we wanted to focus our time and energy on building the controls and not troubleshooting a high-maintenance installation process.

Clearly we could do a better job in explaining the manual installtion process. Hopefully this forum post will help. We should also have a screencast demonstrating the process available soon.

We're actually looking for someone with killer experiece writting installers and specifically experience installing to Visual Studio and creating http://localhost web applications. If you're interested, please contact me at geoff [at] coolite [dot] com.

Hope this helps.