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Dec 09, 2008, 8:52 AM
Hey guys,
I know this must be asking for too much for v7.0, if possible can you include TimeField in 7.0? It will be great if you can, else let me know when are you guys will start work on it.

I am working on a project, for which I will need this in 3-4 places.


Dec 09, 2008, 11:11 AM
Hi Amit,

We'll try our best to fit this in.

Dec 10, 2008, 9:10 AM

I've just been using a non-editable autocomplete ComboBox for my times. I think this basically what the Ext TimeField is but correct me if i'm wrong.

Here's my item list:

<ext:ListItem Text='5:00 AM' Value='5:00 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='5:15 AM' Value='5:15 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='5:30 AM' Value='5:30 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='5:45 AM' Value='5:45 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='6:00 AM' Value='6:00 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='6:15 AM' Value='6:15 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='6:30 AM' Value='6:30 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='6:45 AM' Value='6:45 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='7:00 AM' Value='7:00 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='7:15 AM' Value='7:15 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='7:30 AM' Value='7:30 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='7:45 AM' Value='7:45 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='8:00 AM' Value='8:00 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='8:15 AM' Value='8:15 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='8:30 AM' Value='8:30 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='8:45 AM' Value='8:45 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='9:00 AM' Value='9:00 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='9:15 AM' Value='9:15 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='9:30 AM' Value='9:30 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='9:45 AM' Value='9:45 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='10:00 AM' Value='10:00 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='10:15 AM' Value='10:15 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='10:30 AM' Value='10:30 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='10:45 AM' Value='10:45 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='11:00 AM' Value='11:00 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='11:15 AM' Value='11:15 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='11:30 AM' Value='11:30 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='11:45 AM' Value='11:45 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='12:00 PM' Value='12:00 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='12:15 PM' Value='12:15 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='12:30 PM' Value='12:30 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='12:45 PM' Value='12:45 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='1:00 PM' Value='1:00 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='1:15 PM' Value='1:15 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='1:30 PM' Value='1:30 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='1:45 PM' Value='1:45 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='2:00 PM' Value='2:00 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='2:15 PM' Value='2:15 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='2:30 PM' Value='2:30 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='2:45 PM' Value='2:45 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='3:00 PM' Value='3:00 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='3:15 PM' Value='3:15 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='3:30 PM' Value='3:30 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='3:45 PM' Value='3:45 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='4:00 PM' Value='4:00 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='4:15 PM' Value='4:15 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='4:30 PM' Value='4:30 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='4:45 PM' Value='4:45 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='5:00 PM' Value='5:00 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='5:15 PM' Value='5:15 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='5:30 PM' Value='5:30 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='5:45 PM' Value='5:45 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='6:00 PM' Value='6:00 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='6:15 PM' Value='6:15 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='6:30 PM' Value='6:30 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='6:45 PM' Value='6:45 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='7:00 PM' Value='7:00 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='7:15 PM' Value='7:15 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='7:30 PM' Value='7:30 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='7:45 PM' Value='7:45 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='8:00 PM' Value='8:00 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='8:15 PM' Value='8:15 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='8:30 PM' Value='8:30 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='8:45 PM' Value='8:45 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='9:00 PM' Value='9:00 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='9:15 PM' Value='9:15 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='9:30 PM' Value='9:30 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='9:45 PM' Value='9:45 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='10:00 PM' Value='10:00 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='10:15 PM' Value='10:15 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='10:30 PM' Value='10:30 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='10:45 PM' Value='10:45 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='11:00 PM' Value='11:00 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='11:15 PM' Value='11:15 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='11:30 PM' Value='11:30 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='11:45 PM' Value='11:45 PM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='12:00 AM' Value='12:00 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='12:15 AM' Value='12:15 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='12:30 AM' Value='12:30 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='12:45 AM' Value='12:45 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='1:00 AM' Value='1:00 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='1:15 AM' Value='1:15 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='1:30 AM' Value='1:30 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='1:45 AM' Value='1:45 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='2:00 AM' Value='2:00 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='2:15 AM' Value='2:15 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='2:30 AM' Value='2:30 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='2:45 AM' Value='2:45 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='3:00 AM' Value='3:00 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='3:15 AM' Value='3:15 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='3:30 AM' Value='3:30 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='3:45 AM' Value='3:45 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='4:00 AM' Value='4:00 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='4:15 AM' Value='4:15 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='4:30 AM' Value='4:30 AM' />
<ext:ListItem Text='4:45 AM' Value='4:45 AM' />

Dec 10, 2008, 9:58 AM
This is a v basic way to select time. A complete control on timefield will have a lot more features. Like Starttime, time range, 12 hr or 24 hr., Columns (unlike drop down where we have just one column.

It will be v difficult to manage your code, if we have to change this time and again.

Something like, User Settings user may prefer 24 hr cycle, so it wont be possible for us to change the code dynamically.

I hope u got my point. But I agree. This can be a basic approach to do it. I would use it.


Dec 10, 2008, 10:22 AM
Oh I total agree it's not ideal but for 99% of the uses it's sufficient.

You could also look into the MinValue and MaxValue for range constraint.

EDIT: doh! Combobox doesn't seem to have Min/Max Value...

Dec 10, 2008, 11:17 AM

I hope it comes out soon. Else I will continue using your stuff.

Thanks once again,