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Dec 09, 2008, 5:35 AM
im having a script error when i have a tooltip on a toolbar button inside my desktopwindow... i also tried doing this to your ext:desktop example, i added the following code to one of the ext:desktopwindow

<ext:Toolbar runat="server" >
<ext:ToolbarButton runat="server" >
<ext:ToolTip runat="server" Title="Hello" Html="Lets you do this" ></ext:ToolTip>

then i encountered a javascript error, this.target is null or not an object

i tried changing the desktopwindow to a window and the error is gone but then again using a draggable ext:window inside a ext:desktop causes another problem too

additional with regards to desktopwindow, when i try to use this javascript command i get an error

Ext.getCmp("ucDictionary_exttxtTerm").getEl().set({readOnly : -1});

ucDictionary_exttxtTerm is an ext textfield inside a desktopwindow, when that is the case, i get a javascript error Ext.getCmp("").getEl() is null or is not an object, but i change the desktopwindow to a normal window, there is no problem, yup i know the desktop window is different from the window but doesn't the desktop window inherit the methods of the window? at least now it inherits some but cant it inherit all or at least the 2 specified in here... thanks a lot

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since i am having the problems above for the desktop window, i reverted back to the window inside a desktop, but there is a problem when dragging the window if the constrainHeader is set to true