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  1. [CLOSED] live update of grid rows
  2. [CLOSED] AjaxRequestModule stopping normal file access
  3. [CLOSED] Load ASCX control from AjaxEvent
  4. [CLOSED] Portal / Panel inside an Updatepanel
  5. [CLOSED] Label text vertical alignment
  6. [CLOSED] ContextMenu AjaxEvent on TreePanel broken?
  7. [CLOSED] Icons not showing up w/ASP.NET Themes
  8. [CLOSED] Selected index -1
  9. [CLOSED] Row change on GridPanel
  10. [CLOSED] Gridpanel column column
  11. [CLOSED] TextField bgcolor highlight
  12. [CLOSED] redirect in ajaxevent
  13. [CLOSED] Portlet collapse error
  14. [CLOSED] LINQ + HttpHandler + GridPanel
  15. [CLOSED] tags shown on html propeties
  16. [CLOSED] part of CheckboxGroup is hidden
  17. [CLOSED] Empty values from text fields
  18. [CLOSED] Filter in gridpanel
  19. [CLOSED] Error in AjaxEvent
  20. [CLOSED] Coolite controls disappear after Telerik AjaxUpdate (upgrade issue)
  21. [CLOSED] Hi , Ext.Msg.alert?
  22. [CLOSED] Image Width
  23. [CLOSED] Some questions after update
  24. [CLOSED] Remove the "Today" bar from the datefield
  25. [CLOSED] Compile error on build 1331
  26. [CLOSED] TriggerField disable
  27. [CLOSED] DateField not working when using custom format
  28. [CLOSED] Build GridPanel in codebehind
  29. [CLOSED] ComboBox in grid error
  30. [CLOSED] How to force grouping summary to refresh/recalculate
  31. [CLOSED] Gridpanel, scrollbar and refresh
  32. [CLOSED] 1.0 Release Schedule Update
  33. [CLOSED] GridPanel: Header rows above the standard grid header row
  34. [CLOSED] Tab Panel Header Visible
  35. [CLOSED] Tips on preventing Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  36. [CLOSED] tabpanel title
  37. [CLOSED] Simple radiogroup question
  38. [CLOSED] GridPanel.insertRecord
  39. [CLOSED] TriggerField in IE8 broken
  40. [CLOSED] TreePanel + Listeners + Click/BeforeClick
  41. [CLOSED] Collapsed Panel Title
  42. [CLOSED] TabPanel and FieldSet issue
  43. [CLOSED] RTE with new config property
  44. [CLOSED] Grid Focus visible
  45. [CLOSED] Focus removing on Grid
  46. [CLOSED] GridPanel is not refreshing
  47. [CLOSED] CheckBoxSelectionModel
  48. [CLOSED] Regex Error
  49. [CLOSED] Date Filter in GridPanel
  50. [CLOSED] Cell Selection image marked
  51. [CLOSED] Combobox problem
  52. [CLOSED] cell click changes
  53. [CLOSED] Is it possible to use validation controls in 0.7.0
  54. [CLOSED] GridPanel + Icon and/or Label Icon
  55. [CLOSED] Loading Mask
  56. [CLOSED] GridPanel with EnableDragDrop
  57. [CLOSED] internet explorer cannot open the internet site
  58. [CLOSED] Store + Reload Callback
  59. [CLOSED] store to dataset
  60. [CLOSED] disable West region
  61. [CLOSED] applicaion problem
  62. [CLOSED] RecordField Enum data type
  63. [CLOSED] panel content as html
  64. [CLOSED] store error after last update
  65. [CLOSED] selected index
  66. [CLOSED] Strange problem with changing row color
  67. [CLOSED] Bug with nested tabpages?
  68. [CLOSED] IE7 page rendering problem?
  69. [CLOSED] Load Ifram into non active tab
  70. [CLOSED] GridView in GridPanel not displaying row contents correctly...
  71. [CLOSED] Changeing id on tabpage
  72. [CLOSED] TableLayout Cell has no runat=server
  73. [CLOSED] IE 7 issue with hidden toolbar
  74. [CLOSED] datefield always returns min value
  75. [CLOSED] row click
  76. [CLOSED] GridPanel ColumnsToJson
  77. [CLOSED] Css apply
  78. [CLOSED] Buttons in GridPanel
  79. [CLOSED] Getting error setting HTML value in Label (IE Only)
  80. [CLOSED] Add data to grid store from code behind
  81. [CLOSED] Panel + Toolbar + Element Resize
  82. [CLOSED] embedded custom theme
  83. [CLOSED] Selected Row Value not returning value from RecordID
  84. [CLOSED] Using HTML Tables with Layout controls
  85. [CLOSED] TextField Readonly problem
  86. [CLOSED] error when clicking a CheckMenuItem
  87. [CLOSED] strange ComboBox behaviour
  88. [CLOSED] OnSubmitData Not Firing
  89. [CLOSED] TableLayout.Cls not rendering
  90. [CLOSED] IE Problem w/FormLayout inside TableLayout
  91. [CLOSED] Gridpanel Date Format
  92. [CLOSED] Wrong height on panel in tabs
  93. [CLOSED] FormLayout + ComboBox with TextField
  94. [CLOSED] Paging and the Grouping Summary
  95. [CLOSED] JavaScriptError with combobox
  96. [CLOSED] ComboMenuItem list undefined error.
  97. [CLOSED] How to get GridFilters Values (server side)
  98. [CLOSED] TreePanel + AjaxMethod + AsyncNode + Root
  99. [CLOSED] TextArea not showing in IE6
  100. [CLOSED] dynamic tabs do not display content
  101. [CLOSED] Layout problem - unnecessary horizontal scrollbar
  102. [CLOSED] htmleditor encoding problem
  103. [CLOSED] on click cell in grid row removed
  104. [CLOSED] Where can I get the Treeview "expand all" and "collapse all" icons?
  105. [CLOSED] gridpanel image
  106. [CLOSED] create Grid in codebind
  107. [CLOSED] Bug w/Row & Column Layouts in Tabs
  108. [CLOSED] Desktop dynamic window creation
  109. [CLOSED] GridBind
  110. [CLOSED] TextArea Maximum Words
  111. [CLOSED] Change style in boxlabel
  112. [CLOSED] Select value of combobox on text change of textfield
  113. [CLOSED] TabPanel with 100% height in html table
  114. [CLOSED] Numeric validation culture problem
  115. [CLOSED] TimeFields problem with 12-hour clock
  116. GridPanel scroll issue in IE6
  117. Post Store baseParams as JSON
  118. [CLOSED] date field disable
  119. [CLOSED] gridpanel not showing any rows
  120. [CLOSED] Ext undefined error
  121. [CLOSED] cursor not shown
  122. [CLOSED] Grid Scroll
  123. [CLOSED] Gridpanel Autoheight
  124. [CLOSED] Keybinding - Delete node of tree with del
  125. [CLOSED] Desktop window close button on toolbar
  126. [CLOSED] ComboBox ForceSelection=False and Change Event
  127. [CLOSED] TabPanel: tab buttons alignment
  128. [CLOSED] Access component in IFrame from oter IFrame
  129. [CLOSED] Grid Loading Mask
  130. [CLOSED] ComboBox and DateField as readonly
  131. [CLOSED] GroupingView question
  132. [CLOSED] grid row focus
  133. [CLOSED] FileUploadField
  134. [CLOSED] Groupping Summary with Paging Toolbar
  135. [CLOSED] HybridSummary with grid panel
  136. [CLOSED] TriggerField + TriggerButton?? + TriggerArea??
  137. [CLOSED] User Control width within ColumnLayout
  138. [CLOSED] GridPanel.HideHeaders problem during ajax request
  139. [CLOSED] Panel inside border layout
  140. [CLOSED] Confirm MessageBox
  141. [CLOSED] Can't get ScriptManagerProxy.RegisterClientScriptInclude to work
  142. [CLOSED] ID for new DataStore Record
  143. [CLOSED] #{AjaxMethods} returns null
  144. [CLOSED] property problem
  145. [CLOSED] Manage desktop
  146. [CLOSED] Grid with array of objects
  147. [CLOSED] Adding a new Store Record - Not a Record object
  148. [CLOSED] Custom Search Control -> context.Request["query"] returns null/blank
  149. [CLOSED] Object existence on the client side if property Visible is set to false in code behind
  150. [CLOSED] Setting GridPanel column dataindex
  151. [CLOSED] Data Store deriving invalid data variable name
  152. [CLOSED] Binding Store to Datatable VERY slow...
  153. [CLOSED] Panel load
  154. [CLOSED] Empty store for combo
  155. [CLOSED] Page not displayed correctly
  156. [CLOSED] How to scroll to selected row
  157. [CLOSED] Postback Error With CardLayout
  158. [CLOSED] Set Focus to textfield in logon window
  159. [CLOSED] Get vaue from row in grid
  160. [CLOSED] PagingToolBar problem
  161. [CLOSED] Panel class .Disable() removed
  162. [CLOSED] TabPanel Scroll bug
  163. [CLOSED] How to bind objects on exp:FormLayout to a Store
  164. [CLOSED] window is slow
  165. [CLOSED] How to get the text of Autocomplete Combobox without using HTTPContext
  166. [CLOSED] DateField Calendar Issue
  167. [CLOSED] Firefox combo css issue
  168. [CLOSED] How To: Proxy Extra Params
  169. [CLOSED] Multi-FormPanel DateField issue
  170. [CLOSED] Advanced XML / JSON Reader
  171. [CLOSED] AutoLoad IFrame strange behavior
  172. [CLOSED] AutoLoad Scripts
  173. [CLOSED] How to Stop Row Expander from Selecting Check Box Selector
  174. [CLOSED] Local ASHX and XML in Store in an MVC
  175. [CLOSED] GridPanel.getRowsValues problem
  176. [CLOSED] How to add buttons to panels header?
  177. [CLOSED] Urgent layout problem
  178. [CLOSED] JsonStore metadata change
  179. [CLOSED] How to clear store
  180. [CLOSED] Cannot run my coolite pages after SVN update...
  181. [CLOSED] Bind Store to Array in Visual Basic...
  182. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor Problem
  183. [CLOSED] How to get Jason request from WebService
  184. [CLOSED] Combobox Custom Search load current value
  185. [CLOSED] Wrong Portlet's content after expanding
  186. [CLOSED] combox value not set
  187. [CLOSED] FitLayout inside LayoutRow.RowHeight not set
  188. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor so many tags problem
  189. [CLOSED] Adding grouping summary columns in AjaxEvent
  190. [CLOSED] [component].Disabled = false is not the same as [component].Enabled = true
  191. [CLOSED] EventMask is slow in IE7/IE6
  192. [CLOSED] html js event
  193. [CLOSED] html js
  194. [CLOSED] HTML
  195. [CLOSED] Get error in every page after SVN update
  196. [CLOSED] How to format a decimal number...
  197. [CLOSED] Store Question
  198. [CLOSED] Custom search with checkboxes
  199. [CLOSED] Desktop Issue
  200. [CLOSED] Multiline Text Problem in StatusBar
  201. [CLOSED] Panel AutoLoad Mask
  202. [CLOSED] Ordering grid column with RowSelection
  203. [CLOSED] Tooltip on textfield
  204. [CLOSED] Tree Panel: Buttons on each node
  205. [CLOSED] Mask problems
  206. [CLOSED] WebService return date but nothing in grid
  207. [CLOSED] Loading problem with wcf
  208. [CLOSED] datatme format for grid panel
  209. [CLOSED] Turkish special characters problem
  210. [CLOSED] error when redirecting to another page
  211. [CLOSED] Tree Panel: Multiple selection with check boxes
  212. [CLOSED] Problem with setting value of textfield on row select
  213. [CLOSED] Pass value of row to window with frame
  214. [CLOSED] Combobox makes page with large image really slow
  215. [CLOSED] PagingToolbar Question
  216. [CLOSED] Ajaxmethod success function won't fire
  217. [CLOSED] DataBind problem
  218. [CLOSED] Change background color of textfield, textarea, combobox after text change
  219. [CLOSED] Getting selected row and values in Grid
  220. [CLOSED] coolite.axd error with UrlRewrite
  221. [CLOSED] Bug with the Editor Panel example in the 0.8 Example Explorer
  222. [CLOSED] EventMask behaviour
  223. [CLOSED] AjaxMethod in Code-Behind
  224. [CLOSED] Problem setting window icon
  225. [CLOSED] MessageBox does not work in AjaxMethod
  226. [CLOSED] "Gridpanel.save" clears the grid if selectcommand is blank
  227. [CLOSED] Refresh icon on combobox
  228. [CLOSED] TextFiled max length
  229. [CLOSED] Need help with Border layout
  230. [CLOSED] Help with grids in codebehind inside tabs
  231. [CLOSED] grivdpanel paging
  232. [CLOSED] Scroll to bottom in a Panel
  233. [CLOSED] Compatibility with IE6
  234. [CLOSED] Boolean value as Checkbox in a GridPanel
  235. [CLOSED] XTemplate Update
  236. [CLOSED] Remove sort Asc/Desc from grid header context menu
  237. [CLOSED] Convert GridCommand to ToolbarButton
  238. [CLOSED] GridPanel AutoHeight is not working like I would hope
  239. [CLOSED] delay in ajaxevents in IE with a UserControl
  240. [CLOSED] Combox's Transform does not work
  241. [CLOSED] PageToolbar's display info issue
  242. [CLOSED] TabPanel loadContent Issue
  243. [CLOSED] Show tab failed
  244. [CLOSED] GridPanel columns rendering in Collapsed panel
  245. [CLOSED] Save as dialog?
  246. [CLOSED] Update label Icon over AjaxMethod
  247. [CLOSED] TabPanel load content in AjaxEvent
  248. [CLOSED] CheckboxGroup with 1 item and 2 columns add a magical blank item
  249. [CLOSED] Pass value of gridrow to page in iframe
  250. [CLOSED] Load Coolite controls from AjaxEvent or AjaxMethod