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  1. [CLOSED] "Blank" gridpanel column until edited...then blank again!
  2. [CLOSED] [1.0] Extended Control Resources property called 3 times?
  3. [CLOSED] [1.0] - GridPanel in RowExpander Bug
  4. [CLOSED] Alternative to Drag/Drop sorting in Multiselect
  5. [CLOSED] SliderField orientation
  6. [CLOSED] Vertical slider rendering
  7. [CLOSED] Change combobox item text
  8. [CLOSED] Modal Window Problem with lower Resolutions
  9. [CLOSED] How to achieve anchored layout...
  10. [CLOSED] GridPanel Scrolling with AutoHeight set to true
  11. [CLOSED] Microsoft JScript compilation error: Syntax error (eval(result.script));
  12. [CLOSED] Problems with RenderExtPartial
  13. [CLOSED] TaskManager and sessionID
  14. [CLOSED] DisplayField (or something similar) in version 0.8.2
  15. [CLOSED] Timeout - Transaction abortedafter 30 seconds
  16. [CLOSED] How to get gridpanel's rowIndex in the example below?
  17. [CLOSED] NumberField empty value (-1.7976931348623157e+308)
  18. [CLOSED] simple ext:window Webconfig error
  19. [CLOSED] window create in javascript and listener
  20. [CLOSED] Startmenu position
  21. [CLOSED] combobox is not closing
  22. [CLOSED] How can I achieve this layout?
  23. [CLOSED] Identify Row Number Selected in Grid
  24. [CLOSED] What is Ext:TableGrid?
  25. [CLOSED] Problem adding values to parent MultiSelect from Popup JavaScript function
  26. [CLOSED] Is it possible to reuse notification window??
  27. [CLOSED] firing save on row ordering
  28. [CLOSED] Change the text of a GridCommand without reloading Gridpanel?
  29. [CLOSED] Is it possible to handle doubleclick event on a tab
  30. [CLOSED] Order GridPanel Groups in an arbitrary order?
  31. [CLOSED] !X.isajaxrequest
  32. [CLOSED] What is the difference between these two ComboBox?
  33. [CLOSED] GridPanel Column Tooltip
  34. [CLOSED] How to render a Component in a Template?
  35. [CLOSED] Loop through sub menu checkmenuitems
  36. [CLOSED] Row Expander Plugin with GridPanel
  37. [CLOSED] Nested Gridpanel's with RowExpander Plugin - prevent rowrefresh after edit
  38. [CLOSED] Urgent: Permission denied Error
  39. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg.Confirm Position
  40. [CLOSED] Can't access a slider field during client-side onload
  41. [CLOSED] Best practice to integrate custom/generic plugins
  42. [CLOSED] setValue doesn't work on a SliderField
  43. [CLOSED] Height of a panel inside RowLayout does not apply when the RowLayout is inside a TabPanel
  44. [CLOSED] Composite Field - master page
  45. [CLOSED] Calendar - Change EventEditForm
  46. [CLOSED] Calendar - Events missing due to 6 startup ajax calls asking for events on separate dates
  47. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor Plugins
  48. [CLOSED] Editor with multiple retarget.
  49. [CLOSED] Row expander with remote paging
  50. [CLOSED] architecture matter : overwriting session between tabs
  51. [CLOSED] FileUpload in toolbar not rendered correctly
  52. [CLOSED] Cell tooltip
  53. [CLOSED] combobox not displayed correctly
  54. [CLOSED] Problem with Dynamic columns with row expander
  55. [CLOSED] Session Expiring Question
  56. [CLOSED] Cannot deserialize JSON object into type 'System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,System.String][]
  57. [CLOSED] Layout error in IE7
  58. [CLOSED] TabPanel beforeremove vs beforetabclose
  59. [CLOSED] [1.0] TreePanel with ellipsis (...) if node titles overflow
  60. [CLOSED] ColumnLayout - not setting width before content
  61. [CLOSED] ToolTip display
  62. [CLOSED] Problem with buttons in a gridpanel toolbar nested in a viewport
  63. [CLOSED] _dc parameter in querystring after getting the latest version
  64. [CLOSED] Adding a New Tab to TabPanel
  65. [CLOSED] GridPanel ForceFit is not working inside a User Control
  66. [CLOSED] date field
  67. [CLOSED] combo sort
  68. [CLOSED] Window autoload property with POST method
  69. [CLOSED] FieldSet - Bottom border-line missing on IE-8
  70. [CLOSED] [1.0] Modal window tabindex
  71. [CLOSED] Calendar - two different views for previewing and editing events
  72. [CLOSED] Where can we find the error
  73. [CLOSED] avoid user from pressing space bar
  74. [CLOSED] Column header text style
  75. [CLOSED] Gridpanel and PagingToolbar bug?
  76. [CLOSED] EnableViewState problem for a Text Field Control
  77. [CLOSED] Store Load-handler cant reload child store
  78. [CLOSED] ColumnTree cell editing
  79. [CLOSED] CheckboxSelection model from codebehind --> Check all checkbox in header
  80. [CLOSED] [1.0] Performance in IE6 (memory leak?)
  81. [CLOSED] Calling partial via DirectEvents
  82. [CLOSED] Updating Tooltip on Client
  83. [CLOSED] Problem with the ItemSelector="div.search-item" in a ComboBox
  84. [CLOSED] vbox layout inside column layout
  85. [CLOSED] CompositeField - Height missing when form panel rendered hidden
  86. [CLOSED] Renderer does not work on DateColumn in GridPanel
  87. [CLOSED] Taskbar item
  88. [CLOSED] Focus on Window
  89. [CLOSED] Global Static variables usage in DirectEvents Method
  90. [CLOSED] Dropdown background not resizing properly
  91. [CLOSED] How to set the selected Menu Item at <ext:Menu>
  92. [CLOSED] Urgent: Ext.Net's support for localization and internationalization
  93. [CLOSED] [1.0] Loadmask on Two Grid Sample
  94. [CLOSED] Moving javascript into a separate .js file
  95. [CLOSED] Unsupported type: System.Guid (Migration from 0.8.3 to 1.0)
  96. [CLOSED] Combobox Data Binding Problem
  97. How do you add a resource item
  98. [CLOSED] Store request failure message
  99. [CLOSED] Portal Deluxe not shows Scroll bar in IE 8.0
  100. [CLOSED] HttpProxy sample with Method='GET' to load data for store
  101. [CLOSED] HttpProxy sample with Method='GET' to load data for store
  102. [CLOSED] Disabling dates in DateField
  103. [CLOSED] JSON Serialisation Issues 0.8.3 to 1.0
  104. [CLOSED] Theme is not applying automatically for dynamic tab content (Migration from 0.8.3 to 1.0)
  105. [CLOSED] Validate textfield depending on value other fields within formpanel
  106. [CLOSED] Auto-refresh grid panel
  107. [CLOSED] Tabbing issue on editable grid
  108. [CLOSED] Treepanel inside Dropdown - Set value of Dropdown as selected value of tree
  109. [CLOSED] [1.0] upgrade from 0.8.2 TriggerComboBox new syntax
  110. [CLOSED] How to set Max Year for DateField
  111. [CLOSED] Desktop application caching of web pages
  112. [CLOSED] TextArea FieldLabel problem
  113. [CLOSED] How to disable Enter Key in texArea
  114. [CLOSED] Translation/localization, Official or Best Practices
  115. [CLOSED] autosave on gridpanel
  116. [CLOSED] Render property of type List<T> in GridPanel column
  117. [CLOSED] unwanted form validation on page load
  118. [CLOSED] Send all treepanel nodes to directevent as extraparam
  119. [CLOSED] ModelState
  120. [CLOSED] RowEditor - Boolean columns in a Gridpanel are not editable
  121. [CLOSED] Combo value problem
  122. [CLOSED] 'Ext' is undefined
  123. [1.0] Problem with controls in IE6
  124. [CLOSED] Issue with Check Box Rendering in IE7 - Coolite Version 0.8.3
  125. [CLOSED] Modal problem
  126. [CLOSED] AllowBlank Message Target
  127. [CLOSED] KeyNav Tab Event Firing Inconsistently
  128. [CLOSED] SpinnerField and change/spin listener
  129. [CLOSED] Tab panel with thumbnails of current content of each tab
  130. [CLOSED] BADRESPONSE: syntax error
  131. [CLOSED] [1.0] TabPanel reload AutoLoad
  132. [CLOSED] grid parameter is null for prepareCommand function in 1.0.
  133. [CLOSED] Dragging from a tree to a map..
  134. [CLOSED] SVN Login
  135. [CLOSED] Render problems in IE6
  136. [CLOSED] MVC Portal / Portlet RenderExtPartial Issue
  137. [CLOSED] DataView in IE
  138. [CLOSED] ResourceManager show EventMask in all DirectEvents calls
  139. [CLOSED] Stop treepanel to load data on page load
  140. [CLOSED] Dynamic FileUploadField, Response opens the file save(download) box
  141. [CLOSED] Date field validation
  142. [CLOSED] Configure ext.net
  143. [CLOSED] TreeNode Icons not showing correctly
  144. [CLOSED] GridPanel not selectable
  145. [CLOSED] Can't get buttons to align to center in html table
  146. [CLOSED] Citrix net scaler
  147. [CLOSED] Icons Not Showing
  148. [CLOSED] Problems with Feed Viewer:Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'AnnouncementControl_TopicStore' is undefined
  149. [CLOSED] Rerun template on the fly
  150. [CLOSED] Caching the ResourceManager/ExtJs library
  151. [CLOSED] Gridpanel GroupCommand Example
  152. [CLOSED] DatePicker for year
  153. [CLOSED] create dynamically a css class in a MVC controller
  154. [CLOSED] Registering Images for UX extensions
  155. [CLOSED] [1.0] CompositeField and multiple FileUploadField
  156. [CLOSED] ColumnTree contextmenu
  157. [CLOSED] Window with autowidth
  158. [CLOSED] search button
  159. [CLOSED] Multi Select Click event added as Attribute in 0.8.3 not working in 1.0
  160. [CLOSED] Custom Localized string in Grid Command Confirmation Messages and Title
  161. [CLOSED] Background color toolbar
  162. [CLOSED] Change color in ComboBox, depending on values
  163. [CLOSED] Dataview on codebehind[1.0]
  164. [CLOSED] Custom control extra event
  165. [CLOSED] ie9 rc
  166. [CLOSED] Grid to Grid Drag and Drop Questions
  167. [CLOSED] CheckBoxSelectionModel
  168. [CLOSED] Custom Masking solution given for 0.8.3 not working in 1.0
  169. [CLOSED] [1.0] Download file via DirectMethod
  170. [CLOSED] Custom Search with X.GetCmp
  171. [CLOSED] Blank space at the end of gridpanel
  172. [CLOSED] Bug in French Resource file
  173. [CLOSED] [1.0] How to Communicate from a Window iFrame that is modal to the calling page
  174. [CLOSED] Null view model with PartialViewRenderer
  175. [CLOSED] Problem with GridPanel controls and FileUploadField controls in the same page
  176. [CLOSED] FormPanel buttons not getting correct width when loaded via auto load
  177. [CLOSED] Add record to store via form
  178. [CLOSED] Gridpanel GroupingView Expand/Collapse Event
  179. [CLOSED] Custom Header in Grouping Gridpanel
  180. [CLOSED] Start menu items thats text is too long is seen as too long text on the taskbar
  181. [CLOSED] RecordField Name with asterisk
  182. [CLOSED] Combobox not retaining values in ext.MenuItem
  183. [CLOSED] SVN Updated Lately?
  184. [CLOSED] Iterating Through GridPanel
  185. [CLOSED] Best solution for show window
  186. [CLOSED] Get dynanic width and height values from ext panel with layout fit
  187. [CLOSED] Loading TreePanel in MVC
  188. [CLOSED] PropertyGrid with property separator
  189. [CLOSED] Gridpanel Null problem with JSON deserialization
  190. [CLOSED] ColumnTree Header resizable
  191. [CLOSED] [1.0] Button and NavigateUrl
  192. [CLOSED] page loading
  193. [CLOSED] Error after the latest update from SVN
  194. [CLOSED] TabPanel Layout
  195. [CLOSED] EXT.NET and ASP.NET MVC View Model
  196. [CLOSED] Sample from " http://examples.ext.net/#/Form/CompositeField/Overview/" could not work?
  197. [CLOSED] TabPanel re addPanel error
  198. [CLOSED] Equivalent for spinner control 0.8
  199. [CLOSED] Where is the Newtonsoft.Json.dll dependency built/taken from?
  200. [CLOSED] Problem with HtmlEncode / HtmlDecode
  201. [CLOSED] Menu
  202. [CLOSED] Load record from codebehind, and working with records at all
  203. [CLOSED] Checkcolumn listener
  204. [CLOSED] Remote Sorting issue
  205. [CLOSED] Open window in a parent container
  206. [CLOSED] gridfilter remote question
  207. [CLOSED] IE8: HTML Parsing Error
  208. [CLOSED] Setting Checkbox value to either true or false during runtime does not work
  209. [CLOSED] Issue with ComboBox as Editor in Grid Panel not rendering properly (1.0) (Migration from 0.8.3)
  210. [CLOSED] Loading progress color issue
  211. [CLOSED] Change toggle state form server or client side
  212. [CLOSED] Align components to the left and to the right
  213. [CLOSED] [1.0] Button DirectEvent URL
  214. [CLOSED] Multiselect not Submitting selected Items when placed in Button Menu. (1.0) - (Migration from 0.8.3)
  215. [CLOSED] Checkcolumn selected row
  216. [CLOSED] Issue with propertyGrid params viewstate
  217. [CLOSED] MenuPanel problem
  218. [CLOSED] Htmleditor strange behavior after row collapsed.
  219. [CLOSED] Notification window behavior from 0.8.3 to 1.0
  220. [CLOSED] Current SVN
  221. [CLOSED] create window with GridPanel with codebehind
  222. [CLOSED] How to clear the uploaded file from fileuploadfield
  223. [CLOSED] PageProxy
  224. [CLOSED] Calendar localization bug
  225. [CLOSED] Listview Sortable=false not working
  226. [CLOSED] BufferView and AutoFill need help
  227. [CLOSED] Autoshow mask on directevent
  228. [CLOSED] switch column data within a grid panel using grid header filters
  229. [CLOSED] Datepicker weirdness
  230. [CLOSED] CheckSelectionModel is not showing selected RecordId
  231. [CLOSED] Show Hide Grid Panel from runtime
  232. [CLOSED] Anchor <a name="..."> <a href="#...">
  233. [CLOSED] Page Height
  234. [CLOSED] TextArea field in CompositeField
  235. [CLOSED] Displaying Todays date in Date field
  236. [CLOSED] Create custom controls with Coolite
  237. [CLOSED] How to reload store without PagingToolbar
  238. [CLOSED] IE8 combo "Invalid argument" on z-index
  239. [CLOSED] Execute click-listener on MenuItem
  240. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel.weekview.setStartDate bug
  241. [CLOSED] System.NullReferenceException
  242. [CLOSED] PartialView to replace the contents of a div.
  243. [CLOSED] Force selection in grid
  244. [CLOSED] Problems when executing website in IE6
  245. [CLOSED] IE6 - layout - Stuff flying arround
  246. [CLOSED] Hyperlink Bug
  247. [CLOSED] Questions about ViewPort and PageLayouts.
  248. [CLOSED] Communication between parent and child IFRAME with Autoload
  249. [CLOSED] DataView displaying null
  250. [CLOSED] Locking Grid and AddColumn