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  1. [CLOSED] Trouble to add new data to a GridPanel
  2. [CLOSED] GridPanel display problem
  3. [CLOSED] Filter and Sorting not works for GroupingSummaryColumn in Coolite Grid
  4. [CLOSED] Combobox with images
  5. [CLOSED] Dynamic controls and MVC
  6. [CLOSED] [1.0] Deselecting rows issue
  7. [CLOSED] Slow grid fillup using addRecord
  8. [CLOSED] Click Disable MultiCombo
  9. [CLOSED] Fill a combobox with an enum.
  10. [CLOSED] Render gridpanel column depending on value other field store
  11. [CLOSED] 'Before' parameter error
  12. [CLOSED] DropTarget or DropZone?
  13. [CLOSED] TreeGrid: clearContent() method implementation issue
  14. [CLOSED] Grid Filter loses focus
  15. [CLOSED] [0.8.2] Adding new Tab from Tab into a TabPanel problem
  16. [CLOSED] [1.0] Calendar Issues
  17. [CLOSED] Change submenus to show on click instead of hover
  18. [CLOSED] [1.0] Load dynamic UserControl with Coolite Controls.
  19. [CLOSED] [1.0] MenuItem Click DirectEvent compared with (Split)Button Click DirectEvent
  20. [CLOSED] Formpanel with 2 fields on the same line
  21. [CLOSED] [1.0] NORESPONSE in Button with IsUpload=true
  22. [CLOSED] TimeField Conversion
  23. [CLOSED] Problem using GridPanel with EditableGrid, GroupingView and GroupCommands
  24. [CLOSED] Store iterate
  25. [CLOSED] Convert Handler in xmlreader
  26. [CLOSED] Button's Click DirectEvent Single property needs to be reset
  27. [CLOSED] Problem with DirectEventHandler in a dinamically created ComboBox
  28. [CLOSED] [1.0] Strange behavior - LockingGridView & RowEditor
  29. [CLOSED] Themes Issue in MVC example
  30. [CLOSED] Check All in Coolite Grid
  31. [CLOSED] [1.0] ConfirmationList with webservice httpwriteproxy
  32. [CLOSED] [1.0] Huge performance issue in Ext.Js getForm().loadRecord(record) and getForm().reset()
  33. [CLOSED] NumberField EmptyText
  34. [CLOSED] Problem with autocomplete
  35. [CLOSED] Efficient Panel Reload
  36. [CLOSED] MultiCombo in detailpanel
  37. [CLOSED] Select All in Coolite Grid
  38. [CLOSED] Task error
  39. [CLOSED] Issue with Dynamic Controlsl creation in Tab Panels (Version: 0.8.3)
  40. [CLOSED] Delay on success
  41. [CLOSED] [1.0] Remove column with dropdown filter below header from GridPanel
  42. [CLOSED] Number grid column format
  43. [CLOSED] Problem with SVN
  44. [CLOSED] NumberField +/- with $
  45. [CLOSED] [1.0] RowEditor Resizing
  46. [CLOSED] [0.8.2] Expand a tree in a user control.
  47. [CLOSED] Contextual panel
  48. [CLOSED] Update records subcollection with set() method?
  49. [CLOSED] Hiding CheckBoxGroups
  50. [CLOSED] Treepanel in User Control
  51. [CLOSED] Clear selection box in drop down field
  52. [CLOSED] DirectMethod.Request Problem
  53. [CLOSED] Please help with update revision
  54. [CLOSED] Buttons in FormPanel Content
  55. [CLOSED] [1.0] Tree node reload is very slow
  56. [CLOSED] [1.0] TopBar/ BottomBar not rendered correctly
  57. [CLOSED] Adding an object to the ViewState
  58. [CLOSED] AjaxStoreResult and ExtraParams
  59. [CLOSED] Get date format dynamic to use daterender function in GridPanel
  60. [CLOSED] How to step through data in a data store
  61. [CLOSED] [1.0] Array to FormPanel
  62. [CLOSED] [1.0] Custom search help
  63. [CLOSED] Model selection problem with lock and selected record after change page
  64. [CLOSED] Topbar
  65. [CLOSED] RowExpander and GridPanel with editors: how to?
  66. [CLOSED] [1.0] Add storeRefresh handler at runtime
  67. [CLOSED] InitScriptMode Linked
  68. [CLOSED] [1.0]Add store custom params at runtime
  69. [CLOSED] Determine number of rows a grid can display and set that as page size
  70. [CLOSED] Rendering a control loaded using UserControlRenderer.LoadControl
  71. [CLOSED] [1.0]ComboBox editor in GridPanel is not refreshed before first edit
  72. [CLOSED] [1.0] NumberField
  73. [CLOSED] 'Ext' is undefined
  74. [CLOSED] ViewState value
  75. [CLOSED] GridPanel CheckboxSelection issue
  76. [CLOSED] avoiding the user from clicking the button more than once
  77. [CLOSED] SVN error
  78. [CLOSED] Issue with Tree Grid and Desktop task bar
  79. [CLOSED] Server tag is not correctly formatted
  80. [CLOSED] [1.0] Render Panels
  81. [CLOSED] Trouble with user input in
  82. [CLOSED] GridPanel Column Size Restore from Cookie
  83. [CLOSED] [1.0] X.Msg.Notify bug?
  84. [CLOSED] [1.0] RowEditor / Hidden Modal Window
  85. [CLOSED] [1.0] Problem with some controls
  86. [CLOSED] [1.0] DateField MonthPicker with daterange
  87. [CLOSED] Removing ViewState from ResourceManager is cleaning DateField value
  88. [CLOSED] Issue setting cleanResourceUrl="true"
  89. [CLOSED] [1.0] MVC Problems
  90. [CLOSED] Data driven Accordion MVC
  91. [CLOSED] Layout issue with iframe window in desktop
  92. [CLOSED] [1.0] Clean Resource Url makes a lot of difference to Direct calls javascript
  93. [CLOSED] Problems with editable datagrid with combobox.
  94. [CLOSED] GridPanel cell edit markers disappears even if submit fails
  95. [CLOSED] [1.0] How to select a treenode in codebehind?
  96. [CLOSED] Error with PartialViewResult and GridPanel
  97. [CLOSED] [1.0] ImageUrl property in Ext.Net.Portlet
  98. [CLOSED] Calculator Function
  99. [CLOSED] Displaying two records(First Name and Last Name) fields in combobox (as full name)
  100. [CLOSED] NumberColumn renderer does not work?
  101. [CLOSED] [1.0]Submit to handler issue example
  102. [CLOSED] svn problem
  103. [CLOSED] [1.0] Treepanel error
  104. [CLOSED] ColumnLayout: issue
  105. [CLOSED] Problem with Grid Panel Grouping Commands (0.8.3)
  106. [CLOSED] PDF in panel
  107. [CLOSED] ResourceManager without error message
  108. [CLOSED] StringFilter in custom column
  109. [CLOSED] [1.0] Problem with dynamicly created user controls after update from SVN
  110. [CLOSED] [1.0] XTemplate and ObjectHolder
  111. [CLOSED] [1.0] DateFields Not Rendered Properly on FieldSet
  112. [CLOSED] How to Get Updated .data.items.length from Store (v8.2)
  113. [CLOSED] Manipulating ComboBox Items via DirectMethod
  114. [CLOSED] Problem with SVN Update
  115. [CLOSED] Remove/Modifed the Group Rows in Store using Javascript
  117. [CLOSED] Combobox disabled funtionality not working in javascript
  118. [CLOSED] RowExpander: GridPanel button doesn't show
  119. [CLOSED] Search
  120. [CLOSED] When dynamically creating a TreePanel during page load, how do you hook up the "submitNodes" event?
  121. [CLOSED] When dynamically creating a TreePanel during page load, how do you hook up the "submitNodes" event?
  122. [CLOSED] [1.0] jsonStore.loadData(json) is not changing date string into object inside IE 8
  123. [CLOSED] Xtemplate Format Field
  124. [CLOSED] Allowing double click on Grid Row
  125. [CLOSED] Portlet question
  126. [CLOSED] register xtype
  127. [CLOSED] Different time zone settings on DateFields
  128. [CLOSED] [1.0] MVC and Exception reporting during file upload in IE not working
  129. [CLOSED] [1.0] HeaderRow in GridPanel does not work
  130. [CLOSED] Showing copy / paste information in a gridpanel
  131. [CLOSED] Error in examples.ext.net
  132. [CLOSED] Download image file
  133. [CLOSED] Layout Problem with ViewPort, TabPanel and UserControls
  134. [CLOSED] Redirect to other url in Window
  135. [CLOSED] Read Only NumberField
  136. [CLOSED] Determine parent exist (desktop) and disallow direct linking
  137. [CLOSED] Coolite examples
  138. [CLOSED] How to reload tab (with user control)
  139. [CLOSED] ComponentMenuItem: the best way to hide/deactivate?
  140. [CLOSED] Store loadData() wierd error.
  141. [CLOSED] [1.0] Rendering Chart/Flash behind Model Window
  142. [CLOSED] [1.0] Form alignment
  143. [CLOSED] [1.0] Html in button
  144. [CLOSED] [1.0] Trigger Field
  145. [CLOSED] [1.0] FieldSet and RadEdito issue
  146. [CLOSED] GridView GetRowClass: not working with RowExpander plugin
  147. [CLOSED] Combobox search without using template
  148. [CLOSED] [1.0] Result message of HttpWriteProxy
  149. [CLOSED] Form status bar without valid icon
  150. [CLOSED] Hyperlink OnClick functionality?
  151. [CLOSED] Confirmation in command column
  152. [1.0] TreePanel ghosting effect on node click
  153. [CLOSED] Is it possible to implement some kind of Alt-Tab action inside the Desktop?
  154. [CLOSED] Strange behavior of default parameters
  155. [CLOSED] Icon folder structure
  156. [CLOSED] Transaction Aborted message
  157. [CLOSED] Problem when showing/hiding controls in javascript
  158. [CLOSED] [1.0] Drag Drop Multiple TreeNodes?
  159. [CLOSED] Change Panel color
  160. [CLOSED] GmapPanel in codebehind
  161. [CLOSED] alignment problem
  162. [CLOSED] [1.0] best control to use as interactive pop-up list
  163. [CLOSED] [1.0] Help PagingToolbar GridPanel
  164. [CLOSED] Store.remove(record) and Store.reload()
  165. [CLOSED] Thousands separator in numberfield
  166. [CLOSED] Render function for Number field
  167. [CLOSED] Problem with ToScript and included in ResourceManager resources
  168. [CLOSED] ComponentMenuItem: rendering issue in IE & Chrome
  169. [CLOSED] MessageBox Function Fn pass arguments
  170. [CLOSED] Block navigation with browser's back & forward button
  171. [CLOSED] Ip Address mask
  172. [CLOSED] Data Store not updating record mapping from codebehind
  173. [CLOSED] XRender Icon ComboBox
  174. [CLOSED] [1.0]Question about httpHandler and DirectMethods
  175. [CLOSED] Problem with Absolute Layout in IE
  176. [CLOSED] Need help with TextField events call
  177. [CLOSED] [1.0] Custom Search dynamic item count
  178. [CLOSED] How to display Confirm box from Controller Action in MVC
  179. [CLOSED] TabPanel Hover
  180. [CLOSED] tab problem
  181. [CLOSED] Combo box doesn't query the store when clearing its contents
  182. [CLOSED] TableLayout cell RowSpan and ColSpan not working in IE7
  183. [CLOSED] Create GridPanel dinamically with javascript
  184. [CLOSED] ResourceManager causes excpetion
  185. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg.confirm Doesnt show modally on TabChange
  186. [CLOSED] LockingGridView with HeaderGroupRows
  187. [CLOSED] Is it possible to display custom user control within <ext:Anchor>?
  188. [CLOSED] Fill a store with an enum
  189. [CLOSED] [1.0] issue with upgrade RowSelection
  190. [CLOSED] [1.0.0] Hide Refresh Button on Paging Toolbar
  191. [CLOSED] ComboBox SetValue doesn't change SelectedItem.Text
  192. [CLOSED] Custom config for Coolite controls
  193. [CLOSED] [1.0] Issue with dynamicly created user controls (viewstate)
  194. [CLOSED] Draw div
  195. [CLOSED] 'Ext' is undefined, pls help
  196. [CLOSED] Select a Row from GridPanel in DirectMethod
  197. [1.0] Problem with Merge
  198. [CLOSED] FocusRow() for grouped GridPanel within DirectMethod
  199. [CLOSED] Problem when paging gridpanel in AjaxEvent
  200. [CLOSED] Control for date and time
  201. [CLOSED] [1.0] Listener added to empty dynamically created portal is not called
  202. [CLOSED] Is there a way to add a button within formlayout and in center of the page?
  203. [CLOSED] Check if Store is empty
  204. [CLOSED] [1.0] - RowEditor Height - How to
  205. [CLOSED] [1.0] Custom booking calender control development required
  206. [CLOSED] [1.0] Panel in FormPanel
  207. [CLOSED] Need help with popup control
  208. [CLOSED] Local datastore filtering param when getting data to combo in local mode
  209. [CLOSED] [1.0] FileUploadField with Progress indicator
  210. [CLOSED] Binding index to paging toolbar
  211. [CLOSED] Window position relative
  212. [CLOSED] Binding Large Set of Data to a Grid makes browser unresponsive
  213. [CLOSED] Problem placing Custom control on Top bar of Panel
  214. [CLOSED] NumberField paste event
  215. [CLOSED] How to FindOut ActiveTabIndex for MenuItems
  216. [CLOSED] TreeGrid with Checkbox Grid
  217. [CLOSED] How to Apply Styles To TopBar
  218. [CLOSED] [1.0] Status bar for combobox that does not use paging
  219. [CLOSED] Serious problem with viewport
  220. [CLOSED] TextArea : MaxLength not working
  221. [CLOSED] How to refresh a TreeNode (attribute) in a TreePanel
  222. [CLOSED] Register javascript resource to inherited control
  223. [CLOSED] Multiple commandcolumns in gridpanel
  224. [OPEN] [#116] Problem to reset a combo
  225. [CLOSED] Help - Refresh IFrame in a Usercontrol
  226. [CLOSED] Store SubmitData Extra Params not working
  227. [CLOSED] Checkbox control does not exist when it is called to set value
  228. [CLOSED] Gridpanel Directevent in code behind
  229. [CLOSED] How to Loop through each headercolumn editor in gridview clientside
  230. [CLOSED] EventMask for button click not blocking button when enter key is pressed
  231. [CLOSED] Buid TreeGrid in Direct Event
  232. [CLOSED] Direct Methods with return doesn't work in user control
  233. [CLOSED] Best way to add columns of a grid in codebehind
  234. [CLOSED] How to place list objects in server mapping
  235. [CLOSED] [1.0] GridPanel RowEdit Bug
  236. [CLOSED] [1.0] GridPanel and highlighting
  237. [CLOSED] ComboBox repopulated in code behind, not reflected on page
  238. [CLOSED] [1.0] RadioGroup with InputValue set to "0"
  239. [CLOSED] Strange edge toolbar
  240. [CLOSED] Detect a keyPress on a lowercase letter
  241. [CLOSED] row expander - problem grid child width
  242. [CLOSED] Textfield editor in GridPanel: change string appereance before edit
  243. [CLOSED] [1.0] RowEditor plugin and CheckboxSelection model JScript exception
  244. [CLOSED] [1.0] CollapseMode "Mini" image not showing in IE6
  245. [CLOSED] Problem with focusRow() on Store.reload() with Firefox
  246. [CLOSED] Rendering performance
  247. [CLOSED] [1.0] Problem updating dataview
  248. [CLOSED] automatic data moving from bottom to top in grid panel
  249. [CLOSED] Open window in parent
  250. [CLOSED] [1.0] ImageButton - 'Undefined' Request to Server