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  1. [1.0] clearInvalid() for CompositeField does not cascade to child items
  2. [CLOSED] Download button
  3. [CLOSED] Problem with Tab Key press in Text Field
  4. [CLOSED] Problem with Loading Grid and Store Dynamically with 2 different type of Dataset
  5. Problem with GMapPanel in MVC2 using PartialViewResult
  6. [CLOSED] Updating grid row values
  7. [CLOSED] Change backgroud color of screen with grouptabpanel
  8. [CLOSED] Filter in combobox
  9. [CLOSED] [1.0] DirectMethod call on IFrame
  10. [CLOSED] Store's Load Listener fires on PageToolbar->Next
  11. [CLOSED] Collapse Borders on Load
  12. [CLOSED] [0.8.1] LoadMask
  13. [CLOSED] [1.0] iFrame and IE7 layout issues
  14. [CLOSED] PagingToolbar.doRefresh() seems broken
  15. [CLOSED] [1.0] Urgent: Code broken with changes in how client script is generated
  16. [CLOSED] [1.0] RemoteSort with IsComplex field
  17. [CLOSED] [1.0] TabPanel show hidden Panel
  18. [CLOSED] tree grid
  19. [CLOSED] MVC examples
  20. [CLOSED] svn
  21. [CLOSED] Treegrid Command Column
  22. [CLOSED] [1.0] Get all mandatory fields always in red
  23. [CLOSED] How to print gridpanel with data?
  24. [CLOSED] [1.0] ComboBox automatically clears value?
  25. [CLOSED] [1.0] How to save Gridpanel Column configuration to Cookie?
  26. [CLOSED] Error after update frm SVN - URGENT!
  27. [CLOSED] ViewPort and gridpanel
  28. [CLOSED] Child page to parent page call
  29. [CLOSED] Get column index with rowSelectionModel
  30. [CLOSED] Problem with chart controls and coolite
  31. [CLOSED] Change fieldLabel on client-side
  32. [CLOSED] GridPanel custom render cell with icon
  33. [CLOSED] GridPanel select and scroll to inserted row
  34. [CLOSED] Alternative themes for buttons
  35. [CLOSED] [1.0] Portals and IE7
  36. [CLOSED] FormPanel with empty cells?
  37. [CLOSED] Window control garbage problem
  38. [CLOSED] [0.8.1] CSS GridPanel
  39. [CLOSED] [0.8.1] Link Renderer redirect to AjaxMethod Dynamic GridPanel
  40. [CLOSED] add daterange in code-behind
  41. [CLOSED] [1.0] DirectEvents and Postback in IE
  42. [CLOSED] [1.0] Restrict rows to be Dragged and Dropped
  43. [CLOSED] Output Cache issue with Direct Method / Direct Event
  44. [CLOSED] How To Set PageIndex Property of a Grid Panel in JavaScript?
  45. [CLOSED] Can a DateColumn be empty in GridPanel?
  46. Requesting feedback on the new Ext.NET Pro license
  47. [CLOSED] [1.0]Problem with directMethod from custom Combobox
  48. [CLOSED] [1.0]Button control inside gridpanel cell
  49. [CLOSED] StrikeThrough GridPanel Row?
  50. [CLOSED] Ext.NET usage with Master pages
  51. [CLOSED] GridPanel columns become visible after being turned off (and saved to a cookie)
  52. [CLOSED] get value of controls created in code-behind
  53. [CLOSED] [1.0] issue with ResourceManager.SetTheme()
  54. [CLOSED] Euro in grid
  55. [CLOSED] triggerfield / textfield question
  56. [CLOSED] Submitting A DateField Value From A FormPanel
  57. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch
  58. [CLOSED] [1.0] Uppercare in Gridpanel with roweditor
  59. Extend Gridfilters Remote example with grouping
  60. [CLOSED] PlugIn cast error
  61. [CLOSED] [1.0] Add paging to Treeview
  62. [CLOSED] IE8 render issue for CompositeField
  63. [CLOSED] How to set all rows as selected in GridPanel
  64. [CLOSED] Add close (hide) tool button and event to Portlet
  65. [CLOSED] Date Field shows incorrect day names
  66. [CLOSED] Number Field Range Validation with Multiple EndNumberFields
  67. [CLOSED] DateField validate problem with Vtype="daterange"
  68. [CLOSED] [1.0] Store Restful
  69. [CLOSED] Verify if a numberfield is empty in javascript.
  70. [CLOSED] DateField with days disable
  71. [CLOSED] Drag and Drop between grids
  72. [CLOSED] There are examples of textbox with regular expressions?
  73. [CLOSED] Grouping Summary
  74. [CLOSED] [1.0] Grid Row Expander - How to remove + - on rows that can not be expanded
  75. [CLOSED] Strange issue window from desktopwindow
  76. [CLOSED] scroll through grid with up-down keys
  77. [CLOSED] Problem showing hidden panel when using master pages
  78. [CLOSED] [1.0] New NameSpace property
  79. [CLOSED] [1.0]Set combo listItem icon at runtime
  80. [CLOSED] Opinion needed: MVC2 areas autogenerating Ext Menu
  81. [CLOSED] How do i Set Focus On the first CheckBox Inside a GridPanel with a CheckBox Selection Model
  82. [CLOSED] How to add tooltip to a javascript image renderer
  83. [CLOSED] Help button on window titlebar
  84. [CLOSED] [1.0] Problem with portlet directevent
  85. [CLOSED] get the value of the selected item from a combobox via js
  86. [CLOSED] hide HeaderGroupColumn
  87. [CLOSED] Help urgent with fileupload
  88. [CLOSED] Populate store from xml file
  89. [CLOSED] Simple use of enter key (login)
  90. [CLOSED] treeGrid: autoscroll
  91. [CLOSED] Multiline combobox
  92. [CLOSED] getItemId - Microsoft JScript runtime error
  93. [CLOSED] DirectEvents from Parent
  94. [CLOSED] How to update panel content during directevent
  95. [CLOSED] How to update the icon of a TabPanel on the fly?
  96. [CLOSED] Ext JS Calendar
  97. [CLOSED] RowEditor - Insert New Row
  98. [CLOSED] binding linq query to gridpanel
  99. [CLOSED] The HTTP verb POST used to access path '/ XML / Plants.xml' is not allowed.
  100. [CLOSED] Fierbug Problem
  101. [CLOSED] Column layout same height with button row
  102. [1.0] menu positioning bug
  103. [CLOSED] [1.0] TextField align?
  104. [CLOSED] Removing items from a grouptabpanel programatically
  105. [CLOSED] Linked Grids
  106. [CLOSED] GridPanel sortable: case insensitive
  107. [CLOSED] Help on architecture
  108. [CLOSED] Hide tools in portlet
  109. [CLOSED] [1.0] Closing windows?
  110. [CLOSED] Json Deserialize error when save
  111. [CLOSED] [1.0] TreePanel SelectedNode Issue
  112. [1.0] How to mantein portlet body
  113. [CLOSED] RowLayout inside of TabPanel inside of Window causing multiple issues
  114. [CLOSED] TreePanel inside dropdown
  115. [CLOSED] Combobox issue
  116. [CLOSED] RowEditor bug with decimals
  117. [CLOSED] Problem with markInvalid() (bug?)
  118. [CLOSED] Changing background color of TabPanel on the fly
  119. [CLOSED] Change event on combobox doesn't fire
  120. [CLOSED] DirectMethod missing when control created dynamically
  121. [CLOSED] Language switch
  122. [CLOSED] GridPanel Header wrapping causing odd appearance
  123. [CLOSED] How to create ext control without recompiling ext.net dll?
  124. [CLOSED] Calendar Component
  125. [CLOSED] Errors in extnet css
  126. [CLOSED] Extending Components and Overriding properties
  127. [CLOSED] Changing the style of menupanel
  128. [CLOSED] [1.0] Problem with Calendar
  129. [CLOSED] isDirty() and SelectBox
  130. [CLOSED] The list of icons
  131. [CLOSED] Iphone / mobile / html5
  132. [CLOSED] Formpanel read-only
  133. [CLOSED] Problem when updating to new version
  134. [CLOSED] TextArea: format default value
  135. [CLOSED] [1.0] Gridpanel and checkbox question
  136. [CLOSED] DateField data format problem
  137. [CLOSED] [1.0] Calendar - hide/disable buttons in event edit window
  138. [CLOSED] [1.0] Ext.Net.MVC PartialViewRenderer.Render
  139. [CLOSED] Panel clips grid
  140. [CLOSED] Registering resources in Direct Methods/Events
  141. [CLOSED] MultiCombo doesn't select items with comma in text
  142. [CLOSED] Problem with formpanel.setvalues
  143. [CLOSED] Form Layout Spacing in IIS
  144. [CLOSED] ToolbarSpacer fixed?
  145. [CLOSED] HTML Editor
  146. [CLOSED] Numberfield with more than 16 characters.
  147. [CLOSED] [1.0] FormPanel and CompositeField Validation Fails
  148. [CLOSED] Hide and Show a Tab in Select Event of a ComboBox
  149. [CLOSED] RowLayout with split="true"
  150. [CLOSED] [1.0] FormPanel CompositeField with Notes
  151. [CLOSED] [1.0] FileUploadField Render
  152. [CLOSED] [1.0] Problem with Portlet Resizer
  153. [CLOSED] Callback from a PartialView
  154. [CLOSED] Scrollbar multiselect not appearing
  155. [CLOSED] Toolbar misaligned
  156. [CLOSED] How can I update a GridPanel column header during a DirectEvent?
  157. [CLOSED] Export Data To Excel in Remote Paging GridPanel
  158. [CLOSED] Wiring up DirectEvents on the Server??
  159. [CLOSED] [1.0] Restful Store API
  160. [CLOSED] Submitting Html Content from an HtmlEditor
  161. [CLOSED] \r and \n in template
  162. [CLOSED] Error when changing value in a store record after SVN update
  163. [CLOSED] Need Help With Drag & Drop Example in VB
  164. [CLOSED] Why is this not rendering?
  165. [CLOSED] insert record
  166. [CLOSED] HiddenValue of ComboBox is not getting initialized correctly
  167. [CLOSED] Larger Icons
  168. [CLOSED] Grid Page Number
  169. [CLOSED] [1.0] error when trying set selected day of dateField
  170. [CLOSED] A question about the viewport
  171. [CLOSED] Red circle is not visible in form validation with fieldset
  172. [CLOSED] [1.0] Problem with HTML textarea inside a gridpanel's column
  173. [CLOSED] Help with ext:Calendar
  174. [CLOSED] Script Error with Calendar "types[config.xtype || defaultType] is not a constructor"
  175. [CLOSED] Layout for fields
  176. [CLOSED] Editable Combobox
  177. [CLOSED] [1.0] lost properties in new versions of source code
  178. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel Reminders and GroupStore
  179. [CLOSED] Buttons in FormPanel Header bar
  180. [CLOSED] Extending TriggerField
  181. [CLOSED] [1.0] Radio GroupName
  182. [CLOSED] update() method for innerHTML change on v1.0
  183. [CLOSED] Unable to deselect selected rows in gridpanel if all rows selected and drag and drop enabled
  184. [CLOSED] Direct events in user control
  185. [CLOSED] Size combobox with images changes when selecting an item
  186. [CLOSED] Multicombo in RowEditor
  187. [CLOSED] [1.0] getBody() Error In IE8
  188. [CLOSED] Datefield has been changed from its original value
  189. [CLOSED] How to handle store save postback?
  190. [CLOSED] [1.0] Does the EditableGrid plugin support Composite Field columns?
  191. [CLOSED] Problem with DataBind
  192. [CLOSED] Change font to bold on a specific row of GridPanel during a Command DirectEvent
  193. [CLOSED] Issue with using IconCls with MenuItems?
  194. [CLOSED] Fieldset: label issue
  195. [CLOSED] Some render problems
  196. [CLOSED] Possible to center an item on a toolbar?
  197. [CLOSED] Desktopwindows empty after SVN update
  198. [CLOSED] [1.0] UserControl in formPanel
  199. [CLOSED] Advanced StatusBar Example
  200. [CLOSED] Problems with DateField
  201. [CLOSED] Login cursor problem
  202. [CLOSED] Javascript + flash code using in combination with layout control
  203. [CLOSED] Panel Overflow
  204. [CLOSED] After select on Combobox
  205. [CLOSED] GridPanel: record from editor beforComplete event
  206. [CLOSED] Panel.getBody problem
  207. [CLOSED] [1.0] Problem collapsing North Panel
  208. [CLOSED] [1.0] Calendar bug
  209. [CLOSED] Could not refresh the combobox data in the UI after I added the new item?
  210. [CLOSED] Advanced validation status bar problem
  211. [CLOSED] Slow form render time
  212. [CLOSED] Layout Problem
  213. [CLOSED] Bug with Window and Iframe mode
  214. [CLOSED] [1.0] MVC Grid/Store Export to .xls/.csv/.xml Error
  215. [CLOSED] [1.0] Change in radio button behavior - inputvalue
  216. [CLOSED] [1.0] Label align issue
  217. [CLOSED] TreePanel Debug mode problem
  218. [CLOSED] How to get the control ID after I using "Control2.Render(Control1,RenderMode.AddTo)"?
  219. [CLOSED] CheckColumn and checkbox
  220. [CLOSED] Renderer on a TemplateColumn: not working
  221. [CLOSED] How to Create a Menu in Code
  222. [CLOSED] Refresh PagingToolbar using Javascript
  223. [CLOSED] [1.0] Hiding filter rows in grid
  224. [CLOSED] Data selection case sensitive on Store with row selection issue
  225. [CLOSED] Checkbox - Validation
  226. [CLOSED] [1.0] form validation - hidden fields
  227. [CLOSED] add css to a textbox from code-behind
  228. [CLOSED] Problem on inheriting window
  229. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel.GroupStore and CalendarId
  230. [CLOSED] Upload file from a GridPanel cell.
  231. [CLOSED] Container Spacing
  232. [CLOSED] Problem with combobox and dataindex
  233. [CLOSED] Renderer on a ImageCommandColumn hides the commands
  234. [CLOSED] [1.0]reload of tooltip with different params
  235. [CLOSED] How to get the control ID after I using "Control2.Render(Control1,RenderMode.AddTo)"?
  236. [CLOSED] Store HTTPproxy problem
  237. [CLOSED] Save File dialogbox coming when IsUPload="true"
  238. [CLOSED] Locked column and row alignment
  239. [CLOSED] Strange behavior of fieldset
  240. [CLOSED] Spelling error in BeforeChildRenrendered listener
  241. [CLOSED] Local data paging problem
  242. [CLOSED] [1.0] Not able to set Tooltip height and width
  243. [CLOSED] [0.8.2] TreePanel not work
  244. [CLOSED] Excel exporting issue
  245. [CLOSED] How do I add custom header to Panel.Autoload.Url call
  246. [CLOSED] IIS 6.0 Coolite web.config Setup - Cannot Find .axd Resources
  247. [CLOSED] I can not obtain a ComboBox created dinamically in the code behind
  248. [CLOSED] GridPanel with dynamic columns lost values after reload data
  249. [CLOSED] LinkButton command column in GridPanel
  250. [CLOSED] Portlet drag issue