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  1. [CLOSED] Panel After Load items
  2. [CLOSED] Unrecognized tag prefix or device filter 'ext' message
  3. [CLOSED] TreePanel Qtips double html encoded
  4. [CLOSED] Hide sorting column in grid
  5. [CLOSED] [Trunk SVN] Summary Grid error
  6. [CLOSED] CheckMenuItem check as false is undefined until visually displayed
  7. [CLOSED] Center image command in column
  8. [CLOSED] How to get the pressed value of a GridCommand ?
  9. [CLOSED] How to set css property of a grid column header at runtime
  10. [CLOSED] Performance Improvement from coolite v0.8 to Ext.Net 2.1
  11. [CLOSED] Columns not movable after migrated to v2.1.1
  12. [CLOSED] MultiHeader for Razor view
  13. [CLOSED] V2 events and properties list for controls.
  14. [CLOSED] Ext.Net and ExtJs versions
  15. [CLOSED] Binding Ext:Menu control to XML file
  16. [CLOSED] Application behaving differently in Staging enviroment
  17. [CLOSED] [#119] Can not add new ImageCommandColumn in GridPanel during DirectMethod
  18. [CLOSED] IE9 - After page refresh content is missing
  19. [CLOSED] Ext:Hidden value types 101
  20. [CLOSED] Msg.Confirm With DirectMethod Inside UserControl
  21. [CLOSED] Problem with CSS rules in a grid.
  22. [CLOSED] Add dynamic checkbox in javascript
  23. [CLOSED] persisting the customized columns in Razor view
  24. [CLOSED] Can fully control gridpanel in code behind?
  25. [CLOSED] Firefox 18 with new javascript engine messes app
  26. [CLOSED] FireEvent('selectionchange')
  27. [CLOSED] Design : Please Configure in Source View
  28. [CLOSED] Using HTML elements
  29. [CLOSED] Communication failure
  30. [CLOSED] Server.Transfer
  31. [CLOSED] GridPanel loading from ASHX handler 2.0
  32. [CLOSED] Border layout east and west region clip header text on collapse in firefox
  33. [CLOSED] Grouping Summary
  34. [CLOSED] How to get Calendar working with mvc
  35. [CLOSED] ImageCommandColumn command handler
  36. [CLOSED] PreserveIndicatorIcon in 2.1
  37. [CLOSED] GridPanelFor + HttpProxy
  38. [CLOSED] How to stop Ext.NET from loading theme .css
  39. [CLOSED] .NET 4.0 version of the Ext.NET.dll of NuGet package 2.1.1 doesn't contain .MVC namespace
  40. [CLOSED] HTML editor raw text
  41. [CLOSED] Refresh imagecolumn by row
  42. [CLOSED] Display TextField with ToolTips and AllowBlank overlapping
  43. [OPEN] [#142] Make checkboxes in a TreePanel readonly
  44. [CLOSED] SummaryColumn Condition
  45. [CLOSED] Specify how object is serialized in DirectMethod
  46. [CLOSED] Buffered Grid with filtering and editing
  47. [CLOSED] Problems with version 2.1
  48. [CLOSED] FireFox 18 can not show Ext.net form normal
  49. [CLOSED] Sencha 4.2 b2
  50. [CLOSED] Format number in gridpanel template column
  51. [CLOSED] GridPanel's HeaderClick is absent on version 2.x
  52. [OPEN] [#125] Disable sort when click GridPanel's Header
  53. [CLOSED] How to use data from database in "Combo with Templates and Ajax" example
  54. [CLOSED] FileUploadFile cleared right after submit
  55. [CLOSED] How can I Create Dynamic Tree Panel?
  56. [CLOSED] TreePanel & TreeStore setRootNode() not working anymore?
  57. [CLOSED] How can I Create Dynamic Tree Panel?
  58. [CLOSED] Highlighting with blinking of Menu items, Tabs, Grid rows
  59. [CLOSED] TreePanel.setRootNode does not work in the Trunk anymore
  60. [CLOSED] SummaryColumn.SummaryRenderer no longer works in the v2.2 trunk
  61. [CLOSED] Combobox dropdown list size
  62. [CLOSED] AfterClientInit ComboBox
  63. [CLOSED] Fileupload can't work
  64. [CLOSED] Model Direct Event is not working after getting latest from the SVN
  65. [CLOSED] Replacement for : DataIndex on a ComboBox
  66. [CLOSED] Toolbar as a navigation menu
  67. [CLOSED] Replacement : KeyBinding.StopEvent and KeyBinding.Listeners
  68. [CLOSED] TreeNode migration
  69. [CLOSED] ComponentColumn editor does not save values
  70. [CLOSED] SVN Access
  71. [CLOSED] Unable to change charts line color
  72. [CLOSED] A Field note doesn't extend to the right when setting the Field width using the inputWidth
  73. [CLOSED] Reference ColumnSeries codebehind
  74. [CLOSED] SVN 4741 Trunk Open Window Client Side Error
  75. [CLOSED] Migrating TriState TreePanel
  76. [CLOSED] Problem to use property "Maximized" from "Window"
  77. [CLOSED] Windows 8
  78. [CLOSED] SVN[4745] DeskTop Window Open and Maximise
  79. [CLOSED] Reload Store in FireFox is never completed
  80. [CLOSED] Razor- Grid Panel Editor Combobox
  81. [CLOSED] ext:DataView control hosting ext:ComboBox and other controls.
  82. [CLOSED] Dynamically add cellediting plugin AFTER grid has been created.
  83. [CLOSED] Dynamically Adding rows to Grid Panel
  84. [CLOSED] Browser events
  85. [CLOSED] GridPanel disappear code-behind
  86. [CLOSED] Replacement : FieldSet.Icon
  87. [CLOSED] How to make MenuItem Clickable and call a Direct Method?
  88. [CLOSED] Unable to access early version of Ext.NET 2.2.0
  89. [CLOSED] How to change tool order on panel when Collapsible="true"
  90. [CLOSED] The Access theme in the Ext.Net examples doesn't look right
  91. [CLOSED] How can I change a grid's selectionmodel after grid has been rendered
  92. [CLOSED] LoadMask on Panel without Loader
  93. [CLOSED] Migration From 1.x to 2.1 issues
  94. [CLOSED] How should I work with windows in Desktop?
  95. [CLOSED] ColumnLayout and FitHeight
  96. [CLOSED] GridPanel DirectEvents
  97. [CLOSED] ToolTip migration to 2.1
  98. [CLOSED] Line chart with 500 points and more
  99. [CLOSED] disable the loading mask on ajax proxy store load
  100. [CLOSED] GridPanel Batch Update does not send data
  101. [CLOSED] Grouped Buffered GridPanel won't Collapse
  102. [CLOSED] Grid selection event "code-behind" there are no RowSelect.Event
  103. [CLOSED] Gridpanel.Render error on Ext 2.1.1
  104. [CLOSED] Question about component loader
  105. [CLOSED] Gridpanel data not shown when I assign the column locked = true
  106. [CLOSED] Infinite srolling buffered grid scrolling problem
  107. [CLOSED] Custom atributes of Treepanel's nodes on Itemclick listener
  108. [CLOSED] Change title of tab by double clicking on it. In our case we will change region name.
  109. [CLOSED] GridPanel: getting selectedrows (CheckboxSelectionModel) and loop through them from code behind (C#)
  110. [CLOSED] Grouping turns off GridFilters
  111. [CLOSED] CheckboxSelectionmodel Header Checkbox State
  112. [CLOSED] App.txtUserName.getValue()
  113. [CLOSED] IDProperty: set multiple key fields
  114. [CLOSED] Grid Panel Editor Combobox
  115. [CLOSED] Best practices to Ext Resources Size
  116. [CLOSED] pin editor for checkbox
  117. [CLOSED] Ext.Net.BoxComponent replacement in Ext.NET 2.1?
  118. [CLOSED] Difference between GridPanel ForceFit vs Column Flex?
  119. [CLOSED] Unrespensive JS on charts legend
  120. [CLOSED] Performing sort on GridPanel when it has text with underscore
  121. [CLOSED] Border-layout-east-and-west-region-clip-header-text-on-collapse-in-firefox
  122. [CLOSED] Numberfield strips trailing zeros
  123. [CLOSED] Problem to create a store in code behind.
  124. [CLOSED] To continue with grid creation from code behind.
  125. [OPEN] [#136] ComboBox ForceSelection problem
  126. [CLOSED] Combobox submit value in RowExpander
  127. [CLOSED] Delete Rows from Gridpanel
  128. [CLOSED] cursor shift function by keyboard
  129. [CLOSED] Show mask during TreePanel's load
  130. [CLOSED] Problem with TabStrib BeforetabChange event
  131. [CLOSED] ASP.Net MVC 4 + Ext.Net 2.1 + VS 2012....Not recognizing X() in view page....Need Help
  132. [CLOSED] when i use Chart Stacked Sample.....it is Blank! ?
  133. [CLOSED] Stacked Chart, How to get clicked YField
  134. [CLOSED] Difference layout Safari Ipad vs Safari PC
  135. [CLOSED] [#55] FileUploadField Height issue
  136. [CLOSED] IIS 7.5 deployment
  137. [CLOSED] Portlet Close event fires only one times
  138. [CLOSED] Can not change EmptyText
  139. [CLOSED] Template master details
  140. [CLOSED] GridView MouseDrag Selections
  141. [CLOSED] hide decimal values on chart markers
  142. [CLOSED] Disabling cell editing based on cell value in Ext.Net 2.1
  143. [CLOSED] Combobox resize in ComponentColumn Chrome
  144. [CLOSED] column name gridpanel as parameter
  145. [CLOSED] Unable to change Italic and Underline Icons in HTML Editor Toolbar
  146. [CLOSED] latest from trunk - can't collapse groups in GridPanel
  147. [CLOSED] "GetRowClass" Handler Returns "rowParams" null
  148. [CLOSED] Adjustments in layout
  149. [CLOSED] tabPanel reloadStore
  150. [CLOSED] [#31] ComboBox item not getting selected when Used inside the panel in Editor Functionality of Grid
  151. [CLOSED] Gridpanel Cell values right padding
  152. [CLOSED] How to change themes in code behind.
  153. [CLOSED] [#139] FormPanel does not detect dynamically-loaded fields
  154. [CLOSED] Delete / Remove directevent handler in code behind
  155. [CLOSED] Junk Values while refreshing gridpanel
  156. [CLOSED] Passing values back from a GridPanel
  157. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor submit value empty
  158. [CLOSED] Tooltip autosize
  159. [CLOSED] Combobox editor selected value
  160. [CLOSED] DisplayField with multiple fields
  161. [CLOSED] Accept Changes Treepanel store
  162. [CLOSED] Refresh Rownumbered Column on Drop
  163. [CLOSED] Page load error handling
  164. [CLOSED] Analysis Services with Ext.net
  165. [CLOSED] Debug mode shows me resource method after updating from svn
  166. [CLOSED] Drag drop column reordering not working
  167. [CLOSED] Cell Context Menu for a GridPanel
  168. [CLOSED] Combobox.SelectedItem.Index doesn't work everytime
  169. [CLOSED] DisableCaching not working Panel Loader
  170. [CLOSED] Multi-File upload and IE
  171. [CLOSED] XTemplate + custom javascript function
  172. [CLOSED] Scatter Graph
  173. [CLOSED] Adding Summary breaks codebehind databinding
  174. [CLOSED] when i click Legend ,it will be crash...
  175. [CLOSED] Problem with ComboBox store update
  176. [CLOSED] Combobox with AjaxProxy - bind data at initial load
  177. [CLOSED] Refresh RowExpander Plugin on store reload/databind.
  178. [CLOSED] TreePanel - row background color
  179. [CLOSED] The treepanel node selection disappears upon collapsing the selected node
  180. [CLOSED] Use Chart ,push data in code behide,it will be hangs up..?
  181. [CLOSED] Portlet drop when portal in TabPanel
  182. [CLOSED] Selected rowindex is not updated after drag and drop in grid
  183. [CLOSED] Combo query issue when using same store on two combo boxes
  184. [CLOSED] Razor - Combobox autocomplete not working
  185. [CLOSED] How to bind EventStore to dataset in code behind.
  186. [CLOSED] Insert records in a gridpanel from codebehind
  187. [CLOSED] Grid panel cell is not rendering after insert
  188. [CLOSED] click CategoryAxis bottom label
  189. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor scroll problem
  190. [CLOSED] Combobox autoload timing problem
  191. [CLOSED] Buffered Grid Scrolling repeats rows
  192. [CLOSED] Grid Panel with Complex Data model and a ComboBox Editor
  193. [CLOSED] How to load IFrame to parent page
  194. [CLOSED] ButtonAlign in v2.1
  195. [CLOSED] Select Row in Buffered Grid
  196. [CLOSED] Loading UserControls with UserControlLoader --Version Ext.NET.MVC.Pro.2.1.1
  197. [CLOSED] ComboBox TwoColumn Autocomplete not working ?
  198. [CLOSED] Ext.data.writer.Xml.writeRecords - XML generated not parse in browsers
  199. [CLOSED] template
  200. [CLOSED] Avoid user inserting some character in textfield
  201. [CLOSED] lazy load gridpanel data
  202. [CLOSED] JScript runtime error
  203. [CLOSED] Parameters or variables sent from parent page
  204. [CLOSED] Direct Event/Method Call Priority
  205. [CLOSED] SVN - which one ? trunk or branch ?
  206. [CLOSED] Custom UI for layouts.
  207. [CLOSED] Load Mask in code behind
  208. [CLOSED] [2.1] Grid Grouping - Expand/Collapse does not react on the first call, StartCollapsed ignored
  209. [CLOSED] Ext.ux.statusbar.StatusBar - tbFill issue
  210. [CLOSED] Razor - Getting result from DirectMethod
  211. [CLOSED] TreePanel remove dirty red arrow flag
  212. [OPEN] [#149] Remove border from panel header and body
  213. [CLOSED] Problem with desktop and 32x32 icons
  214. [CLOSED] Dynamically adding Menu Items to Grid Command Toolbar...
  215. [CLOSED] Render using store
  216. [CLOSED] [#145] Loading User Controls
  217. [CLOSED] Rearrange Tabs by dragging them in TabPanel
  218. [CLOSED] Checkbox selection getting repeat after locking grid columns
  219. [CLOSED] AntiForgeryToken
  220. [CLOSED] Possible to overflow text in a column grid?
  221. [CLOSED] disabled node in treepanel
  222. [CLOSED] GridPanel Row's background-color
  223. [CLOSED] How can change color for only one chart column
  224. [CLOSED] Repeater binding from DirectEvent
  225. [CLOSED] tab/Panel autoheight not working
  226. [CLOSED] EXT Components/Computer requirements
  227. [CLOSED] Icons not appearing in Razor
  228. [CLOSED] Response Redirects fires exception after updating from trunk
  229. [CLOSED] Looping through a gridpanel
  230. [CLOSED] gridpanel columns interaction
  231. [CLOSED] ImageCommand in IE10
  232. [CLOSED] GridPanel check row on select ( Multiple select)
  233. [CLOSED] How can include the headers of the GridPanel when export to excel
  234. [CLOSED] Nested border layout
  235. [CLOSED] Panel scroll event - Version Ext.NET.MVC.Pro.2.1.1
  236. [CLOSED] Dynamic form blur listener not firing in IE 9 and above...
  237. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor does not render correctly in Table Layout
  238. [CLOSED] MVC Partial View register TriggerIcon
  239. [CLOSED] Ext.Net and Microsoft Unity
  240. [CLOSED] PropertyGrid and DisplayName property
  241. [CLOSED] buffered grid rendering slowly
  242. [CLOSED] Checkbox error onmouseover
  243. [CLOSED] selectbox in component column
  244. [CLOSED] Two Column ComboBox with ToolTip
  245. [CLOSED] MVC DataSorter JSON Deserialisation
  246. [CLOSED] Loadind UserControls with DirectMethod dynamicly
  247. [CLOSED] EmailValidation attribute
  248. [CLOSED] 2.x Performance Issues with Layouts
  249. [CLOSED] Razor - negitive number formats
  250. [CLOSED] Razor - SummaryRenderer