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  1. [CLOSED] Ext.NET 2.0 breaks ASP.NET RegisterHiddenField method
  2. [CLOSED] Component Column layout Issues
  3. [CLOSED] MultiSelect is not firing onAfterDrop listner
  4. [CLOSED] How I can moving a component (netlabel) in panel, after rendered...
  5. [CLOSED] How set default Value in Combox
  6. [CLOSED] ComboBox items Cls
  7. [CLOSED] How to DragDrop same grid
  8. [CLOSED] Column Editors
  9. [CLOSED] Hide pie chart when total value is 0
  10. [CLOSED] ViewState vs Hidden Fields
  11. [CLOSED] Preselect Grid Row by ID (instead of index)
  12. [CLOSED] Razor - ComponentColumn as Over Editor
  13. [CLOSED] Menu Arrow
  14. [CLOSED] Custom Grid Styling
  15. [CLOSED] Insert html in viewport
  16. [CLOSED] Generic question of problem on WIFI
  17. [CLOSED] Loader to re-load Components dynamically
  18. [CLOSED] Grid ListFilter with StoreID, ValueField?
  19. [CLOSED] Tab icons
  20. [CLOSED] Hide Column with Locking Column, GridView
  21. [CLOSED] Window Show with Click Column Bar
  22. [CLOSED] SVN Path
  23. [CLOSED] how load view in tab control
  24. [CLOSED] HTML Bullet List in Ext.Msg.show
  25. [CLOSED] [Razor] FileUploadField doesn't show file name
  26. [CLOSED] DataView -> Template -> Listener ItemClick not fired - Ext.NET.MVC.Pro.2.1.0
  27. [CLOSED] [#62] Menu Separator look in IE7
  28. [CLOSED] Treegrid nodes
  29. [CLOSED] Browser crash with DatePicker
  30. [CLOSED] Show a modal dialog when exception is caught with message (MVC)
  31. [CLOSED] MenuItem -> AddListener() method problem - Ext.NET.MVC.Pro.2.1.0
  32. [CLOSED] EXT.NET 2.1 + Slate theme
  33. [CLOSED] How to set gridfilter from code
  34. [CLOSED] Empty PropertyGrid
  35. [CLOSED] Execute directevent in gridpanel when hitting the 'ENTER' key
  36. [CLOSED] Unable to lock grid view column
  37. [CLOSED] Google+ button in panel
  38. [CLOSED] Download a stream in MVC with firefox
  39. [CLOSED] RadioGroup and Input Values in IE7
  40. [CLOSED] populating a combobox from the database
  41. [CLOSED] node.getOwnerTree() clientside function returns null if rootVisible = false on treepanel
  42. [CLOSED] Loosing focus problem in page loaded using IFrames
  43. [CLOSED] TimeField Max Items Displayed
  44. [CLOSED] Need help with GridPanel with Sql Datasource example
  45. [CLOSED] Date Problem
  46. [CLOSED] Chart Mask until render is complete
  47. [CLOSED] MVC Examples -- Items -- ASPX Engine example problem
  48. [CLOSED] Grid Panel Column Headers - Special Characters
  49. [CLOSED] Set icon from database server side
  50. [CLOSED] TextField Style/Cls
  51. [CLOSED] Typography
  52. [CLOSED] Gridpanel ViewSize
  53. [CLOSED] [OT] Current version Ext
  54. [CLOSED] How to intercept a click in radio
  55. [CLOSED] Form Submit
  56. [CLOSED] ViewBag and Razor
  57. [CLOSED] Window closeAction default changed from ExtJS from destroy to hide
  58. [CLOSED] Combobox DisplayField Template
  59. [CLOSED] Refreshing ViewPort's center region when expanding west one
  60. [CLOSED] Filters feature javascript
  61. [CLOSED] LoadMask Opacity
  62. [CLOSED] Custom Theme Embeded ( Ext.Net 1.* or 2.0)
  63. [CLOSED] Disable AutoPostBack
  64. [CLOSED] Changing the alternate row color for grid
  65. [OPEN] [#68] Preventing the legend from toggling the visibilty of series in a stacked bar / stacked column chart
  66. [CLOSED] Chosing the color of the stacked bar chart based
  67. [CLOSED] CommandColumn how to set Css??
  68. [CLOSED] reloading a node
  69. [CLOSED] How to post ID value to the FormCollection instead Name property
  70. [CLOSED] Grid command column icon does not showing when panel is hide
  71. [CLOSED] Font not working
  72. [CLOSED] directevents in RowExpander with dynamic gridpanel
  73. [CLOSED] Blank column header menu item
  74. [CLOSED] GridPanel RowSelection breaks GridDragDrop
  75. [CLOSED] Token is not unique
  76. [CLOSED] Pivot Grid ( 1.*, 2.0)
  77. [CLOSED] [2.1] Problem with RadioButton
  78. [CLOSED] How to use DirectEvents in ComponentColumn as Over Editor
  79. [CLOSED] Razor - ComponentColumn as Over Editor - Set default value for combo box column
  80. [CLOSED] ItemTpl for Razor
  81. [CLOSED] Notification auto height
  82. [CLOSED] Nested Border Layouts
  83. [CLOSED] Combox background-color
  84. [CLOSED] Migration guide from Ext.Net 1.x to 2.x
  85. [CLOSED] slider in a formpanel
  86. [CLOSED] Error in Store.Sync.
  87. [CLOSED] [Razor] 2.1 in MVC4 Grid using JSON reader with root property
  88. [CLOSED] FileUploadField not working when applying the last update
  89. [CLOSED] application not working after using form authentication ( MVC 4 )
  90. [CLOSED] ComponentColumn and Update Event
  91. [CLOSED] Daterange - Not Same Values
  92. [CLOSED] RemoteValidation error remains after changing via directevent
  93. [CLOSED] Question about translation
  94. [CLOSED] Managing Date Formats
  95. [CLOSED] Ext JS Ext.app.Controller
  96. [CLOSED] lots of MVC samples are broken: http://mvc.ext.net/
  97. [CLOSED] Breaking change: the Column Fixed has been replaced by the Resizable property (it's in ColumnBase)
  98. [CLOSED] Breaking change: invalid/valid events are gone in Ext.Net 2
  99. [CLOSED] Other breaking changes not mentioned in the Breaking changes list
  100. [CLOSED] Problem with hiding buttons
  101. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor iframe Element CSS
  102. [CLOSED] Performance Issue with CommandColumn
  103. [CLOSED] Adding aspx Gridpanel to dynamically created tab
  104. [CLOSED] CheckboxSelectionModel in infinite scrolling remotelly buffered gridpanel
  105. [CLOSED] Example Issues
  106. [CLOSED] Gridpanel column Sort states
  107. [CLOSED] Ext.ux.TabReorderer plugin?
  108. [CLOSED] How to dynamically modify ext.net component font-size ?
  109. [CLOSED] Message box does not show infront modal window on gridpanel selctionchange event
  110. [CLOSED] DirectEvent Mask Message
  111. [CLOSED] Can not Get or Set values to Ext.Net.Hidden in 2.1
  112. [CLOSED] [#74] combobox and default value in razor
  113. [CLOSED] Is there any way we can give custom legend label in chart
  114. [CLOSED] Node Tooltip and long non-breaking string
  115. [CLOSED] Remove checkbox from CheckMenuItem
  116. [CLOSED] Prevent treenode from async load
  117. [CLOSED] [#73] GridPanel's SelectionChange is being raised when deselecting all with supressEvent set to true
  118. [CLOSED] Asp file upload control on framework 4.5 with ext.net 2.1
  119. [CLOSED] Fitlayout in height
  120. [CLOSED] Change TreePanel background color and toolbar color
  121. [CLOSED] MasterPage ResourceManager
  122. [CLOSED] IDs of objects
  123. [CLOSED] Can Ext.Net be used with this pattern?
  124. [CLOSED] CSS Reference All Components
  125. [CLOSED] Sorting group in grouping grid panel
  126. [CLOSED] Tree Panel add Node and Start Editing
  127. [CLOSED] Add dynamic component in tabpanel in fixed position
  128. [CLOSED] Problem with FileUploadField
  129. [CLOSED] Error with Mapping property on Store
  130. [CLOSED] TreePanel selected node (Server Side)
  131. [CLOSED] Loading message shows at the top of the window with Frame loader if AutoRender is not set to false
  132. [CLOSED] Attempted to access an element as a type incompatible with the array.
  133. [CLOSED] GridPanel date column in customer format
  134. [CLOSED] RatingColumn and ComponentConfig
  135. [CLOSED] combobox editable=false without cursor
  136. [CLOSED] Linked Combobox dynamically set the url of the proxy
  137. [CLOSED] How to align GridPanel Headings differently than column content
  138. [CLOSED] Treepanel - Determine what column was clicked
  139. [CLOSED] occasional SEHException in mscorlib
  140. [CLOSED] International and Localization with Ext.net
  141. [CLOSED] access to the project source code SVN.
  142. [CLOSED] TableLayout with content 100% width
  143. [CLOSED] get grid data in xml format
  144. [CLOSED] linked comboboxes dynamic url problem
  145. [CLOSED] Enable Drag & Drop dynamically in a treepanel
  146. [CLOSED] TreePanel very slow at loading & expanding ~250 nodes after ajax call to get nodes
  147. [CLOSED] How to download Ext.NET v2?
  148. [CLOSED] Multi select in Multicombo in js
  149. [CLOSED] Unable to override TreeNodeUI onDblClick
  150. [CLOSED] [#78] [GridPanel] Hidden columns are rendered
  151. [CLOSED] RowEditing Delay validation and position of error summary
  152. [CLOSED] Example Explorer Listener Arguments
  153. [CLOSED] TreePanel Expandable
  154. [CLOSED] How to get custom config parameters into JS function?
  155. [CLOSED] Panel Loader: customize frame name
  156. [CLOSED] Custom attribute on all controls
  157. [CLOSED] How to set default value on remote combobox
  158. [CLOSED] Store finished loading event ?
  159. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg.button.ok Localization property
  160. [CLOSED] Combo auto-Complete problem
  161. [CLOSED] Infinite scrolling and selection
  162. [CLOSED] REST API with Ext.net
  163. [CLOSED] Display ComboBox in GridPanel depending on value in other column
  164. [CLOSED] 2.1.1 and Ext.NET.MVC
  165. [CLOSED] DateFiled simple question
  166. [CLOSED] Can partialviewresult be rendered in the panel
  167. [CLOSED] GridPanel Store not rendering to show data
  168. [CLOSED] Convert List<object> to Json
  169. [CLOSED] AjaxResult Compatibility issue with JQ
  170. [CLOSED] Layout issue
  171. [CLOSED] Legend doesn't appear in a pie chart created programmatically
  172. [CLOSED] ext.net Button 'DirectEvent' on getting fired. Post back not happening on ext.net button click.
  173. [CLOSED] Ext.view.AbstractView.prototype.msg problem when ResourceManager's locale is set to EN
  174. [CLOSED] Server side row click of grid panel row
  175. [CLOSED] Automatically create Datagrid from datatable
  176. [CLOSED] Gridpanel selected row style
  177. [CLOSED] Can anyone spot a problem with this code ?
  178. [CLOSED] In a ComboBox, clicking the search trigger brings back all elements of the store instead of only the matching items
  179. [CLOSED] Listview to GridPanel control
  180. [CLOSED] Crystal Report
  181. [CLOSED] BodyStyle equivalent in CSS
  182. [CLOSED] DisplayField word wrap alignment
  183. [CLOSED] Adding HTML elements to container items
  184. [CLOSED] calander works in Firefox/Google chrome and safari but not in IE 9
  185. [CLOSED] Gridpanel control not displaying in Window
  186. [CLOSED] Sharing stores on the client
  187. [CLOSED] remove component from codebehind
  188. [CLOSED] 1.x to 2.x
  189. [CLOSED] Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown
  190. [CLOSED] Window -> LoadMask Position on first load ---- Ext.NET.MVC.Pro.2.1.1
  191. [CLOSED] How to add a HTML table to a Panel control dynamically
  192. [OPEN] [#1547] [2.x] Offseting the first datapoint on the x- axis
  193. [CLOSED] PropertyGrid - Dynamically added Property in DirectEvent problem
  194. [CLOSED] (Bug?) Trigger icons doubled
  195. [CLOSED] Ext 2.1 FileUploadField javascript error
  196. [CLOSED] ComboBox load value
  197. [CLOSED] Problem Height Title tabpanel
  198. [CLOSED] Question about the page rendering
  199. [CLOSED] CheckMenuItem with a incorrect property value in server side
  200. [CLOSED] How to set default selected item for dataview?
  201. [CLOSED] [2.x] - How to set Maximum/Minimum of NumericAxis in Javascript (MVC4)
  202. [CLOSED] Can not build Trunk with .NET35 build configuration
  203. [CLOSED] Adding custom grid features
  204. [CLOSED] Urgent Need to supress the //<![CDATA[ from the HTML
  205. [CLOSED] GridPanel with grouping and group command
  206. [CLOSED] TriggerField loses focus after ToolTip disappeared
  207. [CLOSED] Submit null as value of a string parameter
  208. [CLOSED] Grid with popup editor
  209. [CLOSED] Pressing escape in firefox stops the ajax request, producing multiple save
  210. [CLOSED] Examples: Component Overview
  211. [CLOSED] Refreshing A Particular Div With TaskManager - It Currently loads the whole page.
  212. [CLOSED] Examples: Component Overview (2nd issue)
  213. [CLOSED] filefield error after update sources from SVN 4702
  214. [CLOSED] LoadMask
  215. [CLOSED] reference of a control loaded by component loader
  216. [CLOSED] X.msg.alert: Server side vs Client side
  217. [CLOSED] GridPanel cell tooltip only when data is overflowed
  218. [CLOSED] GridPanel lock listener?
  219. [CLOSED] Export gridpanel to pdf
  220. [CLOSED] Problems to change chart data dynamically in server side
  221. [CLOSED] How to compress Ext.Net Resources and increase the page performance
  222. [CLOSED] Pivot Grid
  223. [CLOSED] Validating Cell in GridPanel
  224. [CLOSED] Index of first row in page
  225. [CLOSED] MultiSelect find record
  226. [OPEN] [#99] Window and LoadMask
  227. [CLOSED] Loading message
  228. [CLOSED] formID with directMethod fails to send dates
  229. [CLOSED] GridPanel and TaskManager
  230. [CLOSED] Cumulative Total/ Running Total Column in Grid Panel
  231. [CLOSED] Tab.setText runs unnecessary updateLayout on GridPanel
  232. [CLOSED] refreshing a user control throwing errors
  233. [CLOSED] bottom section of page loads into the top section
  234. [CLOSED] Method Not Allowed while giving complete url
  235. [CLOSED] request resource via ajax call. Version 1.x
  236. [CLOSED] Add dynamic TabStripItem in javascript
  237. [CLOSED] SVN 4710 Error The execute the sample
  238. [CLOSED] Inconsistence found on GridPanel's ItemClick handler
  239. [CLOSED] Issue with Paging in grid
  240. [CLOSED] What is the store page parameter used for?
  241. [CLOSED] Layout values question
  242. [CLOSED] Ext.Net 2.1 changes altformats
  243. [CLOSED] Portal example in latest version
  244. [CLOSED] Hide PagingToolBar's default separators
  245. [CLOSED] Get Result from DirectMethod for BeforeSelect
  246. [CLOSED] Particular needs on chart
  247. [CLOSED] Button post
  248. [CLOSED] UI anomaly related to dropdown fields (IE9, Chrome)
  249. [CLOSED] height required in a gridpanel?
  250. [CLOSED] Menu control using Roles