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  1. [CLOSED] Problem when deserializing a nullable enumeration
  2. [CLOSED] TreePanel DirectEvent BehindCode
  3. [CLOSED] 2.0/2.1 Direct method problem
  4. [CLOSED] DropDownField and Change event for Text value
  5. [CLOSED] Creating dynamic control in MVC using ext.net
  6. [CLOSED] How to use StoreFor Model
  7. [CLOSED] DragDrop in treepanel using TreeViewDragDrop plugin
  8. [CLOSED] Calendar: how to read events with DirectEvent or DirectMethod
  9. [CLOSED] base {System.SystemException} = {"The ResourceManager could not be found during the Ext.Redirect."}
  10. [CLOSED] Preselect Store record in FormPanel
  11. [CLOSED] Ext.net.Mask.show
  12. [CLOSED] ColumnLayout Height 100%
  13. [CLOSED] Setting SplitButton text
  14. [CLOSED] GridCommand doesn't inherit 'Text' from its parent
  15. [CLOSED] how to save GridPanel configuration to db after user changed it during runtime
  16. [CLOSED] How can I select a TreeNode using JavaScript code
  17. [CLOSED] autocomplete example with razor syntax ?
  18. [CLOSED] Menu items vanished - Razor view
  19. [CLOSED] Setting values after a validation // RAZOR
  20. [CLOSED] TriggerField: dont clear icon.
  21. [CLOSED] TabPanel: The top edge of the tab is cleared when the tab is selected.
  22. [CLOSED] BodyPadding: different padding in top-left and right-bottom
  23. [CLOSED] Panel topBar bottom border of buttons .
  24. [CLOSED] Remove bold property from grid cell
  25. [CLOSED] Change textfield values from client side
  26. [CLOSED] ViewBag value in combobox store listener [aspx]
  27. [CLOSED] Chart - Decimals Number
  28. [CLOSED] check/uncheck for all child node in treepanel
  29. [CLOSED] too many records
  30. [CLOSED] Recover all values ​​of the grid without using directmethods or directEvents.
  31. [CLOSED] prevent timefield to collapse
  32. [CLOSED] Compare two fields with remotevalidation
  33. [CLOSED] GridPanel + sql_Variant data type
  34. [CLOSED] Gridpanel column title disapears after click in a window problem
  35. [CLOSED] Difficulty in drawing windows and position controls in ASPX/Javascript.
  36. [CLOSED] [#27] Submit form with empty password confirmation
  37. [CLOSED] Forcing validation on all fields ???
  38. [CLOSED] How to make levels uncollapsible in multilevel gridpanel
  39. [CLOSED] Upgraded from 1.5 to 2.0 -- errors with StoreRefreshDataEventArgs
  40. [CLOSED] Values available during DirectEvents
  41. [CLOSED] v2 How do I host a User Control in a Viewport
  42. [CLOSED] Loading a partial view in Table Format
  43. [CLOSED] How I set a html to triggerfield value???
  44. [CLOSED] Infinite scrolling grid wrong row updating after edit record in modal form window
  45. [CLOSED] Setting Store Datasource - MVC
  46. [CLOSED] Force layout of Button's children
  47. [CLOSED] TreePanel itemClick DirectEvent
  48. [CLOSED] FormPanel + Change field type based on a value
  49. [CLOSED] DropDownField collapses on CheckBox click.
  50. [CLOSED] record.set issue, maybe reference problem
  51. [CLOSED] DatePicker hangs and causes Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded exception
  52. [CLOSED] AbstractContainer.LoadContent on clientside
  53. [CLOSED] OutOfMemoryException
  54. [CLOSED] Forcing validation by button click .....
  55. [CLOSED] ServerMapping with AjaxProxy in GridPanel
  56. [CLOSED] MVC paging - page size problem
  57. [CLOSED] Seeing Border Around the ComboBox and TextField control in Razor
  58. [CLOSED] Add Columns to GridPanel. Server side
  59. [CLOSED] Combobox Change/Select handler only fires one
  60. [CLOSED] timefield 24 hour problem
  61. [CLOSED] OriginalValue Combobox --> Hidden Form Field
  62. [CLOSED] Infinite scrolling grid select row and focus
  63. [CLOSED] Panel: Html Loader Mode with accents
  64. [CLOSED] Gridpanel disable column sorting (client side)
  65. [CLOSED] Vertical Toolbar, Center Items
  66. [CLOSED] Menu with CheckboxGroup
  67. [CLOSED] Print a grid panel javascript error
  68. [CLOSED] Issue with Multiple Tabs (iframe) in TabPanel
  69. [CLOSED] container height changes on TabPanel click
  70. [CLOSED] Execute javascript, after app loadedAND rendered
  71. [CLOSED] Ext.net.DirectMethod.request returning [object Object] instead of string/RESPONSE is empty
  72. [OPEN] [#60] Upgrading from v1.0 to v2.0
  73. [OPEN] [#26] Grid panel grouping and sorting from code-behind
  74. [OPEN] [#25] MVC Application Architecture
  75. [CLOSED] Linkbutton Tooltip in v2.0
  76. [CLOSED] Live search grid
  77. [CLOSED] Client side - Test if a date is valid
  78. [CLOSED] How to create and load datasource ( Store ) dynamically in MVC
  79. [CLOSED] CheckboxGroup CheckItems
  80. [CLOSED] Row Layout in Razor
  81. [CLOSED] [#23] Page_Load event in UserControl dynamic load with dynamically control in desktop
  82. [CLOSED] EnableDragDrop gridpanel property
  83. [CLOSED] GridPanel LoadMask property missed
  84. [CLOSED] IE 8 Store filtering issue.
  85. [CLOSED] FieldLabel property missed
  86. [CLOSED] store property RefreshAfterSaving missed
  87. [CLOSED] Conversion from 1.5 to 2.0 Server Error.
  88. [CLOSED] FileUploadField DirectEvent blocking
  89. [CLOSED] V2.1 DeskTop & ProgressBar
  90. [CLOSED] Click listener missed on Node class
  91. [CLOSED] Add button component under fieldset
  92. [CLOSED] [#24] RemoteValidation on multiple events
  93. [CLOSED] Html.X().GridFilters() stuck RAZOR
  94. [CLOSED] TabPanel
  95. [CLOSED] MenuSeparator ColSpan
  96. [CLOSED] X.Redirect doesn't work with absolute path
  97. [CLOSED] [Error] RenderTo mode can be applied to only a AbstractComponent
  98. [CLOSED] DirectEvents concurrency
  99. [CLOSED] I need Ext.Net MVC Examples for Version 2.0
  100. [CLOSED] Disabled fields don't get submitted
  101. [CLOSED] ResourceManager and Razor
  102. [CLOSED] Treepanel ClearChecked method
  103. [CLOSED] FormCollection is empty in a MVC context after using beforeload store listener
  104. [CLOSED] Charts created in code behind
  105. [CLOSED] Call Javascript function after or from DirectEvents
  106. [CLOSED] MVC partial load - icons don't show
  107. [CLOSED] Change Examples Explorer to output debug scripts instead of minified scripts
  108. [CLOSED] Problem with filtering a tree grid in ext 2.0 using mvc
  109. [CLOSED] Gridpanel key events
  110. [CLOSED] NodeCollection Listener.Click.Handler changes
  111. [CLOSED] How to trigger validation of formpanel?
  112. [CLOSED] MVC with URL parameter not working with Ext.net ajax
  113. [CLOSED] ResourceManagerProxy
  114. [CLOSED] IE 8 Buttons layout issue
  115. [CLOSED] [#22] Ext.Gantt Issues when saving
  116. [CLOSED] TreePanel canceling BeforeItemClick prevents node from expanding
  117. [CLOSED] How to change store's parameter in javascript before load?
  118. [CLOSED] RadioGroup key in postback data
  119. [CLOSED] JSON Result Becomes "File Download" by IE9
  120. [CLOSED] TextField inside RowExpander doesn't allow blank spaces
  121. [CLOSED] window with gridpanel focus and keystroke navigation
  122. [CLOSED] Custom Tool
  123. [CLOSED] Property SelectedItem from combobox is always null.
  124. [CLOSED] Bug in Date Range Example
  125. [CLOSED] Remove resizer
  126. [CLOSED] Panel.Update returns NaN in IE + FF, working fine in Chrome
  127. [CLOSED] GridPanel getRowEditor missing function
  128. [CLOSED] Upgrade to 2.0 - TreeNode, TreePanel, and TreeListener Errors
  129. [CLOSED] Override Font across entire application
  130. [CLOSED] Grid Listeners in Codebehind
  131. [CLOSED] GridPanel filter by the value returned by renderer
  132. [CLOSED] PropertyGrid property renderer + combobox editor
  133. [CLOSED] Chart Tip
  134. [CLOSED] Chart Legend Names
  135. [CLOSED] GridPanel Next CellEditor Status
  136. [CLOSED] ComboBoxFor doesn't show description after page loads ...
  137. [CLOSED] GridPanel insertRecord javascript method function not found
  138. [CLOSED] Accordion body margin when frame property is set to true
  139. [CLOSED] How to set value on a combobox created programmatically ?
  140. [CLOSED] Rest proxy load and autoload
  141. [CLOSED] Combobox ID missing from formCollection
  142. [CLOSED] Infinite scrolling with Paging Toolbar
  143. [CLOSED] Chart ContextMenu
  144. [CLOSED] Chart save
  145. [CLOSED] JS format function of datefield is missing
  146. [CLOSED] CheckBoxGroup initial state
  147. [CLOSED] Panel Html
  148. [CLOSED] Chart Export Data
  149. [CLOSED] REST store sync callback
  150. [CLOSED] Strange question about directmethod call
  151. [CLOSED] What is the replacement of Save event of store in ext js 4.0
  152. [CLOSED] How to set Auto Height of Tab Panel in ext js 4.0/ext.net 2.1
  153. [CLOSED] How to save the data from roweditor in Ext JS 4.0/Ext.Net 2.1
  154. [CLOSED] TreePanel infinite scrolling
  155. [CLOSED] AbstractComponent is missing the MarkInvalid method
  156. [CLOSED] Window SyncSize
  157. [CLOSED] TreePanel ReloadAsyncNode
  158. [CLOSED] Equivalent of savemask in ext.net 2.1
  159. [CLOSED] Running ext.net 1 and 2 side by side
  160. [CLOSED] how to show Ext.Window in a user control on client side?
  161. [CLOSED] How to hide Startmenu on Desktop
  162. [CLOSED] How to customize UI and Icons in desktop
  163. [CLOSED] Component Loader
  164. [CLOSED] Grid layout fails when updating ResourceManager's theme
  165. [CLOSED] Remove panel
  166. [CLOSED] TabPanel layout fails when updating ResourceManager's theme
  167. [CLOSED] Two column combo in grid rowediting plugin
  168. [CLOSED] Trigger Field and Text Field EmptyText Behavior Firefox
  169. [CLOSED] Window modal IE7
  170. [CLOSED] Checkboxgroup CheckedItems always null
  171. [CLOSED] Calendar: disable dragging of events
  172. [CLOSED] TabPanel - show/hide tabs from server code
  173. [CLOSED] How to load formpanel textfields with data from sql database
  174. [CLOSED] The Tpl can not be empty
  175. [CLOSED] Ext undfine error!
  176. [CLOSED] Loading controls on View creation.
  177. [CLOSED] [#7] Can't Hide a collapsed panel
  178. [CLOSED] Find Page for selectedRow in gridPanel
  179. [CLOSED] Check child nodes treepanel
  180. [CLOSED] Layout: How to align a panel (absolute height and width) in the center of another panel?
  181. [CLOSED] Problem initializing Gridfilters manually (client side)
  182. [OPEN] [#19] HtmlEditor, Unable apply Forcolor or Backcolor style using Toolbar
  183. [CLOSED] Desktop not picking a wallpaper and ContentFromPartial is not working
  184. [CLOSED] How to increase the icon selection width
  185. [CLOSED] Refresh image url in javascript
  186. [CLOSED] Grid filters not submitted on DirectEvents
  187. [CLOSED] GroupTabPanel In Razor Views
  188. [CLOSED] Refresh TreePanel
  189. [CLOSED] Ext.NET 2.1\Ext.Net.Examples\Web.config
  190. [CLOSED] TreePanel root
  191. [CLOSED] setActiveTab with disabled TabPanel
  192. [CLOSED] CalendarModel: ColorId appears to be ignored
  193. [CLOSED] Treepanel Grid
  194. [CLOSED] Hide AjaxRequestException Window
  195. [CLOSED] Catch exception during View creation
  196. [CLOSED] Customizing Desktop
  197. [CLOSED] Which Layout to use
  198. [CLOSED] TreePanel with ContextMenu retrieve NodeID of node clicked
  199. [CLOSED] How to add a button inside a DesktopModule
  200. [CLOSED] Button Icon not rendering properly
  201. [CLOSED] [#54] Window not minimizing
  202. [CLOSED] Passwords do not match
  203. [CLOSED] Show no expandable panel in accordion layout panel
  204. [CLOSED] Session is nothing in Iframe
  205. [CLOSED] Load UserControls (.asmx) on the client side - mvc app
  206. [CLOSED] [2.1] Example - /Associations/HasOne/Simple_Lazy_Load/
  207. [CLOSED] [2.1] Example - /Associations/HasMany/Simple/
  208. [CLOSED] Ext.Net 2.0 slow in IE
  209. [CLOSED] Rowediting grid with Gridcommand icons
  210. [CLOSED] [#18] Chart: Single Column Series yField incorrect
  211. [CLOSED] Chart: Tips Styling
  212. [CLOSED] ext:StoreParameter set value how get in textFiled
  213. [CLOSED] [#8] Chart: Hide Line Series values
  214. [CLOSED] Disabling Group Tabs
  215. [CLOSED] Window ReloadOnEvent and ReloadOnShow
  216. [CLOSED] AutoLoad(true) in Razor view
  217. [CLOSED] Razor direct event error
  218. [CLOSED] Razor "using" question
  219. [CLOSED] Set Textfield from static DirectMethod
  220. [CLOSED] GridPanel, Column header menu, is only populated with 'Visible' items
  221. [CLOSED] TreePanel Node Check Through Javascript
  222. [CLOSED] Examples: Task Manager
  223. [CLOSED] Legend in Column Chart
  224. [CLOSED] Avoid unselected Toggle Buttons
  225. [CLOSED] ext-all-debug-w-comments.js instead of minified version
  226. [CLOSED] MVC Models with ext.net
  227. [CLOSED] Field Converter to button
  228. [CLOSED] multiline text not working in button
  229. [CLOSED] How to cross link threads?
  230. [CLOSED] Strange Issue with modal window in IE
  231. [CLOSED] bug in combobox valuefield ExtNet 2.1
  232. [CLOSED] Creating Desktop Window dynamicly - Task bar Minimizing
  233. [CLOSED] [#55] Rendering button fileupload
  234. [CLOSED] spacing
  235. [CLOSED] IgnoreExtraFields change in 2.x
  236. [CLOSED] Label: Update icon in javascript
  237. [CLOSED] Combobox: get value of SelectedItem
  238. [CLOSED] Angled Column Headers
  239. [CLOSED] Problem with Dropdown field in column header of GridPanel
  240. [CLOSED] GridPanel Column Name Wrap Text
  241. [CLOSED] Licences
  242. [CLOSED] DirectMethod.request() passes no value to success/failure function.
  243. [CLOSED] Manually loading controls
  244. [CLOSED] [#56] Grid StringFilter Icon missing IE7
  245. [CLOSED] nethyperlink: javascript instead of url
  246. [CLOSED] As designed ? SeletectedItems add which does not exist in items combobox
  247. [CLOSED] Refresh tab content from another tab
  248. [CLOSED] Menu pop to the right
  249. [CLOSED] [#64] Dynamic DataTable support
  250. [CLOSED] Gridpanel cell dropdown menu to the right of cell