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  1. [CLOSED] Labels not visible in Ext Node of TreePanel
  2. [CLOSED] GridPanel error when saving (SubmitData)
  3. [CLOSED] Click listener doesn't exist within Node component
  4. [CLOSED] EnableDrag property of TreePanel doesn't found
  5. [CLOSED] EnableTabScroll property of TabPanel doesn't found
  6. [CLOSED] How to create Panel Loader programmatically
  7. [CLOSED] Client-side component status
  8. [CLOSED] [#111] How to filter combo box data using the text that exists in the middle
  9. [CLOSED] Ext.Net 2.1 version changelog
  10. [CLOSED] ViewPort and fixed body width
  11. [CLOSED] Button Menu with TextFields, Mouse events interacting
  12. [CLOSED] FileUpload property under FormPanel doesn't found
  13. [CLOSED] Direct Event arguments on server side
  14. [CLOSED] Infinite Scrolling
  15. [CLOSED] Grid Paging
  16. [CLOSED] Extending a base component in order to provide custom Direct Events - some questions
  17. [CLOSED] RowEditor CancelEdit from CodeBehind
  18. [CLOSED] [RAZOR] Binding with complex types
  19. [CLOSED] [How to] Bind Store to formpanel (with previous/next buttons)
  20. [CLOSED] Drag/Drop - Grid to Treecontrol example
  21. [CLOSED] Load a programmatically GridPanel within a partial
  22. [CLOSED] [2.0] FormPanel controls get outside Form when a Scrollbar is drawn
  23. [CLOSED] Custom Ext.NET components as MVC Helpers?
  24. [CLOSED] SVN updates
  25. [CLOSED] Disabling checkbox grid column cell based on data.
  26. [CLOSED] Version 2.0 Grid not displaying in TabPanel with ViewPort
  27. [CLOSED] Calendarpanel + objectgadatsource
  28. [CLOSED] [2.0] ComboBox not rendering property in a FormPanel inside a Window
  29. [CLOSED] Calendarpanel refresh issue + objectdatasource
  30. [CLOSED] Razor syntax inside Ext Controls
  31. [CLOSED] Grid Buttons
  32. [CLOSED] Change Ext 1.x to 2x
  33. [CLOSED] message box rendering behind the modal window
  34. [CLOSED] Window w/ UserControls
  35. [CLOSED] [#105] Window constrain w/ collapsed Fieldsets
  36. [CLOSED] Error Then Build V2.1 / 4259
  37. [CLOSED] Change LegendConfig in Chart
  38. [CLOSED] UserControlLoader and Content
  39. [CLOSED] Field and FieldContainer layout exception in form
  40. [CLOSED] store.insert method + store page size problem
  41. [CLOSED] V2.1 TabPanel and Refresh Help
  42. [CLOSED] MVC Custom Control using Builder framework - Loader problem
  43. [CLOSED] How to get Cell ID or Row Index in Grid Panel with ComponentColumn
  44. [CLOSED] Is it possible to put a tooltip on chart legend or chart axis?
  45. [CLOSED] Chart Line
  46. [CLOSED] Problem with RowExpander
  47. [CLOSED] Blank text accent issue
  48. [CLOSED] Key events textboxes problem
  49. [CLOSED] template column rendering function of treegrid does not have access to Node
  50. [CLOSED] ColumnSeries Label in two fields
  51. [CLOSED] Column renderer does not work for treeGrid
  52. [CLOSED] GridPanel focus and ENTER keymap
  53. [CLOSED] EnableHdMenu
  54. [CLOSED] ClicksToEdit gridPanel property doesn't found
  55. [CLOSED] gridPanel after edit event doesn't exist
  56. [CLOSED] TreePanel ToggleCheck missing
  57. [CLOSED] HttpWriteProxy doen't found [Ext.Net mvc]
  58. [CLOSED] Expanded combo box is cut off at the bottom
  59. [CLOSED] Object undefined at store parameter
  60. [CLOSED] Problem with RowExpander Level3
  61. [CLOSED] Dynamic Grid Height
  62. [CLOSED] Redirect from I frame
  63. [CLOSED] Portlet Close Handler
  64. [CLOSED] Label alignment and justification
  65. [CLOSED] Window Page_Load
  66. [CLOSED] ext:TreePanel - record.raw property is undefined to nodes in depth 1
  67. [CLOSED] Get record count
  68. [CLOSED] MenuItem OnClick event not firing
  69. [OPEN] [#138] Using JSFiddler
  70. [CLOSED] Getting the count of the records in the Grid after calling the store.LoadProxy();
  71. [CLOSED] Style FieldLabel in RadioGroup with GridPanel
  72. [CLOSED] SchedulerGrid EventStore
  73. [CLOSED] ActiveError a example
  74. [CLOSED] Dynamic Theme
  75. [CLOSED] Interrogation point icon
  76. [CLOSED] TreePanel focus
  77. [CLOSED] TabPanel mask hides Windows
  78. [CLOSED] Error after update from SVN
  79. [CLOSED] grid header click no longer exist in V2
  80. [CLOSED] MVC Templates
  81. [CLOSED] Need to Hide the loading Masking after changing Tab...
  82. [CLOSED] Need to handle TaskManager server communication failure events / errors
  83. [CLOSED] Tab Icons Size
  84. [CLOSED] Ext.net versions
  85. [CLOSED] need to put a Tooltip on panel title
  86. [CLOSED] New error message in V2
  87. [CLOSED] After update from SVN, the fields are misaligned!
  88. [CLOSED] Dynamic add Tab, not set the same theme...
  89. [CLOSED] Examples Issue
  90. [CLOSED] Store UpdateProxy with Model databind
  91. [CLOSED] textarea height in a grid roweditor
  92. [CLOSED] GridPanel RowExpander Plugin
  93. [CLOSED] [#83] Any chance to embrace "Kitchen Sink"?
  94. [CLOSED] DataBind as Distinct in ComboBox
  95. [CLOSED] Grid Row Numbering
  96. [CLOSED] Portlet Dynamic Create problem
  97. [CLOSED] Panel Collapse Button Disappears
  98. [CLOSED] Grid-cell Tooltip
  99. [CLOSED] Hyperlink Client API?
  100. [CLOSED] Load Panel at Runtime
  101. [CLOSED] Command Column
  102. [CLOSED] Field outside of Form panel is not send to server
  103. [CLOSED] Compatibility Mode in IE 9
  104. [CLOSED] The control with ID 'aaaaa' not found - ResourceManager.FindControlByConfigID returns NULL
  105. [CLOSED] Editable Grid Panel - Razor
  106. [CLOSED] [2.1] MVC Partial View
  107. [CLOSED] shared gradients and chartTheme
  108. [OPEN] [#77] Chart legend problems with large amount of series
  109. [CLOSED] event for RatingColumn
  110. [CLOSED] Set directevents to a column in code behind
  111. [CLOSED] Grid to Excel
  112. [CLOSED] Dynamic Gridpanel Javascript MVC
  113. [CLOSED] How to show a link by href in gridpanel
  114. [CLOSED] Buffer scrolling gridpanel store javascript MVC
  115. [CLOSED] [MVC] Set Active Tab with PartialViewResult
  116. [CLOSED] How to display an Asterisk(*) next to Tpl column
  117. [CLOSED] Problem with downloading files in MVC 3 and ext.net 2
  118. [CLOSED] Add GridFilters after Gridpanel reconfigure MVC
  119. [CLOSED] Checkbox in Gridpanel Column Header
  120. [CLOSED] Div inside a Panel gets 0px height when set to 100% CSS height
  121. [CLOSED] Grid panel with drop down overview
  122. [CLOSED] PropertyGrid editor issue
  123. [CLOSED] ComboBox .getText() doesn't work in version 2, was is the equivalent?
  124. [CLOSED] Dynamic form generation in 2.0
  125. [CLOSED] MVC - ContentFromPartial
  126. [CLOSED] DirectEvent and GridPanel
  127. [CLOSED] V2.1 GridPanel Column Editor Help
  128. [CLOSED] V2.1 RemoteValidation on PlugIn Editor Help
  129. [CLOSED] Grouptabpanel in window prevents window from rendering
  130. [OPEN] [#108] GridPanel.selMode: problem it CheckboxSelectionModel after update from SVN
  131. [CLOSED] After upate from SVN/branchs/2.1, revision 4299, property html labels dont works
  132. [CLOSED] multilevel gridpanel binding to a datasource
  133. [CLOSED] Disabled Style applied incorrectly
  134. [CLOSED] chart display problem
  135. [CLOSED] EventStore AutoLoad=false not work?
  136. [CLOSED] Treepanel show/hide childnodes
  137. [CLOSED] V2.1 PanelGrid EmptyCellText change
  138. [CLOSED] Column Wrap property
  139. [CLOSED] Store.add + grouped GridPanel issue
  140. [CLOSED] [2.x] Ext.Net.FormPanel missing.
  141. [CLOSED] Propertygrid -> post changed property to directe event
  142. [CLOSED] [2.x] - GridPanel Plugins - GridPanelMaintainScrollPositionOnRefresh
  143. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg - How to
  144. [CLOSED] GridPanel, MVC, Editor
  145. [CLOSED] [2.x] - GridPanel - GetDragDropText - Missing
  146. [CLOSED] MVC Master-Detail grids
  147. [CLOSED] Migration from 1.5 to 2
  148. [CLOSED] GridCommand toggle functionality
  149. [CLOSED] How I can change the position and height of control AFTER the window is displayed?
  150. [CLOSED] V2.1 DropDownField readOnly & TriggerIcon
  151. [CLOSED] V2.1 VType Email
  152. [CLOSED] Controls not showing data in store in AfterRender event of window
  153. [CLOSED] V2.1 CellEditing validate
  154. [CLOSED] AllowBlank + IndicatorIcon still apearing
  155. [CLOSED] Hide / Show columns in Grid - Razor
  156. [CLOSED] Expand / Collapse Grid group in client side - Razor
  157. [OPEN] [#45] DateField Localization Issue
  158. [CLOSED] About PropertyGrid
  159. [CLOSED] Validation with target=Under delay
  160. [CLOSED] Changing the text and Icon of the start menu desktop control
  161. [CLOSED] hiding the clock on the desktop taskbar tray
  162. [CLOSED] Infinite Scrolling throwing Parser Error
  163. [OPEN] [#48] GridPanel - Feature Request
  164. [CLOSED] [#144] GridPanel - Parent/Child
  165. [CLOSED] V2.1 FieldCls Change
  166. [CLOSED] MultiLevel Gridpanel online example not showing all levels - level data gets cut off
  167. [CLOSED] DateField Spiner Plugin
  168. [CLOSED] Store refresh issue
  169. [CLOSED] Grid Toolbar Field FontSize
  170. [CLOSED] [2.1] Column .GroupRenderer
  171. [CLOSED] EmptyText GridPanel
  172. [CLOSED] How to change the page size
  173. [CLOSED] V2.1 TextField originalValue
  174. [CLOSED] Ext.Net 2.0 Installation Issue
  175. [CLOSED] Dynamic Control + EventTarget and EventArgument
  176. [CLOSED] GridPanel removeAll
  177. [CLOSED] Div's editor not working in Firefox
  178. [CLOSED] Change image from ext:image when mouse over
  179. [CLOSED] chart series double click event
  180. [CLOSED] FormPanel Waiting Mask doesn't hide well
  181. [CLOSED] Model IdProperty and Insert with SqlDataSource
  182. [CLOSED] Compatibility issue [DEPRECATED][4.0][KeyMap]: Ext.KeyMap has been deprecated, use Ext.util.KeyMap.
  183. [CLOSED] Combo box Set Selected items - Razor
  184. [CLOSED] [2.1] From panel field's width incorrect behaviour
  185. [CLOSED] [#13] labels LineSeries aren't shown into the chart
  186. [CLOSED] Changelog for treepanel
  187. [CLOSED] Question: Ext.JS 4.1.2 Support Subscriber
  188. [CLOSED] ToolTip Listener doesn't fire the event
  189. [CLOSED] Vertical Align Cells in Grid 2.0
  190. [CLOSED] Set Button's Direct Event by Javascript (Jquery)
  191. [CLOSED] DatePicker Error?
  192. [CLOSED] Editable / Non Editable component column Grid View - Razor
  193. [CLOSED] Combo fails in retrieving matching items with local paging (when typing in the field)
  194. [CLOSED] Sort checked records in GridPanel with CheckboxSelectionModel (CheckColumn)
  195. [CLOSED] Direct event + multiple forms on page
  196. [CLOSED] Rows reordering
  197. [CLOSED] html editor append method not available
  198. [CLOSED] HTMLs are not rendering correctly
  199. [CLOSED] Grid Reconfigure does not populate records when page size is less than 50
  200. [CLOSED] 2.x Hide Grid columns on client side
  201. [CLOSED] Pass parameters from codebehind to client side (javascript)
  202. [CLOSED] Combo BeforeSelect Event
  203. [CLOSED] Best way to attach events
  204. [CLOSED] GenerateData gets fire three (3) times before the Page renders...
  205. [CLOSED] 2.x Query from Store on Client Side
  206. [CLOSED] Asynchronous server call to load store data from using custom proxy
  207. [CLOSED] How to change the Gauge Axes Maximum
  208. [CLOSED] How to call a page in
  209. [CLOSED] SuspendEvents + IE 8 issue
  210. [CLOSED] LinkButton with tooltip issue
  211. [CLOSED] Treepanel dynamic loading with autoexpand
  212. [CLOSED] Control alignment
  213. [CLOSED] Ext 2.0 Spinner Field
  214. [CLOSED] TreeGrid - binding
  215. [CLOSED] Panel html attribute assignement in javascript
  216. [OPEN] [#110] GridFilters Plugin MVC
  217. [CLOSED] Grid to Excel MVC
  218. [CLOSED] Grid ListFilter
  219. [CLOSED] NuGet package on an MVC project does not add required route into global.asax
  220. [CLOSED] Insert Rows in GridPanel
  221. [CLOSED] Change column background color after render
  222. [CLOSED] Problem with selectedItem.value in combobox
  223. [CLOSED] Problem when using FileUploadField with a gridPanel
  224. [CLOSED] [2.0] Dynamically Removing controls from a Container
  225. [CLOSED] How to set Paging toolbar total page count and total records?
  226. [CLOSED] ComponentColumn
  227. [CLOSED] Examples: Registration Form
  228. [CLOSED] JQuery to Ext.net
  229. [CLOSED] Buttons with images of 64 pixels
  230. [CLOSED] Trying to load the SECOND chart Asynchronously...
  231. [CLOSED] NumberColumn Format
  232. [CLOSED] Reload image
  233. [CLOSED] Store with Complex Object
  234. [CLOSED] LineSeries Chart control is very slow - takes about 6-8 seconds to load
  235. [CLOSED] MVC 3 [Razor] and Ext.Net Tabstrip
  236. [CLOSED] Show context menu on column right click
  237. [CLOSED] RowBody -> GetAdditionalData
  238. [CLOSED] Treepanel root visible
  239. [CLOSED] FormPanel and FileUploadField: Access denied in IE9
  240. [CLOSED] Multiselect loading mask
  241. [CLOSED] SVN Access
  242. [CLOSED] Grid Panel Column menu
  243. [CLOSED] TreeViewDragDrop plugin on over event
  244. [CLOSED] Multiselect horitzontal item overflow
  245. [CLOSED] Issue using UserControlLoader
  246. [CLOSED] RadioGroup / CheckBoxGroup in PartialView
  247. [OPEN] [#17] IE scrolls to top on row editor update
  248. [CLOSED] Behavior of 'Empty text' in different browsers
  249. [CLOSED] ComboBox Live Search and web service
  250. [CLOSED] Store Page size hanging when pagsize >= 20