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  1. [CLOSED] What would be the most efficient way to loop through a Grid with Data and save it to an Object ?
  2. [CLOSED] Cancel TreePanel editing
  3. [CLOSED] TabPanel "TabCloseMenu" plug-in "CloseOtherTabsText" property not working
  4. [CLOSED] Advise: CardLayout in window as detail form gridpanel
  5. [CLOSED] TabCloseMenu Localization
  6. [CLOSED] Advice: Contact Form Example not Working
  7. [CLOSED] MaxLength Property
  8. [CLOSED] GridPanel KeyMap
  9. [CLOSED] How to pass DataTable to Ext.Net Event Store and Calendar Store
  10. [CLOSED] Change the timeout globally
  11. [OPEN] [#97] DataView Selection Plugin breaks on Store.reload()
  12. [OPEN] [#98] GridPanel: date values in DateColumn not localized
  13. [CLOSED] Downloading a file from a menu directEvent
  14. [CLOSED] Problem when binding a nullable enumeration to a form
  15. [OPEN] [#39] [2.0] GridPanel in Accordion
  16. [CLOSED] Date Trouble
  17. [CLOSED] CheckNodes always one less
  18. [CLOSED] maximum for numericaxis in charts only allows integer
  19. [CLOSED] Combo - How to?
  20. [CLOSED] [2.0] Razor and Store LoadData
  21. [CLOSED] Adding extra listitem at top combobox
  22. [CLOSED] Is there any Button with the loading/spinning is inside the Button in v2.0 ?
  23. [CLOSED] Browser Compatibility
  24. [CLOSED] How do you SET a ComboBox back to show the Empty Text in the Codebehind ??
  25. [CLOSED] GridPanel: When I update a value in the store object I wish update the gridPanel
  26. [CLOSED] set background color for each grouping throws error message
  27. [CLOSED] Loader with UserControls
  28. [CLOSED] Grid row - visible show icons
  29. [CLOSED] visible in code behind doesn't work for portlet
  30. [CLOSED] TabPanel Show/Hide Panel
  31. [CLOSED] In v1.4 I used <ux:InputTextMask, now I v2.0 since this is not longer in use, how would I get 'ajax:MaskedEditExtender'
  32. [CLOSED] PropertyGrid in Menu
  33. [CLOSED] column chart label line wrapping
  34. [CLOSED] Problem under Opera last version
  35. [CLOSED] Calendar View in Razor
  36. [CLOSED] Viewport Regions
  37. [CLOSED] Problem trying to manipulate image...
  38. [CLOSED] GridPanel inside TabPanel - any alternative to DeferredRender="false" to get Grid to render?
  39. [CLOSED] Problem when runing on IE9...
  40. [CLOSED] Trying to remove character for TextField in Javascript on KeyPress.
  41. [CLOSED] GridPanel + FileUpload
  42. [CLOSED] MultiSelect change sequence without use drag drop
  43. [CLOSED] Set DragTraget dynamically
  44. [CLOSED] [RAZOR] Dynamically load contents into Panel
  45. [CLOSED] [RAZOR] MessageBus not triggering on duplicate message
  46. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel Issues
  47. [CLOSED] RadioGroup
  48. [CLOSED] Control's IDs
  49. [CLOSED] Calender View in Razor - Version issue
  50. [CLOSED] Customizing Edit Event Details Window of Calendar.
  51. [CLOSED] storeItem (the currently highlighted item) for charttips
  52. [CLOSED] When runing from the Server '08 R2 and the user switch TAB, my BottomBar shifts to the right on each TAB click.
  53. [CLOSED] Area chart starting axis
  54. [CLOSED] FileUpload (javascript) + WebService
  55. [CLOSED] JS error in CheckColumn
  56. [CLOSED] [MVC] Get values from HttpPost methodes
  57. [CLOSED] Declare DragTracker or DropTarget controls
  58. [CLOSED] How can I get the Loading Message to fire 'On Change' of a Tab in a TabStrip ??
  59. [CLOSED] Dowload file with WebService...
  60. [CLOSED] I just got the latest Code from SVN and my last Ext.NET .dll was a higher version, Which is the most updated build???
  61. [CLOSED] Master Page + Portal = Ext.Loader is not enabled
  62. [CLOSED] Dynamically add or rename leaves in tree grid
  63. [CLOSED] GridPanel - saving/loading ColumnModel config
  64. [CLOSED] [2.0] DataView with Razor Data
  65. [CLOSED] Access to the DateRangeField
  66. [CLOSED] KeyMaps in UserControl
  67. [CLOSED] Taskmanager - change refresh time in code behind
  68. [CLOSED] [Razor] Summary column don't show sum
  69. [CLOSED] .add property NOT available in v2.0, what is the replacement?
  70. [CLOSED] Handling Response Timeout
  71. [CLOSED] How to make the Editable cell Empty if the cell contain a Zero '0' value when editing??
  72. [CLOSED] Where is the example located for cascading dropdown??
  73. [CLOSED] License Key registration
  74. [CLOSED] Panel Buttons Width
  75. [OPEN] [#104] DataViewDraggable Problem
  76. [CLOSED] Textarea linefeed
  77. [CLOSED] Add values to Multiselect manually
  78. [CLOSED] changing the background color for gridPanel's column not working
  79. [CLOSED] Combobox. show items with part of string instead of only from left to right..
  80. [CLOSED] Added the new Ext.NET .dll that I got from SVN today and my intellisense is NOT working in VS '10 ?
  81. [CLOSED] MultiSelect indexof listitem always null
  82. [CLOSED] What is the best way to load a html document in a ext:Panel?
  83. [CLOSED] Highlight a slice of pie chart programmatically
  84. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel - Add a new slot bellow each regular slot
  85. [CLOSED] NumberField SpinUp/down MaxLength
  86. [CLOSED] EnforceMaxLength and MaxLength Dynamically
  87. [CLOSED] Modal window and form tag
  88. [CLOSED] problem with slider setValue on clientside
  89. [CLOSED] Load Ext.NET component programmatically
  90. [CLOSED] When I disable a NumberField, the text is very hard to read, how can I change the text, style or color backgroud.
  91. [CLOSED] JSON deserialize model fields to one nested object
  92. [CLOSED] [#107] Problem with Slate Theme
  93. [CLOSED] Handler for a Button is taking atleast 5-6 seconds just to clear 14 fields from the Client Side...
  94. [CLOSED] How to load store from javascript, MVC
  95. [CLOSED] stylesheet issue - Razor
  96. [CLOSED] NumberField Arrows KeyPress
  97. [CLOSED] Datafield set to specific cuntry default format
  98. [CLOSED] Control's IDs
  99. [CLOSED] how to change button's icon in 2.0
  100. [CLOSED] NumberField missing the bottom line on IE8 ?
  101. [CLOSED] #{FormPanel1}.clearInvalid(); is not clearing NumberField1 as you suggested that I use in the previous thread?
  102. [CLOSED] EXT.NET 2.0 Sample for MVC
  103. [CLOSED] Add listitem to multiselect use javascript.
  104. [CLOSED] Scale on numeric X-axis not correct when having multiple line series
  105. [CLOSED] Handling only Ajax Communication Errors
  106. [CLOSED] GridPanel SelectionModel with Loader
  107. [CLOSED] VS2010 EXT Intellisense possible in JS files?
  108. [CLOSED] binding checkbox selection model
  109. [CLOSED] Text on Series and Tool tips for Grouped Bar Chart
  110. [CLOSED] Tooltip not being set in the Codebehind...
  111. [CLOSED] After doing a 'Store1.DataBind()' how could I find the count of how many items are in the Store ???
  112. [CLOSED] Set selected node on initial page load
  113. [CLOSED] [#28] Change style of axis title
  114. [CLOSED] Wondering about MVC reference
  115. [CLOSED] TextArea Selection Range
  116. [CLOSED] [Razor] File upload field - bad response?
  117. [CLOSED] Register UserControl with Loader
  118. [CLOSED] Slow Gridpanel scrolling with Firefox 14
  119. [CLOSED] Ext.Net.ModelFieldCollection must have items of type 'Ext.Net.ModelField', not 'Ext.Net.FieldContainer
  120. [CLOSED] Javascript function after loading portlet
  121. [CLOSED] When a window is Hidden and I click a button to show it, its renders incorrectly...
  122. [CLOSED] When using Form Validation, I get the error below:
  123. [CLOSED] [#109] How to hide label in pie chart when value is 0
  124. [CLOSED] Issue Loading IFrame in Panel
  125. [CLOSED] Re-open window with TriggerField
  126. [CLOSED] error on Direct Event
  127. [CLOSED] Multiselect Click
  128. [CLOSED] Error setting active tab
  129. [CLOSED] Loading panel with MVC partial view
  130. [CLOSED] Intercepting errors that occurred in webservice
  131. [CLOSED] Filter a Store
  132. [CLOSED] [RAZOR] Change the store on a GridPanel
  133. [CLOSED] Disallow Grid Refresh
  134. [CLOSED] Moving the <ext:XScript out of the Markup page ??
  135. [CLOSED] Simple Tasks Sample App is Broken
  136. [CLOSED] Document Ready?
  137. [CLOSED] Grids - Long header names/wrapping
  138. [CLOSED] Another group of buttons in Window
  139. [CLOSED] FieldClass property not found
  140. [CLOSED] MiniListWidth doesn't exist within combobox list config
  141. [CLOSED] Check listener of checkbox not found
  142. [CLOSED] Control with type 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.PlaceHolder' cannot be handled by layout
  143. [CLOSED] Combobox - Validation
  144. [CLOSED] Panel not respecting body style property
  145. [CLOSED] Store loads twice
  146. [CLOSED] TreeNode JS getUI method
  147. [CLOSED] GridPanel startsWith Filter for all columns
  148. [CLOSED] Ext.NET Window Override
  149. [CLOSED] [#72] Title in Tab panel truncated in IE8 for ver2.1
  150. [CLOSED] simple gridpanel databind not working in v2.1
  151. [CLOSED] mysterious server error about deserializing object in v2.1
  152. [CLOSED] TabPanel component in 'DocumentReady' within 'Listeners' for ResourceManager, second Tab controls shows up on PageLoad
  153. [CLOSED] Any alternative ways to perform same "ASCX" with multi instances assembling?
  154. [CLOSED] 'Dynamic' url for an AJAX proxy
  155. [CLOSED] Is this the most efficient way to call Javascript in the codebehind in Ext.NET? X.Document().AddScript(javascript);
  156. [CLOSED] Add tab from TreePanel builded in code behind
  157. [CLOSED] error accessing Model object from a modal window
  158. [CLOSED] Strange Resource Error
  159. [CLOSED] updating a grid's cell not working
  160. [CLOSED] AutoLoad GridPanel strore inside a DropDownField
  161. [CLOSED] How to set StartHour in WeekView Calendar
  162. [CLOSED] Form.submit - returned message: When run in sourcecode, works fine. After compiled, dont works
  163. [CLOSED] Desktop - saving user configuration and restoring it after login
  164. [CLOSED] Ext.Net status unlicensed in production server
  165. [CLOSED] In your example online, can I ONLY the child selectable in the 'Multi Node TreePanel' ??
  166. [CLOSED] Ext is not defined
  167. [CLOSED] Theme Problem
  168. [CLOSED] BodyStyle Transparent
  169. [CLOSED] MultiCombo selection via script
  170. [CLOSED] Problem with namespaces and duplicated ids in Razor
  171. [OPEN] [#102] CollapseMode not working
  172. [CLOSED] InputTextMask Change Mask Dynamically
  173. [CLOSED] Date time field editing in gridpanel
  174. [CLOSED] Drag and drop with tablelayout
  175. [CLOSED] Colorbox textfield extension
  176. [CLOSED] Property to get the selected value in a MultiSelect ??
  177. [CLOSED] Example: FormLayout w/ User Controls broken
  178. [CLOSED] Multiple Panels in Windows w/ scrolling
  179. [CLOSED] Trying to access a control with 'X.GetCmp<TreePanel>("TreePanel1")' when I added it dynamically
  180. [CLOSED] Window - reload
  181. [CLOSED] creating a portal with splitbar in ext.net 2.0
  182. [CLOSED] MultiSelect DOES NOT show up in my TabPanel ??
  183. [CLOSED] MultiSelect1 selection works on PageLoad but NOT a Direct Event...
  184. [CLOSED] GridPanel with Header Filter, filterDate is not work
  185. [CLOSED] JSON Decode Exception
  186. [CLOSED] PartialView in MVC4
  187. [CLOSED] [Razor] How to add HtmlContent to Panel
  188. [CLOSED] Loading Partial View under a formpanel
  189. [CLOSED] Missed FileUpload property of FormPanel
  190. [OPEN] [#100] Validation - Remote/Client
  191. [CLOSED] Overiding the labelseparator
  192. [CLOSED] Messagebus form iframe in IE8 keeps on firing
  193. [CLOSED] How would I selected an item in TreePanel from the codebehind ???
  194. [CLOSED] TabPanel.Add Re-form Failed
  195. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg.show maxWidth config
  196. [CLOSED] Localization
  197. [CLOSED] Move up/down gridpanel , delete gridpanel data can not work
  198. [CLOSED] How to check some items in GridPanel? Thanks in advance
  199. [CLOSED] Display error PartialView
  200. [CLOSED] The control with ID 'ext-empty-store' not found
  201. [CLOSED] panel icon missing when dynamically load a user control
  202. [CLOSED] Remote Tree Grid Json issue
  203. [CLOSED] ComboBox default selected value
  204. [OPEN] [#101] How can I highlight a MultiSelect to show its required field on the client?
  205. [CLOSED] Panels with rounded corners
  206. [CLOSED] V2.1 Desktop Window Maximize
  207. [CLOSED] combobox set first element as selected
  208. [CLOSED] Custom component ID creation difference with v 1.x
  209. [CLOSED] Checkbox: Event
  210. [CLOSED] Tool button not shown
  211. [CLOSED] Renderer function
  212. [CLOSED] Search a store
  213. [CLOSED] Icon in textarea layout problem
  214. [CLOSED] Grid ColumnModel DefaultSortable
  215. [CLOSED] Auto FieldLabel with static field width?
  216. [CLOSED] [RAZOR] Vertical scrollbars not appearing
  217. [CLOSED] MultiCombo
  218. [CLOSED] Need Help with DirectMethod and UserControls
  219. [CLOSED] Tip about include javascript files in aspx page and Aspx page loading time
  220. [CLOSED] [MVC-Razor] How to pass Model to Ext PartialView
  221. [CLOSED] I'm trying to un-select an item, but its NOT working.
  222. [CLOSED] V2.1 Combobox ItemTpl
  223. [CLOSED] about ColumnModel.cs
  224. [CLOSED] Grid Error
  225. [CLOSED] NumericAxis Chart
  226. [CLOSED] Portal Layout Resize Issues
  227. [CLOSED] Minor issue on multi rowspan grid
  228. [CLOSED] Tab Sequence Problem
  229. [CLOSED] Loading message in Multicombo and possibly in other controls
  230. [CLOSED] Google Like Search TextBox
  231. [CLOSED] [MVC] Export Excel return "BADRESPONSE: Unexpected token <"
  232. [CLOSED] Fieldset collapse codebehind
  233. [CLOSED] Gridpanel set edition mode in server side
  234. [CLOSED] Layout issues
  235. [CLOSED] Problem with App.Direct
  236. [CLOSED] After I added the SelectionModel to the TreePanel, the deselect does NOT work anymore...
  237. [CLOSED] How to show a not visible combobox by Ajax
  238. [CLOSED] How to get the value for the IdProperty in a Model
  239. [CLOSED] Ext icon not show
  240. [CLOSED] So many panels and nested panels
  241. [CLOSED] Request for SVN addresses
  242. [CLOSED] DateField - From To Range
  243. [CLOSED] Special characters dosen't works in message box in IE8
  244. [CLOSED] Shared store with buffered grid
  245. [CLOSED] TreePanel Issue
  246. [CLOSED] [2.0] Window AutoHeight problem.
  247. [CLOSED] GridCommand icon doesn't display
  248. [CLOSED] Build controls in code behind
  249. [CLOSED] Minify Javascript
  250. [CLOSED] How to set a field status to not valid