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  1. [CLOSED] change the default increment value of the up/down arrows of a NumberField
  2. [CLOSED] RowLayout with Splitter inside BorderLayout
  3. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel: override DayBody template
  4. [CLOSED] CommandColumn after store refresh was disappear...
  5. [CLOSED] changing title of a chart serie
  6. [CLOSED] Problem to draw a chart into a panel
  7. [CLOSED] Problem with paging...
  8. [CLOSED] MVC Grid Editing
  9. [CLOSED] Binding a Custom Search ComboBox
  10. [CLOSED] Memory leak
  11. [CLOSED] Server side delete on GridPanel CommandColumn
  12. [CLOSED] Added object to already create window
  13. [CLOSED] Problem in vertical axes drawing in charts
  14. [CLOSED] Question about desktop window
  15. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel: date picker
  16. [CLOSED] Desktop cosmetic problem, no urgencecy for now
  17. [CLOSED] Where is label property for slider?
  18. [CLOSED] [Razor] DropDownField LazyInit property
  19. [CLOSED] Friendly color picker in V2?
  20. [CLOSED] Sortable columns in ColumnHeaderGroups
  21. [CLOSED] afteranimate fired many times even if Buffer is specified
  22. [CLOSED] Scrolling ListFilter
  23. [CLOSED] [Razor] Paging without Store Proxy
  24. [CLOSED] ASP.NET Server Control inside FormPanel
  25. [CLOSED] Hidden="true" behaves as Visible="false"
  26. [CLOSED] Retrieved latest code as you suggested from the SVN server, but the following .dlls are missing…
  27. [CLOSED] WebPages AND Namespace
  28. [CLOSED] Some icons repeat - was fixed in 1.0
  29. [CLOSED] Problem to show SelectedItem in Combobox v2.0
  30. [CLOSED] Difference in Paging Toolbar behaviour between Ext.NET 1.x and 2 for Grid with remote (ashx) paging and local filtering
  31. [CLOSED] Problem trying to customise the PagingToolbar of the ComboBox
  32. [CLOSED] ForceLayout of child controls
  33. [CLOSED] Show a video
  34. [CLOSED] Update TextField by Ajax Combobox
  35. [OPEN] [#93] NumericAxis labels rendered incorrectly
  36. [CLOSED] How to achieve column stacked chart?
  37. [CLOSED] Downloading Ext.NET 2.0 Beta with Nuget problem
  38. [CLOSED] "Serie has no chart reference" error
  39. [CLOSED] Question about chart render speed
  40. [CLOSED] Append a fully loaded child in a remote TreePanel
  41. [CLOSED] [2.0] TreePanel
  42. [CLOSED] I didn't receive any email reminder saying my last post was answered !!
  43. [CLOSED] [2.0] TreePanel Animation slow?
  44. [CLOSED] I build v2.0 on my VS 2010 and got the Ext.NET.dll, now I'm trying to use the .dll in my VS 2008 project, error below
  45. [CLOSED] [2.0] History
  46. [CLOSED] Null Reference Object Ajax
  47. [CLOSED] mixed ext.net asp.net cotnrols and postback
  48. [CLOSED] [Razor] How to use ChartTip?
  49. [CLOSED] Perhaps a bug in stacked column chart
  50. [CLOSED] clientside script autocomplete tools in VS2010
  51. [CLOSED] Remove data from GridPanel
  52. [CLOSED] panels fit completely in a window
  53. [CLOSED] Buttons alignment on ButtonGroup
  54. [CLOSED] TreePanel SelectPath
  55. [CLOSED] Javascript obfuscator...
  56. [CLOSED] Adding a new grid record
  57. [CLOSED] FontFamily style in ComboBox
  58. [CLOSED] How to using javascript generate the MultiSelect'item in Ext.Net beta2?
  59. [CLOSED] JSON deserialisation issue with multicombo boxes.
  60. [CLOSED] [MVC] FileUpload in MVC
  61. [CLOSED] How to change the color of GridView
  62. [CLOSED] Change property ComponentDirectEvents.Parent from internal to protected
  63. [CLOSED] Remote filtering via AjaxProxy and ASHX handler vs Page Proxy and Store's OnReadData event
  64. [CLOSED] Panel Title Height
  65. [CLOSED] How to download the Ext.Net Version2.0 Beta3 example code
  66. [CLOSED] PartialViewRenderer Razor
  67. [CLOSED] ItemsFromPage BorderLayout
  68. [CLOSED] How to manage column colors in a chart from code behind.
  69. [CLOSED] Forms authentication RedirectFromLoginPage not working
  70. [CLOSED] summarycolumn didn't recalculate automatically when data is inserted directly into the store
  71. [CLOSED] Change the syle of EmptyText
  72. [CLOSED] Problem when setting up PagingToolbar´s HideRefresh
  73. [CLOSED] MVC Web.conf file error
  74. [CLOSED] Editable grid with server paging with Store warning on dirty = true leads to JavaScript error
  75. [CLOSED] Collapse panel throws error
  76. [CLOSED] JavaScript error in rejectChanges() method in Ext.NET's Store override
  77. [CLOSED] And now, what about gradient color in collumn chart?
  78. [CLOSED] Expand panel when click on the title
  79. [CLOSED] MVC issues with getting ext.axd
  80. [CLOSED] Expand a region with components not rendered
  81. [CLOSED] Version 2.0 RowLayout
  82. [CLOSED] Returning XML from an AJAX call to a store
  83. [CLOSED] Cloning components and stores
  84. [CLOSED] FieldLabel on non field controls
  85. [CLOSED] Programmatically adding items to a SelectBox
  86. [CLOSED] How to render client's ID of the same way as 1.x?
  87. [CLOSED] Collapse all Accordion children
  88. [CLOSED] BoxSplitter with Collapsible property set to false
  89. [CLOSED] Bug when using a BoxReorderer with a BoxSplitter
  90. [CLOSED] Problem with mask on store load.
  91. [CLOSED] Dynamic ButtonGroup
  92. [CLOSED] DirectMethod's problem
  93. [CLOSED] MVC Ajax Automatic binding
  94. [CLOSED] Accordion with Frame property set to true
  95. [CLOSED] DataView template JS error when bound with data
  96. [CLOSED] MultiSelect initialized failed
  97. [CLOSED] Click tree note to refresh gridpanel...
  98. [CLOSED] Loader double-click error
  99. [CLOSED] ColumnName with Special Characters in GridPanel
  100. [CLOSED] A minor flaw on panel putting on region "West"
  101. [CLOSED] How to programaticaly set the value of a slider?
  102. [CLOSED] Bug when setting up CheckBoxSelectionModels CheckOnly property
  103. [CLOSED] Server validation before item move
  104. [CLOSED] ComboBox Question
  105. [CLOSED] Grid RowEditing Plugin - Height
  106. [CLOSED] Help on proxy exception JS error
  107. [CLOSED] Slow window resize in IE9
  108. [CLOSED] Set style for TextField
  109. [CLOSED] Remote action refusal when moving a node
  110. [CLOSED] Remote validation when reordering rows
  111. [CLOSED] Grid Error Handling
  112. [CLOSED] Problem Row Editor with columns header group
  113. [CLOSED] GridPanel Hidden Column
  114. [CLOSED] Share store between different components declaratively (in the markup page).
  115. [CLOSED] Error in Namespace when PartialViewResult render.
  116. [CLOSED] TextField: disabling focus
  117. [CLOSED] Content ul li not tabbed and not showing the round buttons
  118. [CLOSED] ViewPort is not resizing inner panel
  119. [CLOSED] BooleanFilter and BooleanColumn
  120. [CLOSED] Dynamic Tab Panel
  121. [CLOSED] THe Gridpanel with Store can't Bind the Data via Page in DataSource using the customizing DirectMethod or DirectEvent
  122. [CLOSED] Can I use Response object in a direct method call?
  123. [CLOSED] How to add a style to a code behind generated control
  124. [CLOSED] Access Child items within loader Component
  125. [CLOSED] Problem with collapsible panel.
  126. [CLOSED] How to Call an event by Direct Events
  127. [CLOSED] Grid Column Width
  128. [CLOSED] Tree Panel not work for me in usercontrol.
  129. [CLOSED] Event for when drawing is finished
  130. [CLOSED] Node visibility
  131. [CLOSED] translation problem
  132. [OPEN] [#148] Pehaps a bug in desktop?
  133. [CLOSED] Multiple Combo-boxes - Same Store - Odd Behavior
  134. [CLOSED] Prevent dissapears window title bar
  135. [CLOSED] Question about directmethod (another one)
  136. [OPEN] [#103] RowEditing Plugin - Format bug?
  137. [CLOSED] Disable a MenuItem when button selected
  138. [CLOSED] Remove moving a node VS loading targets children.
  139. [CLOSED] Dynamic created MenuItems and directEvents
  140. [CLOSED] What is the way to properly size a button which has icon in it?
  141. [CLOSED] JSON object property: convert to Date value
  142. [CLOSED] [2.0] ComboBox HiddenName
  143. [CLOSED] Grid column alignment + row expander
  144. [CLOSED] ChangeLog Questions
  145. [CLOSED] 'RowError' Information in Store DataSource
  146. [CLOSED] PagingToolbar plugin ownerCt
  147. [CLOSED] Good Day. What is the best way to eliminate gaps between a tabpanel's tabs?
  148. [CLOSED] ImageCommandColumn
  149. [CLOSED] Combo list adjust
  150. [CLOSED] ComboBox getValue returns text instead of value
  151. [CLOSED] MultiSelect error
  152. [CLOSED] FireFox 13.0 and ext:TextField icon: icon untidy.
  153. [CLOSED] tabPanel: navigation problem
  154. [CLOSED] A MenuPanel Issue
  155. [CLOSED] vertical tabPanel
  156. [CLOSED] How to redirect after login
  157. [CLOSED] Validation
  158. [CLOSED] PageSize property of ComboBox control does not work
  159. [OPEN] [#172] datePicker: show two months
  160. [CLOSED] Delay loading of data
  161. [CLOSED] RowEditing Save Button
  162. [CLOSED] Loading Display
  163. [CLOSED] [2.0] ComboBox store
  164. [CLOSED] TreePanel component extjs 4.1
  165. [CLOSED] question about combobox refresh
  166. [CLOSED] Linqdatasource with remote paging
  167. [CLOSED] Window LoadMask
  168. [CLOSED] Grid Header & HeaderMenu (v2)
  169. [CLOSED] How to use Succes property on a store load
  170. TabPanel with AutoScroll set to "True" which is defined in a master page is not working as expected
  171. [CLOSED] Javascript Error
  172. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel: background color of time slots
  173. [CLOSED] MemoryProxy Error
  174. [CLOSED] How to take up the whole area of the center region panel of a viewport
  175. [CLOSED] License Warning
  176. [CLOSED] Keep selection after reloading a node
  177. [CLOSED] change icon of a label from directmethod
  178. [CLOSED] What to "ajax" load user controls into center area of viewport
  179. [CLOSED] Using InsertItem to populate SelectBox does not return correct SelectedItem value
  180. [CLOSED] Ext .NET Override method best practice?
  181. [CLOSED] Textfield extension error
  182. [CLOSED] Configure the Confirms default button
  183. [CLOSED] Default Drag TreeNode text
  184. [CLOSED] Get selected rows from multiple pages
  185. [CLOSED] Resize and Drag
  186. [CLOSED] When I try to set an item in the comboBox it breaks.
  187. [CLOSED] Disable KeyMap Events
  188. [OPEN] [#96] ColumnHeaderGroup Hideable columns
  189. [CLOSED] Css Class for Ext.Net Control
  190. [CLOSED] MVC - Direct Method
  191. [CLOSED] Ext.Net.Toolbar cannot use Content
  192. [CLOSED] How I can get the similar layout in 2.0
  193. [CLOSED] Raising ItemMove when reordering a node into not loaded node
  194. [CLOSED] Add menu to window
  195. [CLOSED] CheckedNodes disable checked
  196. [CLOSED] [Razor] HyperLink Text in Razor
  197. [CLOSED] CompositeField equivalent... FieldContainer is NOT a Field itself.
  198. [CLOSED] How to Export SVG chart from code behind
  199. [CLOSED] MonitorResize property has been removed
  200. [CLOSED] get record values of the selected combobox item
  201. [CLOSED] [Razor] Row expander + multiple direct events
  202. [CLOSED] RadioGroup index/value
  203. [CLOSED] TimeField inherits from PickerField instead of ComboBox
  204. [CLOSED] Undocumented changes I saw with current SVN version
  205. [CLOSED] Keep TreePanels selection after local sort
  206. [CLOSED] [RAZOR] Using viewport to make panel fit available browser window
  207. [CLOSED] Converting application from v1.4 to v2.0 and I was using Ext.Net.UX .dll for masking, now it does NOT work in VS 2010
  208. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel - viewMode selector - hiding or disabling this
  209. [CLOSED] Adding Click Event in code-behind
  210. [CLOSED] Javascript Global Error Handling
  211. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel - Edit appoint with doubleclick
  212. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel eventModel: add properties
  213. [CLOSED] How to set checkbox node has been checked?
  214. [CLOSED] How to set TabPanel title as hyperlink?
  215. [CLOSED] Menu Topbar Icon
  216. [CLOSED] Gridpanel Tooltip
  217. [CLOSED] Fieldset Icon Property
  218. [CLOSED] How to customize Calendar's "Event Windows" using MVC3 Razor Engine?
  219. [CLOSED] How to download the source code from SVN
  220. [CLOSED] In v2.0 what is the replacement for Layout="RowLayout" ??
  221. [CLOSED] GridPanel and CheckBoxSelectionModel
  222. [CLOSED] Creating TabStrip Items dynamically in Ext v2.0, but it does NOT render the style properly...
  223. [CLOSED] MVC Ajax - update a grid
  224. [CLOSED] [2.0] TabPanel Icon
  225. [CLOSED] Problem when trying to show an error captured by the loader Listener named 'Exception'.
  226. [CLOSED] Raising Accordions BeforeExpand event wrongly
  227. [CLOSED] click treenode to add tab
  228. [CLOSED] Window Loading Mask v2.0rc1
  229. [CLOSED] Ext gantt
  230. [CLOSED] [RAZOR] DraggablePanelConfig doesn't have StartDrag in Razor
  231. [CLOSED] TabPanel hideTabStripItem/unhideTabStripItem
  232. [CLOSED] [2.0] Tools
  233. [CLOSED] Mapping Columns to different DataIndexes
  234. [CLOSED] [#59] BeforeItemExpand is being raised just once
  235. [CLOSED] ExtraParams in DirectEvents comes back 'null'
  236. [CLOSED] Export To Excel with multiple tabs
  237. [CLOSED] Raw property is null when adding a node
  238. [CLOSED] Converting from v1.4 - v2.0, what is the update for the 'Method' in HttProxy when converted to AjaxProxy??
  239. [CLOSED] FormPanel within TabPanel layout/style problems
  240. [CLOSED] TreePanel CheckNodes Null when checking them from codebehind
  241. [CLOSED] [2.0] AutoFocus question
  242. [CLOSED] TabBar Config examples in Examples Explorer not working
  243. [CLOSED] Accordion Layout Style Issue
  244. [CLOSED] How to change text color in Ext Button
  245. [CLOSED] Grid RowEditor Editor limitation?
  246. [CLOSED] GridPanel and CheckBoxSelectionModel
  247. [CLOSED] How to get TabStrip1.Listeners.TabChange.Handler to fire on Page Load, this worked in v1.4 but now it does not in v2.0?
  248. [CLOSED] GridPanel. Force renderer function of column
  249. [CLOSED] WebService Proxy crashes when I try to pass a Hidden field for <AutoLoadParams>
  250. [CLOSED] Collapse unique accordions child when Multi config is set to true.