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  1. [CLOSED] [#599] Treenode attribute serialization
  2. [CLOSED] how to launch desktop Module from client side
  3. [CLOSED] store.LoadData not working when data source is List<Object>
  4. [CLOSED] Grouped header filter icon
  5. [CLOSED] Listeners, Validators, Renderers - Apply from code behind or markup?
  6. [CLOSED] How to appendchild to leaf node from server
  7. [CLOSED] Problem in Grid Examples
  8. [CLOSED] GroupHeaderTpl && date
  9. [CLOSED] FormPanel, Validation of a Grid's Component Column
  10. [CLOSED] Combination Samples -> Simple Tasks
  11. [CLOSED] Local vs Remote
  12. [CLOSED] immediately help please ! we publish web site created by ext.net
  13. [CLOSED] Send multiple charts to server for printing
  14. [CLOSED] FileUploadField blank validation
  15. [CLOSED] GridPanel Summary Does not Consider Scroll Bars
  16. [CLOSED] we want editable gridpanel when column12 enter the next row cell active .
  17. [CLOSED] Setup SSRS report with EXT.Net web form
  18. [CLOSED] change Toolbar overflow menu icons
  19. [CLOSED] How to display running server time?
  20. [CLOSED] how to set limitation time out in ext.net?
  21. [CLOSED] ASPX ---> ASCX ---> ASCX (in Windows) :: Open new Windows with dynamic ASCX
  22. [CLOSED] Button: OverCls, PressedCls or DisabledCls
  23. [CLOSED] I want focus cell of column when I press keydown or Enter .
  24. [CLOSED] Renderer in AxisLabel (MVC)
  25. [CLOSED] I dont want disable up down on NumberField
  26. [CLOSED] Filtering in Store Load event doesn't work in complex pages
  27. [CLOSED] Rendering Combobox dynamically in gridpanel
  28. [CLOSED] Close windows on click in UserControl loaded dynamically
  29. [CLOSED] Get record data in context menu of tree grid
  30. [CLOSED] Column Layout killed by a Checkbox
  31. [CLOSED] how to replace panel loader params on reload
  32. [CLOSED] KeyNav in GridPanel to Add Row
  33. [CLOSED] Get row id in component column with a grid
  34. [CLOSED] How to use a Trigger to hide a GridPanel
  35. [CLOSED] Problem with table
  36. [CLOSED] How to read rows in gridpanel or store from codebehind
  37. [CLOSED] AutoScroll vertical scrollbar overlaps content
  38. [CLOSED] drawing line or triangle
  39. [CLOSED] Refresh grid/store on file upload
  40. [CLOSED] [#608] Callout: ShowDelay
  41. [CLOSED] [#609] Ext.grid.feature.Summary bug
  42. [CLOSED] Rownumberer not updating correctly after move up or down the row
  43. [CLOSED] How to export grid data as it is displayed on screen
  44. [CLOSED] [#610] getRowsValues and prepareRecord - an option to ignore field's SubmitEmptyValue?
  45. [CLOSED] Store Listener: Refresh Issue
  46. [CLOSED] Error on Form Submit - parsedResponse.result
  47. [CLOSED] Combobox loads twice
  48. [CLOSED] How to get the previous and next data from row selected using records
  49. [CLOSED] Svn login credentials
  50. [CLOSED] Can not export IE8 Pie Chart to image
  51. [CLOSED] Callout: IE7 Line-Height
  52. [CLOSED] ext.net page first loading very slow
  53. [CLOSED] Multiple Partial Views and ResourceMgr.load() resource resolution fails
  54. [CLOSED] TrayClock sample
  55. [CLOSED] Button to switch between panels
  56. [CLOSED] Callout: MaxHeight Issue
  57. [CLOSED] Callout: Creating HeaderToolbar in Behind Code
  58. [CLOSED] GridPanel enable or disable at page load
  59. [CLOSED] [#611] Can DirectResult support success false without requiring ErrorMessage to be set?
  60. [CLOSED] multiple grouping & multiple grouping summery
  61. [CLOSED] issue with grid panel header check box in CheckboxSelectionModel.
  62. [CLOSED] Combobox loading message issue.
  63. [CLOSED] Grid panel Paging message in case of no record
  64. [CLOSED] Scroll bar issue inside text area
  65. [CLOSED] A script on this page is causing your web browser to run slowly is seen in Internet Explorer-8
  66. [CLOSED] toggle grid filterheader
  67. [CLOSED] GridCommand Handler
  68. [CLOSED] Store Groupers
  69. [CLOSED] combobox value disappear after button click
  70. [OPEN] [#774] Component Column Editor add row not working properly
  71. [CLOSED] Chart and fonts
  72. [CLOSED] The disabled text field looks very light in IE.
  73. [CLOSED] gridpanel - selection memory not working with locked columns
  74. [CLOSED] Layout Fit with selectbox in gridrow
  75. [CLOSED] Grid: ClearFilters Server Side
  76. [CLOSED] TabPanel - SideTabs: Display issue in IE DocumentMode 9
  77. [CLOSED] GridPanel ComponentColumn CellEditing plugin's ValidateEdit.Fn not working
  78. [CLOSED] KeyMap and Control Key only
  79. [CLOSED] Get grid rendered values
  80. [CLOSED] Add new row on TAB press in GridPanel Component and normal Column
  81. [CLOSED] Text area is not being fit inline inside a gridview column.
  82. [CLOSED] ext:GridPanel Column sort ASC or DESC in Turkish characters wrong!
  83. [CLOSED] The height of the text area control inside Gridpanel is too big once it becomes editable.
  84. [CLOSED] GridPanel, CheckboxSelectionModel, EnableKeyNav dynamically on the client side
  85. [CLOSED] Keyboard Navigation in GridPanel with CheckboxselectionModel,
  86. [CLOSED] Checkboxmodel : Problem with SelectionModel.getSelection()
  87. [CLOSED] TagField : Remove.Handler not fire
  88. [CLOSED] MultiSelect : Load multiselect with proxy not working
  89. [CLOSED] Gauge Chart with centered text in the middle
  90. [CLOSED] MultiCombo in GridPanel check
  91. [CLOSED] How to display additional row data in the same row?
  92. [CLOSED] TagField : How to allow duplicate Tag in TagField
  93. [CLOSED] Store.GetAt(intRecordId).Set("State", (object)strState) fails on pagination
  94. [CLOSED] DirectEvent: Call from clientside and getData()
  95. [CLOSED] Problem with reload of root
  96. [CLOSED] [#626] Accordion's animate set to true has no effect when Multi is set to true
  97. [CLOSED] TextArea: Display issue in IE7 Document Mode
  98. [CLOSED] FilterHeader and InfiniteScrolling gives javascript error.
  99. [CLOSED] Store Error
  100. [CLOSED] Optional Combobox Invalid Value MarkInvalid
  101. [CLOSED] MultiSelect : Clear Selection
  102. [CLOSED] TagField : Item count
  103. [CLOSED] Mapping custom properties from EXT ASP.NET controls to ExtJS controls is not working
  104. [CLOSED] TagField : Validate tags
  105. [CLOSED] Conditional Editor
  106. [CLOSED] Moving from ext 1.x to 2.x
  107. [CLOSED] Build without Mvc
  108. [CLOSED] Help finding html elements inside dataview - MVC Razor EXT 2.5.2
  109. [CLOSED] Session timeout & static direct methods
  110. [CLOSED] Grid Panel Continuous Cell Editing in v1.x not in v2.x?
  111. [CLOSED] Disabling context menu in Gridpanel.
  112. [CLOSED] Line separator in Form Fields
  113. [CLOSED] DateField : EmptyValue
  114. [CLOSED] RowSelectionModel not works for ComponentColumn
  115. [CLOSED] Publish via Bus through DirectEvent
  116. [CLOSED] Disabling Context Menu in Gridpanel for specific columns only.
  117. [CLOSED] parsedResponse.result - Error on form submit with file upload field
  118. [CLOSED] Find the Header Check box select all/Deselect all event
  119. [CLOSED] Column index or the header value of a grid panel in context menu.
  120. [CLOSED] Group by DateTime
  121. [CLOSED] TreeGrid : Problem with dispay in dynamic tree grid
  122. [CLOSED] TreeGrid : get TreeGrid store data in JSON format
  123. [CLOSED] TreeGrid : Check child checkbox with parent checkbox checked
  124. [CLOSED] Disable cell editor based on row value
  125. [CLOSED] ColumnModel Defaults
  126. [CLOSED] BADRESPONSE: missing ) in parenthetical
  127. [CLOSED] How to set a gridpanel row height
  128. [CLOSED] Blinking Tab for version 2.x
  129. [CLOSED] Model binding using HtmlEditorFor does not work in Firefox 28-32, solution found myself
  130. [CLOSED] FileUploadField is not working
  131. [CLOSED] Freeze the Toolbar at the top of screen area
  132. [CLOSED] Why I can't scroll to page bottom?
  133. [CLOSED] Load window content from a controller method
  134. [CLOSED] Can't open sources from trunk in VS2010
  135. [CLOSED] Unhiding a hidden column on grid throws javascript error
  136. [CLOSED] migrating ext.window javasript to 2.x
  137. [CLOSED] TreeGrid : Paging
  138. [CLOSED] my web site is very slow
  139. [CLOSED] StoreParameter : Pass conditional value
  140. [CLOSED] Image : Dynamically add Image not displayed
  141. [CLOSED] JSON Deserialization Question
  142. [CLOSED] background color for the combobox values when TypeAhead = "true".
  143. [CLOSED] GridView - override doStripeRows
  144. [CLOSED] GridPanel Column Renderer(Get value from custom class's method)
  145. [CLOSED] No data is being loaded in the gridpanel.!!
  146. [CLOSED] Save GridFilter column in Session
  147. [CLOSED] Store : Loading mask when store load with AJAX proxy
  148. [CLOSED] EventView, change the button text
  149. [CLOSED] mvc data annotation not working ?
  150. [CLOSED] Removing extra columns from the menu of a gridpanel
  151. [CLOSED] Label properties ForeColor and BackColor on codebehind
  152. [CLOSED] TextField with PasswordMask getValue() to validate password match
  153. [CLOSED] No Send Values of TextField with PasswordMask in FormaPanel getValues()
  154. [CLOSED] Disappearing the water mark inside text box
  155. [CLOSED] Window : Shake or Bounce effect
  156. [CLOSED] FilterHeader issue
  157. [CLOSED] Create GUID
  158. [CLOSED] Updating Progress bar from controller
  159. [CLOSED] how to hand over child window's data to the parents sheet's field
  160. [CLOSED] IE loading of controls vs Firefox
  161. [CLOSED] TreePanel background colors for the rows.
  162. [CLOSED] MVC Form Email Address Validation
  163. [CLOSED] GridPanel not showing all the rows that are in Store
  164. [CLOSED] Panel: right border not rendering
  165. [CLOSED] Edit cell in ComponentColumns with Values and Comments
  166. [CLOSED] User Control: Calculator
  167. [CLOSED] XSS encoding
  168. [CLOSED] how to show current date in DateField control?
  169. [CLOSED] Combobox and Case Sensitive Search + EnableRegEx
  170. [CLOSED] Button change Title and fireEvent in behind code
  171. [CLOSED] Customizing a Grid View
  172. [CLOSED] Direct Event to return named view
  173. [CLOSED] readonly property with input mask
  174. [CLOSED] ResourceManager RegisterClientScriptInclude Caching
  175. [CLOSED] Hide the last icon in a GridPanel
  176. [CLOSED] CycleButton item count
  177. [CLOSED] Show Button ONLY in certains case
  178. [CLOSED] How To: Labels and TextField Controls Inline/Mixed
  179. [CLOSED] Inheriting from Ext Component HTML property
  180. [CLOSED] DateField months names
  181. [CLOSED] Show Button ONLY in certain case... but in GridPanel
  182. [CLOSED] Group Command Icons disappear on row update.
  183. [CLOSED] Type ahead on combo not working after store rebound
  184. [CLOSED] Error on calling direct methods when load dynamic UserControl
  185. [CLOSED] Text box validation styling
  186. [CLOSED] FileUploadFile Filter
  187. [CLOSED] CSS Class : How to set CSS class to TextField
  188. [CLOSED] Form Tooltips in MVC
  189. [CLOSED] Fit Group Header Column
  190. [CLOSED] Backgroud GridPanel cells in according with Background Row
  191. [CLOSED] Tree Panel does not work properly
  192. [CLOSED] Selecting a contiguous range of rows in a MultiCombo list with Shift doesn't work
  193. [CLOSED] How to create tab control from direct event
  194. [CLOSED] How to change individual slice pie color
  195. [CLOSED] Tools to create new style/theme
  196. [CLOSED] SelectedItem for MultiSelect Ext 2.5.2 Webforms
  197. [CLOSED] Wrong Data in Grid
  198. [CLOSED] TimeStamp Post problem
  199. [CLOSED] HTMLEditor "stealing" focus
  200. [CLOSED] Cross-site Request Forgery with DirectMethods
  201. [CLOSED] Select from one list to another
  202. [CLOSED] MVC - Grid Tool tips
  203. [CLOSED] Authorize, redirect, Direct method call
  204. [CLOSED] Tooltip Over the Button
  205. [CLOSED] combo remote validation has invalid json error
  206. [CLOSED] [#676] Badge questions: UI and Click
  207. [CLOSED] Converting ASP WebSite: Question
  208. [CLOSED] Child Controls and ID property
  209. [CLOSED] DirectEvent isUpload=true block other actions
  210. [CLOSED] ${org substring is expanded to Ext.select("org... in MVC app
  211. [CLOSED] Install Ext version 2.x using NuGet Package Manager
  212. [CLOSED] How can set DateColumn value with Javascript inside grid?
  213. [CLOSED] [#678] Hyperlink's Disabled property doesn't work well
  214. [CLOSED] Lose focus on store data
  215. [CLOSED] Highlighted row
  216. [CLOSED] Scroll bars hiding tooltip
  217. [CLOSED] Grid Group: Show full datetime but group by month day year
  218. [CLOSED] Adding item to CheckboxGroup group but can't set checked value
  219. [CLOSED] Grid Group Header Tpl
  220. [CLOSED] Grid Group dropdown "Show In Groups" implementation
  221. [CLOSED] Wrong Fill Background -color in Group Columns
  222. [CLOSED] ToolTip cover others buttons
  223. [CLOSED] Emphasize the focus button
  224. [CLOSED] Screen Resolution
  225. [CLOSED] How to disable caching with RowExpander (MVC5/Razor/C#)
  226. [CLOSED] Plugin BufferRendered: LoadMask and Delayed load
  227. [CLOSED] Store Loaded and access data in Store from cs use sqldatasource
  228. [CLOSED] Getting "BADRESPONSE Unexpected token '<'" error while trying to bind html value to ext:ModelField .....
  229. [CLOSED] TabPanel : Reopen tab
  230. [CLOSED] Uploading file from a window using MVC
  231. [CLOSED] How to show a tooltip when hovering over a cell on a TreeGrid
  232. [CLOSED] store and two way binding
  233. [CLOSED] Menu Item Href clickable area
  234. [CLOSED] Crystal Report and Ext.net
  235. [CLOSED] Setting default font of HtmlEditor
  236. [CLOSED] Getting "BADRESPONSE Unexpected token '<'" error while trying to bind html value to ext:ModelField .....
  237. [CLOSED] clearFilterOnBlur config property
  238. [CLOSED] Loading mask for the tab panel
  239. [CLOSED] How to increase the height of Inner-Ct
  240. [CLOSED] Gridpanel with CheckboxSelectionModel on filtering (with GridFilters) does not maintain previous selection
  241. [CLOSED] mvc form with has many grid
  242. [CLOSED] Debug a window script
  243. [CLOSED] Can the Center Region be hidden?
  244. [CLOSED] CheckboxSelectionModel override updateHeaderState
  245. [CLOSED] GridPanel FitLayout
  246. [CLOSED] store set value and originalValue. rejectChanges doesn't work.
  247. [CLOSED] messagebox throwing null reference exception
  248. [CLOSED] Drag drop (grid to grid) store.sync() problem
  249. [CLOSED] ImageCommandColumn prepareCommand fires twice
  250. [CLOSED] Dynamic grid model + data