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  1. [CLOSED] array grid with local paging and remote data example question
  2. [CLOSED] Row selection is not cleared upon reloading the data behind a grid in certain circumstances
  3. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel set start/end hour
  4. [CLOSED] MultiCombox deselection not working properly
  5. [CLOSED] Rendering too slow in IE
  6. [CLOSED] Postback does not send combobox's selected value
  7. [CLOSED] TreeList filterBy very slow with more than 2500 nodes
  8. [CLOSED] RadioFor always False
  9. [CLOSED] Nested Grid ListFilter w/Dynamic Store
  10. [CLOSED] Session Timeout with Countdown Alert
  11. [CLOSED] Adding a Convert handler to a ModelField created dynamically
  12. [CLOSED] Set Focus on blank field
  13. [CLOSED] Store proxy events
  14. [CLOSED] Discrete point lifespan on a bar chart
  15. [CLOSED] How to call one procedure (code behinde) from javascript
  16. [CLOSED] Prevent user from selecting the highlighted item Bound list by TAB
  17. [CLOSED] Select the firt item in a ComboBox?
  18. [CLOSED] Failure Event getting called everytime the directmethod is getting called.
  19. [CLOSED] Combobox selection issue
  20. [CLOSED] Combobox with all icon MVC
  21. [CLOSED] Populate TagField From Multiselect and Remove Item from Multiselect
  22. [CLOSED] MVC - RenderTo/ApplyTo
  23. [CLOSED] Performance. Live row add
  24. [CLOSED] Question about performance
  25. [CLOSED] Editable gridpanel not rendering dropdownfield value
  26. [CLOSED] Callout change in SVN causes code break
  27. [CLOSED] Master/Detail with GridPanel - JavaScript crashes in the SelectionMemory onSelectChange method in certain circumstances
  28. [CLOSED] Html editor is not working properly.
  29. [CLOSED] "SeriesLabel" in Line Chart not displaying properly
  30. [CLOSED] Error in "RESTful Store" MVC Sample
  31. [CLOSED] Text Align right in fields and gridcolumn
  32. [CLOSED] Custom SelectionModel
  33. [CLOSED] deferInitialRefresh and infinite javascript loop
  34. [CLOSED] How to save gridpanel into database sql? (using vb)
  35. [CLOSED] xtrareports and ext.net
  36. [CLOSED] GridPanel columns autosize
  37. [CLOSED] Selecting a row in a non-rendered gridpanel may cause an error
  38. [CLOSED] TextField notes are wrapped now right at the right margin of the TextField
  39. [CLOSED] disabling rowexpander collapsible from code behind
  40. [CLOSED] New theme style info
  41. [CLOSED] Multicombobox list doesn't behave when used in a DropDownField component
  42. [CLOSED] off-topic question about the forums site
  43. [CLOSED] How to catch Cell dirty event when using Gridpanel with CellEditing plugin
  44. [CLOSED] Help refreshing Viewport - Razor MVC ext 2.5
  45. [CLOSED] Flip Toggle Switch
  46. [CLOSED] Calendar Sync / CRUD
  47. [CLOSED] Tooltip Issue on Firefox
  48. [CLOSED] Ext.Net Control Deletion/Destroy issue
  49. [CLOSED] Customize Toolbar Control
  50. [CLOSED] Retaining grid filter on cell editing
  51. [CLOSED] Custom ExtJS Theming
  52. [CLOSED] GridPanel ComboBox editor using AjaxProxy: Display blank column MVC
  53. [CLOSED] Page load performance
  54. [CLOSED] DateField validation and typing dates in any formats
  55. [CLOSED] Drag and drop design and issues
  56. [CLOSED] MultiUpload Extra Params
  57. [CLOSED] [#578] Custom Theming - JavaScript Overrides
  58. [CLOSED] gridpanel - component column ToolTip
  59. [CLOSED] Grid with AutoSave (row update only)
  60. [OPEN] [#584] Feature request - support data URIs for your icons (and maybe tools?)
  61. [CLOSED] [2.5.] Web Form expends much time to load
  62. [CLOSED] Exporting 2 Charts with html table to single PNG
  63. [CLOSED] UserControlLoader getValue from DirectMethod
  64. [CLOSED] getById is not working
  65. [CLOSED] Custom Theming - Multicombo CSS Missing
  66. [CLOSED] Viewport --> (Toolbar + Panel) --> (Toolbar + Control)
  67. [CLOSED] UserControls in AccordionLayout
  68. [CLOSED] AccordionLayout and hiding items
  69. [CLOSED] MultiCombo BeforeDeselect event
  70. [CLOSED] Fail to load frame
  71. [CLOSED] BaseParams and WriteBaseParams equivalent in 2.x
  72. [CLOSED] MenuItem hRef - Update attribute
  73. [CLOSED] GridPanel GetSelected error
  74. [CLOSED] Combobox property QueryMode = Local
  75. [CLOSED] RowEditing - cancel button does not work - bug?
  76. [CLOSED] TreePanel - selection moves the node 1 or 2 pixels up
  77. [CLOSED] Enable/disable clear filters button if GridFilters are applied
  78. [CLOSED] MVC - Panel - Loader
  79. [CLOSED] Ajax partialviewresult grid refresh
  80. [CLOSED] Odd issue in IE 11 on the work computer
  81. [CLOSED] How can I configure info panel and still use standard queues?
  82. [CLOSED] combo box does not fits in panel
  83. [CLOSED] Initially maximized window does not restore to fixed size
  84. [CLOSED] Show User Control during Page_Load
  85. [CLOSED] Problem with a Command.Url that not show the redirected page
  86. [CLOSED] Multiple GridPanel - Loading forever
  87. [CLOSED] Number field display DP
  88. [CLOSED] CycleButton setActiveItem
  89. [CLOSED] panel not move with the border panel
  90. [CLOSED] Get javascript function's value
  91. [CLOSED] about reference in revision #6050
  92. [CLOSED] IE 11 Support
  93. [CLOSED] Populate GridPanel via RESTFUL SVC
  94. [CLOSED] GridPanel Row Count
  95. [CLOSED] [#576] RowEditor startEdit does not focus on column
  96. [CLOSED] MVC - GridPanel - Store with ExtraParams - ajax reload
  97. [CLOSED] Ext is undefined & re-built Ext.Net
  98. [CLOSED] custom css style with settings driven by theme
  99. [CLOSED] non-editable combobox item selection by pressing key
  100. [CLOSED] MVC - FileuploadField - IE
  101. [CLOSED] Set Closable property for Portlet in Javascript is not working
  102. [CLOSED] Date format in PropertyGrid
  103. [CLOSED] Making a call synchronous
  104. [CLOSED] Reponsive Form
  105. [CLOSED] Menu Row Command - Item Hide or Disabled
  106. [CLOSED] Multiple menupanels - keep only last selected item highlighted
  107. [CLOSED] When disabling FieldContainer the label remains "Active"
  108. [CLOSED] How to Change the Font Size of Grid Panel
  109. [CLOSED] Get Focus only in Editor Cells
  110. [CLOSED] rowEditing cannot start edit after column hide
  111. [CLOSED] Compile error
  112. [CLOSED] Submit form in the model has a list of objects.
  113. [CLOSED] TreeNode load on demand
  114. [CLOSED] PagingToolbar not showing filtered count when FilterHeader is used
  115. [CLOSED] Create Panel w/MenuPanel at Page_Load in code behind
  116. [CLOSED] Line Series Chart with null values & axis scaling
  117. [CLOSED] How to use User Controls with Ext.net
  118. [CLOSED] Error in MVC Example Explorer
  119. [CLOSED] CheckColumn Renderer
  120. [CLOSED] UnCheck all tree node
  121. [CLOSED] Field value not posted to server if .Name() attribute present
  122. [CLOSED] Empty tabs in TabPanel when having Models defined
  123. [CLOSED] cannot get selected or checked nodes to server
  124. [CLOSED] What are the differences between .DataSource and .LoadData()
  125. [CLOSED] custom tree drag & drop
  126. [CLOSED] Password fields TextField saves the password
  127. [CLOSED] EXT.Net 2.5.3 release date
  128. [CLOSED] The locking buffer rendered treegrid sample times out
  129. [CLOSED] ensureVisible in TreePanel
  130. [CLOSED] Multiple Stores - design pattern required
  131. [CLOSED] How to change the FlashParams value
  132. [CLOSED] DB Schema for Calendar
  133. [CLOSED] Remote Paging using Store
  134. [CLOSED] Global setId setting problem
  135. [CLOSED] Want to Edit hidden columns in RowExpander for GridPanel
  136. [CLOSED] NumberField - Validation
  137. [CLOSED] Ext Combobox - Selected value changed from code behind on postback event is not reflected on the UI
  138. [CLOSED] Combobox ReadOnly property works differently from CodeBehind and JavaScript
  139. [CLOSED] ComboBox ForceSelection with Store Data vs DataSource
  140. [CLOSED] How to dynamically create ext.net panel from partial view
  141. [CLOSED] How can I customize desktop style
  142. [CLOSED] Ext Combobox - Selected value changed from code behind on postback event is not reflected on the UI
  143. [OPEN] [#594] Grouped Header is not truncated when the column text is too long
  144. [CLOSED] Ext.net Portlet Hide/Show Problem
  145. [CLOSED] Newtonsoft.Json
  146. [CLOSED] Problem with Combobox Select Handler
  147. [CLOSED] my project with ext 2.5.3 does not built
  148. [CLOSED] PagingToolbar showing Page 1 of 0 in empty page
  149. [CLOSED] [#593] RestResult and totalCount
  150. [CLOSED] Ext:Hidden value
  151. [CLOSED] Suppressing a custom cell tooltip when hovering over a specific element within a cell
  152. [CLOSED] Column in GridPanel as hyperlink with javascript function
  153. Best practice for returning custom paging data
  154. [CLOSED] How to read dynamic checkbox value using request.form
  155. [CLOSED] CSS border disappears in multiple rows column headers for the last sub-header
  156. [CLOSED] Grouping Feature, trigger in Code Behind (VB.NET)
  157. [CLOSED] Changing the TextField background color in ext.net 2.5
  158. [CLOSED] Filter Header with AND and OR operations
  159. [CLOSED] buffered scrolling + selected rows + filtering
  160. [CLOSED] weird horizontal scrolling effect in a grid with horizontal scrollbar in IE 11
  161. [CLOSED] Right border declared through css style not showing up in a locked column header
  162. [CLOSED] Enter key in TextField does page postback
  163. [CLOSED] Simple example of server-side paging with DataVIew control
  164. [CLOSED] Question about linked ComboBoxes in a GridPanel
  165. Session timeout and direct action
  166. [CLOSED] CellEditing startEdit after adding new record
  167. [CLOSED] set combo selected value
  168. [CLOSED] Usages of MessageBus
  169. [CLOSED] How to add a function like "Desktop Switching"?
  170. [CLOSED] Good thousand separators in NumberField
  171. [CLOSED] MVC - ResourceManager.AjaxRequestComplete
  172. [CLOSED] CDN - Https
  173. [CLOSED] Change Badge on Tabpanel in code behind
  174. [CLOSED] Cellediting Text toUpperCase after edit with keypress enter
  175. [CLOSED] ValidateEdit After MessageBox with focus
  176. [CLOSED] Issue on loading grid in different browsers
  177. [CLOSED] gridpanel: handle modification in cell
  178. [CLOSED] Changing store read parameters in JavaScript
  179. [CLOSED] File download In MVC
  180. [CLOSED] Gridpanel - tooltip content rendered incomplete
  181. [CLOSED] Error In Example - Multisort DataView Example
  182. [CLOSED] OnDirectClick on UserControl
  183. [CLOSED] GUI Issue in treepanel
  184. [CLOSED] LinqDataSource combining columns/aliasing
  185. [CLOSED] Text value of TextField object
  186. [CLOSED] Text value of TextField object in UserControl
  187. [CLOSED] [#595] How to set OffSetX and OffsetY property of badge in mvc?
  188. [CLOSED] How to detect IE11 on server side?
  189. [CLOSED] Field value Numeric and allow 2 decimal
  190. [CLOSED] Window resize according screen resolution
  191. [CLOSED] ListFilter Update items
  192. [CLOSED] How to create gridpanel column having a numeric value of lenght more than 19 digits?
  193. [CLOSED] Expand get collapsed after message box OK button click
  194. [CLOSED] Customized panel header using Razor syntax
  195. [CLOSED] Selecting 100 + files using MultiUpload
  196. [CLOSED] CustomSummaryType event not firing when gridpanel column hide in Ext v2.5
  197. [CLOSED] Newer version of xtheme-black.css
  198. [CLOSED] ButtonAlign in ext:ButtonGroup issue
  199. [CLOSED] Alert goes wrong when the page is not visible
  200. [CLOSED] [#598] UI on Notification ?
  201. [CLOSED] Toolbar Button UI
  202. [CLOSED] Scope in Column Renderer is ignored
  203. [CLOSED] [#607] Bouncing ProgressBarPager plugin
  204. [CLOSED] GroupCommand and GroupHeaderTpl
  205. [CLOSED] Sorting Treestore
  206. [CLOSED] EXT.NET Problems running Internet Explorer
  207. [CLOSED] Layout problem with the Neptune Theme
  208. [CLOSED] Common scope for multiple listeners of one component
  209. [CLOSED] Vbox and hbox layout not resizing to fill screen
  210. [CLOSED] Treeview disabled checkbox
  211. [CLOSED] Integrating codemirror or ace
  212. [CLOSED] Combo box set background color code behind
  213. [CLOSED] Works fine on other browsers (like chrome) but Rendering in IE is slow
  214. [CLOSED] Error in MVC Example Explorer - DirectMethod
  215. [CLOSED] Read all checked nodes in treepanel by code_behind
  216. [CLOSED] Extra Icon in Panel Header
  217. [CLOSED] Install Error within Visual Studio 2013
  218. [CLOSED] Page index Pagingtoolbar
  219. [CLOSED] Hide/Show window toolbar
  220. [CLOSED] Ext.Net.Chart redraw exception
  221. [CLOSED] Component Column Renderer from CodeBehind In mvc
  222. [CLOSED] Lockable grid auto scrolling problem
  223. [CLOSED] Remove option from gridpanel column menu
  224. [CLOSED] Get URL from form to load in new window
  225. [CLOSED] gridpanel: access to cell values server side
  226. [CLOSED] InfoPanel using QueueName not working
  227. [CLOSED] Request direct module error
  228. [CLOSED] Problem with BeforeSelect on the Grid
  229. [CLOSED] Problem With TaskManager's Update.Handler and Image
  230. [CLOSED] pass mutiple paramer with single extraparams
  231. [CLOSED] Tab Panels not loading values on partial views
  232. [CLOSED] WeekView in calendarpanel without hours
  233. [CLOSED] Portal Items Default Style
  234. [CLOSED] GridPanel - filtering by null values.
  235. [CLOSED] IE7 Issues: Hide Note
  236. [CLOSED] Show Image Component Dynamically
  237. [CLOSED]Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn't support this property or method Ext.Msg.getDialog().setPosition(440,440)
  238. [CLOSED] Tree Panel and Buffered Renderer
  239. [CLOSED] CycleButton: Adding items from behind code
  240. [CLOSED] Place report viewer inside ext.net
  241. [CLOSED] Get multiple RecordID from GridPanel
  242. [CLOSED] Example with Property ApplyTo in a ComboBox
  243. [CLOSED] Multiple PartialViews make the page very slow
  244. [CLOSED] Calendar: The number shown on the Day view for all-day event entries changes during navigation.
  245. [CLOSED] Calendar: The number shown on the Day view for all-day event entries changes during navigation (2nd problem)
  246. [CLOSED] Extending Ext.net Control / Creating Custom Control
  247. [CLOSED] DirectMethods and error with dynamic controls
  248. [CLOSED] desktop start menu subitem open up in wrong position
  249. [CLOSED] Problem display grid with scroll and other fields
  250. [CLOSED] TreeGrid submit dirty rows