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  1. [CLOSED] New Theme
  2. [CLOSED] Cellediting BeforeEdit not firing
  3. [CLOSED] Filtered records not getting exported to Excel.
  4. [CLOSED] Get ID value after save and rebind the grid when row selection
  5. [CLOSED] Reminder field not supported in 2.x version
  6. [CLOSED] User Control ViewState
  7. [CLOSED] Field validation inside cellediting gridpanel
  8. [CLOSED] Validator syntax/Example in MVC
  9. [CLOSED] Date Field Issue in new version 2.5
  10. [CLOSED] Customize SummaryRenderer view
  11. [CLOSED] dateColumn value does not display when it is null
  12. [CLOSED] Multiple Upload Drag And Drop on IE
  13. [CLOSED] CheckMenuItem Click and Check events
  14. [CLOSED] multicombo clearValue not unchecking items
  15. [CLOSED] SummaryRenderer Format
  16. [CLOSED] render chart control
  17. [CLOSED] Collapsed panel with border layout can't expand
  18. [CLOSED] Dynamic Checkboxes - Hide/Show user option
  19. [CLOSED] Error in globalization culture
  20. [CLOSED] PropertyGrid - update source before handling the ENTER key after edit
  21. [CLOSED] PartialViewResult with FormPanel does not show in FormCollection-Part 2
  22. [CLOSED] BufferedRenderer + FilterHeader = Vertical scroll problem
  23. [CLOSED] Refreshing GridPanel after popup close
  24. [CLOSED] Disable plugin on client side
  25. [CLOSED] MVC - Grid CRUD with Form in a Window - Best Practices
  26. [CLOSED] Summary Column on Nested GridPanel
  27. [CLOSED] Rowexpander nested gridpanel column width issue
  28. [CLOSED] MVC Ext 2.5 RestProxy and Grid Insert Issue
  29. [CLOSED] ComboBox position changing while adding new record to GridPanel
  30. [CLOSED] Dynamic store fields being added more than once (MVC Razor)
  31. [CLOSED] Need Help For Get Value Chart Server Side.
  32. [CLOSED] Grid Row Selection Model - Row Count
  33. [CLOSED] ImageCommandColumn confirm message in mvc
  34. [CLOSED] 'Ext' is undefined
  35. [CLOSED] Add event to tab from client side code
  36. [CLOSED] Error when exporting data with columns contains special characters
  37. [CLOSED] GridDragDrop with ContainerScroll
  38. [CLOSED] DirectMethod occassional BADRESPONSE error
  39. [CLOSED] Error GridPanel Internet Explorer 8
  40. [CLOSED] GetCmp-Trouble when tabpanel not initialized
  41. [CLOSED] TypeError: l.createEvent is not a function - Firebug
  42. [CLOSED] Column chart legend not showing correct color incase of merged chart
  43. [CLOSED] Problems Export to Excel
  44. [CLOSED] How To Adding Filter, Grouping, Refresh Feature by Code (Server side)
  45. [CLOSED] Direct Method - App.direct undefined
  46. [CLOSED] Grid Multi select without Ctrl key
  47. [CLOSED] Calendar weekview rotation
  48. [CLOSED] How to wrapping grid command column?
  49. [CLOSED] [#529] MultiSelect scroll position is not getting maintianed
  50. [CLOSED] Paging combo box giving blank error pop up in case of dataview with status code 200
  51. [CLOSED] MultiUpload with Firefox - Unauthorized
  52. [CLOSED] Gridpanel loading message does not show help me
  53. [CLOSED] Remove choose columns from the grid
  54. [CLOSED] Grid row selection manipulation and totals
  55. [CLOSED] treepanel CollapseFirst="true" does not work
  56. [CLOSED] Key Map sample request for MVC
  57. [CLOSED] Toolbar items aligned to left and right
  58. [CLOSED] GridPanel - Check rows in server side
  59. [CLOSED] Mask on adding / refreshing a sprite to a DrawComponent
  60. [CLOSED] Desktop icons not showing
  61. [CLOSED] how to fire a click event to check the radio?
  62. [CLOSED] Problem with auto genarate extra column in gridpanel
  63. [CLOSED] problem with DisplayFieldFor model binding
  64. [CLOSED] Export to Excel - MVC
  65. [CLOSED] Read selected items server side (additional columns)
  66. [CLOSED] PartialViewResult with FormPanel does not show in FormCollection part 2
  67. [CLOSED] Get uploaded file name and file path server side.
  68. [CLOSED] Loading thousands rows to Grid
  69. [CLOSED] Generate Toolbar with menu from XML
  70. [CLOSED] Example Combobox Anchor property
  71. [CLOSED] MVC Ext 2.5 use JSRender in Panel
  72. [CLOSED] Datefield Custom Range
  73. [CLOSED] how to enumerate treestore?
  74. [CLOSED] Cannot Increase Text Width in TagLabel
  75. [CLOSED] FormPanel not validate a TextField after show with allowBlank = "false"
  76. [CLOSED] Sudden startup/layout issues
  77. [CLOSED] Format Number Issue (Negatives)
  78. [CLOSED] TreePanel empty folder issue
  79. [CLOSED] Set value to timefield
  80. [CLOSED] Json max length
  81. [CLOSED] Hide arrow from NumberField
  82. [CLOSED] This page running very slow on ie 11. But on chrome very speed.
  83. [CLOSED] MultiSelect list box ReadOnly property not working
  84. [CLOSED] Thousand separator in NumberField
  85. [CLOSED] setValue for FilterHeader in code behind
  86. [CLOSED] filterheader, infinite scrolling and a component to show a record count
  87. [CLOSED] Custom Control or User Control in razor MVC
  88. [CLOSED] RowEditor with TreePanel
  89. [CLOSED] Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: div.\
  90. [CLOSED] Field focus problem
  91. [CLOSED] Highlight Checked Radio Button in Radio Button Group
  92. [CLOSED] Controller Event Domain related events are not fired
  93. [CLOSED] FormPanel Submit Values with Disabled and Selectable
  94. [CLOSED] Unable to clear Combobox store filter
  95. [CLOSED] SignalR Polling
  96. [CLOSED] [#530] EventMask UseMsg="false" doesn't work with Direct Events ?
  97. [CLOSED] Difference between Store's Data and DataSource property
  98. [CLOSED] Unexpected behaviour of EventMask and FormBind="true"
  99. [CLOSED] [#531] Disabled button and Hand cursor
  100. [CLOSED] Summary Feature next to a CheckColumn
  101. [CLOSED] The horizontal scroll is not displayed using theme access
  102. [CLOSED] Cell value change event in GridPanel
  103. [CLOSED] Is MultiUpload secure ?
  104. [CLOSED] What am i missing on GridPanel Summary Row ?
  105. [CLOSED] Rebuild accordion with dataviews
  106. [CLOSED] Fire Combobox Selection change event automatically
  107. [CLOSED] MVC Dynamic Buffered Store
  108. [CLOSED] Custom FilterHeader
  109. [CLOSED] Example need for remote paging and filterheader
  110. [CLOSED] Gridpanel columns move with locked = true
  111. [CLOSED] Retrieve Object TextField
  112. [CLOSED] Count open windows on the desktop
  113. [CLOSED] Dynamic Editor with Form Controls in GridPanel
  114. [CLOSED] Popup Dragging issue
  115. [CLOSED] Ajax Linked Combobox SetValue()
  116. [CLOSED] Form Validation Status Bar Message doesn't show
  117. [CLOSED] is there any possibility to assign one combo-box store directly to second comb-box
  118. [CLOSED] Drag to Select gridpanel rows Razor
  119. [CLOSED] Auto adjust column size in grid panel
  120. [CLOSED] how can I get GridFilters NumericFilter value on code behind?
  121. [CLOSED] Gridpanel vertical scroll Razor
  122. [CLOSED] Setup MaskRe for Textfield RAZOR
  123. [CLOSED] Calendar Event Window add field
  124. [CLOSED] Populating GridPanel Store from CodeBehind
  125. [CLOSED] Using TagLabel in User Control is not displayed
  126. [CLOSED] Make cursor move on Enter down in GridPanel
  127. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel Toolbar button issue
  128. [CLOSED] Changing underlying JSON object of a Store
  129. [CLOSED] BackColor,ForeColor not work
  130. [CLOSED] Fields not showing properly in different screen resolution
  131. [CLOSED] How to select and deselect TagLabel from javascript?
  132. [CLOSED] how to get a button in the window which is created in codebehind?
  133. [CLOSED] Layout - Gridpanel / Panel in Window
  134. [CLOSED] Combo box items add
  135. [CLOSED] id not found in base class.
  136. [CLOSED] before ajax request
  137. [CLOSED] How to reload Calendar panel Event store
  138. [CLOSED] File Upload Field example
  139. [CLOSED] grid ColumnModel columns Javascript
  140. [CLOSED] How to submit the DropDownField value in formpanel?
  141. [CLOSED] Export selected column value from Gridpanel MVC Razor
  142. [CLOSED] Performance problem with version 2 of the TreePanel control
  143. [CLOSED] Row body selection in gridpanel
  144. [CLOSED] Ext.Net 3.0
  145. [CLOSED] timefield editor default date
  146. [CLOSED] passing values from one row to another row (related row)
  147. [CLOSED] Default operator for FilterHeader fields
  148. [CLOSED] MessageBox render problem
  149. [CLOSED] Conditional Hide GridPanel ComponentColumn
  150. [CLOSED] RowExpander Plugin Position Change In Gridpanel
  151. [CLOSED] Filtering using FilterHeader plugin and Turkish language
  152. [CLOSED] Loop through TemplateHtml in RowExpander
  153. [CLOSED] MultiCombobox - Not able to get whether item is checked or unchecked
  154. [CLOSED] How to update Component column value of one row on edit of component column of another row
  155. [CLOSED] Multi uploaded member not found error in IE.
  156. [CLOSED] Multiple upload examples not working
  157. [CLOSED] Add Dynamic Filters to Dynamic Gridpanel
  158. [CLOSED] Set Focus on GridPanel ComponentColumn
  159. [CLOSED] Textarea's text selection is not retaining
  160. [CLOSED] Store timeout onReadData
  161. [CLOSED] load grid inside RowExpander Plugin
  162. [CLOSED] Need Design realated help
  163. [CLOSED] set grid column index
  164. [CLOSED] Ext Range Series
  165. [CLOSED] Examples Window - Open in front
  166. [CLOSED] Save To JPG
  167. [CLOSED] ASP.NET Form Validation Request error when closing a Window containing a TextArea
  168. [CLOSED] How to serialize customconfig of list of observable?
  169. [CLOSED] GridPanel is loosing focus on store update (bug?)
  170. [CLOSED] Is it possible to merge grid columns on specific row in a grid.
  171. [CLOSED] Show hide a ImageCommandColumn AFTER the Grid Data are loaded
  172. [CLOSED] Grid Header item of Child headers
  173. [CLOSED] Making one row in gridpanel always editable
  174. [CLOSED] Update Legend Text in Chart
  175. [CLOSED] Mathemetical Calculation between tow fields
  176. [CLOSED] Grid numbercolumn format with parentheses around negative numbers
  177. [CLOSED] ComponentColumn fires edit event on every keypress
  178. [CLOSED] Regex possibly not working?
  179. [CLOSED] Ext js getElementsByName()
  180. [CLOSED] Loop through fields inside FormPanel in controller
  181. [CLOSED] How to Exclude the keyup event from the TextField checkChangeEvents.
  182. [CLOSED] [#550] GroupHeaderTpl not working when gridpanel has GroupCommands
  183. [CLOSED] how to load dato to combobox in the componentColumn
  184. [CLOSED] MultiUpload error
  185. [CLOSED] Hide Trigger when click Gridpanel
  186. [CLOSED] Convert json to XML Gridpanel rows values
  187. [CLOSED] Extending JsonWriter with a custom writer, but not coming through?
  188. [CLOSED] Layout Problem
  189. [CLOSED] EXT.NET 3.0 Changelog
  190. [CLOSED] Expanding many rows at the same time
  191. [CLOSED] Getting the value from TextField with InputMask plugin
  192. [CLOSED] DateField with DateRange Validation
  193. [CLOSED] [#537] Combobox Case Insensitive Value Matching
  194. [CLOSED] msg.Alert() not working
  195. [CLOSED] Lost SVN credentials
  196. [CLOSED] Set and Get Attribute and Value to a field
  197. [CLOSED] Getting raw JSON data in MVC Controller Post
  198. [CLOSED] Adding task at client
  199. [CLOSED] Dynamically add row (MVC)
  200. [CLOSED] ComboBox Blank Option is Non-visible
  201. [CLOSED] Add new row focus missing issue.
  202. [CLOSED] Grid Filter disable in edit mode
  203. [CLOSED] Load grid with another grid data
  204. [CLOSED] [#538] Menu item icon shifts when hovered in IE and Chrome
  205. [CLOSED] [#539] Multiupload works on localhost?
  206. [CLOSED] Neptune Theme - Panel Frame Border Style
  207. [CLOSED] Grid Panel Inside Jquery Tab
  208. [CLOSED] enable dirty flag for new row added to grid
  209. [CLOSED] itemdblclick event redirect request failure
  210. [CLOSED] Free eBook not yet received
  211. [CLOSED] TAB key press not setting focus to next row
  212. [CLOSED] Design the web using EXT.NET
  213. [CLOSED] How to handle a callback using background threads?
  214. [CLOSED] Gridpanel - multiheader column sorting
  215. [CLOSED] Grid with AutoSave with Combobox
  216. [CLOSED] How to pass Dynamic URL to loader
  217. [CLOSED] MVC syntax
  218. [CLOSED] Css for tab button
  219. [CLOSED] Passing summary value from child grid to parent's grid
  220. [CLOSED] Customize Grid column header menu
  221. [CLOSED] MVC - Register an Icon
  222. [CLOSED] me undefined while rerendering partial view having gird with Component column in Container or Window
  223. [CLOSED] GetRowClass MVC
  224. [CLOSED] Form Layout
  225. [CLOSED] GridPanel ComponentColumn in partial view giving 'me undefined error '
  226. [CLOSED] How to create a new Bootstrap theme for Ext.Net components
  227. [CLOSED] [#549] Rendering Partial View Error
  228. [CLOSED] Workaround with FilterHeader (source, filter empty fields, filter by renderer value)
  229. [CLOSED] htmlEditor error when saving or adding data on OnBeforeStoreChanged, (500) internal communication error
  230. [CLOSED] Form validation including form on user control
  231. [CLOSED] Chart axis label alignment
  232. [CLOSED] MVC Dynamic Grid with RowExpander, when expand and store reload of parent grid, JS error 'Cannot read 'style' of null'
  233. [CLOSED] Reloading iframe-content after move the portlet in another section
  234. [CLOSED] Filters header alignment
  235. [CLOSED] [#551] Scroll to current Item in ComboBox trigger click
  236. [CLOSED] Upgrade from 2.1.1 to 2.5.2
  237. [CLOSED] FormPanel loaded with invalid fields
  238. [CLOSED] Ext JS 4.2.3 : The most comprehensive maintenance release for Ext JS version 4
  239. [CLOSED] Ext.fly
  240. [CLOSED] Nested Grid w/Remote Filter
  241. [CLOSED] MVC - FormPanel - Prevent submit when pressing ENTER
  242. [CLOSED] IE11 tooltips
  243. [CLOSED] ModelField - ServerMapping
  244. [CLOSED] TreePanel clearSelections and highlights
  245. [CLOSED] Refresh grid after change store data from javascript
  246. [CLOSED] Problems with this document MULTIUPLOADER
  247. [CLOSED] Tag field not present in MVC
  248. [CLOSED] Get selected text from Multiselect
  249. [CLOSED] TreePanel ItemContextMenu (Hide Browser ContextMenu)
  250. [CLOSED] Custom Drop Down - MVC + Razor + Javascript