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  1. [CLOSED] ComboBox resetting multiSelect value
  2. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor value empty in DirectEvent
  3. [CLOSED] how to pass DropDownField's text to his component(gridpanel)'s store as a parameter ?
  4. [CLOSED] how to get the selected combobox's value which combobox is in webusercontrol
  5. [CLOSED] How capture file path
  6. [CLOSED] Badge Issue on Tab
  7. [CLOSED] Grid Panel RowEditing Plugin : AutoCancel does not work without Error Summary
  8. [CLOSED] Random Ext.Net.Mvc Razor Issues / NuGet Deployment
  9. [CLOSED] [2.5] The whole page gets scrolled up when clicking a checkbox
  10. [CLOSED] fireEvent issue in plugin
  11. [CLOSED] Persist Store Parameters on Paging
  12. [CLOSED] select the value for combobox?
  13. [CLOSED] Grid header within ajax tabpanel is not showing for all tab first time
  14. [CLOSED] Row Editing Validation
  15. [CLOSED] GridPanel selection model does not update, after adding record
  16. [CLOSED] LabelAlign Top / Text shifted
  17. [CLOSED] Example Simple Tasks Render Field Group
  18. [CLOSED] Convert Dataset to Store
  19. [CLOSED] auto resize grid when desk top window size changed
  20. [CLOSED] MultiUpload fails after publish
  21. [CLOSED] out of memory on databind
  22. [CLOSED] 'Calendar' does not exist in the namespace 'Ext.Net'
  23. [CLOSED] Icon in a FieldSet Title
  24. [CLOSED] IE Inserting Script in Head Above Meta
  25. [CLOSED] Multicomo fill list and selected items code behind
  26. [CLOSED] Row Expander Grid Child's Row refer to Parent's
  27. [CLOSED] Could not load file or assembly
  28. [CLOSED] Calendar Panel - Does not show Customised Event window on some machines
  29. [CLOSED] problem layout grid panel group after edit cell
  30. [CLOSED] Partial Content and Tree Node - MVC
  31. [CLOSED] Align Checkbox middle of row in GridPanel in ExtV2.5
  32. [CLOSED] Issue returning error(s) from an Api Controller
  33. [CLOSED] GridPanel align center and buttons should display on bottom of the page.
  34. [CLOSED] ComboBox custom search - bind to store instead of using Paging<>
  35. [CLOSED] GridPanel Deselect Issue
  36. [CLOSED] GridPanel StripeRows issue with RowExpander
  37. [CLOSED] ComboBox custom search - pager is not rendering correctly
  38. [CLOSED] ComboBox Filterby is not working properly
  39. [CLOSED] [#494] Euroformat
  40. [CLOSED] [#492] Direct Method scope option not working?
  41. [OPEN] [#495] Feature request - delayed event mask showing for unexpectedly longer running tasks
  42. [CLOSED] Ext.NET 2.5.1 Manual install help
  43. [CLOSED] Grid Row Order using the Plug-in
  44. [CLOSED] Filterheader and getRowsValues
  45. [CLOSED] Multilevel Grid Panel
  46. [CLOSED] how to fire enter event when click in the textfield?
  47. [CLOSED] ItemSelector Control with ComboBox selection
  48. [CLOSED] Ext.Net "format.time" and localization
  49. [CLOSED] Column chart showing black bars in IE8
  50. [CLOSED] confirm codebehind?
  51. [CLOSED] Composite view and fit panel - MVC
  52. [CLOSED] Ajax Method: intercept errors globally (server-side)
  53. [CLOSED] Form should work with url which has quotation marks
  54. [CLOSED] Popup on grid cell click
  55. [CLOSED] insert new tab with dynamic treeview
  56. [CLOSED] Grouped header through code behind
  57. [CLOSED] apply background color and border to the nested panels with Frame attribute
  58. [CLOSED] [#496] DocumentReady in iframe of two different domain does not work in Firefox 29.x.x
  59. [CLOSED] Combobox value in PropertyGrid
  60. [CLOSED] Trigger does not update the grid
  61. [CLOSED] Local Filtering on ComboBox
  62. [CLOSED] ext.net site is down
  63. [CLOSED] checkbox callback wrong value
  64. [CLOSED] Issue - Character 'e' being accepted in NumberField
  65. [CLOSED] TreePanel selection problem
  66. [CLOSED] Help with JSON function
  67. [CLOSED] Problem on a published Ext.Net web site
  68. [CLOSED] Format Calendar with 24 hours, every 15 minnutos
  69. [CLOSED] TabPanel Ajax Loading Problem
  70. [CLOSED] MVC conditional validation not showing error
  71. [CLOSED] here how to get value of modelfield in editor?
  72. [CLOSED] Tabpanel with partial views, Panel gets blanked
  73. [CLOSED] Validate duplicate record with Auto sync on store.
  74. [CLOSED] Add panel with tabmenu in AjaxResult
  75. [CLOSED] set value of CheckColumn in java script
  76. [CLOSED] Callouts on DIV
  77. [CLOSED] Paging in grid loses params
  78. [CLOSED] FieldSet Title should be align center
  79. [CLOSED] Get unknown control type using ID
  80. [CLOSED] Hide Gauge labels
  81. [CLOSED] Add new row on child's grid that is using row expander
  82. [CLOSED] Custom editable gridpanel
  83. [CLOSED] Error on title area click of menu
  84. [CLOSED] [#505] Mixing MVC and non-MVC Ext v2x
  85. [CLOSED] How do you add a Portlet to a Portal Column from JavaScript?
  86. [CLOSED] Error after updating to version 2.5.2 Ext.Net.dll
  87. [CLOSED] Panel with CollapseDirection left not expands on title area click
  88. [CLOSED] Space between events
  89. [CLOSED] Add custom text to donut gauge
  90. [CLOSED] can't bind to texfield on page with GridPanel & FormPanel & two stores
  91. [CLOSED] Set a buttons DirectEvent through another DirectEvent
  92. [CLOSED] Client side validation help
  93. [CLOSED] LiveSearchGridPanel
  94. [CLOSED] how to copy the content of column?
  95. [CLOSED] How to send parameters to listener with options
  96. [CLOSED] Window Unstyled property not working on IE 8
  97. [CLOSED] How to pass parameter from row expander grid that's created dynamically
  98. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor as a editor issue
  99. [CLOSED] Combox Box not displaying selected name, inside the grid
  100. [CLOSED] Editor Field Mapping with component column
  101. [CLOSED] [#502] Ext.net 2.5 rtl
  102. [CLOSED] [#504] Custom Field for Filter Header not working
  103. [OPEN] [#503] Expand/Collapse Panel
  104. [CLOSED] Panel Collapse Tool
  105. [CLOSED] Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: li.\
  106. [CLOSED] [#506] TabPanel + ItemsFromPartial + ActiveTabIndex
  107. [OPEN] [#507] Feature request - support for Static Direct Methods in custom Components
  108. [CLOSED] Check if there are any pending DirectMethods or DirectEvents
  109. [CLOSED] Text of DateField showing 1/1/0001
  110. [CLOSED] Help : How Changing Treepanel after update in the IFrame (Server Side)
  111. [CLOSED] Set CycleButton Active Item in Code Behind
  112. [CLOSED] Status Code: Status Text: BADRESPONSE: Unexpected token <
  113. [CLOSED] Adding Css to grid column
  114. [CLOSED] Filter Header and Combo boxes
  115. [CLOSED] drawcomponent adding sprite in stead of replacing
  116. [CLOSED] Set selected value to combox when edit data in MVC version 2.x
  117. [CLOSED] reload data of grid after save a new record MVC
  118. [CLOSED] Grid panel selected row cout check-MVC
  119. [CLOSED] Set button enable true or false MVC
  120. [CLOSED] Close Window javascript error in IE10
  121. [CLOSED] ItemDblClick and ItemClick, both at the same grid
  122. [CLOSED] send object[] using DirectMethod
  123. [CLOSED] Error : Unable to get value of the property 'setDisplayed': object is null or undefined
  124. [CLOSED] Editable Grid and KeyMap
  125. [CLOSED] After filtering the data in grid panel, the update and cancel buttons is showing on the top of the row.
  126. [CLOSED] Calendar Panel - Customise Event Window to disable End Date and All Day Check box
  127. [CLOSED] GridPanel and KeyNav
  128. [CLOSED] Design with complex layout
  129. [CLOSED] Mouse over event for image button
  130. [CLOSED] Custom Icon on a Button
  131. [CLOSED] How to show notification in parent but align to child's element?
  132. [CLOSED] New Images for the Netune Theme
  133. [CLOSED] Window control with aspx
  134. [CLOSED] Show screenshots in HTML editor
  135. [CLOSED] Linked Combobox Binding Issue
  136. [CLOSED] EXT.NET MVC Razor view Code Formatting tool
  137. [CLOSED] Loop through Fields iside form panel
  138. [CLOSED] Set Fieldlabel visibility off
  139. [CLOSED] How to get rowIndex of a record in the tree panel.
  140. [CLOSED] File upload Hasfile false
  141. [CLOSED] EXT .net nested grid column misaligned
  142. [CLOSED] Load data to Grid on Documenet ready
  143. [CLOSED] Recreating Dynamic Controls within a IDynamicUserControl
  144. [CLOSED] Add tab dynamically using StringBuilder?
  145. [CLOSED] Dynamic checkboxselectionmodel direct event
  146. [CLOSED] GridPanel CheckColumn does not retain the focus/viewport
  147. [CLOSED] How to pass parameters from child panel to parent panel ???
  148. [CLOSED] Add a MultiCombo box as a column in a grid panel
  149. [CLOSED] gridpanel editor blur
  150. [CLOSED] GridPanel numberfield problem
  151. [CLOSED] pop up grid editor
  152. [CLOSED] panel of TabPanel customization
  153. [CLOSED] [#511] Resource manager addscript in IE
  154. [CLOSED] Combobox with action button possible?
  155. [CLOSED] Error on destroy ext.window IE11
  156. [CLOSED] how to change ext:window content fields horizontally aligned
  157. [CLOSED] Error Creating control - chart modelfield
  158. [CLOSED] Toolbar EnableOverflow="true" (ext 2.5.2)
  159. [CLOSED] MVC Razor - How to show currency in FormpanelFor textfield
  160. [CLOSED] MVC Razor - FormpanelFor - How to tell model to use TextAreaField
  161. [CLOSED] How to change row background-color when clicked command
  162. [CLOSED] KeyMap
  163. [CLOSED] How to get all rows in GridPanel
  164. [CLOSED] Problem with store reload
  165. [CLOSED] Fill controls from controller with model binding
  166. [CLOSED] Grid panel print in mvc
  167. [CLOSED] Slider RTL
  168. [CLOSED] Desktop Menu Open Page
  169. [CLOSED] CheckBoxModelSelection - Clear all selections When using CellEditing
  170. [CLOSED] Change IndicatorIconCls dynamically not works
  171. [CLOSED] GridPanel.getView().toggleRowIndex
  172. [CLOSED] Select Node in treePanel after in loader frame
  173. [CLOSED] When can we expect Ext.NET with ExtJS 5.0?
  174. [CLOSED] Add Tooltip to node's icon
  175. [CLOSED] space issue
  176. [CLOSED] Bug in fieldcontainer when using label align top
  177. [CLOSED] Top bar doubles height if datefield has width attribute
  178. [CLOSED] Nested Grid Panels Javascript Error
  179. [CLOSED] Item Selector
  180. [CLOSED] MultiUpload sending parameters
  181. [CLOSED] id generator question
  182. [CLOSED] Performance Issue
  183. [CLOSED] GridPanel - Multiple controls in a single column
  184. [CLOSED] [#513] How to Hide Root in a TreePanel ???
  185. [CLOSED] PartialViewResult with FormPanel does not show in FormCollection
  186. [CLOSED] Adding FormPanel Items from Codebehind
  187. [CLOSED] Fill Combobox inside Grid Panel and populate other fields with its selection change event
  188. [OPEN] [#516] Calendar Panel Customised Event Window Does not show when Compatibility Mode is on
  189. [CLOSED] json reader exception
  190. [CLOSED] Json reader Fields property not found in mvc
  191. [CLOSED] Combobox Display field not showing inside grid panel
  192. [CLOSED] Add Tab in CodeBehind
  193. [CLOSED] [#514] Print Grid With FilterHeader
  194. [CLOSED] [#515] Problem With Store+ComboBox+ComponentColumn in Ext.Net 2.5 (working in Ext.Net 2.4)
  195. [CLOSED] recreating treestore in code behind
  196. [CLOSED] GridPanel RowWrap and StripeRows
  197. [CLOSED] Master Details entry form
  198. [CLOSED] How to make sync call using Ajaxproxy (Store)
  199. [CLOSED] Editable gridpanel with summery and celledit plugin and remote data
  200. [CLOSED] Control display issue after DirectEvent and show mask
  201. [CLOSED] Hide GridPanel Column based on Column Name
  202. [CLOSED] Dynamically add a code to get a row and use the required parameters
  203. [CLOSED] AutoRender="true" Causes all button text to increase in size
  204. [CLOSED] {addtime:date('Y-m-d')} not correct
  205. [CLOSED] MVC DropDownField Error
  206. [CLOSED] Problem with store reload if de.Click.FormID is present in DirectEvents
  207. [CLOSED] Increase Icon in Tab Header
  208. [CLOSED] extending textfield
  209. [CLOSED] GridPanel Bottom bar issue
  210. [CLOSED] datefield separator
  211. [CLOSED] GridPanel ColumnHeader Width
  212. [CLOSED] [#517] MultiUpload drag&drop, speciall charracters in file name
  213. [CLOSED] Custom control left/right buttons
  214. [CLOSED] [#518] Linked Combos In Grid example in MVC
  215. [CLOSED] Reading dynamically created items in fieldset
  216. [CLOSED] Set Store StoreReadDataEventArgs Start property
  217. [CLOSED] Mouse over event between grid cells on same row
  218. [CLOSED] Multi File Upload
  219. [CLOSED] button with rounded edge
  220. [CLOSED] Align InfoPanel to element on server side?
  221. [CLOSED] Word Wrap Chart X-Axis
  222. [CLOSED] Select and DeSelect GridPanel row using client side
  223. [CLOSED] ContextMenu on Tab's Header
  224. [CLOSED] always show "request failure" message box
  225. [CLOSED] Personalise the buttom to close the control panel
  226. [CLOSED] Radio Group does not work if bound data is boolean
  227. [CLOSED] DataView Bind Issue
  228. [CLOSED] RowExpander bug and question
  229. [CLOSED] button focus problem
  230. [CLOSED] Treeview Click
  231. [CLOSED] Linked various fields In Grid example in MVC and other functionality
  232. [CLOSED] TabPanel DirectEvent TabChange and Page_Load
  233. [CLOSED] GridPanel - ModelField - Mapping
  234. [CLOSED] Ext Notification
  235. [CLOSED] Default loding mask not displaying while populating the Grid?
  236. [CLOSED] Pages Appear as (blank)
  237. [CLOSED] ComboBox displaying Value after selection change instead of Text
  238. [CLOSED] Adding a new record with paging enabled issue
  239. [CLOSED] Store issue in new version
  240. [CLOSED] TriggerField and Enter key
  241. [CLOSED] Problem with Summary plugins
  242. [CLOSED] Stop Running this script? Page becomes unresponsive in IE8 for Line Chart Graphs
  243. [CLOSED] DateFormat in grid
  244. [CLOSED] grid panel problem with Stateful
  245. [CLOSED] Load combobox dynamically inside gridpanel editorfield
  246. [CLOSED] Show hidden menu panel bug
  247. [CLOSED] CheckBox Selection in Editable Grid
  248. [CLOSED] Combobox issue since getting latest SVN
  249. [CLOSED] submitting file to ashx in IE browser
  250. [CLOSED] Combobox shows blank area below list items on mouse hover of combobox items. Browser IE 9.