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  1. [CLOSED] ext.net iscollapsedplaceholder' is null
  2. [CLOSED] MultiUpload MVC response error in IE 11
  3. [CLOSED] Open URL after MessageBox OK
  4. [CLOSED] Disable grid header mouseover effect
  5. [CLOSED] Control Hidden status from BehindCode
  6. [CLOSED] RemoteValidation with ExtraParams not work
  7. [CLOSED] DatePicker Max and Min date not working
  8. [CLOSED] Problem with the save chart as image
  9. [CLOSED] Merging two columns into one with dynamic controls in Grid-Panel
  10. [CLOSED] Bar Chart not displaying properly in case of Positive & negative values
  11. [CLOSED] asp.net GridView
  12. [CLOSED] Set ResourceManager's ScriptMode property globally
  13. [CLOSED] How to set Height on application with dynamic content?
  14. [CLOSED] GridPanel selection
  15. [CLOSED] Label and Margins
  16. [CLOSED] Grid Double Click
  17. [CLOSED] Month Picker in Grid
  18. [CLOSED] How to draw a custom line (solid, dotted) on chart at specific position?
  19. [CLOSED] Loader
  20. [CLOSED] MessageBox Function Fn pass arguments in Ext 2.x
  21. [CLOSED] Hide Items from Column Context Menu in Grid panel using Renderer?
  22. [CLOSED] Ext.Net Fileuploader IE8 issue
  23. [CLOSED] button DirectEvents.success & button DirectEvents.failure issue
  24. [CLOSED] Issue with Resizable Textarea
  25. [CLOSED] Dockable Panel?
  26. [CLOSED] Refreshing the Calendar with Remote Events
  27. [CLOSED] Reload Parent TabPanel after closing child window
  28. [CLOSED] ext Image how to set the Image in JS ?
  29. [CLOSED] Grid's DateColumn Format not working in IE8
  30. [CLOSED] Resource manager
  31. [CLOSED] Hidden window has wrong properties on server
  32. [CLOSED] how to open file save dialog from click in image ?
  33. [CLOSED] DropDownField and submit value
  34. [CLOSED] MVC - ItemsFromPatial and Item's namespace
  35. [CLOSED] Window Renderto Parent
  36. [CLOSED] Debug Error
  37. [CLOSED] Make readonly gridpanel columns skip on tab
  38. [CLOSED] batch save issue
  39. [CLOSED] Rebuild Row Index of column
  40. [CLOSED] Component Column - Combobox change event issue in IE 8
  41. [CLOSED] Bar Chart scroll issue
  42. [CLOSED] Inheritance / ReUse of Controls - Component Library
  43. [CLOSED] Nested Grid
  44. [CLOSED] X-Axis labels overlap on columns in column chart in IE 8
  45. [CLOSED] first alert a message then a few second later(3 second) redirect to another url?
  46. [CLOSED] NumberField blank to zero value
  47. [CLOSED] Viewport and Master page
  48. [CLOSED] How to skip series labels if they overlap in line chart?
  49. [CLOSED] Component Column - Combobox shows value first and then corresponding text
  50. [CLOSED] I can not select an item from selectbox
  51. [CLOSED] ExtJS 5.0 Beta and the Crisp Theme
  52. [CLOSED] Troubles Drag and Drop from GridPanel to GridPanel
  53. [CLOSED] Overriden events..
  54. [CLOSED] "Sprite" texts are getting overlapped in Chart .
  55. [CLOSED] Return value custom property with DirectMethod
  56. [CLOSED] Scroll bar problem on a grid
  57. [CLOSED] Delay firing of Direct Method ...
  58. [CLOSED] Trouble updating a grid store via proxy (razor)
  59. [CLOSED] Refill combobox in gridpanel from behind
  60. [CLOSED] A DirectMethod provides the ability to call controller actions from client-side JavaScript code.
  61. [CLOSED] ExtNet GridPanel unhandled exception after update from release 2.4 to 2.5
  62. [CLOSED] Numeric Field Validation Not working
  63. [CLOSED] Mask is not showing with custom message. Scrollbar is not getting for gridpanel, Radiobutton group functionality.
  64. [CLOSED] Checkboxlist in gridpanel component column
  65. [CLOSED] MVC Examples for Desktop
  66. [CLOSED] IE8 Memory leaking
  67. [CLOSED] Recommendations required for store usage on a big massive page?
  68. [CLOSED] Forgot SVN password
  69. [CLOSED] MVC Grid panel takes long time to load and browser wants to end script
  70. [CLOSED] Problem with date field selector
  71. [CLOSED] Tab behavior with Row Editing
  72. [CLOSED] Custom Validation in grid cell Editing
  73. [CLOSED] TreeStore-Node commit is exceptionally slow
  74. [CLOSED] Loading another view on the center region of ViewPort using MVC 3
  75. [CLOSED] Razor TemplateColumn Example
  76. [CLOSED] All the values are not getting plot on Numeric Axis in Chart
  77. [CLOSED] Bar Chart overlapping the Category Axis when there are only negative values
  78. [CLOSED] Linked Comboboxes
  79. [CLOSED] Stack bar graph in grid panel column
  80. [OPEN] [#470] Examples: TaskManager->Basic->Overview mask issue
  81. [CLOSED] How to hide tooltip of specific data point in line chart?
  82. [CLOSED] Set Locale Settings of Ext.NET at application level
  83. [CLOSED] Grid Panel - CellSelectionModel with RowEditing Plugin
  84. [CLOSED] Gridpanel Summary column totals do not align properly
  85. [CLOSED] Grid Panel - Row Editing Plugin
  86. [CLOSED] (Razor) Trying to find and select a newly created record in a buffered and pre-filtered gridpanel
  87. [CLOSED] Adding new record with GridPanel and FormPanel
  88. [CLOSED] Change Button Text from JavaScript
  89. [CLOSED] Status Unlicensed After Publishing
  90. [CLOSED] How to use Grid with checkbox selection model and Row selection model both?
  91. [CLOSED] Layout Question: Textfield and Button on the same line
  92. [CLOSED] Grid group expand masking
  93. [CLOSED] Mask on rowexpand
  94. [CLOSED] Component Column Issue on cancel button click
  95. [CLOSED] HTML Editor (examples explorer)
  96. [CLOSED] How to save changes in the ComponentColumn/Over_Editor example
  97. [CLOSED] Unable to cast object of type System.Numerics.BigInteger to type System.IConvertible in storeSubmitDataEventArgs object
  98. [CLOSED] Drag and Drop with in GridPanel
  99. [CLOSED] Error in rendering component columns in gridpanel.
  100. [CLOSED] How to show solid horizontal line at specific Y value in entire chart?
  101. [CLOSED] Chart Category Axis label getting overlapp after exporting it into Image
  102. [CLOSED] AccordionLayout Panels with Tools
  103. [CLOSED] Reload the window
  104. [CLOSED] Invalid date and hour with pt-BR format
  105. [CLOSED] Gridpanel with combobox editor and blank value while tabbing
  106. [CLOSED] How to copy an event using Ext.Net CalendarPanel ?
  107. [CLOSED] Simple task example in MVC
  108. [CLOSED] Upgraded to 2.5.1 and Panel config UI=bubble not recognized
  109. [CLOSED] DataBound null on Grid Store
  110. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel functionalities
  111. [CLOSED] Need an advice on using css..
  112. [CLOSED] Move buttons to top
  113. [CLOSED] Window resize after manipulating controls
  114. [CLOSED] Radio BoxLabel bold when checked
  115. [CLOSED] Checkbox Cls assignment
  116. [CLOSED] Chart data manipulation
  117. [CLOSED] Render Bar chart inside grid cell using column renderer
  118. [CLOSED] Export of Grid data to Excel
  119. [CLOSED] Saving Variation Example and MVC
  120. [CLOSED] "Stop running script" message in IE 8 in line chart
  121. [CLOSED] Problem when upgrading to EXT.NET 2.5.1
  122. [CLOSED] Window layout confusion
  123. [CLOSED] Stop Change event of DateField on set value to DateField
  124. [CLOSED] Custom sort on some of the grid columns
  125. [CLOSED] Calendar Panel in Dayview/WeekView how to show disabled dates/time slots in gray color ?
  126. [CLOSED] [2.5.1] Problem occurs while Expanding a Group GridPanel
  127. [CLOSED] DirectMethods example Simple Task MVC
  128. [CLOSED] CycleButton to switch Panel in ViewPort East
  129. [CLOSED] Hidden field byte[] as base64
  130. [CLOSED] Problem when Upgrading to ver 2.5.1
  131. [CLOSED] Unable to get property 'isCollapsedPlaceholder' of undefined or null reference
  132. [CLOSED] local paging in the GridPanel
  133. [CLOSED] Callouts - Missing Arrow
  134. [CLOSED] User Control Render dynamic value assign issue in page load
  135. [CLOSED] The FormPanel Dirty State...
  136. [CLOSED] [#477] HtmlEditor icw IE11
  137. [CLOSED] GridPanel - multi selection is very slow
  138. [CLOSED] Add @RenderBody() in ViewPort
  139. [CLOSED] Problems Decimal Numeric Field
  140. [CLOSED] two panel use the same store , how to set?
  141. [CLOSED] Grid Columns not occupying full space of the grid
  142. [CLOSED] MVC gridpanel paging and summary
  143. [CLOSED] Call DirectMethod externally
  144. [CLOSED] Validating/Canceling drop event in TreePanel
  145. [CLOSED] GridPanel Edit Mode
  146. [CLOSED] Change font style of chart Legend
  147. [CLOSED] how to reload treepanel after adding a record?
  148. [CLOSED] Dynamically loading GridFilters causes multiple load events
  149. [CLOSED] Customize a window
  150. [CLOSED] ComponentLoader.ToConfig on DateField not working
  151. [CLOSED] EXT .net performance
  152. [CLOSED] Class for clicked row in checkbox selection mode
  153. [CLOSED] Component Loader Not Working
  154. [CLOSED] TreePanel drag and drop, BeforeDrop event determining where dropped node originates
  155. [CLOSED] GridPanel Scroll Bar does not move automatically when the column is dragged to the extreme right.
  156. [CLOSED] Multiple tree node icons
  157. [CLOSED] GridPanel with Checkbox Selection Model - disable certain rows checkbox
  158. [CLOSED] desktop ajax loading question
  159. [CLOSED] Scatter chart radius + tooltip
  160. [CLOSED] Treepanel / leaf click / download file
  161. [CLOSED] Editable Grid and focus
  162. [CLOSED] Lost Column Editor's value in GridPanel Nested Class
  163. [CLOSED] Design mode in Visual Studio
  164. [CLOSED] [#478] ToolTip bug in 2.5.1 that wasn't there in earlier version 2.4.x
  165. [CLOSED] GridPanel RowExpander issues
  166. [CLOSED] App.direct is not a function ?
  167. [CLOSED] How to find all the dynamically generated Ext controls inside a Ext.panel in codebehind
  168. [CLOSED] FieldContainer hideLabel
  169. [CLOSED] Reload dynamic menu items more than once
  170. [CLOSED] TreePanel Refresh
  171. [CLOSED] Dynamic Menu Error
  172. [CLOSED] how to remove last selected combobox's item?
  173. [CLOSED] [#479] MultiUpload error when selected something
  174. [CLOSED] Listeners Mask
  175. [CLOSED] [#480] how to compatible with obout control?
  176. [CLOSED] Simple combo box question
  177. [CLOSED] Stacked Chart Legend with categories on more than one line
  178. [CLOSED] Calender days of the week not localized.
  179. [CLOSED] Problem load Page in Panel
  180. [CLOSED] (Razor) Get the value of a component column combo selection
  181. [CLOSED] Multicombo box to remain checked while retrieving data from previous grid
  182. [CLOSED] RowEditor control error on VMs
  183. [CLOSED] Set entire content of a Panel/FormPanel read only (JavaScript)
  184. [CLOSED] Multi Combo Issue in Grid
  185. [CLOSED] Cannot call method 'validate' of null
  186. [CLOSED] Format Date inside ItemTpl
  187. [CLOSED] Clean Fields problems
  188. [CLOSED] Data in the grid not getting populated when using Master Pages.
  189. [CLOSED] is there any way to add other control to ext.net formpanel?
  190. [CLOSED] Give attributes to generated html element of ComboBox or any other control
  191. [CLOSED] Line chart getting shrink, due to legend box Height
  192. [CLOSED] Missing Months on Line Chart
  193. [CLOSED] Row Expander using VB.Net
  194. [CLOSED] Change color of a menu
  195. [CLOSED] ajax for cross domain
  196. [CLOSED] Combobox change itemTpl
  197. [CLOSED] PagingToolbar is getting displayed after Buttons in GridPanel
  198. [CLOSED] pre-loading a TreePanel BUT only for 1 or 2 levels?
  199. [CLOSED] [#484] Change code to solved that the CheckboxGroupFor doesn't auto checked when the property type is array
  200. [CLOSED] HTML editor in borderlayout does not work after expand
  201. [CLOSED] Export Store Excel Errror
  202. [FIXED] [#485] [3.2.0] Column.Locked = true prevents using tab for jumping
  203. [CLOSED] Conditional confirmation on GridPanel commandColumn
  204. [CLOSED] TextAreafield with an div overlay in front
  205. [CLOSED] Show Loading Mask with custom Text on GridPanel when calling Store.reload().
  206. [CLOSED] Usage of MaskRe & RegEx
  207. [CLOSED] Check boxes disappear on grid
  208. [CLOSED] Tab Align to the Left
  209. [CLOSED] Export Excel Number Format Problem
  210. [CLOSED] compare validate in password not work in master page.
  211. [CLOSED] Selected Items are not showing in ItemSelector MVC
  212. [CLOSED] GridPanel with grouping and expand/collapse issue
  213. [CLOSED] [#486] Datefield / German error (again)
  214. [CLOSED] Coexistence problems between TooTip and Column-Locked
  215. [CLOSED] datetime format issue?
  216. [CLOSED] scrollbar does not show when page is loaded
  217. [CLOSED] Add Search text box above each list of ItemSelector
  218. [CLOSED] ModelField useNull when populating from HTTP handler
  219. [CLOSED] Not able to see the Navigating Buttons' Icons
  220. [CLOSED] Checkbox boxLabel wrapping
  221. [CLOSED] [#489] Issue with ImageCommandColumn on GridPanel
  222. [CLOSED] [#488] [#499] Can't create a Field with mask Disabled
  223. [CLOSED] Getting Unlicensed alert - incorrectly
  224. [CLOSED] 2 TreePanels with same store?
  225. [CLOSED] FieldContainer not render combobox and button
  226. [CLOSED] Adding a 0 x-axis to chart with negative values
  227. [CLOSED] When chart height is small, Y-Axis is not showing all the values
  228. [CLOSED] How can Xscript code call code behind method..need syntax
  229. [CLOSED] Weird problem with popup windows
  230. [CLOSED] here how to get the selected radio's value?
  231. [CLOSED] Layout issue in IE
  232. [CLOSED] Row Expander Column Sizing and Grid Event
  233. [CLOSED] ViewStateMode
  234. [CLOSED] [2.3][Store][GridPanel] Remote paging causes ${ to be replaced with Ext.select
  235. [CLOSED] Row Expander Grid Event Click
  236. [CLOSED] HTML Editor and <a> tags
  237. [CLOSED] DisplayTpl Testing attributes
  238. [CLOSED] Looking for multiline editor and a pop up window
  239. [CLOSED] [#491] Populate Icon ComboBox during DirectEvent
  240. [CLOSED] Control events can not be executed
  241. [CLOSED] how to add content of fieldcontainer in codebehind?
  242. [CLOSED] Preserve literals in Grid Inline Editing?
  243. [CLOSED] Panel scrollbars appear in IE, Chrome and Safari. Resizing does not help
  244. [CLOSED] changing button's text in directevent dose not work.
  245. [CLOSED] Adding dynamic checkbox in checkboxgroup
  246. [CLOSED] How to align window content as center
  247. [CLOSED] Store data is not updating with NumberField value when clicked on Button in parent page.
  248. [CLOSED] gridPanel enable nullable<double>
  249. [CLOSED] Show DateField as editable by default in GridPanel
  250. [CLOSED] Set a selected Value in a grid dropdown dynamically