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  1. [CLOSED] Quit button close in Window
  2. [CLOSED] Custom control works in development after deployment
  3. [CLOSED] Excel copy/paste Grid
  4. [CLOSED] CellSelectionModel goes to first column
  5. [CLOSED] Exception window when expanding node for TreeGrid
  6. [CLOSED] Showing scrollbars of browser with javascript and viewport
  7. [CLOSED] custom list on combo box
  8. [CLOSED] how can i change the src of the Button.js
  9. [CLOSED] Change color of a bar in column chart
  10. [CLOSED] Sharepoint 2010 master page and ext.net resource manager
  11. [CLOSED] TreePanel Refresh server side
  12. [CLOSED] Tree Editor does not work
  13. [CLOSED] Error with [DirectMethod(IDMode = DirectMethodProxyIDMode.None)]
  14. [CLOSED] Reload chart with dynamic number of YFields
  15. [CLOSED] add panel before render buttom on initComponent
  16. [CLOSED] How to get a Panel control's current height and resize it
  17. [OPEN] [#432] RegisterGlobalScript and MVC/ASPX Web Forms not working
  18. [CLOSED] Tabs does not work properly
  19. [CLOSED] Runtime Designer
  20. [CLOSED] IE 11 scrolls to left on rowselect
  21. [CLOSED] TagField Code Behind setValue
  22. [CLOSED] Display Text with in the Gauge Chart.
  23. [CLOSED] mssql datetime can not convert to proper date format?
  24. [CLOSED] Grid group Text change dynamically?
  25. [CLOSED] Calendar
  26. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor.Call("append", "xxx") does not work
  27. [CLOSED] Securing Ajax store call
  28. [CLOSED] Disable , hide , and show a tree node from the server side
  29. [CLOSED] Need to update a grid cell, from code behind, without reloading store
  30. [CLOSED] Treepanel - Use custom Icons
  31. [CLOSED] Binding problem with <ext:Store>
  32. [CLOSED] [#433] Loop through changed PropertyGridParameters
  33. [CLOSED] Unable to change the field label dynamically based on a specific value
  34. [CLOSED] Gridpanel Print Column Adjustment
  35. [CLOSED] Calendar Error
  36. [CLOSED] Image paste problem on html editor
  37. [CLOSED] Trouble at using "Multiple DateFields with DateRange Validation" within of an userwebcontrol
  38. [CLOSED] Grid Panel Column Sorting?
  39. [OPEN] [#444] Grid Drag and Drop - Moving to position 0 is not possible with groupfield
  40. [CLOSED] Grid Panel Column Filtering?
  41. [CLOSED] Clicking on tree node moving the content in the screen towards left
  42. [CLOSED] Gridpanel set to readonly
  43. [CLOSED] Dropdown in Ext.Net MVC
  44. [CLOSED] Column Header Group w/Filter in HeaderItems
  45. [CLOSED] Unable to run latest version on test server
  46. [CLOSED] Remove Key Esc to close Window
  47. [CLOSED] Fill between two line series
  48. [CLOSED] Make dirty cells bold in PropertyGrid
  49. [CLOSED] Excel to Grid Dragdrop not working
  50. [CLOSED] how to remove class to a tag add and a special class to a tag?
  51. [CLOSED] Error getting value from InnerHtml on System.Web.UI.HtmlControls.HtmlForm
  52. [CLOSED] DateSlider control
  53. [CLOSED] Serialize and Deserialize a complex FormPanel
  54. [CLOSED] Bryntum Gantt and Scheduler vs ExtNet 2.0 compatibility & licensing with ExtJS?
  55. [CLOSED] Memory issues
  56. [CLOSED] reordering fields table layout
  57. [CLOSED] Grid Panel removes the multiple spaces, while rendering
  58. [CLOSED] IE7 and IE8 panel auto height
  59. [OPEN] [#436] Property grid gives error if entered property value is decorated with < and > characters.
  60. [CLOSED] How to change default font family
  61. [CLOSED] Request error
  62. [CLOSED] ext.net controls not working in Internet Explorer after deployment on server?
  63. [CLOSED] Clean the previously range selected from "Ext: DateField"
  64. [CLOSED] Regional parameters
  65. [CLOSED] Accessing ASP.NET Global resources from ext:XScript
  66. [CLOSED] Msg Alert Incomplete
  67. [CLOSED] How to ensure grid panel grouping stays collapsed?
  68. [CLOSED] XSS on store initialization
  69. [CLOSED] Tags as floating words and rearranging int textarea?
  70. [CLOSED] GridPanel - Infinite scroll not working
  71. [CLOSED] TreePanel - SubmittedNode - Get Children SubmittedNodes
  72. [CLOSED] Layout issue: Show Gridpanel in gridpanel with rowexpander
  73. [CLOSED] Error pressing buttons hosted on a toolbar in overflow mode
  74. [CLOSED] Add a Panel before ColumnsModels in GridPanel
  75. [CLOSED] Run Event Handler after Setting Selected Treenode in code behind
  76. [CLOSED] Bound list listeners
  77. [CLOSED] Enable Buttons on Page Load
  78. [CLOSED] Label.IconAlign and ReRender
  79. [CLOSED] Info/Suggestion on ExtJS listener exception management and client page/event lifetyme
  80. [CLOSED] Method POST in Ext Net
  81. [CLOSED] Issue with Show Gridpanel in gridpanel with rowexpander
  82. [CLOSED] Defaults Parameter Icon
  83. [CLOSED] Increase spacing between fields globally
  84. [CLOSED] Custom theme - override or SASS?
  85. [CLOSED] Paging toolbar and select event
  86. [CLOSED] Refresh parent Tree from child
  87. [CLOSED] Using expandPath and node selection for TreeGrid implementation with Direct method
  88. [CLOSED] ComboBox does properly set their value and text
  89. [CLOSED] Paging Toolbars on DataViews
  90. [CLOSED] How to stepline chart
  91. [CLOSED] Store Additional Data Within Field
  92. [CLOSED] Gridpanel - Access to Selected row from server side
  93. [CLOSED] Remove DisableSelection on client side
  94. [CLOSED] DateField Layout SV:5692
  95. [CLOSED] multiUpload error from 5692
  96. [CLOSED] Show LoadMask on gridpanel - server side
  97. [CLOSED] adding viewport inside contentplaceholder
  98. [CLOSED] Required/Not Required Text Fields Alignment - FormPanel
  99. [CLOSED] can not install v2.4
  100. [CLOSED] DirectEvent In Button Menu
  101. [CLOSED] Two ComboBox With ItemTpl SV:5696
  102. [CLOSED] How to place ext elements in center of screen.
  103. [CLOSED] JavaScript Error when adding Store to a Bin
  104. [CLOSED] Dynamic menu containing button menu display problem on click
  105. [CLOSED] ComboBox on FormPanel - mark as mandatory
  106. [CLOSED] Add parameter to generic callback
  107. [CLOSED] How to deselect a row client side?
  108. [CLOSED] How to retain across page checkbox selection in Ext 2x new version?
  109. [CLOSED] Bug on the callout component
  110. [CLOSED] querying a web service from ext.AjaxProxy
  111. [CLOSED] Open External Website in Tab Error in IE with parentAutoLoadControl
  112. [CLOSED] how can I set the background color of the row in gridpanel ?
  113. [CLOSED] Refresh row client side?
  114. [CLOSED] Load Window from UserControlLoader in Panel
  115. [CLOSED] Populate a ComboBox with JSON
  116. [CLOSED] SVN update. getCount error in javascript
  117. [CLOSED] Error updating
  118. [CLOSED] Window in Partial Views
  119. [CLOSED] Dropdown without Caret (mouse pointer)
  120. [CLOSED] Gauge Chart Loading Problem
  121. [CLOSED] Simple cross browser 'copy to clipboard' solution needs some spicing up
  122. [CLOSED] Disable a toolbar button when no data in Grid panel
  123. [CLOSED] How do you dynamically create and populate a copy of a store in code-behind ?
  124. [CLOSED] Custom color in GridPanel
  125. [CLOSED] couldn't create dynamically added control
  126. [CLOSED] Disable button based on store uncommited changes
  127. [CLOSED] TreePanel Info Filter
  128. [CLOSED] Validate FormPanel and Save It using DirectMethods using MVC
  129. [CLOSED] More than one click to update Date in Grid Panel
  130. [CLOSED] Adding MVC Dropdown in Grid Panel
  131. [CLOSED] RowExpander click also puts row into edit mode using RowEditing plugin
  132. [CLOSED] TagField not clearing tagLabels on empty values and array values.
  133. [CLOSED] How to reload a Tab client side?
  134. [CLOSED] Ajax request times out
  135. [OPEN] [#451] How to deal with Ext.Action ?
  136. [CLOSED] FieldSet width problem
  137. [CLOSED] Deployment of Ext.Net Library
  138. [CLOSED] GridFilters - ListFilter Problem
  139. [CLOSED] Combobox in Dropdownfield
  140. [CLOSED] GridFilters with Lock Columns v2.2.0
  141. [CLOSED] Buffered store not loading all records
  142. [CLOSED] Ext.Net.Store cannot be handled by Layout?
  143. [CLOSED] displayfield autoscroll not working
  144. [CLOSED] Combobox Component Column not displayed after store refresh / reload
  145. [CLOSED] grid.store.insert
  146. [CLOSED] Datefield / German error
  147. [CLOSED] Loading windows' IFRAME url BEFORE showing window..
  148. [CLOSED] Settings and tips for performance improvement
  149. [CLOSED] Request Failure
  150. [CLOSED] Filter a combobox from selected value other combobox.
  151. [CLOSED] Reloading TreePanel Nodes dynamically in a Direct Event
  152. [CLOSED] Select node after expand in TreePanel
  153. [CLOSED] Edit combobox
  154. [CLOSED] Randomly Displaying Warning Message - The web.config file for this project is missing the required AjaxRequestModule
  155. [CLOSED] TimeField is not valid when loading grid record to a form
  156. [CLOSED] Problem with tab panel
  157. [CLOSED] how to show a hidden fieldcontainer?
  158. [CLOSED] ProgressBarColumn percentage problem
  159. [CLOSED] Reloading a TreePanel with new Parameters
  160. [CLOSED] How to cancel rowselection in grid panel
  161. [CLOSED] Bug on destroying callouts
  162. [CLOSED] The control with ID 'MainContent_ctl69' not found
  163. [CLOSED] Hide Toolbar in HTML Editor control
  164. [CLOSED] Problem with ReturnValue from UserControl-GridPanel
  165. [CLOSED] Adding DirectEvent extraparams dynamically
  166. [CLOSED] How to attach a Panel(with a TextArea) to Grid Column.
  167. [CLOSED] [MVC] Bind empty store in gridPanel
  168. [CLOSED] Drop down with Like Search
  169. [CLOSED] Show loading mask while data copying
  170. [CLOSED] How to fire remote validation in client side?
  171. [CLOSED] MVC - Many Partial View Issue (Stack Empty and Value does not fall within the expected range.)
  172. [CLOSED] Undefined Error
  173. [CLOSED] Panel Float above a field note
  174. [CLOSED] Need help with MVC bodywidget
  175. [CLOSED] Loader.load disableCaching error
  176. [CLOSED] Collapse/Hide Panel
  177. [CLOSED] store config Buffered Example site?
  178. [CLOSED] IPad and DirectMethod Help
  179. [CLOSED] Array Grid with Paging and Remote Reloading does not working properly
  180. [CLOSED] Premium Trunk versioning
  181. [CLOSED] Adding different Listitems to each ComboBox in Grid
  182. [CLOSED] 从客户端(he_info="<div><font face="tah...")中检测到有潜在危险的 Request.Form 值。
  183. [CLOSED] CycleButton inside of FormPanel ActiveItem does not change
  184. [CLOSED] Enable/Disable cell or row of a GridPanel
  185. [CLOSED] Pager Issues
  186. [CLOSED] Range data annotation not working with Textfiled
  187. [CLOSED] ProgressBar click?
  188. [CLOSED] Update 2.4 - 2.5 / listFilter trouble with Stores
  189. [CLOSED] How to modify cells of other rows of a gridPanel after having edit one cell of a row
  190. [CLOSED] How Can I to use the property AlwaysMergeItems?
  191. [CLOSED] How to change the MultiUpload control's text
  192. [CLOSED] File Postback
  193. [CLOSED] Grid panel Scroll issue in Asp.net MVC
  194. [CLOSED] IE 9- Issue
  195. [CLOSED] Portal Page script error!
  196. [CLOSED] Replacement for getsortstate()?
  197. [CLOSED] Ext.encode and Ext.decode object with Date field
  198. [CLOSED] Using Custom Search ComboBox with REST data population for editing
  199. [CLOSED] In Internet explorer 8.0 chart X & Y-axis label font not displaying readable format.
  200. [CLOSED] Enable/Disable drag and drop of grid panel.
  201. [CLOSED] MultiCombo Enable Editing for Sorting
  202. [CLOSED] Dynamic Notes
  203. [CLOSED] NumberField setRawValue can still fire changed event
  204. [CLOSED] Grid Panel with remote paging in User Control
  205. [CLOSED] Trying to validate Grid panel w/ editor, component columns, and input masks
  206. [CLOSED] GridPanelFor in FormPanel does return values in Submit
  207. [CLOSED] getRowClass not working in GridViewPanel MVC code
  208. [CLOSED] [#458] Hover callout displays only once
  209. [CLOSED] Icon Assignment in Defaults
  210. [CLOSED] TreePanel/TreeGrid with a Store ?
  211. [CLOSED] Problems with Custom Window with Record Details
  212. [CLOSED] How to get data of a record of a row in Selection Change Event Code ?
  213. [CLOSED] How to reload the PanelLoader of a Panel in Frame Mode ?
  214. [CLOSED] How to change font style and font size of ext:TextArea?
  215. [CLOSED] Callout hover triggering and lingering issues
  216. [CLOSED] How to reload a combobox column store depending of the row id ?
  217. [CLOSED] Combo box list items should not pop up on selection of its FieldLabel.
  218. [CLOSED] export chart in code behind
  219. [CLOSED] JSON Deserialize fails : String was not recognized as a valid DateTime
  220. [CLOSED] Close window issue since getting latest SVN
  221. [OPEN] [#459] Request for Hyperlink Column
  222. [CLOSED] Grid store Previous Page callback function
  223. [CLOSED] Resize Content from Loader after Resize Window Container
  224. [CLOSED] Remove Grid Column by column index.
  225. [CLOSED] Error in Ext.Net.MVC 2.5. GridPanel and TreeGrid Error.
  226. [CLOSED] problem to render a grid to window from code behind
  227. [CLOSED] Attached default grid view load mask to different el
  228. [CLOSED] Problem with unicode support in SelectBox
  229. [CLOSED] JSON decoding error
  230. [CLOSED] Customizing Dropdown Layout
  231. [CLOSED] What have set for DropTarget.Target when drag and drop from one gridPanel to other gridPanel vice versa in Ext.Net 2.5
  232. [CLOSED] HOW TO select a TreeNode of a TreePanel in code-behind - EXT.NET 2.4.x
  233. [CLOSED] Filter SelectBox before expanding it
  234. [CLOSED] Have a HTML Editor in window, want to give focus and put cursor at end of content...
  235. [CLOSED] CheckBoxGroup Items Checked from DirectEvent
  236. [CLOSED] Use Store / Model to create Json from object
  237. [CLOSED] Internet Explorer and Firefox Problem not validating correctly
  238. [CLOSED] Is the "Examples" section down?
  239. [CLOSED] Razor Syntax for Button LoadingState
  240. [CLOSED] Add code to localization grid header
  241. [CLOSED] Livesearch selected item
  242. [CLOSED] combobox setValue does not work
  243. [CLOSED] Datecolumn sort issue
  244. [CLOSED] Design view support
  245. [CLOSED] Troubles with the presentation of a value in the "rownum" column
  246. [CLOSED] Help svg.sencha.io found not for save the chart as image
  247. [CLOSED] KeyMap Help with Razor Syntax
  248. [CLOSED] Dotted line renders as solid line in line chart image
  249. [CLOSED] RowExpander Component including ChecboxSelectionModel coulmn in ext.net 2.5V
  250. [CLOSED] PageProxy in GridPanel issue