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  1. [CLOSED] Extjs bug Ext.form.hidden does not support destroy
  2. [CLOSED] Datefield Search.
  3. [CLOSED] viewport load problem in Usercontrol
  4. [CLOSED] Grid Cell Hover bug in rtl
  5. [CLOSED] Breaking Changes in 2.4 Release
  6. [CLOSED] Breaking Changes in 2.3 - UI Issues
  7. [CLOSED] Custom grid with addtional columns
  8. [CLOSED] Gridpanel cell edit based on data type
  9. [CLOSED] GridPanel Editing using Keyboard
  10. [CLOSED] Why is SelectedRecordID empty?
  11. [CLOSED] Change Editor MaskRe in GridPanel TextField based on row being edited
  12. [CLOSED] JavaScript Error on MultiUpload inside ext:Window
  13. [CLOSED] Sync textarea value to javascript object
  14. [CLOSED] How to get original records from a store?
  15. [CLOSED] change window's title issue?
  16. [CLOSED] Multiupload ErrorCode
  17. [CLOSED] Infinite Scrolling Issue
  18. [CLOSED] MultiUpload Get All Files
  19. [CLOSED] EventMask question on button click event
  20. [CLOSED] It is null my dynamic control with X.GetCmp in ServerSide
  21. [CLOSED] My message error is not with ActiveError in ServerSide
  22. [CLOSED] Add ascx control from code behind.
  23. [CLOSED] [Razor] renderer for form fields?
  24. [CLOSED] ChkBoxGroup don't Render
  25. [CLOSED] Form Initialization in 2.x not woking
  26. [CLOSED] Sprite cannot drag in others browser then IE 10
  27. [CLOSED] How To Filtering Time In GridPanel ?
  28. [CLOSED] Issue with Datefield
  29. [CLOSED] Javascript error on cell click
  30. [CLOSED] GridPanel Events not available
  31. [CLOSED] Add column dynamically in server side?
  32. [CLOSED] How to : show the DisplayName attribute in column header?
  33. [CLOSED] Formpanel marking fields as changed
  34. [CLOSED] Editable Grid leave an alien object
  35. [CLOSED] An javascript error in component column
  36. [OPEN] [#413] // Remark in javascript in a DirectEvent Loaded UserControl causes SyntaxError: missing } after property list
  37. [CLOSED] Need an advice with application architecture
  38. [CLOSED] Adding code behind controls to form
  39. [CLOSED] Trouble with modal mode
  40. [CLOSED] Random Error : Communication Failure
  41. [CLOSED] Parent TabPanel Item Title ( Rename from codebehind)
  42. [CLOSED] Error in SetStartDate to CalendarPanel dynamic
  43. [CLOSED] Container.ClearContent() in DirectEvent causes exception on Client [Cannot read property 'dom' of undefined]
  44. [CLOSED] Grid2Grid Drag and Drap do not delete left side item
  45. [CLOSED] AfterEdit in Ext 2x?
  46. [CLOSED] Example of AllowOnlyWhitespace property
  47. [CLOSED] Exception Handling - Throwing Exceptions from Controller, catching them in generic handler
  48. [CLOSED] How can I get this destroy call to render in a DirectEvent?
  49. [CLOSED] Simple Tagfield from Codebehind.
  50. [CLOSED] combobox setrowvalue code behind does not work
  51. [CLOSED] Best practice: Form Textarea / textfield with HTML or XML data using DirectMethod
  52. [CLOSED] MultiUpload Grid Question
  53. [CLOSED] Tree panel node icon change
  54. [CLOSED] DatePicker Issue
  55. [CLOSED] Performance: DataSource options
  56. [CLOSED] GridPanel hide dragdrop tooltip 2.0
  57. [CLOSED] Changing ID Property of Existing Control
  58. [CLOSED] [RAZOR] get selected item value from a combobox on special key or blur
  59. [CLOSED] how to solve " You have to set widget's ID to call its methods " in gridpanel
  60. Need way to RaisePostBack DirectMethod for multiple Controls
  61. [CLOSED] Add records with ModelProxy
  62. [CLOSED] XRender: UpdateContent error
  63. Same-named Public DirectMethods in multiple UserControls does not exception or warn
  64. [CLOSED] Problems with TreePanel ClearChecked
  65. [CLOSED] Ext.Net latest Dlls
  66. [CLOSED] GridPanel - select cell, but not in edit mode on load
  67. [CLOSED] Mask configuration
  68. [CLOSED] Render versus ReRender
  69. [CLOSED] Combo box item search alphabetically on key press
  70. [CLOSED] Error Initializing Session ?
  71. [CLOSED] Numberfield with separator returns min value when number with separator added
  72. [CLOSED] CSS Styling of MessageBox
  73. [CLOSED] Tooltips with wrong size in IE11
  74. [CLOSED] Visual Errors for Two text fields with SelectOnFocus = true
  75. [CLOSED] Error on pressing refresh button on grid panel PagingToolbar
  76. [CLOSED] Window with fullscreen mask
  77. [CLOSED] ComponentLoader load event for iframe has null response. AutoLoad in 1.x has a response
  78. [CLOSED] order by all data , not just order the data on the current page
  79. [CLOSED] Drop DirectEvent called twice
  80. [CLOSED] Default (Blue) and Gray Themes look flat under IE11
  81. [CLOSED] MultiCombo (combo with multi select) and paging is not working
  82. [CLOSED] Select value in custom search
  83. [CLOSED] TreeGrid : Unable to set selected node expanded through javascript
  84. [CLOSED] Checkbox Selection Model paging issue
  85. [CLOSED] cdn offline
  86. [CLOSED] How Save to database
  87. [CLOSED] PropertyGrid not getting refreshed
  88. [CLOSED] Page has DataViewAnimated plugin in DataView; then I replace DV's parent Container in DirectEvent causes endless except
  89. [CLOSED] Tool tip getting trimmed in Line Chart
  90. [CLOSED] Store in .aspx: Access to the Store from usercontrol
  91. [CLOSED] Custom null date value in gridpanel
  92. [CLOSED] JS errors 'getBoundingClientRect'
  93. [CLOSED] Cannot get to work Loader in VB
  94. [CLOSED] Hide Trigger
  95. [CLOSED] Linked selectbox in gridpanel
  96. [CLOSED] Inner height of elements
  97. [CLOSED] Button Trigger is too slow
  98. [CLOSED] Need client-side code to delete child items or contents of a panel, but not the panel itself
  99. [CLOSED] How can I add a button to the menu in a GridPanel column menu?
  100. [CLOSED] Green Theme For Ext.Net Controls
  101. [CLOSED] Trunk CDN referring to 2.5 branch Error 404.
  102. [CLOSED] DirectMethod doesn't work
  103. [CLOSED] remote filter dose not be triggered?
  104. [CLOSED] QueryString Dropped between files using frame loader
  105. [CLOSED] charts from code behind not showing
  106. [CLOSED] TreeView ItemMove DirectEvent not triggering when ExtraParams are defined.
  107. [CLOSED] How to create Multicombo with textbox inside
  108. [CLOSED] Reset Grid
  109. [CLOSED] regular express?
  110. [CLOSED] chart / text at the bottom of a column too long
  111. [CLOSED] Charts / can one force the order of the bars
  112. [CLOSED] IE11 missing toolbar backgrounds
  113. [CLOSED] New line in TextArea
  114. [CLOSED] charts from code behind not showing via OnDirectClick method
  115. [CLOSED] Grid:ProgressBarColumn color changed by different value
  116. [CLOSED] Question About CalendarPanel
  117. [CLOSED] Chart shrinks when legend size increases
  118. [CLOSED] DirectEvent does not populate Combobox after DirectEvent Parent Refresh.
  119. [CLOSED] Is there any way to render controls without using .aspx or .ascx loading?
  120. [CLOSED] Jump to grid row with paging
  121. [CLOSED] GridPanel remove +/- in Group and prevent collapse all together?
  122. [CLOSED] Fields Client Side rendering
  123. [CLOSED] How to register items on page load from code behind when using a masterpage
  124. [CLOSED] I can not get scroll for HtmlEditor
  125. [CLOSED] Razor MultiUpload failing on startUpload
  126. [CLOSED] Is there a way to apply a different theme to specific panel and its children?
  127. [CLOSED] Open Windows Dynamically JS
  128. [CLOSED] Mask to cell phone
  129. [CLOSED] Mask money pt-BR
  130. [CLOSED] HOWTO: Combobox items prohibited ComboboxFor automatically populated for enumeration
  131. [CLOSED] Command columns showing in Node selection
  132. [CLOSED] Grid Panel with custom Template
  133. [CLOSED] Apply font size for the entire project
  134. [CLOSED] MultiUpload1_FileUpload does not work when MultiUpload Grid created in codebehind
  135. [CLOSED] Best way to change background color when a window comes up
  136. [CLOSED] GridPanel: Set ListFilter on client side
  137. [CLOSED] charts from code behind need to export via SvgExporter
  138. [CLOSED] TagField shape of the header of the combo changed
  139. [CLOSED] Have instance of ResourceManager
  140. [CLOSED] custom validator
  141. [CLOSED] MessageBus event doesn't fire sometimes
  142. [CLOSED] Sorting gridpanel with Javascript
  143. [CLOSED] RowExpander - Expand All - On Load
  144. [CLOSED] Gridpanel selected items in cardlayout
  145. [CLOSED] XSS Security Issue with Ext.net
  146. [CLOSED] Get droppeds values from grid to grid
  147. [CLOSED] Setting Badge from server
  148. [CLOSED] compile error
  149. [CLOSED] Internet Explorer Window Loader issue
  150. [CLOSED] How to bind complex datatype to store model in line chart
  151. [CLOSED] How to bind values to the dynamic columns in a GridPanel
  152. [CLOSED] Problem with Inherited Combo Box
  153. [CLOSED] MultiSelect Store after Drop Event
  154. [CLOSED] Paste data in specific Grid column from clipboard
  155. [CLOSED] browser incompatible
  156. [CLOSED] Unable to get GridPanel Selected values
  157. [CLOSED] refresh treepanel's node without reload
  158. [CLOSED] How to Get Svg string from Chart Object on server side
  159. [CLOSED] GridPanel JavaScript Filter with Paging Problem
  160. [CLOSED] TimeField and remember scrolling position/make selected value visible as expanded
  161. [CLOSED] update sqldatasource failed
  162. [CLOSED] Gridpanel cell afteredit
  163. [CLOSED] Radiogroup problem in upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4
  164. [CLOSED] TextField DirectEvents Sucess
  165. [CLOSED] Changing datarow background color after switching from v1.x to v2.x
  166. [CLOSED] TreeGrid sort order
  167. [CLOSED] Combobox and TextField search
  168. [CLOSED] Apply Theme-Style to Bottombar
  169. [CLOSED] Problem with isDirty
  170. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg.confirm, making it synchronous
  171. [CLOSED] Illegal string was specified when DirectMethod rerendering a <style> section in an htmlbin with a Remark
  172. [OPEN] [#421] [#422] Rerender Container with static UserControl or UserControlLoader, why doesn't it invoke UC Page_Load again?
  173. [CLOSED] Button click fireEvent not working?
  174. [CLOSED] while saving image on server it throwing No Response error
  175. [CLOSED] GridPanel with BufferedRenderer: ScrollTo an added row
  176. [CLOSED] Browser remember-functionality for loginpage
  177. [CLOSED] UserControlLoader Grid databinding
  178. [CLOSED] Textfield: Problem with EmptyText in IE 10
  179. [CLOSED] GridPanel: columns property empty after reconfigure method issue
  180. [CLOSED] Problem when upgrading from 2.2.0 to higher version in codebhind control creation
  181. [CLOSED] Javascript Error on Same IDs in multiple partial views
  182. [CLOSED] SyntaxError on ModelStateStore in Ext.NET 2.4
  183. [CLOSED] OnRowSelect not working
  184. [CLOSED] FileUploadField ClearOnSubmit
  185. [CLOSED] bind a gridpanel combobox cell source to specific datasource
  186. [CLOSED] widget - Ext.Net.Column
  187. [CLOSED] Disabled specific item combobox
  188. [CLOSED] Disabled text fields
  189. [CLOSED] ColumnLayout in Viewport Frustration
  190. [CLOSED] Calendar Documentation
  191. [CLOSED] Error removing tabpanel
  192. [CLOSED] HOW TO make a client-side refresh of a TreeNode in a TreePanel - EXT.NET 2.4.x
  193. [CLOSED] Databind on store for itemselector doubles the contents
  194. [CLOSED] RowExpander plugin, set expanded row color; add icon to column header
  195. [CLOSED] Tree node not added
  196. [CLOSED] Execute event or method after close window
  197. [CLOSED] Loading a PartialView into a TabPanel via JavaScript
  198. [CLOSED] UploadFile doesn't work
  199. [CLOSED] GridPanel with GroupingSummary and RowExpander
  200. [CLOSED] Grid Panel Row Expander Keyboard navigation issue
  201. [OPEN] [#425] radiogroup allowblank not working
  202. [CLOSED] Suggestion for a Plugin (Sparkline)
  203. [CLOSED] [WebForm] Render html in ToolBar
  204. [CLOSED] Load Data with store in page_load
  205. [CLOSED] How to find Y-Coordinate of a Tree panel selected node
  206. [CLOSED] TagField: cannot override default delimiter
  207. [CLOSED] Grid Buffered Scrolling with Row Editing/Deletion/Addition
  208. [CLOSED] cnd not exist
  209. [CLOSED] How to enable o command column disable
  210. [CLOSED] Get selected record data from a dataview
  211. [CLOSED] Serious? Button not Rendering properly in DirectMethod.
  212. [OPEN] [#434] Treepanel select does not fire Itemclick event
  213. [CLOSED] Unable to authenticate with IE on IIS 7
  214. [CLOSED] [#428] Globally increase Ajax timeout for DirectMethod calls?
  215. [CLOSED] Change Marker type dynamically
  216. [CLOSED] TreePanel direct event SelectionChange Get custom attributes server side
  217. [CLOSED] TagField and Default button in FormField
  218. [CLOSED] Error in gridPanel after update source from SVN Trunk
  219. [CLOSED] Grid - Plugin RowEditing - AutoCancel(false) looses its effect once ErrorSummary is witched off
  220. [CLOSED] Is there any peformance imporvement if we use microsoft.aspnet.web.optimization.webforms and webgrease?
  221. [CLOSED] How to get data from a store Server Side ?
  222. [CLOSED] How to apply License to hosting server
  223. [CLOSED] Road-block: ReRendering GroupTabPanel with Portlets causes exception
  224. [CLOSED] Chart - Change axis label dynamically
  225. [CLOSED] Panel display & dropable problem in IE8 and IE7 in MVC
  226. [CLOSED] Change Grouped Title to something arbitrary, client side
  227. [CLOSED] How to add html tags in Ext.net Container using Asp.net MVC
  228. [CLOSED] Add record in Store?
  229. [CLOSED] Control with type 'Ext.Net.Store' cannot be handled by layout
  230. [CLOSED] How to update specific column/field values of store from server side
  231. [CLOSED] Extending DirectMethod for cross-posting
  232. [CLOSED] Stringfilter --> Filter on empty
  233. [CLOSED] Validation of a FormPanel
  234. [CLOSED] ResourceManager WindowUnloadMsg
  235. [CLOSED] chinese characters are smaller in ie10 than in chrome
  236. [CLOSED] IAppType not working
  237. [CLOSED] Tooltip to show full value, whenever there are ellipses in Grid Panel
  238. [CLOSED] GridPanel Row Background Color Change Conditionally
  239. [CLOSED] how to get modelfield from RowSelectionModel?
  240. [CLOSED] gridpanel created by codebehind.how can get it's id?
  241. [CLOSED] Discard Changes Functionality Implementation
  242. [CLOSED] Exception handling with GridPanel
  243. [CLOSED] Window-->Tab Panel has several tabs, each loading same Child Page...... I want to call JS function in child from Window
  244. [CLOSED] Highlight cell being edited in GridPanel...
  245. [CLOSED] No button shown when using ext:Buttons
  246. [CLOSED] chart not working anymore
  247. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor --- how to justify text?
  248. [CLOSED] How to GetRowClass will work in v2.x
  249. [CLOSED] How to add crystal report within panel?
  250. [CLOSED] Change Listener has different behavior in version 2.x than in 1.x