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  1. [CLOSED] Infinite Scrolling with MVC
  2. [CLOSED] Multiple TabStrips within a toolbar
  3. [CLOSED] Accordion ActiveIndex
  4. [CLOSED] Can't get State-events to fire
  5. [CLOSED] SummaryRenderer Fn in 2.0
  6. [CLOSED] RemoteSort for buffered store
  7. [CLOSED] Handle errors when loading store´s data
  8. [CLOSED] ComponentLoader issue
  9. [CLOSED] GridPanel - state for columns
  10. [CLOSED] Ext.net 2 Beta Realese: Type Ext.Net.StoreRefreshDataEventArgs is not defined.
  11. [CLOSED] Ext.net 2 Beta Release: Error when rebuilding grid
  12. [CLOSED] Razor Example
  13. [CLOSED] ext:EventWindow: Localization
  14. [CLOSED] ext:EventWindow: Its possible insert a description to CalendarID?
  15. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel: customizing the event slot.
  16. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel: CalendarModel customized: In FireFox don´t appears border
  17. [CLOSED] ext:EventWindow: All fields in window
  18. [CLOSED] Get CheckedNode codebehind?
  19. [CLOSED] Update version 1.3 as 2.0
  20. [CLOSED] ext:EventWindow: Icon color of Calendar combobox apperas in top-left corner of window in FireFox
  21. [CLOSED] ext:CalendarPanel: Error when resizing or moving the event slot.
  22. [CLOSED] ActiveOnTop of Accordion is not working.
  23. [CLOSED] FormPanel renderization bug when LabelAlign and MsgTarget are set
  24. [CLOSED] Attributs disapeared (ListClass)
  25. [CLOSED] Atribut disapeared (AllowNegative)
  26. [CLOSED] Issue when adding data to the store
  27. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel: How I insert a icon in Event slot?
  28. [CLOSED] Create a Chart
  29. [CLOSED] Things changed or removed between 1.3 and 2.0 and not found in Changelog
  30. [CLOSED] Ext.NET control not showing
  31. [CLOSED] Runtime error in abstract component .cs
  32. [CLOSED] problem hide window
  33. [CLOSED] [Razor] Parameter passing from DirectEvents
  34. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel: How I lock moving and resize of Event slot?
  35. [CLOSED] Ext.net.EventModel: There are any way to add a property in this class?
  36. [CLOSED] ext:Calendar EventStore appears call the webservice 3 or more times when page is loaded.
  37. [CLOSED] The ext.net (and ext.js) works on some tabletPC (iPad, Galax Tab, Xoom)?
  38. [CLOSED] Hide tooltip
  39. [CLOSED] Why i get checkboxgroup.CheckedItems.Count Always 0 ?
  40. [CLOSED] Error with DirectEventin LoginView
  41. [CLOSED] How to make a window belonging to a desktop?
  42. [CLOSED] Another question about Desktop Menu
  43. [CLOSED] How to pass extraparams tp directmethod?
  44. [CLOSED] RemoteSort method
  45. [CLOSED] Get Dynamic TextField Text...
  46. [CLOSED] Problem with an HTML string
  47. [CLOSED] Proble with combobox in window
  48. [CLOSED] Examples explorer Dynamic Grid Panels not working
  49. [CLOSED] The example \Dataview\Advanced\Multisort appears don´t work
  50. [CLOSED] Ext 1.0 and 2.0
  51. [OPEN] [#115] Event definition seem missing
  52. [CLOSED] Error in ext.axd on tabpanel change
  53. [CLOSED] This tim this is a cosmetic problem (CSS inside)
  54. [CLOSED] Problem in multicombobx
  55. [CLOSED] Set actionMethods of AJAXProxy
  56. [CLOSED] Razor view migration
  57. [CLOSED] Bottom Bar rendering issue with Razor viewgine
  58. [CLOSED] ext:TextArea MaxLen and EnforceMaxLength: Delete and Ctrl+C don´t work
  59. [CLOSED] BADRESPONSE: missing ) in parenthetical
  60. [CLOSED] SVN updated compiled version problem while accessing from remote computer
  61. [CLOSED] right panel set width 100% [Razor]
  62. [CLOSED] ext:Panel with Items and Loader (mixed mode)
  63. [CLOSED] Problem with DirecEvent in a rowEditing plugin
  64. [CLOSED] Bug on the TreePanel...
  65. [CLOSED] MessageBus publish method
  66. [CLOSED] Set inputvalue of check box field
  67. [CLOSED] Reload a control to its default/original display state
  68. [CLOSED] [Razor] using partial views
  69. [CLOSED] Icons don't show [Razor]
  70. [CLOSED] Gropingview with locked columns almost working
  71. [CLOSED] Problem with Direct event call on cell commands
  72. [CLOSED] TextField width different in IE & other browser
  73. [CLOSED] Login MVC application
  74. [CLOSED] Incorrect Grid Panel height when GridCommand with Icon is used
  75. [CLOSED] ext:TabPanel: adding controls in JavaScript.
  76. [CLOSED] Panel layout type seems to break when using ContentFromPage
  77. [CLOSED] Paging not working with MasterPage
  78. [CLOSED] How to open a window belonging to a desktop module from code behind?
  79. [CLOSED] [MVC] How to add RenderBody, ActionLink in Ext.Net Controls
  80. [CLOSED] Problem with layout window fitlayou (perhaps a bug)
  81. [CLOSED] Geting combobox value and/or text from code behind
  82. [CLOSED] remote paging and sorting with SQL
  83. [CLOSED] GridPanel created in Javascript. Reconfigure.
  84. [CLOSED] Possible to use v2 Charts in v1 app?
  85. [CLOSED] Problem rendering partial view
  86. [CLOSED] Basic Layout problem
  87. [CLOSED] How to set Panel width like AutoHeight ?
  88. [CLOSED] Razor Example
  89. [CLOSED] Question about store
  90. [CLOSED] [Razor] Setup Auto load panel in razor
  91. [CLOSED] Problem to get store from code behind
  92. [CLOSED] How to pass record data from a button in a grid toolbar to code behind?
  93. [CLOSED] ext:GridPanel: Calculated page size
  94. [CLOSED] MVC3 Data Annotations/Validation
  95. [CLOSED] Add ChartTip to BarSeries
  96. [CLOSED] Problems with desktop sample
  97. [CLOSED] Live Chart and JsonStore
  98. [CLOSED] DropTarget Not working in razor syntax
  99. [CLOSED] Label width ignored on NumberField
  100. [CLOSED] How add Modules in Web Desktop
  101. [CLOSED] Linked Combobox can't work
  102. [CLOSED] Modified behavior on grid
  103. [CLOSED] Where is markDirty property?
  104. [CLOSED] [#88] How to expand/collapse a grid group in client side
  105. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel Razor MVC3
  106. [CLOSED] Date Field - MVC/JSON
  107. [CLOSED] Simple ComboBox
  108. [CLOSED] MVC Razor ContentFromSection
  109. [CLOSED] OT...Edit Post hide from the paging
  110. [CLOSED] Window popup
  111. [CLOSED] After hiding popup window
  112. [CLOSED] Problem in last svn version (3977)
  113. [CLOSED] question about the #{} notation in Handler
  114. [CLOSED] [Razor] Using Model in MVC View
  115. [CLOSED] ComboBox in user control binding but not showing data
  116. [CLOSED] GroupTabPanel
  117. [CLOSED] Errors updating Panels' loaders in TabPanel
  118. [CLOSED] Multiple partial views on single page
  119. [CLOSED] MVC GridPanel Stateful not working?
  120. [CLOSED] Panel Show event not fired
  121. [CLOSED] ext:NumberField and ext:DateField: Add trigger
  122. [CLOSED] Convert JsonReader.Fields from Ext.NET v1.3 to V2.x
  123. [CLOSED] Save ext:GridPanel.getState() in SQL Server database
  124. [CLOSED] MVC Grid - Server Databinding
  125. [CLOSED] Keep receiving the following exception "An item with the same key has already been added."
  126. [CLOSED] PartialExtView and Razor
  127. [CLOSED] Refreshing Grid Data
  128. [CLOSED] How to use Floating, FloatingConfig for Toolbar
  129. [CLOSED] PartialExtView GridPanel Title
  130. [CLOSED] PartialExtView and Icons
  131. [CLOSED] GridPanel RowEditing Feature
  132. [CLOSED] MVC3 Editor Template
  133. [CLOSED] PartialExtView and GridPanel SelectionModel
  134. [CLOSED] Gridpanel Loading Mask?
  135. [CLOSED] Center align panel in container
  136. [CLOSED] Strange behavior of grid row when cells contains cells command
  137. [CLOSED] PartialExtView
  138. [CLOSED] Error: 'theForm' is undefined
  139. [CLOSED] ext:Window: I wish know when the window is closed by 'close button' of window.
  140. [CLOSED] Flushing data to form´s store
  141. [OPEN] [#34] Notification showFx/hideFx Issues
  142. [CLOSED] PartialExtView Button Listener
  143. [CLOSED] Razor Controls Visible
  144. [CLOSED] Combobox Field Background Color
  145. [CLOSED] Compile error - WebPages is not a member of System.Web
  146. [CLOSED] RowSelectionModel REV 3986
  147. [CLOSED] Store and SqlDataSource Rev >= 3986
  148. [CLOSED] How to allow thousand separator in ext:NumberField?
  149. [Razor] Populating form values from controller
  150. [CLOSED] FormPanel and Button
  151. [CLOSED] [Razor] Combobox ListWidth?
  152. [CLOSED] 1.3 and 2.0 in same site
  153. [CLOSED] [RAZOR] How to access ext.net controls from controller method
  154. [CLOSED] [Razor] FormPanel and FileUpload?
  155. [CLOSED] [#92] FileUpload
  156. [CLOSED] I wish view this example: http://examples2.ext.net/#/Toolbar/Menu/Horizontal_Menu/
  157. [CLOSED] GridPanel Store with RemotePaging
  158. [CLOSED] FileUpload can't work....
  159. [CLOSED] Store update: Cannot call method 'hasCls' of null
  160. [CLOSED] Notification shadow missing when shadow config set to true
  161. [CLOSED] CSS: How I can use .ext-ie, .ext-gecko, .ext-chrome, etc. in my Css files?
  162. [CLOSED] [Razor] AjaxProxy pass extra parameter
  163. [CLOSED] ESC doesn't always close window
  164. [CLOSED] Split button with gray theme and arrow align bottom, doesn't render correctly on hover
  165. [CLOSED] Rating column in Grid Panel and rate beyond specified value and resizable
  166. [CLOSED] Striperows not working in Gridview
  167. [CLOSED] how to add tooltips for the stars in the rating column?
  168. [CLOSED] export chart to SVG
  169. [CLOSED] Hidden field affects layout, why?
  170. [CLOSED] [RAZOR] Iterate over controls in FormPanel
  171. [CLOSED] [Razor] DirectEvents in CheckboxSelectionModel
  172. [CLOSED] Examples Page not displaying
  173. [CLOSED] TabPanel - perform page load only when active
  174. [CLOSED] Update v2.0 combobox with AjaxResult
  175. [CLOSED] Date format property set twice when creating Date Picker Menu
  176. [CLOSED] [Razor] Add GridView to GridPanel in razor
  177. [CLOSED] [#84] Problem when building svn project
  178. [CLOSED] Label for ImageButton like desktop icon
  179. [CLOSED] problem with IE using IsUpload = "true" for a click event to trigger a download
  180. [CLOSED] [Razor] GridPanel ColumnModel Commands
  181. [CLOSED] GridPanel GridCommand Icon
  182. [CLOSED] Change url codebehind
  183. [CLOSED] [MVC] Cascading multi Partial views
  184. [CLOSED] [Razor] NumberField hide spin images
  185. [CLOSED] [Razor] Select Combobox item from model value
  186. [CLOSED] Editable check column inside a TreePanel
  187. [CLOSED] MVC/Razor Configure a Renderer in a GridPanel
  188. [CLOSED] creating tabStrip in javascript
  189. [CLOSED] DataView to DataView Drag and Drop
  190. [CLOSED] Defaults cannot be overridden
  191. [CLOSED] MVC Force Post
  192. [CLOSED] TreePanel with more than one TreeColumn
  193. [CLOSED] Ext:Image: How I can change the image when mouse over?
  194. [CLOSED] ext:Image - How I can show a menu when click in ext:Image?
  195. [CLOSED] Editor Can create table ???
  196. [CLOSED] DirectEvent not firing with the latest SVN update
  197. [CLOSED] Calendar: Is it possible to set 2 weeks view to show the event?
  198. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel - First day of the week
  199. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel filters
  200. [CLOSED] [Razor] Add row to GridPanel on client side using javascript
  201. [CLOSED] Setting the IDProperty when using a TreePanel
  202. [CLOSED] AnimateConfig, DirectMethod for Chart listeners not seem to be working
  203. [CLOSED] Linked Comboboxes
  204. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel Remote Data
  205. [CLOSED] Razor, X.Msg.Notify during a DirectEvent and ResourceManager
  206. [CLOSED] Will Installation via Nuget eventually support Ext.NET MVC?
  207. [CLOSED] MVC Grid Component Column
  208. [OPEN] [#94] HBox Window with Splitters Example - can right collapse tool be repositioned?
  209. [CLOSED] Components created in a Direct Response do not always generate correct script
  210. [CLOSED] When to use BaseControl Render() vs ToScript() for ASMX/ASHX type scenarios
  211. [CLOSED] When Trigger DragDrop , to check data
  212. [CLOSED] Draggable Sprite
  213. [CLOSED] FileUploadField causes a problem when firing a direct event of a button
  214. [CLOSED] MVC GridPanel Databinding
  215. [CLOSED] Panel Listeners: beforeActivate when panel within (or linked with) tabStrip
  216. [CLOSED] Loading a FormPanel that contains a SelectBox
  217. [CLOSED] GroupTabPanel sample in Examples Explorer appears don´t work
  218. [CLOSED] Trigger the loading of TreePanel´s data
  219. [CLOSED] Reload tree node
  220. [CLOSED] MVC Grid Problem Paging
  221. [CLOSED] Store Problem
  222. [CLOSED] GridPanel with RowExpander; Selecting Row
  223. [CLOSED] Grid Problem
  224. [CLOSED] [Razor] PartialViewResult Exception
  225. [CLOSED] [2.0] Buttons and TabPanels
  226. [CLOSED] EditorOptions
  227. [CLOSED] FileSelected can use at Ext.net 2.0 version?
  228. [CLOSED] [Razor] TreePanel load nodes from controller action
  229. [CLOSED] How to - Window
  230. [CLOSED] Loader with Html renderer and Window rendering
  231. [CLOSED] Design Question
  232. [CLOSED] [2.0] RendererFormat.Date
  233. [CLOSED] TreePanel. items checked in cascade
  234. [CLOSED] Combobox TypeAhead
  235. [CLOSED] Can not select combobox items using store
  236. [CLOSED] Collapsible Panel problem
  237. [CLOSED] number fields in grid/columns
  238. [CLOSED] Migrating to 2: TreePanel loader
  239. [CLOSED] Switching mode of Loader from Frame to Html and Vice Versa
  240. [CLOSED] [#58] Exception thrown when adding a CommandColumn to a TreePanel
  241. [CLOSED] Migrating to 2: PartialViewResult
  242. [CLOSED] How I can create a CalendarPanel in client side?
  243. [CLOSED] Panel - Hide Header on Collapse
  244. [CLOSED] Some Issue with TreePanel Drag and Drop
  245. [OPEN] [#147] SelectedIndex in ComboBox
  246. [CLOSED] Access Parent item
  247. [CLOSED] Ext JS 4.1 Store subclasses vs Ext.NET 2 Stores
  248. [CLOSED] GridPanel row height problem
  249. [CLOSED] Migrating to 2: Javascript code issues
  250. [CLOSED] I need to create charts from code behind, but how to?