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  1. [CLOSED] No Cls in ListItem?
  2. [CLOSED] Mandatory icon against the tree panel
  3. [CLOSED] Implement filters on the command column
  4. [CLOSED] remote validation - client and server
  5. [CLOSED] Error creating custom control for date picker.
  6. [CLOSED] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'items' of null
  7. [CLOSED] GridPanel CRUD using SQL SERVER?
  8. [CLOSED] Configure marker for one datapoint for line graph
  9. [CLOSED] Problem in assembly version
  10. [CLOSED] [MVC] ContentFromAction in codeBehind
  11. [CLOSED] Error with ResourcePlaceholder for scripts in MVC: Reference token (ext.net.initscriptfiles) was not found.
  12. [CLOSED] Documentation for Confirm/Before
  13. [CLOSED] FilterHeader plugin doesn't work when you set the locked="true" on the column
  14. [CLOSED] Using Razor Partial View on Non-Razor View
  15. [CLOSED] Mobile friendly modal windows...
  16. [CLOSED] Window loader parameters
  17. [CLOSED] How to set font of X & Y axis in Line Chart
  18. [CLOSED] store is not committing?
  19. [CLOSED] Portal example adjustment
  20. [CLOSED] event for RatingColumn?
  21. [CLOSED] Checkboxes in Grid
  22. [CLOSED] tree panel in the componentcolumn?
  23. [CLOSED] Ext.Net Version and build info
  24. [CLOSED] not show icons in treepanel
  25. [CLOSED] Container with AccordionLayout should not apply a non-Panel item
  26. [OPEN] [#387] CellEditing ValidateEdit with Ext.Msg.Show
  27. [CLOSED] Exporting 2 Charts into Single png
  28. [CLOSED] ToolTip place not changing when view port is in RTL = true
  29. [CLOSED] DateField using Format dd MMMM yyyy with locale ru-RU
  30. [CLOSED] Custom Grid Control Error with new Version 2.3.1
  31. [CLOSED] ToolBar Button Show/Hide
  32. [CLOSED] grid row height
  33. [CLOSED] how to execute directmethod in the load in the rowexpander in code behind
  34. [CLOSED] get checkbox value from form json
  35. [CLOSED] Component rendered before initialization scripts using placeholder with ResourceMode.Script with MVC
  36. [CLOSED] ComboBox not displaying contents
  37. [CLOSED] Multi-Header Filter - issues with Paging
  38. [CLOSED] Revisting Updates to Listeners and DirectEvents inside DirectEvents.
  39. [CLOSED] Checkbox Selection Model - loses its checked state on calling direct method
  40. [CLOSED] Complex form in list
  41. [CLOSED] Multiupload error code
  42. [CLOSED] Filter header bug in clear button css when RTL is set to true
  43. [CLOSED] Accordion is not stretched to browser
  44. [CLOSED] Ext.Net webforms validation summary
  45. [CLOSED] Using SVG library for saving chart images
  46. [CLOSED] Panel/Container No Expand()/Collapse() api?
  47. [CLOSED] Changing Chart Background Color
  48. [CLOSED] Tabs are not resized correctly with the Content used instead of Items
  49. [CLOSED] rightbutton is hidden ?
  50. [CLOSED] Custom order of groups with Group Summary Plugin - MVC
  51. [CLOSED] File select dialogue is not opening in Multiple File Upload
  52. [CLOSED] Chart: Toggling NumericAxis Grid
  53. [CLOSED] Loader Params not added in DirectEvent
  54. [CLOSED] SortChange event calling two times
  55. [CLOSED] RemoteValidation on textField doesn't work with CellEditing plugin
  56. [CLOSED] CycleButton built from store
  57. [CLOSED] Error in buffered grid
  58. [CLOSED] Track status of controls
  59. [CLOSED] Right and Left Buttons in MVC Syntax
  60. [CLOSED] URGENT: CDN offline:
  61. [CLOSED] Customize label in stacked columns chart
  62. [CLOSED] gridPanel menu header with Lock and Unlock show error with FilterHeader plugin
  63. [CLOSED] GetRowClass rows Coloring
  64. [CLOSED] Cannot remove style during DirectEvent.
  65. [CLOSED] Validation status after saving and clearing the form fields
  66. [CLOSED] Add a object List in Store
  67. [CLOSED] Enable/disable checkbox in grid panel (grid use CheckboxSelectionModel)
  68. [CLOSED] Remove the button background
  69. [CLOSED] MVC - Locale = da
  70. [CLOSED] Align notification box center of the screen
  71. [CLOSED] Find parent panel id using javascript
  72. [CLOSED] Chart: Creating in behind code and listeners
  73. [CLOSED] Troubles with some Textfield
  74. [CLOSED] Adding record to store from code behind
  75. [CLOSED] Get Store and Deserialize
  76. [CLOSED] Chooser File
  77. [CLOSED] Build Line Char from MVC Controller
  78. [CLOSED] Panel Loader, LoadContent, UpdateContent issue
  79. [CLOSED] I don't want Sorted in Store
  80. [CLOSED] Get Notification close event
  81. [CLOSED] GridPanel - Tab down then over
  82. [CLOSED] Change event triggers when textfield modified in code-behind
  83. [CLOSED] Can AbstractComponent.AutoEl have a public setter?
  84. [CLOSED] How to dynamically load my menu in MVC
  85. [CLOSED] Problem with component columns and commit
  86. [CLOSED] width of custom server control
  87. [CLOSED] Grid Cell Tooltips
  88. [CLOSED] wrapping the legend in the given space
  89. [CLOSED] Floating a control to the bottom-right corner of another panel?
  90. [CLOSED] Ext.NET controls is not rended in IE?
  91. [CLOSED] How can I pass store data on button click direct event
  92. [CLOSED] [Bug 2.3.1] Exception attempting to refer to Parent Control in Handler of Control found in its Bin
  93. [CLOSED] Show mask in Gridpanel with TopBar
  94. [CLOSED] execute for too long time result in Status Code: Status Text: communication failure
  95. [CLOSED] Get Selected Combo Box without selected first
  96. [CLOSED] Button disappears on Render in DirectEvent.
  97. [CLOSED] render pid to name problem?
  98. [CLOSED] Check column issue
  99. [CLOSED] Combobox list auto width
  100. [CLOSED] HTTP Error 404.0
  101. [CLOSED] Rotate object
  102. [CLOSED] Grouping, Sorting in Grid Panel?
  103. [CLOSED] Time interval on calendar event
  104. [CLOSED] App.direct is undefined
  105. [CLOSED] how to open partial view with model as parameter from javascript or jquery
  106. [CLOSED] add a directevent when select the DropDownField ?
  107. [CLOSED] GridPanel LoadMask message localization
  108. [CLOSED] Is it possible to trigger Ext.Net components from Global.asasx method?
  109. [CLOSED] Mvc CustomAttributeBinding
  110. [CLOSED] controlling the placement of the text label on line chart
  111. [CLOSED] Download File Problem
  112. [CLOSED] very serious render problem
  113. [CLOSED] DirectEvent Store.getChangedData only passes modified records
  114. [CLOSED] [Bug 2.3.1] HtmlBin in a UserControl Window does not render HtmlBin properly on UserControl.Update()
  115. [OPEN] [#403] UserControlRendererConfig does not render some controls
  116. [CLOSED] Chart: User Preferences Example & Questions
  117. [CLOSED] can not get model in AfterRender listener?
  118. [CLOSED] Date Picker show special date
  119. [CLOSED] Is it possible to display a window for a user when using Proxy API ?
  120. [CLOSED] Show/Hide columns using javascript?
  121. [CLOSED] Dynamic grid selection without viewstate
  122. [CLOSED] Grid Panel scrolls to top on change of any item
  123. [CLOSED] Tooltip on FileUploadField is not working
  124. [CLOSED] Page life cycle and control properties - script vs static
  125. [CLOSED] License Key
  126. [CLOSED] Script not rendering in HtmlBin when <script src/> present.
  127. [CLOSED] How to add new Parameter In v2.3
  128. [CLOSED] Template and Localization
  129. [CLOSED] checkcolumn checkbox vertical align
  130. [CLOSED] MessageBusDirectEvents with Response.Redirect
  131. [CLOSED] Radio .Checked and .Value order dependency issue
  132. [CLOSED] multiple upload issue
  133. [CLOSED] Combining NumberColumn and SummaryColumn
  134. [CLOSED] Get Field of EventWindow
  135. [CLOSED] Parameters names in DirectEvent to EventDelete of control EventWindow
  136. [CLOSED] Ext.Net MVC MultiCombo Keyboard selection does not work
  137. [CLOSED] Inconsistent selection behavior with GridPanel with Checkbox Selection Model
  138. [CLOSED] asp:Repeater DataBind in the DirectMethod is not working
  139. [CLOSED] How to insert HtmlEditor in v2.3
  140. [CLOSED] Annoying Issue with an Accordion
  141. [CLOSED] Ext.Button.override - What to use now that initButtonEl is no longer a funtion in Extjs
  142. [CLOSED] error:premium - Revision 5542: /trunk
  143. [CLOSED] why I can't get to the SVN trunk ,although I become the Premium forum member?
  144. [CLOSED] directevent change does trigger at the first time?
  145. [CLOSED] MessagebusListener called twice
  146. [CLOSED] Suspend events when selecting gridpanel items using checkboxselectionmodel
  147. [CLOSED] Problem with special characters in selectbox
  148. [CLOSED] Html Editor New Line
  149. [CLOSED] I don't want to update the version of Ext.net, just want to fix a bug,can you tell me how ?
  150. [CLOSED] CheckBox Column Direct Event?
  151. [CLOSED] Confirmation with concatenated string for direct event
  152. [CLOSED] The Scroll is not down in CalendarPanel
  153. [CLOSED] How to access server side variable in XScript
  154. [CLOSED] how to add a blank row to the selected node of gridpanel
  155. [CLOSED] Problems with Password Validation and PasswordMask plugin
  156. [CLOSED] GridPanel single selection doesn't fire SelectionChange event
  157. [CLOSED] GridPanel - ColumnForm / DateColumnAttribute
  158. [CLOSED] Dynamic Ext.Net.Window with UserControlLoader
  159. [CLOSED] treeview item move server-side event
  160. [CLOSED] Column layout to build a table dynamically
  161. [CLOSED] How to keep the item still selected when i refresh the gridpanel ?
  162. [CLOSED] Dynamic Tabs
  163. [CLOSED] GridPanel getState() gets only column ID
  164. [CLOSED] "ResourceManager is not defined in the View" at the first load
  165. [CLOSED] ComboBox Change Event get fire on binding with model value
  166. [CLOSED] GridPanel with local filtering
  167. [CLOSED] Problem with focus in textfield if I select a row of a grid.
  168. [CLOSED] How to create a new control in run time
  169. [CLOSED] EnableRegEx="true" dont working in version 2.4.0
  170. [CLOSED] bind ajax proxy data to ComponentColumn Combobox in a grid
  171. [CLOSED] getView().refresh() refresh whole list cause lost of state
  172. [CLOSED] How to hide Panel sever side?
  173. [CLOSED] ListFilter with DataStore
  174. [CLOSED] GridPanel reconfigure issue
  175. [CLOSED] GridPanel Rendering takes time
  176. [CLOSED] Record with column active
  177. [CLOSED] How to load treepanel with httphandler with selected node?
  178. [CLOSED] Difference of Margin Margins and MarginSpec
  179. [CLOSED] Set Grid Image ToolTip using javascript
  180. [CLOSED] grid with rowexpander and celledit plugin
  181. [CLOSED] How to rebind TreePanel RootNode from script
  182. [CLOSED] Get Row Selected Index in Grid Paging.
  183. [CLOSED] TabCloseMenu Plugin.
  184. [CLOSED] GridPanel header group text oddity
  185. [CLOSED] Low performance
  186. [CLOSED] Blank page IE7
  187. [CLOSED] [2.4 bug] MenuPanel in GroupTabPanel Exception in render stream.
  188. [CLOSED] Error when assign datasource to store in user control
  189. [CLOSED] How to View and Get Dynamically loaded user controls
  190. [CLOSED] Grid column lock issue
  191. [CLOSED] Unable to populate combo2 on onchange event of combo1
  192. [CLOSED] Custom parameter in grid column Renderer
  193. [CLOSED] Documentation Ext.Net MVC
  194. [CLOSED] DateField Customisation
  195. [CLOSED] MultiHeader Remote Filtering
  196. [CLOSED] Reference token (ctl07_ClientInit) was not found error. Why is it happening?
  197. [CLOSED] UserControlRendererConfig RenderModes
  198. [CLOSED] HttpContext.Current
  199. [CLOSED] Event order grid problem
  200. [CLOSED] how to get the selected value of a store and place it in a combobox programatically
  201. [CLOSED] Default theme properties
  202. [CLOSED] MultiCombo with SelectionMode=all not allowing uncheck
  203. [CLOSED] Error message in IE8
  204. [CLOSED] Cannot set the date in a DateFieldFor control
  205. [CLOSED] MessageBus thru iFrame via hosted Domain
  206. [CLOSED] Export data to excel
  207. [CLOSED] how to set row's background color according column's renderer function?
  208. [CLOSED] Form post issue for gridpanel inside form panel
  209. [CLOSED] how to reduce loading time for gridpanel with large data
  210. [CLOSED] Breaking Changes in 2.3 Release
  211. [CLOSED] Breaking Changes in 2.3 Release - startEdit Behavior Changed
  212. [CLOSED] Tree panel Loading display issue
  213. [CLOSED] Buttons and Window Render
  214. [CLOSED] Custom css design
  215. [CLOSED] Problem with capturing change event in multiselect box
  216. [CLOSED] Drag/Drop Entire Group in GridPanel
  217. [CLOSED] List of Toggle Buttons
  218. [CLOSED] Tree with Toggle Buttons
  219. [CLOSED] Get ColumnName from ColumnModel using javascript
  220. [CLOSED] RefreshRow using javascript
  221. [CLOSED] MultiSelect with Store
  222. [CLOSED] Call directmethod From IIS Application
  223. [CLOSED] Error when expand treepanel Node
  224. [CLOSED] How can I change fields inside <ItemTpl> in client side
  225. [CLOSED] Set grid editable cell
  226. [CLOSED] Set label.Html from code behind
  227. [CLOSED] Resize Handles doesn't seem to be working
  228. [CLOSED] Infinite Scrolling Issue
  229. [CLOSED] Custom TextFieldfor helper
  230. [CLOSED] ExtBuilder and Theming
  231. [CLOSED] Page.FindControl cannot find parent by id in Page_Load of UserControl that invoked by ResourceManger.RaisePostbackEvent
  232. [CLOSED] HOW TO SET treepanel's title's text's css?
  233. [CLOSED] Ext.Net Column Chart issue when number of column more then 100 ..
  234. [CLOSED] Handling TreePanel Server Side
  235. [CLOSED] Stack Overflow Exception loading UserControlLoader inside Page_Load of a UserControlRendered control.
  236. [CLOSED] Exception because Control names don't use idmode when rendering UserControlLoader controls from UserControlRenderer
  237. [CLOSED] Ext.Net MVC - MultiSelect Click or Select Event
  238. [CLOSED] IE11 Tool Tips
  239. [CLOSED] DataAnnotations validation not working for gridpanel
  240. [CLOSED] [#408] CellEditing Plugin shows the wrong value in a locked column
  241. [CLOSED] Checkbox Checked value in DirectMethod
  242. [CLOSED] Global way to check if ANY directmethod / ajax request is running
  243. [CLOSED] Simple Grid Drop AND Reorder Example
  244. [CLOSED] DirectEvent issue with FormPanel and multipart data (FileUploadField / Other fields)
  245. [CLOSED] How to prevent selection change in TreePanel?
  246. [CLOSED] Get record being edited in column editor from EditorOptions:BeforeStartEdit
  247. [CLOSED] Group header align text bottom
  248. [CLOSED] Update GridFilters ListFilter Store Server-Side
  249. [CLOSED] How to prevent check box selection when cell is clicked for editing?
  250. [OPEN] [#409] Exception in Transformer with UserControlLoader with RenderMode.AddTo