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  1. [CLOSED] why direct method return a object?
  2. [CLOSED] Multicombo deselect all problem
  3. [CLOSED] Reload asp:Repeater from DirectMethod
  4. [CLOSED] PasswordMask. Disable all validation. Only use Mac style :)
  5. [CLOSED] More frequent minor releases of Ext.Net
  6. Building from the SVN.
  7. [CLOSED] [#346] TreeColumn text overflow is missing on Ext.Js 4.2.x
  8. [CLOSED] Selecting text in gridpanel / copying gridpanel data to clipboard
  9. [CLOSED] set TextField's value between 2 browsers
  10. [CLOSED] Load Mask & Confrimation
  11. [CLOSED] Refresh Tree Panel
  12. [CLOSED] Nested TabPanel: size
  13. [CLOSED] gridpanel - PageSize property not working
  14. [CLOSED] MVC - Layout
  15. [CLOSED] TreePanel loses focus when both Right and Dowm keys are pressed simultaneously
  16. [CLOSED] TreePanel is scrolled to the top or the selected item when it is focused
  17. [CLOSED] Cell Editor navigation in a Grid
  18. [OPEN] [#348] Infinity Scrolling
  19. [CLOSED] GroupingSummary not displayed GroupHeaderTplString
  20. [CLOSED] how to page with PageProxy
  21. [CLOSED] Get latest ext.net.dll
  22. [CLOSED] Problems with dates
  23. [CLOSED] can not refresh data in a gridpanel inside rowexpander
  24. [CLOSED] Date format changes if grid DateColumn also has ImageCommand
  25. [CLOSED] Taskmanager, scheduled task and focus on browserwindow
  26. [CLOSED] Question about MyDesktop.Modules
  27. [CLOSED] Very strange problem with vboxlayout
  28. [CLOSED] General store questions : insert/remove, dirty, getRowsValues
  29. [CLOSED] How to customize the gridpanel headers?
  30. [CLOSED] MVC - FormPanelFor
  31. [CLOSED] Not able to refresh Ext.Net Combobox
  32. [CLOSED] gridpanel with local paging. Maintain checkbox selection while paging
  33. [CLOSED] DirectEvent Transaction Time Out Message Window needs refresh on Okay to reset the contents of the page.
  34. [CLOSED] gridpanel - custom ui for PagingToolbar
  35. [CLOSED] layout problem
  36. [CLOSED] gridpanel with paging - set CheckboxSelectionModel on page load for all pages
  37. [CLOSED] TreePanel - sorting behavior on drop
  38. [CLOSED] TreePanel - cannot append "after" expanded last node
  39. [OPEN] [#349] how to auto expand the tree's root node?
  40. [CLOSED] MVC Controls RTL Issue
  41. [CLOSED] there is no remove method in treestore?
  42. [CLOSED] GridPanel Row Background color dynamic set
  43. [CLOSED] grouping summary problem?
  44. [OPEN] [#356] Gzipped extnet static resources not persistanced
  45. [CLOSED] Format Line chart Tips Renderer
  46. [CLOSED] gridpanel - CellEditing causing javascript error
  47. [CLOSED] how to pass custom parameters to the PageProxy so that in OnReadData event handler can get the parameters
  48. [CLOSED] gridpanel with paging - Insert row
  49. [CLOSED] How to completely close the window?
  50. [CLOSED] Check / uncheck all pages checkboxes (checkboxselection) of gridpanel
  51. [CLOSED] TimeField am/pm in en-US culture
  52. [CLOSED] how to change formpanel's background color to Transparent?
  53. [CLOSED] confirm message in codebehind?
  54. [CLOSED] GridPanel Store Not Loading
  55. [CLOSED] Line chart with data labels
  56. [CLOSED] Populating a Form Panel from a DirectMethod
  57. [OPEN] [#352] Grid + BufferedRenderer: inconsistent selection after insertion of record
  58. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel Set by Day
  59. [CLOSED] MVC - Command Column - GridCommand
  60. [CLOSED] group level paging in gridpanel
  61. [CLOSED] Themes
  62. [CLOSED] Using CheckMenuItems for submitting Values?
  63. [OPEN] [#351] Ext.net.directRequest eventMask parameter - cover entire page
  64. [CLOSED] Having a situation on Production with GZip="true" doesn't return encrypted page. Also an issue with minified ux files.
  65. [CLOSED] DropDownField and TextField can not align ?
  66. [CLOSED] add a toobar item to the htmleditor for uploading pictures?
  67. [CLOSED] Bug: Multi CheckboxSelectionModel with RowEditing
  68. [CLOSED] date rendering in grid panel
  69. [CLOSED] Example Drag&Drop CalendarPanel with MultiSelect
  70. [CLOSED] CheckboxGroup Returns No CheckedItems
  71. [CLOSED] What's the Razor syntax for InputMask?
  72. [CLOSED] Upload completed and Chrome
  73. [CLOSED] Stretching Portlets to fix the whole screen (100% screen height and width)
  74. [CLOSED] Adding new theme
  75. [CLOSED] MessageBus listeners not corretly removed on cmp destroy (current SVN version)
  76. [CLOSED] Remember user column settings
  77. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel label of today
  78. [CLOSED] Issue with huge grid
  79. [CLOSED] Nepture Theme rendering issue on IE8 Browser
  80. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel build object data
  81. [CLOSED] group summary does not support row editing?
  82. [CLOSED] UserControlLoader inside Bin of Panel with the UserControl a Window inside a Bin of another Control, cannot getValue()
  83. [CLOSED] How to change the width of GridPanel in RowExpander?
  84. [CLOSED] Pass parameter from grid to window and from window to DirectEvent
  85. [CLOSED] ItemSelector data binding
  86. [CLOSED] StatusBar Background
  87. [CLOSED] how to add a custome toolbar item to the htmleditor
  88. [CLOSED] datefield format / type / selectedDate troubles
  89. [CLOSED] FormPanel validation w/ toggle button
  90. [CLOSED] Use ext:Image with Byte Array
  91. [CLOSED] Calling DirectMethods from an external class
  92. [CLOSED] Layout run failed
  93. [CLOSED] Open parallell window with c# codebehind
  94. [CLOSED] How to detect datefield changed
  95. [CLOSED] Property Visible="false" not works in Desktop module
  96. [CLOSED] RadioButtonGroup Layout with Codebehind
  97. [CLOSED] Not Showing Contents in Popup Page
  98. [CLOSED] gridpanel with remoting paging - sorting issue
  99. [CLOSED] Configure Legend of Line Chart Series
  100. [CLOSED] trigger title expand-mode in client and leave it expanded
  101. [CLOSED] gridpanel with remote paging and checkboxselectionmodel grid header checkbox selection / deselection
  102. [CLOSED] Store conversion is failing
  103. [CLOSED] gridpanel with remote paging maintain textfield/ numeric field values
  104. [CLOSED] Progressbar - NullReferenceException when trying to call anothers project function
  105. [CLOSED] FileUpload using the examples
  106. [CLOSED] Select items in combobox multiselect
  107. [CLOSED] Store Add Record
  108. [CLOSED] Disable overflow for some ToolBar's items
  109. [CLOSED] GridPanel cell validation
  110. [CLOSED] may i remove group column's text except the first row in one group?
  111. [CLOSED] after upload the picture , then add picture to the htmleditor, but not work
  112. [CLOSED] send store data items to directmethod
  113. [CLOSED] Default Trigger on Enter when Focus is in TriggerField
  114. [CLOSED] RowExpander with more then one formpanel
  115. [CLOSED] Not Showing Contents in Popup Page
  116. [CLOSED] Getting ExtJs error on creating bar chart.
  117. [CLOSED] Component in RowExpander problem "is null or not an object"
  118. [CLOSED] Problem on success/failure return from a directMethod
  119. [CLOSED] Groupheaders
  120. [CLOSED] Exception in extnet-all-debug.js
  121. [CLOSED] why execute for too long time?
  122. [CLOSED] How to make a row grid split into 2 or 3 subrows
  123. [CLOSED] height=the rest of space?
  124. [CLOSED] store GetChangedData does not return id field
  125. [OPEN] [#355] Infinite scrolling with server-side searching has got some issue
  126. [CLOSED] Get Item from Store
  127. [CLOSED] TextField - Change Style on Focus
  128. [CLOSED] Default Item Selection in Combo Box
  129. [CLOSED] Modify Numeric Axis in LineChart
  130. [CLOSED] How to "clear" a dynamically loaded page in panel?
  131. [CLOSED] Infinite Scrolling / onReadData / everything from code behind
  132. [CLOSED] live chart with minutes as Unit.
  133. [CLOSED] TextField trigger directevet with "enter"
  134. [CLOSED] TextField with Plugin CapsLockDetector
  135. [CLOSED] .x-boundlist in ComboBox, MultiSelect
  136. [CLOSED] Column template and renderer
  137. [CLOSED] Upgrade from v1.1 to v2.2 and here could not found fields are replaced by which word
  138. [CLOSED] ComponentColumns in a Grid - no focus change with TAB Key
  139. [CLOSED] Equivalent to ListViewColumn and ListViewDateColumn in version 2
  140. [CLOSED] Align only Column's content
  141. [CLOSED] is it possible to add editor to rowexpander?
  142. [CLOSED] gridpanel with remote paging issue with rendering
  143. [CLOSED] Error in select node of treepanel into a dropdown
  144. [CLOSED] Ext net accordion panel dynamic height
  145. [CLOSED] [MVC] Move panel with js function
  146. [CLOSED] GridEditing - prevent empty entry
  147. [CLOSED] gridpanel with paging
  148. [CLOSED] Rowediting plugin text wrap issue
  149. [CLOSED] Change the Checkbox selection model (MVC Razor)
  150. [CLOSED] Listener Method Inputs
  151. [CLOSED] Window within Window, make sure parent resizes to fit
  152. [CLOSED] global function call after render
  153. [CLOSED] Strange ComboBox behavior...first item selected after hide/show of containing win/form...
  154. [CLOSED] does FileUploadField support multi file upload?
  155. [CLOSED] Script Error using open Popup page
  156. [CLOSED] Hide Bar calendar
  157. [CLOSED] StartDay in CalendarPanel with DirectEvent
  158. [CLOSED] gridpanel with paging
  159. [CLOSED] Button - DisabledCls, PressedCls are not applied
  160. [CLOSED] Timepicker maxtime cause problem
  161. [CLOSED] Add event from directevent in CalendarPanel
  162. [CLOSED] button handle assign code behind does not work
  163. [CLOSED] Get size of label when setting HTML...
  164. [CLOSED] MultiUpload can't add uploaded file's path to the htmleditor
  165. [CLOSED] Feature Request? Visible=false, DirectEvent Visible=true. X-Render ideas.
  166. [CLOSED] MenuItem Click does not work
  167. [CLOSED] Send Json object with get value with loaders
  168. [CLOSED] Auto Height for nested grids
  169. [CLOSED] Grouping in Line Chart
  170. [CLOSED] Unable to show window controls
  171. [CLOSED] MVC - Chart
  172. [CLOSED] group summary does not support paging?
  173. [CLOSED] how to pass group summary's Sum to direct event parameter
  174. [CLOSED] DirectEvent Actionmethod with StoreRequestParameters object
  175. [CLOSED] New Version 2.3 of Ext.Net
  176. [CLOSED] Lazy loading of User control has problem with DirectEvent
  177. [CLOSED] Set RowSelectionModel on a inserted row.
  178. [CLOSED] infinite scrolling / gridcommand rendering problem
  179. [CLOSED] grid panel arabic number renderer
  180. [CLOSED] gridpanel - cell editing not working for inserted row
  181. [CLOSED] Missing Tree panel sorter in V2.x
  182. [CLOSED] BADRESPONSE Syntax Error
  183. [CLOSED] Emulate ButtonGroup with CommandColumn
  184. [CLOSED] set window's title problem
  185. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel Button Next, Previous with DateField
  186. [CLOSED] BeforeNodeDrop listener in Treepanel
  187. [CLOSED] Prototype wrapper for ext 2.x to support ext 1.x
  188. [CLOSED] How to hide Section “plus”
  189. [CLOSED] Search Records From Database
  190. [CLOSED] Display Image in ImagePanel centered and keep propotions
  191. [CLOSED] [Bug] Placing Ext.Net.History in Bin of a Panel produces Uncaught Syntax Unexpected token Error Exception
  192. [CLOSED] MVC - Stacked Column Chart
  193. [CLOSED] [2.2] Combobox selecteditem problem
  194. [CLOSED] SelectBox in 2.0 does not behave the same as 1.X & other ComboBox ramblings
  195. [CLOSED] framework 4?
  196. [CLOSED] Demo page bug
  197. [CLOSED] how to replace img src with Regex
  198. [CLOSED] gridpanel / listfilter configuration / remote filtering
  199. [CLOSED] Numeric grid Filter, numeric field Decimal Places
  200. [CLOSED] GetRowClass and Selection
  201. [CLOSED] gridfilter / submitted data / json deserialize different values
  202. [CLOSED] GridPanel column filter problem with chrome
  203. [CLOSED] Simple select in Multi Mode Grid view
  204. [CLOSED] Problem in textfield when has indicator and validator
  205. [CLOSED] Add record in GridPanel with Window with CellDblClick the other page
  206. [CLOSED] EXT.NET with MVC
  207. [CLOSED] Applying InputMask dynamically on the client
  208. [CLOSED] ComboBox Value causes Cannot create an object of type 'System.Object' from its string representation '60''
  209. [CLOSED] Combobox click arrow down not fire
  210. [CLOSED] mvc rtl
  211. [CLOSED] Browser compatibility
  212. [CLOSED] Print external page in tabs
  213. [CLOSED] Multiple partialview replacement in a single action
  214. [CLOSED] DataGrid - selecting first record does not set SelectedIndex
  215. [CLOSED] MVC - Grid
  216. [CLOSED] Dynamically Adding DragZones
  217. [CLOSED] Add refresh button to dynamically created tab
  218. [CLOSED] GridPanel Column Locking: Odd Issue
  219. [CLOSED] Grid editing plugin is in Edit mode when clicking on readonly cell
  220. [CLOSED] Show window AFTER loader loads page
  221. [CLOSED] FilterUpdate Listener in GridPanel
  222. [CLOSED] Get Current Page index in code behind
  223. [CLOSED] Group class missing in V2.x
  224. [CLOSED] RadioGroup after label style
  225. [CLOSED] Missing GridPanelMaintainScrollPositionOnRefresh
  226. [CLOSED] expander plugin after grid not display all columns
  227. [CLOSED] Read Value from Dynamically Generated Radio Group
  228. [CLOSED] Problems with locking Grid and Cell editing using RowSelectionModel
  229. [CLOSED] SVN update / missing Reference System.Web.Mvc
  230. [CLOSED] ComponentColumn with PartialViewResult, Replace Mode
  231. [CLOSED] Tabing through Grid with Locked Column doesn't work...
  232. [CLOSED] GridPanel: Refit in Panel
  233. [CLOSED] dont execute directevents if radiobutton no selected
  234. [CLOSED] Extjs 4.2.2. is available now.
  235. [CLOSED] Preserve expanded group using DataView
  236. [OPEN] [#426] X.MessageBox.Show( .. ) doesn't get focus after DirectEvent
  237. [CLOSED] Ext ValidateAntiForgeryToken
  238. [CLOSED] Could not load file or assembly 'System.Web.Mvc, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35'
  239. [CLOSED] ext.net antivirus misinformation ?
  240. [CLOSED] [Trunk] Can no longer Redirect in DirectEvent
  241. [CLOSED] MultiCombo with pulldown. Space does not select.
  242. [CLOSED] Timefield Validation
  243. [CLOSED] Ext.Net Calendar Control filter by Combo Box
  244. [CLOSED] Photo capture using webcam
  245. [CLOSED] how to use other column's value in renderer listener?
  246. [CLOSED] MultiCombo not selecting items in code behind
  247. [CLOSED] Not able to change field label separator dynamically
  248. [CLOSED] Bug in RegisterClientScriptInclude version 2.3.0
  249. [CLOSED] DateField validator is wrapping
  250. [CLOSED] How to clear the 2nd gridpanel's data that is nested inside a RowExpander control