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  1. [CLOSED] Audio Support?
  2. [CLOSED] TreeStore issue with 2.2
  3. [CLOSED] How to select a ComboBox option in Direct Method?
  4. [CLOSED] Nested Grids with checkbox selection model
  5. [CLOSED] why text disapear when click the dropdown column
  6. [CLOSED] Chart Tooltip auto width
  7. [CLOSED] Disallow untoggle in ToggleGroup and change color of toggled button
  8. [CLOSED] row on directMethod in grid editor dont work
  9. [CLOSED] Ext.data.Store getTotalCount method reports 0 in GridPanel listeners
  10. [OPEN] [#325] Filters not clearing
  11. [CLOSED] problems of migration to version 2.2
  12. [CLOSED] How can I add one item "Refresh" to the tab context menu?
  13. [CLOSED] Validation of the dragged records from source grid in listener
  14. [CLOSED] PDF z-order
  15. [CLOSED] How to catch every Key Input
  16. [CLOSED] How to change and save Portal control's content ??
  17. [CLOSED] Disabled textfield not posting updated text to DirectEvent if textfield is setValue in client javascript.
  18. [CLOSED] clientside setValue('') on TextField with AllowBlank, not invalidating form after delay
  19. [CLOSED] GridView override portability issue
  20. [CLOSED] Field Errors help
  21. [CLOSED] Caching Dynamic Grids
  22. [CLOSED] Enable/disable drag/drop of grid rows from one to another
  23. [CLOSED] Combo box items not loading on store reload.
  24. [CLOSED] Field of Store in Menu with ContextMenu GridPanel and Column Hidden true
  25. [CLOSED] Book critic / code behind question
  26. [CLOSED] header text is english when export to excel ?
  27. [CLOSED] Get Textfield Value without submit
  28. [CLOSED] DateFilter operational behavior: Activating on date pick
  29. [CLOSED] Grid selection in code-behind performance issue?
  30. [CLOSED] Need help with MVC Line Chart with Dynamic Data
  31. [CLOSED] Various filter issues
  32. [CLOSED] Theming - Changing the Neptune Theme
  33. [CLOSED] select grid cell values for copy/paste
  34. [CLOSED] CheckColumn without dataIndex
  35. [CLOSED] Setting Disabled CSS in Textarea
  36. [CLOSED] Help required - Add Tab and Close Tab design architecture
  37. [CLOSED] Rating column and row editor
  38. [CLOSED] Window change LoadMask Msg in Code-Behind
  39. [CLOSED] Disable Editor grid row
  40. [CLOSED] {success:false,message:"Access is denied."}
  41. [CLOSED] How Can I Change separation in calendar
  42. [CLOSED] Calendar/Date Picker
  43. [CLOSED] Notification Window shows no Text
  44. [CLOSED] Inline Editing In Grid Panel using Asp.net MVC razor engine
  45. [CLOSED] Change title in Details Calendar
  46. [CLOSED] The best approach to serialize an enum as its value
  47. [CLOSED] Grid Panel Selection Model in ASP.net MVC
  48. [CLOSED] Multilevel grid using ComponentConfig
  49. [CLOSED] Reference token (ext.net.initscriptfiles) was not found.
  50. [CLOSED] export data xls
  51. [CLOSED] gridpanel - Apply css to inserted row / record
  52. [CLOSED] event not seen in FireFox
  53. [CLOSED] Changing commandColumn IconCls on client issue
  54. [CLOSED] GridViews loadMask sometimes not working
  55. [CLOSED] Getting error for JRawValue.From in Plugin for grid
  56. [CLOSED] GridPanel - ComponentColumn - ComboBox: How to bind data??
  57. [CLOSED] Change button's icon alignment
  58. [CLOSED] Sort store by multiple fields
  59. [CLOSED] Change a specific row cls on the fly without GetRowClass
  60. [CLOSED] setting properties at run time
  61. [CLOSED] problems of migration to version 2.2 -----Part 2
  62. [CLOSED] Filtering Chart Data
  63. [CLOSED] Refreshing Chart Data with Json
  64. [CLOSED] Error to fill GridPanel
  65. [CLOSED] how to Import excel to Datagrid?
  66. [CLOSED] [MVC] Use Devexpress component inside Ext.Net
  67. [OPEN] [#327] HboxLayout Collapse Bug
  68. [CLOSED] ext:Window position
  69. [CLOSED] Text overflow in column with ellipsis
  70. [CLOSED] Ext is conflicting with Glimpse
  71. [CLOSED] IndicatorIcon is shown inside of TextField
  72. [CLOSED] EditorOptions property on a dynamic column generates invalid code. [Bug?]
  73. [CLOSED] DatePicker Selections
  74. [CLOSED] Manipulate displayed pagenumber in PagingToolbar
  75. [CLOSED] when bind from panel with datasource MultiCombo control not work properly
  76. [CLOSED] how to stop rowselection when the command button is clicked in grid ?
  77. [CLOSED] When i press enter button in any control of from panel its call last control (btnCancel_click) event call automalically
  78. [CLOSED] GridPanel - CommandColumn - dynamic Tooltip
  79. [CLOSED] Rowselection in Codebehind returns 0 items
  80. [CLOSED] how to apply styles to a single row of the grid
  81. [CLOSED] GridPanel with BufferedRenderer Bug
  82. [CLOSED] Line Chart Labels z-index?
  83. [CLOSED] Ext.Net JS errors from controls
  84. [CLOSED] Update cell value in gridpanel
  85. [CLOSED] get record from store (without idproperty)
  86. [CLOSED] UserControl inside Ext:Panel
  87. [CLOSED] How to close all open tabs of a tabpanel, except one
  88. [CLOSED] Newlines not showing in GridPanel
  89. [CLOSED] How to reuse my Json to another Control
  90. [CLOSED] Controls Not Show on Page
  91. [CLOSED] #{gvTransactionList}.getRowsValues() in code behind
  92. [CLOSED] Direct Events - Pass string / message to client
  93. [CLOSED] GridPanel ColumnModel DirectEvent access
  94. [CLOSED] TabBar in the TabPanel
  95. [CLOSED] load page with querystring in a extnet window
  96. [CLOSED] Reloading a DatePicker
  97. [CLOSED] Textarea loses focus on mouse out in a Menu control
  98. [CLOSED] Accordion
  99. [CLOSED] How to add a Click Event on the TrayClock
  100. [OPEN] [#399] Plugin BoxSelect
  101. [CLOSED] Combo box Empty Text issue In ASP.net MVC
  102. [CLOSED] add data to store in code behind does not work
  103. [CLOSED] Combobox Click Trigger allways reload data
  104. [CLOSED] Post back Issue with ASP image button in EXT Panel
  105. [CLOSED] Create grid and store at runtime
  106. [CLOSED] Sorting Gridcolumn with isComplex=true
  107. [CLOSED] Form Validation with Checkboxgroup
  108. [OPEN] [#197] IndicatorTip with dismissdelay or Autohide
  109. [OPEN] [#329] Rownumberer not updating correctly after deleting a filtered row
  110. [CLOSED] Using multiple source in store
  111. [CLOSED] Fire script on Iframe loaded content...
  112. [CLOSED] Loading data from database to a combobox in Ext.Net
  113. [CLOSED] Removing Checkboxes / Radiobuttons from Frompanel
  114. [CLOSED] Change "loading" message during store load
  115. [CLOSED] Grid rowbody feature
  116. [CLOSED] reorderable property not appear
  117. [CLOSED] GridPanel filter after string is entered
  118. [CLOSED] Reload window content when user loader dynamically
  119. [OPEN] [#332] chart export function not working properly
  120. [CLOSED] grid row cutoff even though there is a data
  121. [CLOSED] SelectedDate in DatePicker on DirectEvent does not set
  122. [CLOSED] how to add a "<br/>" in the controls which parent's layout is HBoxLayout
  123. [CLOSED] Grid AutoScroll
  124. [CLOSED] Form missing elements
  125. [CLOSED] render teacher_id to teacher_name, but render event not be triggered?
  126. [CLOSED] How can I get ValidityChange event to trigger when selecting radio group
  127. [CLOSED] directevent Change event not execute?
  128. [CLOSED] Can you give me ext.net API Address?
  129. [CLOSED] Resize window based on dynamically loaded page.
  130. [CLOSED] why can not pass to the code behind?
  131. [CLOSED] get Store distinct values
  132. [CLOSED] MessageBox bug
  133. [CLOSED] Recreating store in code behind
  134. [CLOSED] Layout problem with TextArea as editor
  135. [CLOSED] When a Field is inside a FieldContainer, the error indicator is not shown
  136. [OPEN] [#335] Cell stays selected after clicking button
  137. [CLOSED] [BUG TRUNK] One letter capital IDs cannot use #{..} reference
  138. [OPEN] [#337] How can I get IsDirty to behave like isChanged with validity?
  139. [OPEN] [#333] Negative number, "Comma" is disappear
  140. [CLOSED] Select all tree panel nodes
  141. [FIXED] [#334] [2.5.3] ContainerScroll in TreeviewDragDrop not working
  142. [CLOSED] Ext.net PopUp in CustionFilter using MVC razor Engine
  143. [CLOSED] FileUploadField control's visibility changes GridPanel behavior
  144. [OPEN] [#341] DirtyChange not triggered when new day in DatePicker control selected in a form.
  145. [CLOSED] View Panel, Dynamically Loaded Content in Center Panel, need to refresh content in West Panel
  146. [CLOSED] How to access AbstractStoreDirectEvents.Update parameters?
  147. [CLOSED] Running Ext v1 and Ext v2 side by side
  148. [CLOSED] Tabbing through DataView Items
  149. [CLOSED] Window with URL to PDF stuck on "Loading"
  150. [CLOSED] Ambiguous call between ComboBoxBase.Builder methods (string) and (params string[]) in a PartialView
  151. [CLOSED] Grid Panel Not Showing Row with Null Value
  152. [CLOSED] Is there a way to prevent a form control from participating in isDirty check?
  153. [CLOSED] Problem with Dynamic Images
  154. [CLOSED] How show mask during record insertion
  155. [CLOSED] Missing first of row data in Grid Panel
  156. [CLOSED] no PageSize property in the PagingToolbar on the BottomBar ?
  157. [CLOSED] ComboBox Not Populating on First Store Reload
  158. [CLOSED] Controls not updating from Direct Event
  159. [CLOSED] gridpanel - access store in AfterRender Listener function of RadioGroup
  160. [CLOSED] Handle lost internet connection
  161. [CLOSED] Set color for ComboBoxFor items.
  162. [CLOSED] Partial view load issue on first click of submit button
  163. [CLOSED] Set a message on a disabled panel mask
  164. [OPEN] [#340] Help with drag
  165. [CLOSED] Save the Tree expanded Node state between sessions
  166. [CLOSED] connection speed meter
  167. [CLOSED] Problems with update to version 2.2.0
  168. [CLOSED] can not access FileUploadField1 on the change event in code behind?
  169. [CLOSED] How do I use the new Password mask plug in.
  170. [CLOSED] How to write a datetime composite control which combine DateField and TimeField control
  171. [CLOSED] changing already created sprite data from code behind
  172. [OPEN] [#344] Selecting First value of Combobox Editor in Grid Panel on Focus
  173. [CLOSED] SetValueAndFireSelect with SelectBox Question
  174. [CLOSED] On IE9, dragging a window breaks the rendering of its content when maximizable is set to false
  175. [CLOSED] Changing a DateField's type
  176. [CLOSED] IE8 is fully compatible with version 2.2 of Ext Net?
  177. [CLOSED] source code for Transformer.NET.dll
  178. [CLOSED] Experiment with UserControlLoader to user Control instead of UserControl
  179. [CLOSED] close Ext.Net Window after export to excel
  180. [CLOSED] Grid Filter Default Value
  181. [CLOSED] More Layout Problems...
  182. [CLOSED] TabPanel with ajax and user control (.ascx)
  183. [CLOSED] Panel html loader with scripts (components) and memory issue
  184. [CLOSED] Ext.NET Combobox removebyindex not working first time
  185. [CLOSED] disable items of Combobox in MVC giving JS Error
  186. [CLOSED] Ext.net 2.2 .net framework 3.5
  187. [CLOSED] [MVC] ItemClickListeners not fire after show an hiddenPanel with accordion
  188. [CLOSED] [MVC] Graphic Render
  189. [CLOSED] Ext.net Combobox Postbacks Twice when set to AutopostBack = True
  190. [OPEN] [#342] [MVC] Accordion Render
  191. [CLOSED] Ext.net does not support IE9 compatiability view ?
  192. [CLOSED] GridPanel Summary Column Alignment Issue
  193. [CLOSED] Window not rendering
  194. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel - When event is clicked, show MenuItems
  195. [CLOSED] GridPanel - CheckboxSelectionModel - Set selected rows in a DirectEvent
  196. [CLOSED] MessageBox CSS Styling
  197. [CLOSED] Monthly Calendar does not display correctly when browser zoom is less than 100%
  198. [CLOSED] Populating a Store in ascx
  199. [CLOSED] Window Maximize inside center panel scroll bar overlap
  200. [CLOSED] Trouble setting checkbox from code behind to checked
  201. [CLOSED] ext.net paging problem
  202. [CLOSED] Update from 1.x to 2.x / selecting an item from a combobox with remote data
  203. [CLOSED] Fieldset don't show added items with autopostback - aspx view
  204. [CLOSED] Dynamic TreeGrid
  205. [CLOSED] MessageBox Confirm - Using DirectMethod and CodeBehind
  206. [CLOSED] no direct run event
  207. [CLOSED] add play and pause functionality auto increment to slider
  208. [CLOSED] Update from 1.x to 2.x / #{store}.getAt(0).id trouble
  209. [CLOSED] Simultaneously Passing an Argument to and Returning a String from a Direct Method
  210. [CLOSED] Problems with desktop + window in version 2.2
  211. [CLOSED] GridPanel problem after upgrading to version 2.2
  212. [CLOSED] [Trunk] MultiSelect select selects all?
  213. [CLOSED] Problem with events window with custom colors in calendar view
  214. [CLOSED] Export Date Format
  215. [CLOSED] ChangeRecords problem when add a record?
  216. [OPEN] [#440] On IE9, Viewport fails when a window is moved over
  217. [CLOSED] [MVC] Set Tag proprties on button with AjaxResult
  218. [CLOSED] getHeight() on BeforeRender event for GridPanel doesn't work.
  219. [CLOSED] How to change custom theme?
  220. [CLOSED] Different behaviors in DirectEvent between UserControlLoader and UserControl
  221. [CLOSED] Auto Move GridPanel horizontal scroll bar?
  222. [CLOSED] ext.net from svn
  223. [CLOSED] Combobox - DisplayField set in code behind
  224. [CLOSED] Disable backspace (but only when not in textfield/textarea)
  225. [CLOSED] Change tree node font size
  226. [CLOSED] how to layout two columns in the window
  227. [CLOSED] Load Mask custom message for Ext.net.DirectMethod.request
  228. [CLOSED] Is there a way to merge stores from multiple sources?
  229. [OPEN] [#343] Ext.Msg.prompt too small.
  230. [CLOSED] Slider in grid column
  231. [CLOSED] Drag and Drop Multiple Groups
  232. [CLOSED] PasswordMask information
  233. [CLOSED] TreePanel with AjaxProxy + JsonReader
  234. [CLOSED] Set Button-toogle in gridpanel
  235. [CLOSED] Set CycleButton in gridpanel
  236. [CLOSED] How to prevent poping the error window
  237. [CLOSED] Radius on FieldSet border
  238. [CLOSED] howto address store when reading a record from store by javascript?
  239. [CLOSED] How to get textfields values from grid panel
  240. [CLOSED] Adding Menu Items Runtime to DropDownField
  241. [CLOSED] client names under the App namespace
  242. [CLOSED] Combobox with Treepanel as dropdown control
  243. [CLOSED] View Point South Region need to use in Center Region With Same working as default?
  244. [CLOSED] [#347] On Internet Explorer exception is thrown when items are added to a panel with Layout set to FormLayout
  245. [CLOSED] Disabled buttons look VERY dim...can hardly read text...
  246. [CLOSED] Is there some way to make a button an anchor?
  247. [CLOSED] how to get store by not id?
  248. [CLOSED] Prevent User Re-sizing Window
  249. [CLOSED] gridpanel checkbox selection model hide and unhide
  250. [CLOSED] [#345] GridPanel header fails when double click column resizer