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  1. [CLOSED] Saving dynamic store / model data
  2. [CLOSED] [MVC] FileUploadField in IE
  3. [CLOSED] checkbox not showing
  4. [CLOSED] Inconsistencies in browsers
  5. [CLOSED] [#316] Window content disappears when moved
  6. [CLOSED] Problem loading Window on the client
  7. [CLOSED] MVC Razor example of drag and drop?
  8. [CLOSED] Accordion Layout Issue
  9. [CLOSED] Make GridPanel ReadOnly
  10. [CLOSED] Master detail form with one header and 18 grids, all editables
  11. [CLOSED] Change icon in CommandColumn Listener
  12. [CLOSED] Problem resetting a ComboBox in Frame mode
  13. [CLOSED] How to select existing item in ComboBox on the server?
  14. [CLOSED] Portlet spanning multiple PortalColumns
  15. [CLOSED] Nested GridPanel not scrolling
  16. [CLOSED] Help in gridpanel's cell focus
  17. [CLOSED] Current trunk changes require MVC in build
  18. [CLOSED] Gridpanel - getChangedData() not getting edited store value through client side script
  19. [CLOSED] Gridpanel editalbe cell - select all text of field on cell click
  20. [CLOSED] Hide gridpanel row through client side script
  21. [CLOSED] Load Mask Not displaying on Grid Panel data load
  22. [CLOSED] Access hidden field in code behind
  23. [CLOSED] Column visibility
  24. [CLOSED] Customizing and using Portlet Header Tools
  25. [CLOSED] Checkbox is not getting clear after de-selecting
  26. [CLOSED] Negative value column chart does not respond to mouse event : click, double click or tooltip
  27. [CLOSED] TreePanel(grid) CustomAttributes doesn't work (code behind)
  28. [CLOSED] Any example for using custom fields in Calendar?
  29. [CLOSED] DirectMethod deserializing readonly property
  30. [CLOSED] This error occurs sometimes.
  31. [CLOSED] pass json data in the Ajax store proxy
  32. [CLOSED] Chart Not working
  33. [CLOSED] Drag and Drop MVC Razor examples Grid Cell and Grid Row to Panel
  34. [CLOSED] Filters in Multiselect
  35. [CLOSED] Gridpanel Custom Sorting
  36. [CLOSED] Problem with dates
  37. [CLOSED] MultiCombox to display custom Text
  38. [CLOSED] Keep focus inside window when using tabkey
  39. [CLOSED] Keeping a panel scrollable but not display a scroll bar automatically
  40. [CLOSED] How to sync-up paging after inserting a Store record?
  41. [CLOSED] Incorrect row height
  42. [CLOSED] How to make a Panel occupy all available height in FormLayout?
  43. [CLOSED] Create a Chart in Code Behind
  44. [CLOSED] Retrieving dynamically generated checkbox value
  45. [CLOSED] Disable and Enable combobox in directevents not working
  46. [CLOSED] Unable to get the ComboBox items count
  47. [CLOSED] Form panel for model not displaying dropdown
  48. [CLOSED] Gridpanel - group header - Dyamically change background color
  49. [CLOSED] GroupHeaderTplString show only value
  50. [CLOSED] Textfield concealing value from HTML in Ext.net 2.2
  51. [CLOSED] create dynamic combobox,textbox problem
  52. [CLOSED] Deleting a CommandColumn Icon
  53. [CLOSED] Client side error databinding Store
  54. [CLOSED] Portal Layout
  55. [CLOSED] MVC Razor and TabMenu
  56. [CLOSED] Minification Attempt
  57. [CLOSED] how to dynamic add one column to the gridpanel?
  58. [CLOSED] ComboBox.SelectedItem.Value is null in DirectEvents Select
  59. [CLOSED] Gridpanel Row selection Issue
  60. [CLOSED] DecimalSeparator in NumberField
  61. [CLOSED] How to Upgrade from 1.x to 2.x
  62. [CLOSED] Line chart- Working with multiple lines
  63. [CLOSED] Custom Filter in gridPanel
  64. [CLOSED] Paging and single select
  65. [CLOSED] Exporting Attachment from DirectMethod
  66. [CLOSED] Hide Checkbox Editor for Certain Rows
  67. [CLOSED] clear gridpanel row selection details ( that are passed through extra params)
  68. [CLOSED] Link buttons are disabled when we add portlet at runtime.
  69. [CLOSED] Nested Grid
  70. [CLOSED] Cosmetic issue :-)
  71. [CLOSED] Textfield Change Event in Grid Panel
  72. [CLOSED] ComponentColumn checkbox activation
  73. [CLOSED] Gridpanel Livesearch Plugin Error
  74. [CLOSED] Store problem with jsonp proxy when insert, update,delete
  75. [CLOSED] ComboBox height personalise
  76. [CLOSED] Get Checked nodes from TreePanel. js
  77. [CLOSED] Can't get CheckboxSelectionModel checkboxes to initialise from store
  78. [CLOSED] Resizing dynamic loaded items
  79. [CLOSED] TreePanel is not refresh in button click
  80. [CLOSED] Linked ComboBox/SelectBox help needed.
  81. [CLOSED] Render issue in a grouped grid panel with CommandColumn
  82. [CLOSED] Combo refresh problem
  83. [CLOSED] Row Command click,it is not auto selected
  84. [CLOSED] Handling session for a EXT.NET Grid Panel ajax Call
  85. [CLOSED] How to populate a CalendarPanel from codebehind
  86. [CLOSED] gridpanel - Set css for grid header dynamically
  87. [CLOSED] gridpanel - css set in ViewReady handler functions not getting applied
  88. [CLOSED] Compatibility Mode IE9
  89. [CLOSED] progress bar in a grid panel
  90. [CLOSED] which is the best way to add a column into a TreePanel?
  91. [CLOSED] MVC Razor GridPanel Row DoubleClick
  92. [CLOSED] Print page for gridpanel
  93. [CLOSED] Change custom icon to trigger of ComboBox
  94. [CLOSED] Task Manager in MVC Razor Engine
  95. [CLOSED] KeyMap on page with usercontrol and grid on usercontrol
  96. [CLOSED] AjaxProxy Problem with Date fields on update
  97. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg.alert box size
  98. [CLOSED] InputMask plugin
  99. [CLOSED] DateTimePicker
  100. [CLOSED] Set the grid to show summary on the server side
  101. [CLOSED] One to Many gridpanel in looping
  102. [CLOSED] Handle null values in line chart series
  103. [CLOSED] Fileupload field not working in IE8
  104. [CLOSED] RadioGroup with dynamic visibility items
  105. [CLOSED] Export grid and pie chart to PDF
  106. [CLOSED] Panel - Embedded page - PopUp Not Working
  107. [CLOSED] Troubles with extraParams (currentPage / sorted column / sort direction)
  108. [CLOSED] GridPanel with grouping and gridfilters
  109. [CLOSED] Hidden field value set in java script is empty in code behind page.
  110. [OPEN] [#308] FilterHeader and infinite scrolling
  111. [CLOSED] Generate Parameters of loader dynamically
  112. [CLOSED] components in window do not display
  113. [CLOSED] Displaying a menubar always centered in available width (Borderlayout)
  114. [CLOSED] Grid cell refresh and change column background color
  115. [CLOSED] Disable items of combobox and reenable them based on condition
  116. [CLOSED] GridPanel with Checkbox Selection in MVC
  117. [CLOSED] IE7 100% CPU for 10+ seconds when loading Example Explorer
  118. [CLOSED] TriggerField doesn't accept blank space if it is into a menu
  119. [CLOSED] Use RowEditing and CheckboxSelectionModel
  120. [CLOSED] MVC Remote Filtering with Header Items as filters
  121. [CLOSED] [2.2] DirectEvents "An error has occurred because a control..."
  122. [CLOSED] dynamic Column graph getting loaded twice
  123. [CLOSED] Access Grid Column values in js function
  124. [CLOSED] Ext.Net.MVC.PartialViewResult not working in Nunit
  125. [CLOSED] CheckboxSelectionModel - checkbox deselect not fired on group deselect
  126. [CLOSED] Treepanel Header Click Event
  127. [CLOSED] CheckboxSelectionModel "master" select/deselect checkbox is not checked if all rows are selected at store load
  128. [CLOSED] MVC Advanced DataView example broken in latest SVN
  129. [CLOSED] date validation problem with master page
  130. [CLOSED] Rebind form controls with new model on ajax request / How can I update a model of a view with ajax?
  131. [OPEN] [#313] Using ComboBox with SelectOnFocus and SelectOnTab is causing a deadlock(Webkit Browsers)
  132. [CLOSED] Ajax ToolTip fails when Toolbar's item is overflowed.
  133. [CLOSED] Is there a way to click the textfield portion of the FileUploadField to get the file upload dialog?
  134. [OPEN] [#310] Window.DefaultFocus problem
  135. [CLOSED] Trunk missing files
  136. [CLOSED] Simple textfield without tables
  137. [CLOSED] How to get selected value in RadioGroup?
  138. [CLOSED] remotevalidation example
  139. [CLOSED] MVC Infinite Scrolling with GridPanel
  140. [CLOSED] very strange null reference exception?
  141. [CLOSED] MVC GridPanel get Communication Error (Ajax time out)
  142. [CLOSED] why keyup event not be triggered?
  143. [CLOSED] Demo page bug
  144. [CLOSED] GridPanel Column Renderer implementation causes an issue
  145. [OPEN] [#320] RegEx Case sensitive
  146. [CLOSED] Layout Issue in form
  147. [CLOSED] Problem changing the Theme on the client side
  148. [CLOSED] MVC Fastest way to display data on the Grid
  149. [CLOSED] Unit testing controller methods that return Ext.Net.Mvc.PartialViewResult objects
  150. [OPEN] [#314] Tooltip is clipping its title
  151. [CLOSED] Freezing (locking) the top rows in a gridpanel
  152. [CLOSED] Alert box
  153. [CLOSED] JavaScript Error SCRIPT1009 Expected '}'
  154. [CLOSED] Grid Panel Formatting Cells
  155. [CLOSED] Binding javascript array to store in grid
  156. [CLOSED] Filtering grid on multiple checked values
  157. [CLOSED] IE10 - Chart rendering
  158. [CLOSED] Is it possible to hide all shown ToolTips?
  159. [CLOSED] How to align a Window?
  160. [CLOSED] How to check a menu item on the client?
  161. [CLOSED] How to add a checkbox to column header to check all / uncheck all for a boolean column?
  162. [CLOSED] How to get a handle on the Toolbar Refresh button on the client?
  163. [CLOSED] Align button and textbox with fieldcontainer.
  164. [CLOSED] MVC Custom Themes
  165. [CLOSED] Access dynamic-created TabPanel items
  166. [CLOSED] Combobox with Checkbox in MVC
  167. [CLOSED] Formpanel - set isDirty() to false onload of page
  168. [OPEN] [#330] A suggestion to eradicate "Token is not unique" errors
  169. [CLOSED] Dynamic GridPanel AddHandler Edit Event Proxy
  170. [CLOSED] MultiSelect with Checkbox Items
  171. [CLOSED] Grid with grouping problem and the row height
  172. [CLOSED] Recenter modal window on page resize
  173. [CLOSED] why text disapear when click the dropdown column
  174. [CLOSED] Create GridPanel filters dynamically
  175. [CLOSED] SVN Credentials
  176. [CLOSED] Href property in splitbutton not working?
  177. [CLOSED] Portal header layout
  178. [CLOSED] [#315] Exception is thrown when expanding a tree node after inserting a column into TreePanel
  179. [CLOSED] NumberFieldFor and ComboBox Border(false) appears not to work?
  180. [CLOSED] RowExpander Split
  181. [CLOSED] Communication Failure Error !!
  182. [CLOSED] Listeners not working on Partial view
  183. [CLOSED] dynamic date filter not working
  184. [CLOSED] how can I acquire the "Ext.NET Web Application Development" ebook?
  185. [CLOSED] how to add listitem a,b to the ComboBox1 which is on the selected row.
  186. [CLOSED] js error this.rvConfig is undefined
  187. [CLOSED] How to apply filterBy() on already filtered store in Grid
  188. [CLOSED] Line Graph in ext.net
  189. [CLOSED] html Editor - Encoding Decoding Issue
  190. [CLOSED] Unable to load ssrs report on button click in 2.2
  191. [CLOSED] disabled controls values not available in model
  192. [CLOSED] KeyMap on PopupWindow
  193. [CLOSED] Replacement for getActiveTab()?
  194. [CLOSED] How NOT to show the loading mask for TabPanel?
  195. [CLOSED] Row expander bug
  196. [CLOSED] Enumerating TabPanel instances on the page
  197. [CLOSED] How to call the plug-in command event
  198. [CLOSED] Multiple Column Chart for a single country
  199. [CLOSED] Uncheck an item in Multiselect combobox
  200. [CLOSED] Gridpanel Form Filter
  201. [CLOSED] gridpanel Locked="true"
  202. [CLOSED] Deleting Selected row using Direct Method
  203. [CLOSED] How to toggle the Tab close button?
  204. [CLOSED] HTML editor in IE has box show in editing area
  205. [OPEN] [#319] Ext.grid.Panel stopEditing() and Ext.data.Store sort() compatibility
  206. [CLOSED] General help passing back to a View
  207. [CLOSED] Resetting a Form on the client
  208. [CLOSED] MVC TabMenu not showing
  209. [CLOSED] How to customize a ToolTip title?
  210. [CLOSED] Dynamic Load Mask using Panel Loader on Client
  211. [CLOSED] Ext.NET.SelfRedringPage
  212. [CLOSED] MVC GridPanel with Infinite Scrolling and RemoteFilter/Sort/Page
  213. [CLOSED] Usage of getBody() method
  214. [CLOSED] Values in DataTable columns of type object are not rendered to json
  215. [CLOSED] Group columns in Razor
  216. [CLOSED] How to print gridpanel? Including column headers and scrolling content.
  217. [CLOSED] dropdownfield's setvalue does not work when component column's hidden=false
  218. [CLOSED] GridPanel Filter with Checked Selections
  219. [CLOSED] FilterHeader Plugin Error
  220. [CLOSED] [#321] [#324] Filter Deactivate event handler
  221. [CLOSED] modal window mask issue
  222. [CLOSED] UserControl TextFields are not firing validation inside FormPanel
  223. [CLOSED] Expand all panel of accordion layout
  224. [CLOSED] Setting filter date picker value throws an error
  225. [CLOSED] How JsonPProxy Url into dynamic parameter?
  226. [CLOSED] Treepanel drag drop with multiple checked nodes
  227. [CLOSED] Ext.grid.Panel column model replacement?
  228. [CLOSED] Import/ Export Excel from/to Grid Panel (Urgent Pls!!!)
  229. [CLOSED] bulid TreePanel dynamic, ItemClick is not work?
  230. [CLOSED] MoveEditorOnEnter property not found in Ext.net 2.2
  231. [CLOSED] Hide and show a container if no data
  232. [CLOSED] FileUploadField control cause App.direct in javascript onunload method not executed
  233. [CLOSED] Select Row in GridPanel Based on the selected value (C# Code Behind)
  234. [CLOSED] Add Js To DynamicUserControl
  235. [CLOSED] Custom Search Combobox setValue not Working in Ext 2.2
  236. [CLOSED] Grid cell editor for long text
  237. [CLOSED] Format date picker to show months
  239. [CLOSED] Change iconCls from codebehind
  240. [CLOSED] BUG: Component Loader with ASMX
  241. [CLOSED] bufferedrenderer in version 2.1
  242. [CLOSED] Proxy Writer Undefined
  243. [OPEN] [#328] Issue with Store Filter and group StartCollapsed=true
  244. [CLOSED] StoreDataHandler Refresh
  245. [CLOSED] RowExpander IFrame Dynamic Loader Url
  246. [CLOSED] Security with membership not working Ext.Net
  247. [CLOSED] TextField RightButton in same line
  248. [CLOSED] Border error with ComboBox in FieldContainer
  249. [CLOSED] Get gridpanel column value from Javscript
  250. [CLOSED] Increasing the default icons size