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  1. [CLOSED] Update web site from version 1.x to 2.x
  2. [CLOSED] LinkButton click activation should be on the icon and anchor and NOT on the span
  3. [CLOSED] MsgTarget issue?
  4. [OPEN] [#276] [2.2 Trunk Bug] Mouseover tab section titles in grouptabpanel exception
  5. [CLOSED] how reset a combobox to the default state
  6. [CLOSED] [2.2 Trunk] Height does not adjust in MessageBox with image contents.
  7. [CLOSED] FileUploadField1.HasFile alway false
  8. [CLOSED] Trunk r5194: GridPanel View Refresh Misaligns Notification
  9. [CLOSED] Dynamic Drop Down Field
  10. [CLOSED] TableLayout - AbstractComponent - Sizing
  11. [CLOSED] Force a external Page to open in a Window
  12. [CLOSED] Demo page bug
  13. [CLOSED] TypeError: this.layout.setContainer is not a function
  14. [CLOSED] TreePanel With Image/Icon
  15. [CLOSED] Can't figure out how to get value from combobox
  16. [CLOSED] MVC - Loading UserControl's with PartialViewResult
  17. [CLOSED] GridPanel: Store with local paging - Object reference not set to an instance of the object
  18. [CLOSED] CustomControl with 2 datefield inside doesn't display anything else than Label
  19. [CLOSED] .hasSelection()
  20. [CLOSED] IE7 problem with ext.net 2
  21. [CLOSED] DirectMethod from inside Dynamic User Control
  22. [OPEN] [#283] Grid cell editor height
  23. [CLOSED] toggle / untoggle all commandcolumns in a grid
  24. [CLOSED] [2.2] Ext.Menu leaving a blank space to the left
  25. [CLOSED] Bind store data in direct method
  26. [CLOSED] Grid column Wrap property UI error with CellEditing plugin
  27. [CLOSED] Limiting NumericFilter to integers
  28. [CLOSED] Add new tab from treepanel in version 2.x
  29. [CLOSED] [2.2. Trunk bug] DatePicker DisabledDates not working again.
  30. [CLOSED] [2.2 Trunk] Server Side Single Row Selection Problem
  31. [CLOSED] Problem with treepanel and xmldatasource
  32. [CLOSED] [#277] Inerithed node and treepanel xmldatasource
  33. [OPEN] [#291] [2.2] ca1001 warning Types that own disposable
  34. [CLOSED] how to add a child node to the selected tree node
  35. [CLOSED] How to reload specific tab content in tabpanel at client side?
  36. [CLOSED] Type="Submit" not working anymore
  37. [CLOSED] MultiSelect deselect client side
  38. [CLOSED] Change parent (iFrame parent) title
  39. [CLOSED] Update chart color set
  40. [CLOSED] Tooltip on CommandColumn
  41. [CLOSED] direct method in a grid panel
  42. [CLOSED] Javascript error when running ext.net code in IE9 iframe
  43. [CLOSED] functionality issues in internet explorer 10
  44. [CLOSED] FormPanel Url XSS
  45. [CLOSED] Grouping Grid Example bug
  46. [CLOSED] Dynamically loaded controls to tabs in TabPanel generate different ClientID in DirectMethod than onInit events
  47. [CLOSED] Different behaviour showing Progress bar ina anchored layout window between IE and Chrome
  48. [CLOSED] Unnecessary scroll bars
  49. [CLOSED] Assign Data to store dynamically using json and reload the store
  50. [CLOSED] MVC 4 Razor Table Layout.Table
  51. [CLOSED] RadarChart from code behind
  52. [CLOSED] How to create Horizontal menu
  53. [CLOSED] how to adapt the application to the screen resolution
  54. [CLOSED] How to disable component column editor
  55. [CLOSED] can ext.net do this gridpanel?
  56. [CLOSED] Renderer on Tips of Series of Chart in code behind
  57. [CLOSED] Make Icon clickable in FieldSet to expand row in gridPanel
  58. [CLOSED] Deserilization Parsing Error with Double Quotes
  59. [CLOSED] Disable Line Series Tips
  60. [OPEN] [#278] Hidden column editor cause java error
  61. [CLOSED] Check if there is an active directmethod call
  62. [CLOSED] Disable/Enable Vertical Marker based on Context Menu
  63. [CLOSED] Grid editing doesn't work inside FieldSet
  64. [CLOSED] Show/Hide Chart Tooltips during creation of chart in behind code
  65. [CLOSED] Editor in CheckColumn in version 2.x
  66. [CLOSED] IE9 Issue with modal window
  67. [CLOSED] Issue with modal window (all browsers)
  68. [CLOSED] Additional Positioning of Chart Labels
  69. [CLOSED] [#364] CDN Subjects/Comments/Questions.
  70. [CLOSED] How to handle Layout Hbox and width of controls expressed in %
  71. [CLOSED] Combobox before change event handler
  72. [CLOSED] URGENT: Chnaging a Image Columns Icon in JS
  73. [CLOSED] [2.2] InitScriptMode.Linked causing exception regularly on production.
  74. [CLOSED] Password matching
  75. [CLOSED] Controls in Menu - rendering issues when some of the menu items are closed
  76. [CLOSED] ComboBox with Templates and AJAX
  77. [CLOSED] Rowediting: phantom row
  78. [CLOSED] IFrame
  79. [CLOSED] The best way for handle changing class if control when checkbox are checked or unchecked
  80. [OPEN] [#282] how to force summary row place to top of gridpanel instead of bottom
  81. [CLOSED] Panel Contect Load from Code Behind
  82. [CLOSED] how can i upload multiple files using Ext.NET + IE
  83. [CLOSED] win.AutoLoad.Url dont working in version 2.x
  84. [CLOSED] Paging with Grouping
  85. [CLOSED] click treepanel node can not be show on the column of gridpanel?
  86. [CLOSED] GridPanel Column Editor PLUGIN: disable Enter KEY on default button Update and Cancel'
  87. [CLOSED] Vertical Marker on partial line series
  88. [CLOSED] MasterPage best practice
  89. [CLOSED] DropDown Field Collapsing in Grid Panel Header Item
  90. [CLOSED] SetValue Function for GroupRadio Buttons
  91. [CLOSED] GetRowClass dont working in ext.net 2.x
  92. [CLOSED] Font Family Extjs 4...
  93. [CLOSED] AutoScroll problem
  94. [CLOSED] how can use Ext.urlEncode code behind
  95. [CLOSED] Html Editor bug
  96. [CLOSED] CheckColumn with buffered store
  97. [CLOSED] Significant delay with CheckColumn when changing check value
  98. [CLOSED] Text-Decoration none in a treeplanel
  99. [CLOSED] RowSelectionModel interfering with GridCommand and RowExpander in EXT.Net 2.2
  100. [CLOSED] ContentFromSection Problem
  101. [CLOSED] Multiple File Upload in Ext.NET v2.1
  102. [CLOSED] [2.2 Trunk Bug] TabReorder exception in boxreorder.js
  103. [CLOSED] ComponentMenuItem in Ext.Net 2.0
  104. [CLOSED] Scrolled (grouped) grid and checkbox selection causes scroll to top
  105. [CLOSED] Gridpanel: customizing PagingToolbar text strings
  106. [CLOSED] Gridpanel with remote store configured display data - 1 items.
  107. [CLOSED] Gridpanel selection model(checkbox) force to select more than 1 row without using ctrl keyboard key
  108. [CLOSED] Get JSON representation of store
  109. [CLOSED] DirectEvent ascx problem
  110. [CLOSED] Cannot convert from 'Ext.Net.Label' to 'Ext.Net.Component'
  111. [CLOSED] ComboBox loaded with value
  112. [CLOSED] HyperLink rendering issue
  113. [CLOSED] Set FieldCls on server side
  114. [CLOSED] how to add a click event to a group column?
  115. [CLOSED] Checkbox Slider bug
  116. [CLOSED] Ext.Net 2.2 Memory Leak
  117. [CLOSED] Problem with inherited treepanel and xmldatabinding
  118. [CLOSED] Unable to check the checkbox in Gridpanel using group command
  119. [OPEN] [#287] borderLayout button collapse of south region
  120. [CLOSED] [MIGRATION] getting selected rows values with id of data item
  121. [CLOSED] Hidding row with data-recordid attribute equals 0 from gridpanel
  122. [OPEN] [#288] Remote Paging - Infinite Scroll - different beahviour between Chrome and IE 10
  123. [CLOSED] How to save a chart in server side
  124. [CLOSED] SelectionModel returning last selected record in code behind.
  125. [CLOSED] Open 2nd Window outside Parent - Part II
  126. [CLOSED] Saving chart to svg
  127. [CLOSED] Progress Bar - wrap text
  128. [CLOSED] Javascript error in component column having textfield as component of gridpanel
  129. [CLOSED] Child menu item disabled on parent click
  130. [CLOSED] Custom Item Templates
  131. [CLOSED] DateField range with MasterPage
  132. [OPEN] [#290] RadioGroup SetValue function without event fire during page load.
  133. [CLOSED] Component Column as Editor - can't edit text fields straight away
  134. [CLOSED] how to set the ColumnGroup cell to be editable?
  135. [CLOSED] What can be nested inside TreeGrid GridPanel? If so, there are examples of what?
  136. [CLOSED] Display value of sum all items when Store remote is on?
  137. [CLOSED] ToggleCollapse of GridPanel body
  138. [CLOSED] Migration of BeforeQuery Listener
  139. [CLOSED] [2.x] - MVC - Razor - How to add Portlet dynamically (Controller and Javascript)
  140. [CLOSED] store.filter method is not working
  141. [CLOSED] Migrating GridPanel Command to columns
  142. [CLOSED] Default tab menu broken for IE8 - Invalid source HTML for this operation
  143. [CLOSED] Problem with trunk 5228
  144. [CLOSED] Radial gradient problem Chrome
  145. [CLOSED] for submit to webservice
  146. [CLOSED] Can't select items in combobox in gridpanel's component column using arrow keys
  147. [CLOSED] Mutilselect using MVC razor engine
  148. [CLOSED] Migration of MultiSelect loading in code behind
  149. [CLOSED] Migration of UserControls
  150. [CLOSED] Render Treepanel in codebehind
  151. [CLOSED] Combobox store undefined
  152. [CLOSED] TreePanel selection fails when filter is applied'
  153. [CLOSED] general get value question
  154. [CLOSED] Create a nested grouping in GridPanel
  155. [CLOSED] GridPanel vs Dataview performance
  156. [CLOSED] [2.x] - MVC - Dynamic PortalColumn
  157. [CLOSED] Migration Hiding columns
  158. [CLOSED] CellEditting and dynamic Grid.reconfigure
  159. [CLOSED] XControl Missing Assembly reference
  160. [CLOSED] Ext.Net 2.1 Store's model with mappings
  161. [CLOSED] Pivot Grid
  162. [CLOSED] Store SerializationMode
  163. [CLOSED] MultiCombo in Gridpanel
  164. [CLOSED] ext.axd is not loading in Azure project
  165. [CLOSED] Drag and Drop Migration
  166. [CLOSED] Property Locked on Column GridPanel: Error: 'id' is null or not an object
  167. [CLOSED] Migration issue Ext.Net.X.Js.Call
  168. [OPEN] [#292] [2.2 Bug] Issue with css and spacing with DatePicker with Padding set
  169. [CLOSED] how use Ext.ux.grid.Printer?
  170. [CLOSED] Loader with DirectEvents
  171. [CLOSED] How to show eventmask while directevent, who will post file content, prepares data
  172. [CLOSED] Drag file to upload control
  173. [CLOSED] KeyMap and browsers events
  174. [OPEN] [#293] Spotlight Resizing Problem
  175. [CLOSED] Getting ComboBox ValueField with ExtJS
  176. [CLOSED] Issue with grouping startcollapsed= true and RowExpander
  177. [CLOSED] ComboBox Style List
  178. [CLOSED] ext.net print
  179. [CLOSED] I need to get the node id on a drop event
  180. [CLOSED] Buttons rendering on top of each other
  181. [CLOSED] [2.2+] BorderLayout, BoxSplitter and Layout Failure [Daniil]
  182. [CLOSED] ext-frame 404 error
  183. [CLOSED] Refresh gridpanel server side
  184. [CLOSED] How to save the state gridpanel
  185. [CLOSED] Performance question
  186. [OPEN] [#296] Charts - Bar labels show/hide
  187. [CLOSED] problem converting svg to png
  188. [CLOSED] combobox in the gridpanel's cell?
  189. [CLOSED] the selected combobox text disapear when click other cell?
  190. [CLOSED] Panel Readonly
  191. [CLOSED] [2.2 sencha bug] EnableOverflow on resize of browser puts overflow indicator on next line.
  192. [CLOSED] [2.2 Bug] Toolbar controls do not work when toolbar uses UserControlLoader
  193. [FIXED] [#299] [#300] More Layout run failed messages when I run my website in IE7 or IE8 modes.
  194. [CLOSED] Customize fileupload control to import specific file formats
  195. [CLOSED] SystemOutOfMemoryException was Thrown when binding Gridpanel
  196. [CLOSED] Adding items dynamically in Mutilselect List box
  197. [CLOSED] Import tab delimeted text to a grid
  198. [CLOSED] Compatibility with HighCharts
  199. [CLOSED] Session Value not available in Remote page loaded using EXT Window
  200. [CLOSED] MVC 4 MongoDB Ext Combobox
  201. [CLOSED] how to align HeaderItems ?
  202. [CLOSED] ComponentLoader and Ext.JSON.decode() issue
  203. [CLOSED] Retrieving ComboBox Values from Form
  204. [CLOSED] Get orignal store of Grid Panel
  205. [CLOSED] print Ext gridpanel with summary Using ASP.Net
  206. [CLOSED] Using SVG
  207. [CLOSED] Mask doesn't show on GridPanel store refresh
  208. [CLOSED] Time in FromDate and ToDate TimeAxis
  209. [CLOSED] Loading Partial View within a Portlet
  210. [CLOSED] NumberField only with positive values
  211. [CLOSED] tagName error on IE8
  212. [CLOSED] Ext:CalendarPanel, How can I change date format to d/M/y?
  213. [CLOSED] Issues with a complex layout of many partials
  214. [CLOSED] Get JSON Store Record from ComboBox on Select
  215. [CLOSED] TextField in codebehind
  216. [CLOSED] Ext.Net applyes styles to body automatically. How to avoid it?
  217. [CLOSED] Refresh bar chart after grid panel's event
  218. [CLOSED] about NumberField, TextField character limit
  219. [CLOSED] Gridpanel ItemContextMenu Handler function not giving current rowindex for inserted row
  220. [CLOSED] [2.1] Ext:Calendar, Restrict Time Range
  221. [CLOSED] Form Panel question
  222. [CLOSED] Hide expander column
  223. [CLOSED] Window with details not updated
  224. [CLOSED] [2.1] ValidationStatus plugin scrolling the document up.
  225. [CLOSED] Store GroupField and GroupDir - group and order by one field, display another?
  226. [CLOSED] render treecolumn problem
  227. [CLOSED] Muliple Combobox's from the same store
  228. [CLOSED] Close East Panel by Server side code
  229. [CLOSED] Grid with changes to store items not refreshing on commitChanges
  230. [CLOSED] DirectMethod in a MasterPage
  231. [CLOSED] TriggerField does not blur after focusing another control.
  232. [CLOSED] Show Open/Save File Dialog box and hide Ext.Net Window
  233. [CLOSED] Editable gridpanel - Date lost in DateField on click for edit
  234. [CLOSED] GridPanel's Checkbox Selection
  235. [CLOSED] [Help] Grid Selection doesn't work after refresh data with local filtering.
  236. [CLOSED] Gridcommand listener and Rowselection directevent
  237. [CLOSED] GridPanel CollapseMode
  238. [CLOSED] How to loop through TreePanel Nodes and read changes made in client side in codebehind? Nodes are added in codebehind
  239. [CLOSED] Layout with problems of the render in IE and Chrome
  240. [CLOSED] Portal Styles
  241. [CLOSED] Add and Remove grid Features dynamically
  242. [CLOSED] GridFilters feature messes with Paging/Sorting?
  243. [CLOSED] Plans for IE7 performance
  244. [CLOSED] export to excel is not working
  245. [CLOSED] Mutilselect select & un select Events
  246. [CLOSED] Combobox in CodeBehind
  247. [CLOSED] asp:datalist inside ext window item.count always zero
  248. [CLOSED] Partial View
  249. [CLOSED] [2.1] Ext:Calendar, Disable Drag & Drop
  250. [CLOSED] Prevent row doubleclick on specific column