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  1. [CLOSED] Themes For Ext.Net controls
  2. [CLOSED] Grid Drag and Drop call stack size exceeded
  3. [CLOSED] check request IsPostback in server control inherited by Ext.Net.Container
  4. [CLOSED] AllowBlank="false" prevent formpanel to submit on the front?
  5. [CLOSED] How to insert "Div" tag and some html content inside Items collection of Tabpanel?
  6. [CLOSED] Binding formatted datetime
  7. [CLOSED] MVC GridPanel doesn't display
  8. [CLOSED] Chart title location
  9. [CLOSED] How to change background color of labels in chart
  10. [CLOSED] Server side validation with Row Editor
  11. [CLOSED] replace the communication failure message
  12. [CLOSED] MultiCombo Order
  13. [CLOSED] validate textfields
  14. [CLOSED] Apply DefaultButton to the FromPanel in codebehind
  15. [CLOSED] Can't scroll Horizontaly in GridPanel after upgrade to Version 2.2
  16. [OPEN] [#237] Splitbutton navigation functionality
  17. [CLOSED] EventMask add from code behind (with customtarget option) and handle when it should disapear
  18. [OPEN] [#238] Scatter series label overlap issue
  19. [OPEN] [#240] Negative numbers make column chart display weird numeric steps
  20. [CLOSED] Parent Child solution
  21. [CLOSED] Scrollbar issue with Chrome and SetTheme
  22. [CLOSED] How to render Ext button's text from Resx file?
  23. [CLOSED] Adding controls to VBox layout causes scrolling to top
  24. [CLOSED] Toggle Button handler is not working
  25. [CLOSED] combox select first listitem default ?
  26. [CLOSED] Problem in Date Format in Summary Column
  27. [OPEN] [#252] Axis color in Chart
  28. [CLOSED] Change column width of a chart
  29. [CLOSED] cutomize LiveSearchGridPanel plugin
  30. [OPEN] [#239] RowExpander and locked column
  31. [CLOSED] how to custom define english tips
  32. [CLOSED] layout problem?
  33. [CLOSED] Select single checkbox in checkcolumn
  34. [CLOSED] Hiding and Showing Controls
  35. [CLOSED] MVC Gridpanel Form Post
  36. [CLOSED] ToolTip - AutoShow don't work
  37. [OPEN] [#241] LoadRecord to HtmlEditor problem.
  38. [CLOSED] Using Basic Pie Chart in ASP.net
  39. [CLOSED] equivalent ext js 3.4 tab (in TabChange listener of tabpanel context ) in ext js 4.2 ?
  40. [CLOSED] Prevent from autoload store, Autoload = false and still getting reloaded on first entry of page
  41. [CLOSED] Passing Parameter To Ascx Via Loader
  42. [CLOSED] Using Checkbox Selection Model showHeaderCheckbox with buffered stores
  43. [CLOSED] DirectMethod error wrapping
  44. [CLOSED] themePath web.config
  45. [CLOSED] Ext.util.Format.date fails if Date's millisencond 'length' is lower than 3
  46. [OPEN] [#242] ComboBox List Alignment
  47. [CLOSED] RowSelectionModel Multi Issues with sorting and row selection
  48. [CLOSED] Issue with ExtPartial
  49. [CLOSED] how to add several blank row to the gridpanel
  50. [CLOSED] Multicombo bug ? Unchecking items
  51. [CLOSED] MVC DirectEvent Download File
  52. [CLOSED] js error btn undefined after destroy() of container?
  53. [CLOSED] First load of store with proxy configuration
  54. [CLOSED] 0x800a139e - JavaScript runtime error: Ext.JSON.decode() while Loading a ASCX in Component Loader
  55. [CLOSED] Custom Grid Group Header Text
  56. [CLOSED] how can i set TreePanel TreeColumn locked=true
  57. [CLOSED] Multicombo list height
  58. [CLOSED] Creating Custom Control From Ext.Net.Label in MVC 4.0
  59. [CLOSED] Permanent slider TipText
  60. [CLOSED] Sorting grid groups based on external data
  61. [CLOSED] [#243] Start Grid Groups Collapsed
  62. [CLOSED] filter tree panel data using combo box like Quick Search
  63. [CLOSED] Cannot resolve PartialViewResult.ContainerID
  64. [CLOSED] Add custom listener to existing Ext.NET server side classes
  65. [CLOSED] How can I set config of many gridviews in my project?
  66. [CLOSED] tree column when edit a column in the gridpanel
  67. [CLOSED] Dynamically add tab
  68. [CLOSED] how to set Column 's id and text from dropdownlist
  69. [CLOSED] Change theme of Gridpanel when theme is changed
  70. [CLOSED] [#244] Grid cell editing, and combobox "blur" event NOT fired when expected upon "tab" key
  71. [CLOSED] ReferenceError: Ext is not defined when loading from external page
  72. [CLOSED] [#245] ComboBox CSS issue..
  73. [CLOSED] How To Set Value on DirectEvent on Paging Combobox?
  74. [CLOSED] Grid Pin editor with drop down box
  75. [CLOSED] Store GridPanel user State
  76. [CLOSED] Call direct event from Confirm Message
  77. [CLOSED] Load control to 1 tab at time
  78. [CLOSED] MVC ValidationSummary equivalent in Ext.Net v2.2
  79. [CLOSED] Collapsing a tab panel when all tabs are hidden
  80. [CLOSED] how to get SummaryColumn's summary value from directEvent
  81. [CLOSED] GridPanel + FormPanel insert record with boolean columns
  82. [CLOSED] show hide components in table layout
  83. [CLOSED] how to set column not null ?
  84. [CLOSED] Set complex objects to custom config value during direct event
  85. [CLOSED] SpriteType Ellipse
  86. [CLOSED] Ext.form.Hidden.xtype is different in debug vs release mode
  87. [CLOSED] Tool on a Toolbar
  88. [CLOSED] Child.AddTo or Parent.Items.Add
  89. [CLOSED] Set FieldCls value on server side
  90. [CLOSED] TreePanel refresh problem
  91. [CLOSED] MVC How to handle GridPanel ItemDblClick DirectEvent
  92. [CLOSED] MVC image command handling
  93. [CLOSED] [#248] ext:DateField language problem
  94. [CLOSED] GridPanel Refresh grid problem
  95. [CLOSED] Border layout configuration issue + gridpanel autoheight?
  96. [CLOSED] Viewport Panel Collapse DateField issue....
  97. [CLOSED] Preview during resize event
  98. [CLOSED] ComboBox/SelectBox Drop Down Width
  99. [CLOSED] Loop through formfields to check validation
  100. [CLOSED] Migrating from 2.1 to 2.2 issue
  101. [CLOSED] Fixed trasparent panel on top of other panel
  102. [CLOSED] CommandFill doesn't seem to right align the controls positioned after upon resizing the gridpanel
  103. [CLOSED] [bug] Form validation + <view> tag in gridpanel
  104. [CLOSED] Is there a way to get the tab component that contains an iframe from that iframe?
  105. [CLOSED] how to fire a directevent on the command column?
  106. [CLOSED] how to distinguish which comand user clicked?
  107. [CLOSED] Getting Selected row values from Codebehind.
  108. [CLOSED] Searching in a multicombo
  109. [CLOSED] Dynamically adding a node does not work
  110. [CLOSED] Mode="Simple" SelectionModel
  111. [CLOSED] Grid 2 Grid Drag/Drop Error
  112. [CLOSED] TriggerField: Editable=false doesn't work
  113. [CLOSED] JS Error in generated Ext.Net JS
  114. [OPEN] [#271] How to handle IDMode in PartialViews?
  115. [CLOSED] GridPanel Focus
  116. [CLOSED] Conversion
  117. [CLOSED] Nodes in TreePanel dissapear after collapsing another node
  118. [CLOSED] ext.net deploy error
  119. [CLOSED] How to add custom style to the current page dynamically?
  120. [CLOSED] Force Standard Submit
  121. [CLOSED] how to select current date to ext:DateField ?
  122. [CLOSED] Internet-Explorer 8 -> long waits in building the page
  123. [CLOSED] Determine gridfilter expanded ?
  124. [CLOSED] Layout Problem
  125. [CLOSED] Swap Dropable Panel in MVC
  126. [CLOSED] how to get idea which control has not id applied
  127. [CLOSED] Load control to 1 Tab at time part 2
  128. [CLOSED] Enable resize of a panel in Client side
  129. [CLOSED] event mask
  130. [CLOSED] Multiselect Double Click Listener
  131. [CLOSED] Tooltip Does not Update
  132. [OPEN] [#253] RadialAxis renderer
  133. [CLOSED] Change node parent instead of removing and re-adding?
  134. [CLOSED] VBoxLayout Align Center
  135. [CLOSED] Using the value of a component as a Parameter of a TreeStore an exception is thrown
  136. [CLOSED] GridPanel View's focusRow function (Client-Side) is absent on latest version from SVN
  137. [OPEN] [#256] Refresh Rownumbered Column on Drop not working after updating from SVN.
  138. [CLOSED] how to binddata to ext:combobox in codebehind with datasource?
  139. [OPEN] [#261] Ext.NET, Sencha Touch and Ext.Direct
  140. [CLOSED] Show/Hide Chart Legend
  141. [CLOSED] [2.2+] Uncaught TypeError when Showing Window with DatePicker after DirectEvent set DisabledDatesRE
  142. [CLOSED] Hide AjaxRequestException Window
  143. [CLOSED] [2.2+] Combobox load single record to the store before trigger
  144. [CLOSED] Modal Window IE7
  145. [CLOSED] Hmm, where's my DirectMethod ?
  146. [CLOSED] Is there a way to serialize NodeCollection into objects?
  147. [CLOSED] Record changes not being reflected
  148. [CLOSED] Moving from 2.1 to 2.2: Button.OverCls not working
  149. [CLOSED] Thai language
  150. [CLOSED] ComboBox.Select - Directly After DataBind
  151. [CLOSED] How to reconfigure TreePanel using JavaScript
  152. [CLOSED] Ext.Net DropZone vs Ext native DropZone
  153. [CLOSED] How to check/uncheck treenode on select?
  154. [CLOSED] Grid editor only shows once after pressing return
  155. [CLOSED] Add target line to Column Chart
  156. [OPEN] [#262] Dashed/Dotted chart grid lines
  157. [CLOSED] Grid Reconfigure and RowExpander
  158. [CLOSED] ViewPort Center, Resize GridPanel
  159. [CLOSED] Set default button
  160. [CLOSED] Gridpanel manage new line carriage return in columns
  161. [CLOSED] CellEditing Plugin tab key
  162. [OPEN] [#263] TreePanel drag icon fails when draging node slowly
  163. [CLOSED] MultiCombo checkbox problem
  164. [OPEN] [#284] IE8 crashes and sometimes forces machine to restart
  165. [CLOSED] how to Deserialize the #{store_role}.getChangedData()
  166. [CLOSED] Label Separator - change Default
  167. [CLOSED] IE 9 - North panel doesn't load, until I resize window
  168. [CLOSED] enable button in Listeners
  169. [CLOSED] [2.2+ Bug] Current Build click on ImageButton causes javascript exception
  170. [CLOSED] Write own css
  171. [CLOSED] Tooltip issues
  172. [CLOSED] [2.2 Trunk] JS Exception placing focus on Textbox with tooltip
  173. [CLOSED] how to insert panel to an window?
  174. [CLOSED] System.Web.DynamicData
  175. [CLOSED] textfield + RightButtons
  176. [CLOSED] Grouping - Issue with StartCollapsed=true
  177. [OPEN] [#265] how to reload AjaxProxy?
  178. [CLOSED] How to drop to a component?
  179. [CLOSED] Scroll a TabStrip using JavaScript
  180. [CLOSED] Collapsed West Region Title in IE8
  181. [CLOSED] Ext.Net TreePicker control
  182. [CLOSED] Difference between DropZone and DropTarget
  183. [CLOSED] Animate Window Show
  184. [CLOSED] how to get number of panels in the window?
  185. [CLOSED] Dynamic TreePanel
  186. [CLOSED] "Itemclick" event is also firing while deselecting Check box column. How to prevent it from firing?
  187. [OPEN] [#264] Multiple Grouping Issues in Grid
  188. [CLOSED] Column Chart - Bar Title Not aligned
  189. [CLOSED] How to change specific column name of Grid dynamically?
  190. [CLOSED] how I can implement responsive design in a web application with ext net
  191. [CLOSED] MVC How to load combobox via ViewBag?
  192. [CLOSED] MVC FormPanelFor how to load there comboboxes and other Controls?
  193. [CLOSED] [2.2. 5171] Project does not build
  194. [OPEN] [#266] BoxLabel text does not share same line with radio button upon wrap.
  195. [CLOSED] [2.2 Trunk BUG] AddCls to Panel exception in JSon.Serialize MissingMethodException
  196. [OPEN] [#272] Ran some basic performance tests...
  197. [CLOSED] I Write code in accordance with Example ,reported Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'call' of undefined
  198. [CLOSED] Need sample of VType between two fields where one or the other must be set
  199. [CLOSED] [2.2 Trunk Bug] Disabled Button does not show text
  200. [CLOSED] bug on Filter Column
  201. [CLOSED] [2.2 Bug] Validation text in window wraps and doesn't fit when UI scaled
  202. [CLOSED] [2.2] Ext.MessageBox.show does not size to fit contents if scaled
  203. [CLOSED] [2.2] javascript: How do I assign variable to DirectMethod function?
  204. [CLOSED] how to save records to database after drag and drop in treepanel?
  205. [FIXED] [#267] [2.3] Grid RowEditor not working in recent update.....Update button is disabled..
  206. [CLOSED] Build error with latest SVN for WebForm35 Release
  207. [CLOSED] MVC and DirectEvent Failure Message
  208. [CLOSED] Customized label for Stacked Chart
  209. [CLOSED] How to set field label using javascript?
  210. [CLOSED] Local sorting with local filtering and paging
  211. [CLOSED] Date diff in a dataview template
  212. [CLOSED] Search an item and scroll to view in MultiSelect control
  213. [CLOSED] Treegrid cellediting don't work with current build (EXTJS 4.2.1)
  214. [CLOSED] Transparent Window border
  215. [CLOSED] how to make the ext:ComboBox control always expanded
  216. [CLOSED] Commit CheckColumn editing during BeforeEdit event
  217. [CLOSED] Accordion Inside Viewport with Border LayoutType
  218. [CLOSED] RTL Bug/Issue
  219. [CLOSED] Update SplitButton menu on DirectEvent?
  220. [CLOSED] Two dynamic panels...
  221. [CLOSED] How to show overlay popup on whole page instead of Iframe area?
  222. [CLOSED] Gridpanel columns autowidth
  223. [CLOSED] Restrict the length of text a user can write into a grid cell...
  224. [CLOSED] Custom GridPanel Sorting
  225. [OPEN] [#273] Ext.Net Front Page
  226. [CLOSED] ComponentColumn with more components displayed
  227. [CLOSED] How to intercept some exception
  228. [CLOSED] Best way to theme your app?
  229. [CLOSED] Treepanel advance filter on load data from code behind.
  230. [CLOSED] Custom Icon on Grindcommand
  231. [CLOSED] how to batch upload ?
  232. [CLOSED] treegrid locked column error
  233. [CLOSED] How can I make ImageCommandColumn pass a Parameter
  234. [CLOSED] Using a Component Loader to render a Usercontrol with Parameters
  235. [CLOSED] Grouping GridPanel loading only last item from object array and summary row always visible.
  236. [CLOSED] context menu in the tree panel?
  237. [CLOSED] [2.2 Trunk] Uncaught Error: [Ext.createByAlias] Cannot create an instance of unrecognized alias: layout.row
  238. [CLOSED] Fill combobox in gridpanel from behind
  239. [CLOSED] Render a Chart on a DirectEvent
  240. [CLOSED] Open 2nd Window outside Parent Window
  241. [CLOSED] combobox inside a menu and directevent
  242. [CLOSED] Combo Box Autocompletion using characters from the middle of the display values
  243. [CLOSED] MultiCombo can't deselect items
  244. [CLOSED] Override checkbox behavior
  245. [CLOSED] [2.2] FileUpload Validation issue
  246. [CLOSED] Grid filter plugin reload on user key enter press
  247. [CLOSED] GridPanel Column Editor PLUGIN: disable Enter KEY on default button Update and Cancel
  248. [CLOSED] VerticalMarker in behind code
  249. [CLOSED] UserControl Loading Content Issue
  250. [CLOSED] Best way to Load GridPanel Data in Code Behind