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  1. [CLOSED] panel height auto adjust height according to the loaded page'height
  2. [CLOSED] Editing DateTime
  3. [CLOSED] [#206] Setting custom icon on treenode removed loading icon
  4. [CLOSED] General Question on Script Resources/Snippets Dynamic Linked In
  5. [CLOSED] How to change chart type at run time ?
  6. [CLOSED] Ext.onReady and Resource Manager DocumentReady
  7. [CLOSED] Ext.Net 2.2 Migration Error
  8. [OPEN] [#211] Chart color set
  9. [CLOSED] Dynamic datagrid
  10. [CLOSED] Notification and close icon
  11. [CLOSED] How to get the values of child page'form by parent's direct event?
  12. [CLOSED] custom Icons
  13. [CLOSED] background images
  14. [CLOSED] custom EventMask msg
  15. [OPEN] [#224] Bug on serialization of DateFormat = "MS"
  16. [CLOSED] header disappears
  17. [CLOSED] dynamic fields and validation
  18. [CLOSED] download a chart in jpg format
  19. [CLOSED] how can i set a custom title in a chart
  20. [OPEN] [#218] MarkInvalid on TextField
  21. [CLOSED] [#189] Tooltip fails when its shown and hidden several times in a short amount of time
  22. [CLOSED] Image quality loss when collapsing a panel
  23. [CLOSED] Chart tip render
  24. [CLOSED] Chart marker radius for tip
  25. [CLOSED] DragDrop Grid to Tree - treepanel re-ordering
  26. [CLOSED] Problem on Tooltip's padding after updating from SVN
  27. [CLOSED] [#212] Problem on FormPanel's default anchor after updating from SVN
  28. [CLOSED] DirectMethod success function handles result incorrectly
  29. [CLOSED] XTemplate + localized text
  30. [CLOSED] JSONP Proxy
  31. [CLOSED] GZip ext DLL to get better "page loading" speed.
  32. [CLOSED] Selection of specific checkbox column in grid firing Select listener of Selection model
  33. [CLOSED] Redirect Ext.Net 2.0 Page to Ext.Net 1.0 Page slow response
  34. [CLOSED] Question about an HTMLEditor
  35. [CLOSED] ComboBox style
  36. [CLOSED] Mapping on ModelField
  37. [CLOSED] How to get child's page value of formpanel from parent page's directevent in ifame comunication?
  38. [CLOSED] show only whole numbers instead of decimals in the Y axis in chart
  39. [CLOSED] Grouping feature broken after latest from SVN
  40. [CLOSED] NumberField problem step
  41. [CLOSED] Drag & Drop between a gridpanel and a treepanel questions
  42. [CLOSED] Question about Multi handle slider in MVC
  43. [CLOSED] Disable/Enable a Grid via it's Toolbar Button ?
  44. [CLOSED] [#213] Problem with storeHasSelected
  45. [CLOSED] keymap razor and ENTER key problem
  46. [CLOSED] Running an application with a relative address
  47. [CLOSED] changing Gridpanel cell Color from Backend
  48. [CLOSED] Loading Events in Calendar
  49. [CLOSED] Feature Grouping
  50. [CLOSED] Multi handle Slider Numbers property
  51. [CLOSED] Setting SelectedItems of a combobox from MVC Model
  52. [CLOSED] Dynamic model field and bind data
  53. [CLOSED] Problem for load GridPanel with code behind
  54. [CLOSED] RowExpander mixing up data in IE8
  55. [CLOSED] How to bind proxy data
  56. [CLOSED] Change Cell Color
  57. [CLOSED] GroupHeaderTplString null values
  58. [CLOSED] pagingtoolbar texts are incomplete in Gridpanel
  59. [CLOSED] Loading a UserControl into a Windows (Client Side)
  60. [CLOSED] StartCollapsed not working
  61. [CLOSED] urgent help please (Communication failure)
  62. [CLOSED] Gridcommand replace Icon and disable command
  63. [CLOSED] Bug on plugins?
  64. [CLOSED] RAZOR javascript / gridpanel issue getActiveRecord.set
  65. [CLOSED] Ext.Updater.defaults.indicatorText does not translating turkish locale
  66. [CLOSED] #{ControlID} resolution not working correctly in MVC Web Forms mode (?)
  67. [CLOSED] GridPanel + FormPanel updateRecord issue
  68. [CLOSED] Facebook Style Comments Wall
  69. [CLOSED] "Store" get new records
  70. [CLOSED] Migration version from Ext.Net v1 to v2 changes
  71. [CLOSED] Could not get "locked" property in javascript for columns in grid panel
  72. [CLOSED] Issues on MultiCombo with checkboxes
  73. [CLOSED] get contents of ObjectHolder on server
  74. [CLOSED] FileuploadField filter
  75. [CLOSED] UserControl breakout
  76. [OPEN] [#215] KeyNav/KeyBinding not working on TreePanel with TreeViewDragDrop plugin
  77. [CLOSED] Ext.Net grid drag & drop on header
  78. [CLOSED] How To Update Value of Dynamically Created Controls (With Dynamic ID's).
  79. [CLOSED] How should I rewrite this code in v1 to v2?
  80. [CLOSED] How to handle this breakingchanges with minimal effort?
  81. [CLOSED] Notification with Items
  82. [OPEN] [#217] Highlighting an item without highlighting the entire line
  83. [CLOSED] Image display problem
  84. [OPEN] [#216] Filtering chart store
  85. [CLOSED] How to get Leaf ID from TreePanel Node.
  86. [CLOSED] FileUploadField Raises Server Error in Partial View (MVC)
  87. [CLOSED] mask for decimal numbers
  88. [CLOSED] How to align linkbuttons and label vertically
  89. [CLOSED] What should consider to update the Ext.Net 1.6 to Ext.Net 2.x successfully?
  90. [CLOSED] InputMask's AlwaysShow property is not honored when the value is cut (CTRL X)
  91. [CLOSED] TaskManager removeTask error
  92. [CLOSED] Upgrade 2.1.1 to 2.2 Ext.Window Issue
  93. [CLOSED] Could not insert column in gridpanel after setting EnableLocking (true)
  94. [CLOSED] Control with type 'Ext.Net.XScript' cannot be handled by layout
  95. [CLOSED] How To Apply Styles/Css to Dynamic Created controls..
  96. [CLOSED] Difficulty for IE when PartialView tries to Upload File
  97. [CLOSED] ComboBox - Store - no Items
  98. [CLOSED] Combobox, StoreId and set value in code behind
  99. [CLOSED] How to create Ext.net grid panel dynamically at client side
  100. [CLOSED] Problem change font size of textfield in Google Chrome
  101. [CLOSED] Row Editor- Remote Confirmation: getting the value of a non editable column
  102. [OPEN] [#219] Editor of GridPanel goes off grid when "Tab" is pressed or window is maximized
  103. [CLOSED] customize name of the book in export to excel
  104. [CLOSED] Modify content of gridcolumn
  105. [CLOSED] selectAll attribute not work in gridpanel
  106. [CLOSED] premium/trunk/Ext.Net does not build
  107. [CLOSED] Sir Can i Apply ToolTip to Dynamic Controls... When Control's ID are created dynamic
  108. [CLOSED] JS Error when Trying to Programmatically Add Check Item to CycleButton and Set Active
  109. [CLOSED] Printing the center region of a viewport
  110. [CLOSED] ComboBox SelectedItem in UserControl
  111. [CLOSED] While copying node from source treeview to destination treeview disallow it's child nodes
  112. [OPEN] [#220] SequentialIdGenerator Modified ID
  113. [CLOSED] Grid group text
  114. [CLOSED] as I can get the Id of all the buttons that are used in a web form
  115. [OPEN] [#225] Portal and VBoxLayoutConfig
  116. [CLOSED] z-index issue
  117. [CLOSED] Summary Column Issue
  118. [CLOSED] Summary Column Issue
  119. [CLOSED] TreePanel not load outside event Page_load
  120. [CLOSED] [#223] Tracking changes of Fielset Content
  121. [CLOSED] MessageBus
  122. [CLOSED] MenuPanel dymanic items are not selected
  123. [CLOSED] designing grid panel with custom locked functionality and overriding the row expander
  124. [OPEN] [#221] Store in Partial View Raises JS Error for Destroy
  125. [CLOSED] Accordion Control with TreePanel Not Expanding
  126. [CLOSED] GroupingSummary Date Format
  127. [OPEN] [#222] Notification with ShowFx = new Frame...
  128. [CLOSED] ColumnLayout Fit Problem
  129. [CLOSED] ext.net resource
  130. [CLOSED] how I can speed up the visualization of objects
  131. [CLOSED] showmask to open file from database
  132. [CLOSED] GroupHeaderTplString custom
  133. [CLOSED] Equivalent of Panel.AutoLoad.NoCache?
  134. [CLOSED] [2.2] The requested resource does not exist
  135. [CLOSED] What was the experience upgrading the examples from 2.1 to 2.2?
  136. [CLOSED] ComboBox Textfield value
  137. [CLOSED] Convert Data from Store to object data list
  138. [CLOSED] Returning null node
  139. [CLOSED] How to pass grid data(id and it's records) to event handler of store's load event?
  140. [CLOSED] Toolbar's item has a mouse over appearance when it's disabled
  141. [CLOSED] History control is unavailable in DocumentReady handler
  142. [CLOSED] Registration Form updateErrorState modifications
  143. [CLOSED] TaskManager.startTask changes?
  144. [CLOSED] GridPanel columnModel client side reference
  145. [CLOSED] show-only-whole-numbers-instead-of-decimals
  146. [CLOSED] Layout setActiveItem() replacement?
  147. [CLOSED] PagingToolbar findParentByType() doesn't find the parent
  148. [OPEN] [#230] Funky combobox in the cell editing sample when using FireFox
  149. [CLOSED] FieldLabel w/o ':'
  150. [CLOSED] Store client side .getSortState() replacement
  151. [CLOSED] Using common tip content for different series of a chart
  152. [CLOSED] How to reduce compile time of Ext.Net
  153. [CLOSED] Vertical progressbar
  154. [CLOSED] Is it possible to add back layer for ext:Image?
  155. [OPEN] [#227] Scatter series label problem
  156. [CLOSED] [#228] Scatter series label - fit into chart
  157. [CLOSED] Turn off multiselect in MultiCombo
  158. [CLOSED] Show image from stream - mvc
  159. [CLOSED] change the text in the header menu
  160. [CLOSED] GridPanel delete icon display problem on TabPanel
  161. [CLOSED] InputMask ClearWhenInvalid only works if AlwaysShow is set to true
  162. [CLOSED] ShowMask
  163. [CLOSED] Refresh button PagingToolBar --> Event ?
  164. [CLOSED] Mask for MenuItem click on listener (not DirectEvent)
  165. [CLOSED] Gauge chart issues
  166. [CLOSED] Over editor problem with IE9-IE10
  167. [CLOSED] GridPanel CellSelectionModel error
  168. [CLOSED] How to indicate editable columns
  169. [CLOSED] Over editor combobox component record gets undefined
  170. [CLOSED] [2.2 Bug] PortletColumns with Menu Panel do not snaps properly when draggable=true
  171. [CLOSED] Issues with linked comboboxes in edit form
  172. [CLOSED] Example Populating Panel's Content (HTML required for SEO)
  173. [CLOSED] [v2.2, MVC] AccordionPanel in other Panel
  174. [CLOSED] java script error
  175. [CLOSED] how to call btn's click event on server by press "enter" key
  176. [CLOSED] Gridpanel with direct method - searching
  177. [CLOSED] how to press "enter" to close X.MessageBox.Alert
  178. [CLOSED] JSON is using the user's current time zone when converting a DateTime
  179. [CLOSED] how to set multi-line in ext:Column?
  180. [CLOSED] RowEditing plugin customization
  181. [CLOSED] pagingstore refresh
  182. [CLOSED] PartialViewResult component rendering questions
  183. [CLOSED] ComboBox Items Count
  184. [CLOSED] Strategies to Discover Flex Resize Failures?
  185. [CLOSED] ComboBox Css Style Design
  186. [CLOSED] StoreResult & DataTable
  187. [CLOSED] GridPanel multi-select plus image command
  188. [CLOSED] how to set lineheight to Label
  189. [CLOSED] GridPanel built inside Controller does not show records
  190. [CLOSED] where is gridpanel's cell'hover event ?
  191. [CLOSED] Changing the Textfields CSS
  192. [CLOSED] Changing a Toggle Buttons Icon
  193. [CLOSED] Append a Record to the Store
  194. [CLOSED] how to set tabpanel align center in the screen
  195. [CLOSED] combox's item can not be selected when the selected item is not the first page?
  196. [CLOSED] grid panel inside row expander
  197. [CLOSED] Mouse events interacting with Ext.Menu fields
  198. [CLOSED] How to setup ImageCommandColumn's border-bottom line?
  199. [CLOSED] Store error 'Please define Reader for the Proxy (store's Reader is used if proxy is undefined)'
  200. [CLOSED] Global exception handler
  201. [CLOSED] Problem label getWidth with Chrome
  202. [CLOSED] MultiCombo Checkboxes not unchecking
  203. [CLOSED] i want to rotate small image
  204. [OPEN] [#234] ComponentColumn Error
  205. [CLOSED] problems with WindowUnload
  206. [CLOSED] Custom close button and title area size for the window
  207. [CLOSED] ComboBox two columns example issue
  208. [CLOSED] Password Validation does not work
  209. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel Limit No. Of CalendarModel ?
  210. [CLOSED] How to prevent clear textfield after keyboard ENTER was down
  211. [CLOSED] How to handle Layouts after migrating versions?
  212. [CLOSED] Javascript function migrating
  213. [CLOSED] Grid DragDrop plugin issue
  214. [CLOSED] Update CycleButton MenuItems in DirectEvent
  215. [CLOSED] Rowclick event on leafnode row and change background color of leafnode row containing configitem.
  216. [CLOSED] TabPosition="Right" error
  217. [CLOSED] IE8 https Layout issues
  218. [CLOSED] Limit x y drag on Ext.NET 2.x
  219. [CLOSED] Cell editing in the data grid
  220. [OPEN] [#259] Data Grid Row Editor
  221. [CLOSED] Get destination treenode in Grid to Tree drag drop
  222. [CLOSED] Still hoping for Tab in TabStrip Reorderable=false
  223. [CLOSED] Paging Combobox Filter fn Not Defined
  224. [CLOSED] Bug bug on demo page
  225. [CLOSED] AllowBlank="false" problem when reopen the window
  226. [CLOSED] Problems with MajorTickSteps on the y axes
  227. [CLOSED] Access parent panel attribute from iframe
  228. [OPEN] [#236] [2.2] Bug on RowExpander
  229. [CLOSED] How to get ID of multiple rows selected from Grid using Selectionmodel
  230. [CLOSED] size of combo box / fix items count and then scroll
  231. [CLOSED] where download Ext.NET 2.x API ?
  232. [CLOSED] performing editing the grid inside row expander plugin
  233. [CLOSED] How to render "Div" tag inside Items collection of Panels?
  234. [CLOSED] Getting error from Content/ItemsFromAction
  235. [CLOSED] Command's HideMode is not honered during PrepareToolbar (Hiding a Command)
  236. [CLOSED] TextField's selection fails if the text starts with '_'
  237. [CLOSED] Column Locking not working when using GridPanel.Reconfigure
  238. [CLOSED] How can i set the timeout to a store in a user control?
  239. [CLOSED] Can I Control CalendarPanel Event drag drop
  240. [CLOSED] State restore listener not fired ?
  241. [CLOSED] How can I get all selectedIds from gridpanel?
  242. [CLOSED] ValidateEdit in EditGrid issue
  243. [CLOSED] Datepicker CSS for Selected Day and Today
  244. [CLOSED] Hi I get an error like that in my insert button
  245. [CLOSED] Grid Row Render
  246. [CLOSED] Submenu in a menu panel
  247. [CLOSED] MVC load crush ItemsFromSection load style
  248. [CLOSED] how to allow password least 6 character
  249. [CLOSED] MVC What is the right way to make redirect to method of some controller
  250. [CLOSED] auto expand tree ?