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  1. [CLOSED] InputMask JS error
  2. [CLOSED] Clearing the CheckboxSelectionModel
  3. [CLOSED] TextField InputType = Password EmptyTest is masked
  4. [CLOSED] TextField input: BADRESPONSE: missing ) in parenthetical
  5. [CLOSED] ComponentColumn.cell's value is 0, it becomes empty
  6. [CLOSED] How to set Gridpanel Height and Width Dynamically from Javascript
  7. [CLOSED] How to format date yyyy/MM/dd using renderer.fn
  8. [CLOSED] Fill Combobox Column on the Basis of another combobox Column Value
  9. [CLOSED] ext:Image margin doesn't work in StyleSpec ?
  10. [CLOSED] Get RecordID of Newly Added Row
  11. [CLOSED] Multiple drop target for grid row
  12. [CLOSED] Zoom in and out Charts
  13. [CLOSED] [MVC] How to get json values after RemoteValidation
  14. [CLOSED] The row selection is lost after changing a value in an editable gridpanel cell and pressing Enter
  15. [CLOSED] String.format vs. Ext.util.Format.format
  16. [CLOSED] Setting FormPanel LabelWidth dynamically in codebehind
  17. [CLOSED] Combobox display field custom template
  18. [CLOSED] GridPanel GroupHeaderTplString when datasource is datatable
  19. [CLOSED] ext:CalendarPanel: How to customize the 2.x version of CalendarPanel week numbers
  20. [CLOSED] Ext theme ie problem
  21. [CLOSED] Editable GridPanel
  22. [CLOSED] SVN Can't Build NET35
  23. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch
  24. [CLOSED] ComboBox in Gridpanel. Copy selected Value
  25. [CLOSED] Excel-style editting in GridPanel
  26. [CLOSED] ToolTip on ImageButton
  27. [CLOSED] GridPanel with dynamic height
  28. [CLOSED] Anchored floating window
  29. [CLOSED] How to use js funtion to hide the button?
  30. [OPEN] [#178] GridDragDrop Issues
  31. [CLOSED] Setting StartCollapsed to true on Grouping Grid Example
  32. [CLOSED] Fieldset title and Padding property
  33. [CLOSED] PartialViewResult broken for v2.2.0
  34. [CLOSED] Dialogs as UserControls
  35. [CLOSED] Colouring rows in a gridpanel in a Partial View Result
  36. [CLOSED] Ext.net.Notification
  37. [CLOSED] Adding Text to ImageButton in codebehind
  38. [CLOSED] How to generate the form using cs code behind!
  39. [CLOSED] How to use Xscript in Razor engine
  40. [CLOSED] Call window like target=_blank codebehind
  41. [CLOSED] GridPanel slow rendering in IE8
  42. [CLOSED] Not able to take the Ext.Net build for ASP.NET(3.5 Framework) WebForms.
  43. [CLOSED] Knowing the Grid who's sending the Record
  44. [CLOSED] Grid row startDrag on time consuming select handler
  45. [CLOSED] [#232] CalendarPanel. When I click in time slot, the scroll bar moves to up (top of calendar)
  46. [CLOSED] Window Height: Auto not working on Ext.Net 2.1
  47. [CLOSED] readonlycls property problems
  48. [CLOSED] customization required field message
  49. [CLOSED] Validation TabPanel
  50. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor Small Size
  51. [CLOSED] GridPanel ComboBox Editor Icon
  52. [CLOSED] ASP Dropdown looses it's values after postback if gridpanel used
  53. [CLOSED] Caching common part of UI
  54. [CLOSED] Inline editing in GridPanel
  55. [CLOSED] ImageCommandColumn - change tooltip in prepare function
  56. [CLOSED] GridPanel with TextArea editor
  57. [CLOSED] Store GetChangedData and Phantom record confusion
  58. [CLOSED] Is there any method to fetch previously loaded records along with the newly loaded records
  59. [CLOSED] disappearing pagingtoolbar in gridpanel in usercontrol
  60. [CLOSED] Is there any way to load my own options for list filter when the user selects a filter option from the header menu
  61. [CLOSED] xtemplate in codebehind with Data Loader
  62. [CLOSED] Issue with LocalStorage
  63. [CLOSED] Place object in radio control
  64. [CLOSED] GridPanel row select event
  65. [CLOSED] Refreshing the grid based on combobox selection
  66. [CLOSED] User Control (ascx) in a Window
  67. [CLOSED] [Bug 2.1?] ImageButton with height and width does not resize
  68. [CLOSED] Accessing dynamically created GridPanel in code behind and binding new data to it.
  69. [CLOSED] Ext.net v2.2.0 build broken for Ext.Net.Examples
  70. [CLOSED] Discussion: High performance with gridPanel
  71. [CLOSED] [#180] Gridpanel column header wrapping style broken after latest from trunk
  72. [CLOSED] Request: Add DataView.Select(id as object)
  73. [CLOSED] Tab Panel Icon via JS
  74. [CLOSED] [URGENT - Need Help ] ux is missing ( grid live data search )
  75. [CLOSED] Maxlength or other validation in messagebox prompt
  76. [CLOSED] How to show the borders for the Tree Panel?
  77. [CLOSED] Maximize Restore
  78. [CLOSED] TextArea's EnforceMaxLength property does not work properly when user types A, C, X and V
  79. [CLOSED] SelectBox tab to focus and select issue
  80. [CLOSED] DateField Detect Calendar selection
  81. [OPEN] [#226] Making DirectEvent Failure Window Not Closable or Maximizable
  82. [CLOSED] Stretching the controls based on screen size
  83. [CLOSED] Filters doesnot pick 'blank' value
  84. [CLOSED] Browser issue
  85. [CLOSED] After changing Ext Version from V2.1 to V2.2.0.27432 the GridPanel throws javascript errors on some actions.
  86. [CLOSED] In Store_ReadData event of GridPanel, how to differentiate the event is fired because of change in filter/scrolling
  87. [CLOSED] DataGrid only rendering partial values ( version 2.2)
  88. [CLOSED] [Bug 2.1] Exception using InputMask with DateField or NumberField
  89. [CLOSED] [Bug 2.1] Javascript Exception with SelectBox when typing
  90. [CLOSED] Gridpanel Header Group Width
  91. [CLOSED] gridpanel date localization problem (razor)
  92. [CLOSED] Modal Window assign parent
  93. [CLOSED] LiveSearchGridPanel between pages
  94. [CLOSED] ext:CalendarPanel: The problems about Month View set StartDay Property
  95. [CLOSED] AreaChart In Razor
  96. [CLOSED] Deploy Ext.Net on IIS 7.5 x64 Windows 2008 R2 with Enable 32-bit
  97. [CLOSED] Expand/Collapse a group in groupCommand
  98. [CLOSED] FileUpload in MVC-View
  99. [CLOSED] Items in comboBox should be loaded when user clicks
  100. [CLOSED] Spreadsheet to Grid - COPY PASTE possibility
  101. [CLOSED] How to loop through grouped grid with checkboxselectionmodel
  102. [CLOSED] ReadOnlyCls problem.
  103. [CLOSED] Window resize listener dont work after upgrade from SVN (version
  104. [CLOSED] Background button on click was turn to red after upgrade from SVN (version
  105. [CLOSED] Memory Spikes in IE and other browsers
  106. [CLOSED] ConfigItem Listener
  107. [CLOSED] New theme in extjs ?
  108. [CLOSED] Clicking the area around the check box cell in gridpanel
  109. [CLOSED] Direct Event Failing (Apparently under IE10)
  110. [CLOSED] Multiple Form in a page (Bug?)
  111. [CLOSED] Ext.Net ScatterSeries chart Example
  112. [CLOSED] How to add charttip from codebehind
  113. [CLOSED] Textarea disappears if HideLabel = true and LabelAlign = Top
  114. [CLOSED] ComboBox Template from code-behind in v2
  115. [CLOSED] Check to see if panel is collapsed
  116. [CLOSED] Calendar Move Event not refresh.
  117. [CLOSED] BorderLayout not work when CalendarPanel included
  118. [CLOSED] Creating Store and GridPanel Dynamically
  119. [CLOSED] Looking for the right ComboBox Event
  120. [CLOSED] How to get current the PageIndex?
  121. [CLOSED] Modal Window Mask Target
  122. [CLOSED] Bar chart label position
  123. [CLOSED] Grid last row cut off
  124. [OPEN] [#192] Chart axis setTitle
  125. [CLOSED] Browser detection
  126. [CLOSED] More broken layout with Neptune theme
  127. [CLOSED] ProgressBar in UserControl
  128. [CLOSED] Very slow response for Checkboxgroup Script
  129. [CLOSED] [Bug 2.2] ValidityChange not triggering when radio button prechecked and other input nested inside panel or container
  130. [CLOSED] [Bug 2.2] DateField Tab while calendar window triggered does not tab to next form input field.
  131. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor List Bug
  132. [CLOSED] Get all windows desktop
  133. [CLOSED] Dynamic columns for data view
  134. [CLOSED] Changing Textbox EmptyText on-the-fly
  135. [CLOSED] Partial View not Rendering
  136. [CLOSED] Render Partial to Fit in Viewport
  137. [CLOSED] Dynamically loaded Grid with BottomBar is not working inside Tabpanel in Razor view engine
  138. [CLOSED] Combobox icon style
  139. [CLOSED] GridPanel Summary all pages total
  140. [OPEN] [#183] Data annotations appear to break store batch update mechanisms
  141. [CLOSED] Adding image to draw example not working
  142. [CLOSED] Razor MVC formpanel example
  143. [CLOSED] Razor combobox edit showing id's
  144. [CLOSED] Upgrading 2.1 accurs some errors..
  145. [CLOSED] EXPORT data Issue
  146. [CLOSED] Ext.NET 2.1.1: Editable ComboBox Missing HiddenState If Query Equals Value
  147. [CLOSED] GridPanel ToolTip does not fire BeforeShow and Show events when grid.EnableLocking = true
  148. [CLOSED] 2.1 Grid Background Image Problem and Panel class
  149. [CLOSED] Grid Drag and Drop with RowBody
  150. [CLOSED] Add Asp.Net Server Control Within Ext.Net Panel
  151. [CLOSED] count tabs in tabpanel
  152. [CLOSED] Panel Collapsed detection in Viewport
  153. [CLOSED] How to override CSS when ExtJS renders different styles / elements for different browsers
  154. [CLOSED] treePanel.getRootNode().cascadeBy
  155. [CLOSED] TreePanel scrollbar jumps all over the place when drag and drop enabled
  156. [OPEN] [#185] TreePanel context menu issue
  157. [CLOSED] How to Get Calendar EventStore.Events Code behind
  158. [CLOSED] Check Column
  159. [CLOSED] Pivot View
  160. [CLOSED] Selectbox setvalue on Page_Load problem 2.1
  161. [CLOSED] Dynamic HTML rendering in a Panel
  162. [CLOSED] Loading External Page in Ext.Window is not working
  163. [CLOSED] MultiSelect Control
  164. [CLOSED] GridPanel CheckAll functionality
  165. [OPEN] [#322] Chart CategoryAxis uniqueness
  166. [CLOSED] FieldValidityChange Issue with ext:FieldContainer
  167. [CLOSED] Can not build WebForm35 with latest from SVN
  168. [CLOSED] Command Button not rendering in Collapsed Group in Grid
  169. [CLOSED] GridPanel bind to complex JSON results
  170. [CLOSED] Adding line series tooltip dynamically.
  171. [CLOSED] Ext 2.1.1 Razor and KeyMap
  172. [CLOSED] Page PostBack Query
  173. [CLOSED] Records are not displaying as per pagesize in grid panel
  174. [CLOSED] Parameter Problem in Ext.Net
  175. [CLOSED] Design Layout
  176. [CLOSED] TreePanel using PageProxy: expand a path via javascript
  177. [OPEN] [#257] Namespace and ID issue in v2.2
  178. [CLOSED] Button Alignment in Panel Header
  179. [CLOSED] TabPanel not shown
  180. [CLOSED] Adding an empty row to a grid w/o information about the data structure ?
  181. [CLOSED] HTTPS issues with non https content
  182. [CLOSED] Problems textfields empty
  183. [CLOSED] How to set grid store sort?
  184. [CLOSED] Using styles in ext net
  185. [CLOSED] Combobox selected item databind issue
  186. [CLOSED] How to loop through dragged records in grid
  187. [CLOSED] Remove TextField's Input Mask
  188. [CLOSED] How to disallow grid drag drop if different groups are selected / disallow dropping in other group
  189. [CLOSED] code behind for top bar
  190. [CLOSED] Girdpanel row selected unselects after selecting it
  191. [CLOSED] combobox.selecteditem.value and .text are the same
  192. [CLOSED] Grid Panel not displaying data on button click
  193. [CLOSED] Store exception event
  194. [CLOSED] GridPanel empty text hidden if grid inside portlet in a portal
  195. [CLOSED] [#191] Portlet collapse broken after update from SVN
  196. [CLOSED] Grouping with Multiple Column in GridPanel
  197. [CLOSED] First Request taking too much time to load page
  198. [CLOSED] How to select specific record's checkbox column in grid?
  199. [CLOSED] Chart: Gauge color
  200. [CLOSED] Excel Downloading Not working
  201. [CLOSED] Help in Panel background
  202. [CLOSED] Problem with InputType="Password"
  203. [CLOSED] copy html text
  204. [CLOSED] Unable to find GridPanel in Ext.onReady
  205. [CLOSED] Slow Grid Render on Large Data with Command Column
  206. [CLOSED] Meter Gauge
  207. [CLOSED] ComboBox state
  208. [CLOSED] Problem with Grid Multiple KeyBindings
  209. [CLOSED] Multi-Valued Cells on Grid
  210. [CLOSED] FireFox and Chrome issue
  211. [CLOSED] how do i assign image to <ext:image > from file uploader
  212. [CLOSED] [#196] slightly difference between clicking the Row and clicking Row's Checker
  213. [CLOSED] DirectMethod Parameter Value from JavaScript
  214. [CLOSED] [#198] [2.2] UserControlLoader in Bin Exception
  215. [CLOSED] ItemTag validation (_tkn_43): Reference token (xxx_ClientInit) was not found
  216. [CLOSED] RowSelection not working with component columns
  217. [OPEN] [#197] ext:qtip remove AutoHide
  218. [CLOSED] Excel not generated by Direct Event
  219. [CLOSED] Grid dragdrop dragtext problem after updating to latest Trunk
  220. [CLOSED] How to enable pineditor after inserting a new row
  221. [CLOSED] ComboBox1.view.refresh in Ext.net 2.x
  222. [CLOSED] HBoxLayout doesn't work inside of FieldContainer
  223. [CLOSED] [v 2.1] Issue with Image Command Handler in IE10
  224. [CLOSED] how I can change the color of a column
  225. [CLOSED] Razor tabpanel tabs, gridpanels and dynamic content
  226. [CLOSED] Reproduce DataView
  227. [CLOSED] No scrolling in DataView ?
  228. [CLOSED] How to have components that appear on the same page in different files
  229. [CLOSED] Export BADRESPONSE - Grid Command
  230. [CLOSED] UserControlLoader working fine for .ascx but not found controlLoader for .cshtml ( partial view)
  231. [CLOSED] DataView Drag & Drop
  232. [CLOSED] Different behavior of adding a record to a grid in 2.2
  233. [CLOSED] Task Manager
  234. [CLOSED] [2.2pre] InputMask is causing exception. Resolves only when removed.
  235. [CLOSED] Problem with Grouped Header
  236. [CLOSED] Formpanel Button: Disable auto submit
  237. [CLOSED] Best Way to Extend a ComboBox inherited Control
  238. [CLOSED] Numberfield cant receive focus
  239. [CLOSED] DisplayField.Html does not render .Html value
  240. [CLOSED] Desktop Module Proxy modal child window
  241. [CLOSED] Align formpanel buttons far left / far right
  242. [CLOSED] DrawComponent in UserControl
  243. [CLOSED] RAZOR / JS component Ref question
  244. [CLOSED] check all MultiCombo items from javascript
  245. [OPEN] [#205] HtmlEditor Font Color Change on Bullet List
  246. [CLOSED] Disable GridCommand of a gridPanel on Command Click
  247. [CLOSED] The control XTemplate show an error
  248. [FIXED] [#204] [2.2] RowNumberer resets to 1 when you page
  249. [CLOSED] change theme
  250. [OPEN] [#207] How to add a node with children