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  1. [CLOSED] Simple Tasks - example explaination
  2. [CLOSED] grid panel listener for unselecting a row
  3. [CLOSED] Enumerate header items
  4. [CLOSED] Resource issue for UX resources
  5. [CLOSED] License key issue after upgrading to 2.1
  6. [CLOSED] Direct Event from code behind
  7. [CLOSED] ext:Radio control's "Change" event is not firing
  8. [CLOSED] Combobox in GridPanel
  9. [CLOSED] Supress the select event triggered by SelectionMemory
  10. [CLOSED] How to change a ext:menu's background color?
  11. [CLOSED] MessageBusListener Single
  12. [CLOSED] How to clear Chart
  13. [CLOSED] MultiCombo collapses on a CheckBox click in IE8.
  14. [CLOSED] replacing topBar (toolbar) of Panel
  15. [CLOSED] IE6 Compatibity GridPanel And BorderPanel
  16. [CLOSED] row tooltip not working
  17. [CLOSED] How to change label color for the chart.
  18. [CLOSED] TreePanel rendering issues
  19. [CLOSED] MVC FormPanelForModel boolean submit behaviour
  20. [CLOSED] Globally change style of chart
  21. [CLOSED] Set Default Value to DateField Editor in GridPanel
  22. [CLOSED] Display ComboBox.Text in ComponentColumn
  23. [CLOSED] Menu item - clicked row record
  24. [CLOSED] Fire ComboBox Select Event on Client
  25. [CLOSED] Load UserControl in a Window
  26. [CLOSED] Prevent AutoPostback
  27. [CLOSED] Trouble adding to bindings for TreePanel
  28. [CLOSED] GridPanel Summary Feature failed to work with TreePanel SetRootNode() call
  29. [CLOSED] TabStrip and RowExpander JS Error
  30. [OPEN] [#150] Line chart does not display labels correctly
  31. [CLOSED] [MVC] How to disable button menu items using model
  32. [CLOSED] Turning on Legend for a chart freezes browser (IE and Chrome)
  33. [CLOSED] InvalidText
  34. [CLOSED] Hiding Grid Header
  35. [CLOSED] ComboBox inside GridPanel Display
  36. [CLOSED] Theme gray + textfield with icon defined in iconCls
  37. [CLOSED] VS2010 sln solution broken when in WebForm NET35 Release mode
  38. [CLOSED] Style changed after upgrade to latest version
  39. [CLOSED] Bug rendering asp.net chart in web site scenario
  40. [OPEN] [#152] textfield + setIconCls: Issue when set iconCls after entering some value in textfield
  41. [CLOSED] Line series broken with javascript error
  42. [CLOSED] problem line color into the chart for different browser
  43. [CLOSED] Binding Data to Dynamic GridPanel on RowSelection of another GridPanel
  44. [CLOSED] Insert, Update, Delete in CalendarPanel using ObjectDataSource
  45. [CLOSED] Use of HTMLEditor inside FieldContainer
  46. [CLOSED] Javascript Properties are missing from the Grid while using the Updated EXT.NET DLL
  47. [CLOSED] Freezed Gridpanel Last Column
  48. [CLOSED] Chart.Legend background color ?
  49. [CLOSED] How to retrigger ProgressBar on complete?
  50. [CLOSED] Radar displaying issue
  51. [CLOSED] Layout problem in TabPanel
  52. [CLOSED] TreeGrid Icons problems
  53. [CLOSED] Add <ext:Panel> to HTML <td>
  54. [CLOSED] Request Failure Error Status Code 200
  55. [CLOSED] TreePanel GetNodeById method always returning non-null
  56. [CLOSED] Razor Get field value from form
  57. [CLOSED] MessageBus Publish Parameters
  58. [CLOSED] EXT.Fly () Javascript error while opening jquery popup
  59. [CLOSED] Removing window controls from code behind
  60. [CLOSED] Binding grid store before showing window
  61. [CLOSED] Ext.grid.feature.GroupingSummary: getting the current record in column.summaryRenderer
  62. [CLOSED] Column Renderer Fn doesn't work at first time in TreeGrid
  63. [CLOSED] MoveLast when PagingToolbar loads
  64. [CLOSED] How do I disable checkbox on page load via code behind?
  65. [CLOSED] TextArea,TextField Change Event
  66. [CLOSED] Different visualization of graphics objects in same environment
  67. [CLOSED] GridPanel - Export Data Example --> compatible with mvc ??
  68. [CLOSED] Dynamic editor in GridPanel
  69. [CLOSED] Need assistance with line chart
  70. [CLOSED] How to center align the buttons
  71. [CLOSED] More explaination on one of your examples
  72. [CLOSED] .DecimalPrecision for NumberColumn
  73. [CLOSED] How to reduce Ext.Net.dll size?
  74. [CLOSED] Use Shift key to select a range of rows when using checkboxselectionmodel
  75. [CLOSED] Keep nodes expanded after refresh
  76. [CLOSED] Timeout Store
  77. [OPEN] [#159] Can't share menu across different toolbar buttons
  78. [CLOSED] getRecordsValues and nested data
  79. [CLOSED] Dynamic line charts with unknown number of yfields
  80. [CLOSED] GridPanel DragText placeholders
  81. [CLOSED] List Ext.Net Example Blank After SVN 4844
  82. [CLOSED] Bug with EventWindow after update to 2.1
  83. [CLOSED] Load Dynamic External Url in Window
  84. [CLOSED] PieChart rendering problem in IE10
  85. [CLOSED] Help in TreePanel\SiteMap example
  86. [CLOSED] Increase timeout in RowExpander - Listeners - BeforeExpand
  87. [CLOSED] TabPanel TabCount ?
  88. [CLOSED] Content Resizing with Notification Window
  89. [CLOSED] CategoryAxis for both X and Y axes in a chart
  90. [CLOSED] TabStrip causing Browser Hung when Performing Widget Assembling
  91. [CLOSED] SelectCommand from code behind
  92. [CLOSED] Transparency of colors in PieChart but not in legend
  93. [CLOSED] Expected identifier & Ext.net.ResourceMgr is null or not an object
  94. [CLOSED] creating a custom Vtype with exclamation icon an tooltip
  95. [CLOSED] getRowsValues({selectedOnly:true}) return empty selection
  96. [CLOSED] What is the best pattern/practice for saving nested objects in ExtJs 4?
  97. [CLOSED] problems with page size in report
  98. [CLOSED] Connecting to SVN server
  99. [CLOSED] Multicombo with partially readonly listitems
  100. [CLOSED] GridPanel Performance Issue
  101. [CLOSED] Script error on page with tooltip and master page
  102. [CLOSED] [#153] FieldContainer LabelAlign "Top" with AnchorLayout
  103. [CLOSED] MenuItem click event firing c# code behind.
  104. [CLOSED] Command @ Grid Panel Title Area
  105. [CLOSED] Grid Panel Column Configuration
  106. [CLOSED] Panel Loader Url change on MenuItem Click
  107. [CLOSED] Gridpanel Scrolling
  108. [CLOSED] Rowediting - disable Key Record Field when updating the row
  109. [CLOSED] Syntax to get grid panel row index to filter comboBox data inside grid panel
  110. [CLOSED] Batch Update Issue
  111. [CLOSED] Issue in HTML Table inside tab panel
  112. [CLOSED] Find Notification Dialogs
  113. [CLOSED] Databind nested lists to gridpanel
  114. [CLOSED] InputMask
  115. [CLOSED] Ordered list string created from an html editor appear as unorder list when added in a templated grid.
  116. [CLOSED] Gridpanel rendering ordered list as bullet list
  117. [CLOSED] Change row height
  118. [CLOSED] Select grid row from code behind (v2)
  119. [CLOSED] Apply default Fields properties in FormPanel
  120. [CLOSED] How to stretch the content inside bottom bar
  121. [CLOSED] Store.Datasource supported types
  122. [CLOSED] ModelField DateFormat problem
  123. [OPEN] [#160] GridPanel Scroll Bar does not move automatically when the column is dragged to the extreme right.
  124. [CLOSED] Select dataview row when page loads
  125. [CLOSED] ImageCommand Tooltip
  126. [CLOSED] Set background of Panel to transparent
  127. [CLOSED] [#155] FileUploadField in toolbar breaks other buttons
  128. [CLOSED] Load store using parameter to filter data
  129. [CLOSED] How to do select all and de-select all in grid with local paging?
  130. [CLOSED] JsonReader Field Issue
  131. [CLOSED] MVC Chart Update
  132. [CLOSED] close window when its parent is not visible anymore
  133. [CLOSED] rearranging/reordering the rows in the gridpanel
  134. [CLOSED] Chart.store.loadData hangs browser
  135. [CLOSED] Use StoreRequestParameters along with another parameter/option
  136. [CLOSED] Release application with time expiring licence
  137. [CLOSED] [#156] MVC GridPanel record.reject() fails on latest build
  138. [CLOSED] FormPanel textfield w/remote validation reset issue
  139. [CLOSED] Set PropertyGridParameter name/value pairs from http post ActionResult
  140. [CLOSED] Gridpanel autoheight
  141. [CLOSED] DirectEvent: passing via extraparams html content of a panel
  142. [CLOSED] GridPanel selectedrow passed to edit window.
  143. [CLOSED] How to access the original data/rows bound to the GridPanel which are invisible after applying filter.
  144. [CLOSED] How to provide filter option for CheckboxSelectionModel in GridPanel to filter Selected/Unselected rows
  145. [CLOSED] DisplayField spacing
  146. [CLOSED] access the column of the checkboxselectionmodel in the gridpanel
  147. [CLOSED] WebService params
  148. [CLOSED] How to passing DateFields from ascx to aspx file
  149. [CLOSED] Cascading combo box Fuctionality.
  150. [CLOSED] FileUploadField in FormPanel causes other buttons to be unclickable
  151. [CLOSED] Treepanel problem nodes expand
  152. [CLOSED] Refresh tree using DirectEvent
  153. [CLOSED] [#157] ButtonGroup causing panel refresh issue
  154. [CLOSED] Validation cell GridPanel
  155. [CLOSED] Create window for input query condition ?
  156. [CLOSED] Gridpanel with Plugin Rowindex - delete inserted record when not confirmed
  157. [CLOSED] Model validation in Form
  158. [CLOSED] GridPanel is not able to render more data, throws 'Out Of Memory' exception.
  159. [CLOSED] Data annotation validation in form
  160. [CLOSED] Error with HttpModules
  161. [CLOSED] DirectEvent: confirmation request
  162. [CLOSED] Which Layout option should be used for FormPanel
  163. [CLOSED] Prevent drop on own parent
  164. [CLOSED] Textarea KeyMap ENTER + SHIFT not working
  165. [CLOSED] Drop down value not posting to controller
  166. [CLOSED] How to set table layout in MVC panel
  167. [CLOSED] Cancel drop after server processing
  168. [CLOSED] Remote Validation questions
  169. [CLOSED] FlashComponent object.name Attribute
  170. [CLOSED] Turn RemoteValidation on/off
  171. [CLOSED] Sample code for RadioFor and MultiComboFor in MVC Razor
  172. [CLOSED] Renderer method not firing for ComponentColumn in GridPanel
  173. [CLOSED] button with href (hyperlink) not open hyperlink when fireEvent('click') is called
  174. [CLOSED] DataView with checkboxes
  175. [CLOSED] Icon Border IE7 and IE8
  176. [CLOSED] content in GridPanel is not displaying
  177. [CLOSED] ButtonGroup background-color IE7/IE8
  178. [OPEN] [#177] Save GridPanel filters and sort within a session
  179. [CLOSED] Button click Javascript Error IE7/IE8
  180. [CLOSED] Expanding treenode major performance issue with layouts
  181. [CLOSED] File Uploader Not working for Large files(more than 2 MB)
  182. [CLOSED] ComponentColumn TriggerField setValue
  183. [CLOSED] Copy CompomentColumn combobox value to Componentcolumn TextBox
  184. [CLOSED] dynamic ID call from code behind
  185. [CLOSED] Add new row In the gridpanel
  186. [CLOSED] Image alignment inside viewport
  187. [CLOSED] Is there any multi-level group in grid panel?
  188. [CLOSED] Interesting note
  189. [CLOSED] setBaseParameter doesn't found
  190. [CLOSED] Treepanel scroll issue
  191. [CLOSED] TabPanel example not work
  192. [CLOSED] Get all changed store data when store is filtered
  193. [CLOSED] Store attribute "isUpload" from 1.x to 2.x
  194. [CLOSED] [#166] Generate Radio Group Dynamically with the help of Model.
  195. [CLOSED] Gridpanel: send selected data to server
  196. [CLOSED] Check/UnCheck single row only in CheckBoxSelection when single row is click
  197. [CLOSED] I can not view a report with Reporting Services
  198. [CLOSED] Buffered Scrolling With Check box selection model - PrunedRemove. Get selected Records Across Pages
  199. [CLOSED] Making the Grid Cells selectable(having CheckBoxSelectionModel) like normal HTML data selection.
  200. [CLOSED] the hidden field does not retain value
  201. [CLOSED] Set chart axes min and mix value from code behind
  202. [CLOSED] Chart title
  203. [CLOSED] Donut Chart Colorset
  204. [CLOSED] Extend StoreResult
  205. [CLOSED] Gap between FieldContainer and HtmlEditor during hBox Layout
  206. [CLOSED] Activating TabPanel from code behind.
  207. [OPEN] [#170] Direct2DBug and MessageBox Confirm
  208. [CLOSED] How to apply multiple query conditions on GridPanel store.
  209. [CLOSED] client side filtering in gridpanel
  210. [CLOSED] possible bug setting Height of a panel
  211. [CLOSED] Required field validation for mask input
  212. [CLOSED] Displaying grid panel below text field input
  213. [CLOSED] Load External Website
  214. [CLOSED] ComboBox.Items.Count shows '0', even after binding data the ComboBox store.
  215. [CLOSED] Treepanel CellClick and CheckChange
  216. [CLOSED] access a numberfield in a gridpanel
  217. [CLOSED] Wrong DateField value on DirectMethod
  218. [CLOSED] Problem with DecimalSeparator
  219. [CLOSED] Deserialize problem
  220. [CLOSED] ComboBox not saving the selected value within Button DirectClick event
  221. [CLOSED] Grid MultiSort missing indicator in column header
  222. [CLOSED] CheckboxSelectionModel in Window
  223. [CLOSED] UserControlLoader communication preference
  224. [CLOSED] Listener taking input from window
  225. [CLOSED] IE9 HtmlEditor color picking/highlighting does not work.
  226. [OPEN] [#163] Gridpanel Remote Filter on Date column not working
  227. [CLOSED] Margins not functional on ImageButton
  228. [CLOSED] Problem installing last mvc version from nuget
  229. [CLOSED] Can't reach handler (through messagebox).
  230. [CLOSED] Gridpanel Auto Height and Width
  231. [CLOSED] Gridpanel cell background color
  232. [CLOSED] when gridpanel column apply renderer.format , renderer.fn not work
  233. [CLOSED] raw scss files for theming ext.net ,extjs
  234. [CLOSED] Expand Dropdown/Combobox on Click - Within Gridpanel
  235. [CLOSED] ComboBox cascading in Grid Panel
  236. [CLOSED] Hide Spinner for Numberfield in GridPanel
  237. [CLOSED] DateField did not render properly
  238. [CLOSED] GridPanel column DirectEvent config
  239. [CLOSED] Grid cell still shows as dirty after commiting store changes
  240. [CLOSED] UserControls minor dependence on parent control
  241. [CLOSED] The page title gets wiped out
  242. [CLOSED] Enable/Disable Button
  243. [CLOSED] How to show a grouped bar vertically
  244. [CLOSED] Razor GridPanel - Strange issue
  245. [CLOSED] Is it possible to ensure ajax calls are executed sequentially in Ext.Net 2.x/Ext Js 4.x?
  246. [CLOSED] Setting Currently Selected Text as Text for Combobox
  247. [CLOSED] Tabpanel tabbar
  248. [CLOSED] Edit and delete button icons in pin editor disappearing from Gridpanel
  249. [CLOSED] GridPanel Column DirectEvents.Command.Event
  250. [CLOSED] GridPanel scrolls document when getting focus