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Thread: how to disable and enable combobox?

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    how to disable and enable combobox?

                                                 <ext:ComboBox Disabled="true" ID="cmbEmployeeType" StoreID="StoreEmployeeType" runat="server" Width="270"                                                Editable="true" DisplayField="vEmployeeTypeName" ValueField="vEmployeeTypeID"
                                                    TypeAhead="true" Mode="Local" ForceSelection="true" TriggerAction="All" Select&#111;nfocus="true">
                                                <ext:Checkbox ID="chkEmployeeType" runat="server" LabelStyle="font-size: 11px;" BoxLabel="All" HideLabel="true">
                                                        <Check Handler="#{cmbEmployeeType}.Enabled();"/>

    I use above code to enable cmbEmployeeType combobox. But its not working. Please help me.

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    RE: how to disable and enable combobox?


    Need use enable() or disable(). In my signature you can find ExtJS link - client side API

    Vladimir Shcheglov
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