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how to get record from store?

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    how to get record from store?

    When I was learning examples(Custom Window with Record Details ),it always pop-up errors.
    "Ext.net.Store" does not contain a definition of the "GetById".
    the error code is "var record = this.GridStore.GetById(id);",How can we get the correct record??
     protected void SaveEmployee(object sender, DirectEventArgs e)
            NorthwindDataContext db = new NorthwindDataContext();
            int id = int.Parse(e.ExtraParams["id"]);
            Employee empl = Employee.GetEmployee(id, db);
            empl.FirstName = this.FirstName.Text;
            empl.LastName = this.LastName.Text;
            empl.Title = this.Title.Text;
            if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(this.ReportsTo.SelectedItem.Value))
                empl.ReportsTo = int.Parse(this.ReportsTo.SelectedItem.Value);
                empl.ReportsTo = null;
            empl.HireDate = this.HireDate.SelectedDate;
            empl.Extension = this.Extension.Text;
            empl.Address = this.Address.Text;
            empl.City = this.City.Text;
            empl.PostalCode = this.PostCode.Text;
            empl.HomePhone = this.HomePhone.Text;
            empl.TitleOfCourtesy = this.TitleCourt.Text;
            empl.BirthDate = this.BirthDate.SelectedDate;
            empl.Region = this.Region.Text;
            empl.Country = this.Country.Text;
            empl.Notes = this.Note.Text;
            var record = this.GridStore.GetById(id);        
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    I guess you use Ext.NET v1, but see the examples for Ext.NET v2.

    Ext.NET v1 examples are here:
    Daniil Veriga
    Developer & Support Expert
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    thank you!
    but Where can I download V2.0?
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    It's available to install via NuGet:
    Instal-Package Ext.NET Pre
    Daniil Veriga
    Developer & Support Expert
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    thanks a lot!

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